Creaming for ice cream and big boobs: Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 19, 2014 in girl-girls, Other SCORE Group websites, Tits in Tight Tops, XLGirls

Roxanne Miller and Lavina Dream are a big-boobed dream team. Dressed in hot schoolgirl outfits, they are studying together, but Roxanne is bored and restless. Naughty girl Roxanne leads good student Lavina away from her book and straight to her boobs.The ice cream cone is an inducement to stray today at XLGirls.com. See this creamy set and video plus a bonus video of the girls exchanging bras.

No time for stupid books.

Tomorrow at XLGirls.com: Trinety G. returns!

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What’s south of Antica? Huge tits!

Antica makes her necklace disappear.

I'm speechless.

The name Antica makes me feel cold. I think of Antarctica or Arctic.

But looking at Antica’s cleavage makes me feel warm. Can you imagine cuddling up to her on a cold, winter night?

Antica is from the Ukraine. She is 23 years old and has G-cup naturals. We discovered her by chance. One of our photographers happened to notice Antica as she was taking care of a few errands. It took our photographer a bit of convincing to get her to pose, but when she finally agreed, she realized she loved it.

“I was a bit nervous,” she said. “I had never modeled before and didn’t think I could. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had.”

A couple of the editors and I were looking at pictures of Antica during a planning meeting for an upcoming issue of XL Girls magazine. Editor-in-Chief John Fox was very impressed, and that’s saying something. John’s been editing big-tit mags for a lot longer than Antica’s been alive. I think he might have known Uschi Digard.

So head on over to XLGirls.com and check out Antica. She’ll give you the warm and fuzzies.




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You want a prediction about the weather? I’ll give you a prediction: It’s gonna be warm and cuddly in Jennica Lynn’s cleavage

Posted by Dave on Feb 16, 2014 in Boob Watch, bras, Cummin Soon, newcomers, Tits in Tight Tops

Jennica's puppies keep her warm.

There’s a silly rumor going around that most of the United States is getting hammered by one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record.

I don’t believe it. Down here in Miami, the temperature is in the 70s (although the other morning, it got down into the high 40s. Frigid!).

Well, Swedish newcomer Jennica Lynn is going to put on a sweater show Thursday at SCORELAND, and I know some of you just can’t wait that long for a little warmth. A little heat.

This oughta warm you up.

By the way, have you ever noticed that a lot of busty girls will wear a sweater when the weather gets cold, but the sweater will often be low-cut anyway? What’s with that? How do they stay warm?

Or do big tits provide insulation from the cold? That must be it.

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Elle Flynn’s big-boob office hottie alert

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 4, 2014 in New at Scoreland, newcomers, Tits in Tight Tops

Every company should have a front-office hottie like Elle Flynn. Here she is in her latest adventure at SCORELAND, “Office Hottie Alert.”

The big problem with this suggestion would be the endless stream of salesmen, delivery guys, solicitors, repairmen and co-workers loitering by her desk. Hanging around on some pretext while waiting for Elle to bend over or adjust her boobs until the boss comes out and shoos everyone away.

Another big problem is that there ain’t enough women built like Elle. She is unbelievable. Trust me, they are not easy to find, let alone girls like Elle who will drop their bras and panties on-camera.

“I love my tits,” Elle said. “I just love my tits and I want to spread the joy around.” This comment in her video interview made my eyes tear up.

Not as much fun with a cordless phone.



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Bex on the beach

We often get letters to Scorecard (SCORE@ScoreGroup.com) about seeing big-boobed girls walk and run. (One of my personal favorite things.) The following is part of a letter from Bob.

“Guys love girls walking without bras in tight, cleavage-spilling clothes, breasts jiggling and heaving with every step. I mean, for a full minute or so without the dizzy gonzo view of some Handycam which blurs the movement of the breasts.”

So on a nice, sunny Florida day when naturally topheavy English brunette Bex Shiner visited a fairly quiet beach and began to attract onlookers just by standing there. One of the staff just so happened to have a camera so Bex went for a jog.  Her Union Jack bikini top remained intact and Bex’s knockers did not fly out of them. That top was too well-made! Thank you for being jigglicious, Bex.

A new set and video of Bex, “Pink Bikini Time In Miami,” posts today at SCORELAND.

Get the latest Flash Player to see this player.

Making a splash.


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My idea of a busty secretary? You’re looking at her!

Posted by Dave on Dec 29, 2013 in Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Tits in Tight Tops

I have some dick-tation for Janessa.

This is Janessa Loren. She’s a secretary from New York City.

“I work as a secretary in a medical spa,” Janessa told me when I interviewed her. “I would say I’m a sexy secretary, but I’m around women all day and I don’t get to dress sexy.”

Sorry to contradict you, Janessa, but you are definitely a sexy secretary. Any girl who has G-cup naturals and is a secretary is a sexy secretary.

Wednesday at SCORELAND, Janessa gets to dress sexy. She also gets to undress. Very sexy. It’s her worldwide modeling debut.

Of her big, heavy, firm naturals, Janessa says, “I am very proud of them. To me, it isn’t only about the size of the boobs but how they look. I would say Sophia Vegara, Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek and Halle Berry are the only girls I have seen whom I think have nicer boobs than mine.”

Nicer? I’m not so sure about that. I think I’d rather ring in the new year with Janessa than any of those girls.

See you Wednesday, Janessa.

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Bella French’s pussy bomb, Melissa Manning’s centerpiece of cleavage and Lily Madison & her 34G-cups

The difference among girls: Some girls, like Angel Wicky, do everything. Some girls will go as far as toys and finger masturbation. Some will only do non-explicit nudity.

