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Posted by Elliot James on Nov 10, 2011 in DVD, Men's Products, New DVD Releases |
Big Tit Skinny Dip: The reason they call 'em floaters.

Big Tit Skinny Dip: The reason they call 'em floaters.

Do real tits float?

Students have asked their teachers this question for decades.

They sure do. Breasts are 90% fat, and fat floats. But the fun is in proving it. Boob science at its breast.

Big Tit Skinny Dip definitively answers this age-old question with Valory Irene, Lana Ivans, Dors Feline and Terri Jane.

They bob, they bounce, they’re buoyant, they’re bodacious.

Photographed in the Dominican Republic, where huge-boobed girls abound, Big Tit Skinny Dip is the only DVD to pair up English delights Dors and Terri and turn ‘em into mammary mermaids.

Too big for one disc!

Too big for one disc!

Full Figured Foxes 2 is a two-disc boobapalooza of supernatural superwomen starring Renee Ross, Dors, Michelle May, Elaina Gregory, Anorei Collins and 10 more blouse-bursting bombshells bouncing their boobs, fingering,  toying and more in hot cum-cam shows for the nature lover who loves big, jigglin’ tits. You don’t see babes like these every day of the week.

Cleavage so deep, you’ll need a search party to get out…although you won’t want to.

Why DVD when the trend is now digital? What are you going to do when your hard drive crashes one day and you lose everything? Believe me, it will happen. DVDs are still the go-to standard, in my book.

Check out the video trailers at and order your copies today, quickly and safely. Not available in stores.

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Nov 10, 2011 at 7:49 pm

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again Virtul Sex DVD’s are what you should bring out!!! They are out there and only star Plastic Fantastic super porn stars! virtul sex with our fav XL Girls V-models ect I WANT THAT….more than any other dvd!!!
but i am still looking forward to buying Full Figured Foxes 2

Elliot James
Nov 11, 2011 at 11:28 am

Virtual as in “Point Of View” photography?

Nov 11, 2011 at 6:40 pm

I’m so stoked you posted about DVD’s because I dig them (huh, ya think, I’ve got seventy-seven TSG titles, no others brands or substitutes) and I just got a few more that I have to rave about. Without question, the second installment of the Full Figured series is fucking awesome. The models are amazingly gorgeous and hot and the chosen scenes are such keepers. Charlie Cooper, Michelle May..the list is long and I couldn’t wait to get it when it appeared in the Eboobstore lineup. The next one that makes me pitch mad kickstands in my shorts is On Location Puerto Vallarta. This production is super cool as it’s more documentary-esque than the expected norm. Tushna narrates and takes us on a a tour of the whole production over it’s full length and we get a birds eye view of some SICKLY HOT BIRDS! Jokes aside, it is cool to get this perspective and obviously the model lineup simply kills it as do the scenes with each model. I really dug the secne where the filmakers took the time to film and include a lightning storm…a cool addition. I need more time to view both titles but upon first viewing, I was pumped for sure. Plus, TSG always gets me with their frequent deals, I can’t resist. I always look forward to new products from TSG and I am hopeful a few more pop-up before the holidays. As always, I am a loyal and enthusiastic fan of TSG and all who make the whole company keep going and producing the very best…thanks!

Nov 13, 2011 at 5:05 pm

YES Elliot but more tech! POV in every position sex and foreplay with the option to cum in every sex position and forplay position all at the command of your dvd remote! plus firting and stripping with multi angles! I have seen this done BUT i’m sure you guys could to better!!
PS i was watching TITS ON TOP(one of my all time fav’s) the otherday and let me say you guys have masterd POV