Do you suck cock with that mouth, Miss Stevens?

Posted by Dave on Aug 30, 2015 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Savannah has dedicated her life to making men cum.

Blond-and-stacked Savannah Stevens makes her SCORELAND debut today. She’s going solo, but soon you’ll see her in hardcore action. We even shot a scene with Savannah in which she’s a sex doll. That seems about right. Savannah looks like a fuck toy. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say “sex doll”? Sex doll. Fuck toy. Same thing.

Savannah is only 22 years old, and she’s been making a living out of getting guys hard since she was 18. Some women find their calling early. Savannah is one of those girls.

Savannah is from Texas. She has E-cup tits. We asked her if she has any special talents, and she said, “It may not be a talent, but I can take over two feet of dick! You’d never expect me to because I’m so tiny.”

Savannah, that’s definitely a talent.

Wednesday: Czech newcomer Jessie Simmons debuts.

Next Saturday: Cathy Heaven fucks. I could’ve said, “Cathy Heaven sucks,” because that’s what got my attention. This girl can swallow all the cock you can give her, and balls, too. Serious blow job skills. Her sluttiness and hunger for cock remind me and Elliot of Victoria Brown.

Also this week: Sensual Jane, Liza Biggs and Dolly Fox.

Stock up on the Kleenex.


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What is Sheridan Love doing in this photo?

Posted by Dave on Aug 25, 2015 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland

Sheridan knows the importance of staying hydrated.

1. Getting ready to take a sip of water on a typically hot summer day in Miami.

2. Showing off her tattoo.

3. Cooling down her pussy after the slamming it’s been taking from SCORE studs JMac and Tony Rubino over the past few months.

I know what she’s not doing: Getting her pussy wet. Her pussy is always wet.

Sheridan returns with her ultimate workout video today at SCORELAND. There’s no rest for her pussy in this scene. She fucks it with a big, thick dildo that has a suction cup at the end. She attaches the dildo to a mirror and backs her pussy into it.

Sheridan belongs in the Pussy Hall of Fame with Morgan Leigh and Bella French, girls who really know how to work a dildo.

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Stairway to Heaven, today at SCORELAND

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Cathy makes me wonder if there are more girls like her in Hungary.

Her name is Cathy Heaven.

She was born in Hungary and lives in Spain.

She has F-cup tits.

And, to answer your next question, yes.

Coming soon to SCORELAND: Savannah Stevens. She was in our studio earlier this week. She’s very nice. When I was speaking with her, she was wearing a tank top with no bra. I was very distracted.

And, to answer your next question, yes. Not today, but yes.

Savannah is a living doll.


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Is Liza Biggs just too busty for the Food Network?


A bra to someone else, pasties to Liza.

Incredibly stacked natural Liza Biggs returned to SCORELAND this past Sunday in what Elliot titled, “The Incredibly Big Bra Show.”

Hate to break the news to you, Elliot, but the bra Liza is trying to wear in this photo is not incredibly big.

Now, it’s not incredibly small, either. It would probably cradle a pair of C- or D-cups quite nicely.

But Liza’s JJJ-cups? Forget about it.

Liza is a professional chef, which reminds me of Giada De Laurentis on the Food Network. Giada recently got divorced, so it should surprise no one that this season on Food Network Star, she’s been wearing cleavage-revealing clothing. The thing is, Giada’s a B-cup, at best, and she’s trying to lift and squeeze those little titties to make them look as big as possible, but it just ain’t working.

Can you imagine if Liza showed up on Food Network Star? Giada would hide her tits in shame. Bobby Flay would be saying, “Oh, that’s what I want.”

LIza Biggs just might be too busty for the Food Network.


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Veronika returns, and guess who’s in our studio today?

Looks like Veronika has maintained her Voluptuous credentials.

Veronika is one of those girls who keeps on leaving and keeps on coming back. We met her at SCORELAND for the first time in 2004. Yes, that long ago. We waited until 2008 before we saw her again. Then she dropped out of sight, only to return again in 2013. And now, two years later, she’s back.

She looks different each time. She’s had blond hair and red hair and dark hair and short blond hair. Now she’s a dirty blonde with long, flowing locks.

Emphasis on “dirty.” Yeah, she’s fucking again. Maybe Veronika can’t do without the porn cock.

Veronika returns with a new solo pictorial on August 4, followed soon afterwards by that cock I just mentioned.

By the way, guess who’s in our studio today? Initials C.M. Huge tits. Blond hair. MILF. Loves to fuck.


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After The Masters’ green jacket, this is the most-sought after piece of clothing in the world

Kate shows off the name of her favorite magazine and website.

A question we often get is, “How can I get a SCORE T-shirt?” Like the one newcomer Kate Marie is wearing in this photo, right?

Well, you can’t buy one. We don’t sell them. Sorry.

A quick Google search revealed that none are available online. Even eBay doesn’t have any. I guess that’s no surprise. As I said, we don’t sell them.

There are really only three ways to get a SCORE T-shirt.

1. Get a job at The SCORE Group (although I gotta tell you, even I don’t have one, although I do have a few SCORE polo shirts and dress shirts).

2. Become a SCORE Girl. That, of course, is not an option for men.

3. Be the boyfriend or husband of a SCORE Girl and convince her to give you her shirt. Of course, it probably won’t fit. My guess is it’ll be a little loose in the chest, but you could try to shrink it.

Anyway, if you’re a girl who wants to go the No. 2 route, or you’re a guy who has a busty girlfriend and wants to go the No. 3 route, head on over to BeASCOREModel.com. The free shirt isn’t the only perk.

By the way, what you just read was just an excuse for me to show a picture of Kate in a SCORE shirt. She returns to SCORELAND on August 6.






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Even the chick in the painting behind her can’t believe the size of Samantha Lily’s breasts

Posted by Dave on Jul 19, 2015 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Samantha does the mash.

There’s works of art and then there’s Samantha Lily. She brings her natural JJ-cup pillows back to SCORELAND today. This 2015 newcomer is one girl we can’t get enough of.

What’s your favorite word for a woman’s breasts? I like “rockets.”

And, if there are any women out there, what do you call those big fleshy things on your chest? (I’m not talking about your boyfriend.)

See Samantha today.

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