And that’s why SCORELAND offers the breast of all worlds. Something for everyone. Hardcore. Solos. Masturbation. Topless. Full nudity. Spread leg. Open pink.

If one girl’s looks or moves don’t turn you on, there will be someone else who does.

Maybe that girl who only shows her big boobs will try hardcore one day. Models read the Blog comments and the comments inside SCORELAND. Encouragement, not criticism, is what is needed. If she doesn’t do hardcore, that’s fine too.

This weekend, we have Angel Wicky in an anal creampie XXX scene with a dude. Today, we have the stunning Montreal hottie Bella French with her wide-screen spreading and two-finger spanking. Tomorrow, curvy and awesomely busty Melissa Manning. Monday, Lily Madison gives herself a hand.  And there’s a Bex Shiner workout video as a weekend bonus. All of these girls have major sex appeal regardless of how hot they go or will ever go.

In the March ’14 Voluptuous magazine, now on sale, B.V from Belgium stated his case. Part of his letter is reprinted here.

“We live in a world where every person has different tastes. I buy your magazine to enjoy breasts and other curves. I don’t care about pink and XXX. I just accept that there are other readers who do enjoy it and I don’t mind. Not understanding that other people have tastes, too, is worse than being narrow-minded. For me, not showing pink does not mean these models feel too good about themselves to do so. They just don’t want to, and that’s their right. That makes them even more attractive.”

I agree with this philosophy, and I’m glad B.V. took the time and effort to write in.




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Breastfest is served by Jennica Lynn

Try to find girls built like Jennica Lynn.

Tomorrow at XLGirls.com, a triple feature of Jennica Lynn. In “Maid For Breastfest,” Jennica serves a fine spread, and I don’t mean food. And in a bonus video, our cameraman gets on a glass table top while Jennica mams it.

Jennica was a D-cup at 14.

A G-cup at 18.

Now she’s an M-cup!

And her 12.5-pound boobs are the exact same size. They are symmetrical.

Check out the new V-mag at eBoobStore.

Jennica is the February '14 Voluptuous magazine covergirl!

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And the new big boob discoveries keep taking off their bras

Maggie points the way, hands-free.

“I’ve always wanted to model,” says Maggie. “This was my chance to try.” Maggie is a new discovery that one of our photographer-scouts found in the big boob search for new greatness.

“I didn’t know how to go about it the right way. One of SCORE‘s people saw me, told you about me and that’s how I started. I’m looking forward to seeing my photos and videos. I hope all the guys will like me.”

I knew Maggie had the magic the second I saw her test shots. Now you can see her today at SCORELAND in a  New Discovery set and video. Another Breastivus miracle!

Know anyone who's built like Maggie? Email model@scoregroup.com.

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Breastaurants are getting bigger. The waitresses’ tiny outfits are getting tinier.

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 30, 2013 in Boobs in the News, modeling jobs, Tits in Tight Tops

Since this is a heavy eating weekend in the United States and for Americans around the globe, this is the right time for a Blog story about: Breastaurants.

Breastaurants: You may know ‘em, you probably love ‘em if you’re a SCORELAND Blog reader.

They have big-screen TVs set to sports channels and bar-style food and beer served by pretty girls wearing sexy, skimpy, tight outfits. A brilliant concept if the right girls are interested in being servers, and they clearly are judging by how easily the breastaurants find their many employees.

The word breastaurant went big about five years ago and has stuck, said the southwest bureau chief of the trade publication Nation’s Restaurant News. “Some of the brands are trying to get away from it because it has a connotation of sex, but that’s basically what the category is selling.”

The first and original breastaurant was Hooters. Now there is a slew of imitators making bank. Hooters alone made $858-million in 2012, and its closest competitor, Tilted Kilt, took in $123-million. The managers don’t interview waitresses. They audition them.

Here’s my breastaurant rundown of the most well-known names. It seems to me that they’re good places to find potential SCORE models, although my local Hooters didn’t have any waitresses even as busty as the smallest-chested SCORE Girls. I was ready to hand out the SCOREModelsWanted.com business card.

Hooters: Hot girls in their traditional orange booty shorts and chicken wings.

Twin Peaks: Trains its scantily clad girls to touch the table in a sales technique called “touchnology.”

The Heart Attack Grill: The waitresses dress like nurses and serve the world’s greasiest, fattiest food. Criticized by medical professionals.

The Tilted Kilt: The girls wear short, plaid kilts, white socks and belly-baring tops. Hoot-er, mon!

Mugs N Jugs: beer specialists in tight, black tank tops.

Red Neck Heaven: Texas-style tube tops and denim cut-offs. Think Daisy from Dukes of Hazzard.

The CANZaciti Roadhouse: They show more skin than a chicken wing.

Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill: Exactly. The skimpier the bikini the more you drink.

Wowies Sports Bar and Grill: Florida girls in skin-tight tank tops and camel-toe yoga pants.

Show-Me’s: White tank tops, pink camel-toe booty shorts and chicken wings in the mid-west.

Stacked Burgers: Created by three ex-jocks. The girls wear denim shorts and the usual tank tops.

Bone Daddy’s: You have a dirty mind. The girls serve in the standard two-piece hottie uniforms.

Cheerleaders Sports Bar and Grill: Yes, and sometimes they do bikini car washes.

The question is, who can eat and drink with a boner?

Want breasts with those chicken wings?

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