Hey, sometimes DPs just happen

Posted by Dave on Apr 7, 2017 in Behind the Scenes, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

At this point, Amaya knew she was going to get ass-fucked by both guys. She didn't know that she was going to ask for a DP.

Here’s how it was supposed to happen: G-cup natural Amaya May, one of the truly great newcomers of 2016, was supposed to do her first anal scene. This dance instructor from Illinois, a total amateur when she walked into our studio for the first time, was going to get ass-fucked by two of our studs. Very nice.

Here’s how it did happen: During the photo shoot, Amaya was bouncing on top of one of the guys in reverse-cowgirl, her tight asshole hugging his cock while she sucked the other guy. Amaya was clearly enjoying herself, having one orgasm after another, when she suddenly stopped sucking and said, “I want a DP. I want a cock in my pussy and another in my ass.”

This was truly a rarity. Impromptu DP almost never happens. Certainly not in a girl’s first anal scene. And the guys were happy to make her happy.

Just to be sure, I went back and looked at the studio calendar for the day this scene was shot. There it was: “BGG Scoreland.com/SCORE mag Anal + facial.” No mention of a DP…until Amaya mentioned it.

Of course, she got more of what she wanted when the video version of the scene was shot a few hours later and the guys DP’d her again.

DP on-demand. I like the sound of that.

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If you think you could be The Man, you might want to check out “Tiff Bannister’s Porn Stud Tryouts”

Could you fuck this girl? Of course you could…unless the cameras were rolling.

If I had a quarter for every guy who’s told me he wants to be a porn stud or could be a porn stud, I’d be the richest guy in the world.

Everyone thinks they can do it. After all, who couldn’t get a hard-on and fuck a big-boobed SCORE Girl or a hot porn starlet or a sexy teen? Easy, right? So easy, most people think that porn-stud bashing is a favorite sport not only here but all over the Internet.

But it’s not as easy as it seems. After all, if it were so easy, you wouldn’t see the same handful of guys fucking all the girls. There is a big difference between fucking in the privacy of your own home and fucking on-camera with the lights shining and all the world watching.

Such was the lesson that the wannabe studs in “Tiff Bannister’s Porn Stud Tryouts” learned the hard way.

Or the not-so-hard way.

The idea: Take a hot, sexy, young, amateur starlet, Tiff Bannister, and offer her as bait to all of the big talkers out there. Challenge them to prove they can be the man in our studio.

Bait, eh? Most of these big talkers ended up limp as fish.

Episode Two of “Tiff Bannister’s Porn Stud Tryouts” goes live today at SCORELAND (the full six-episode series is already available at NaughtyMag.com). It’s eye-opening. It’s entertaining. It’s educational. It might not be jackable, but don’t blame Tiff for that. She tried. The guys tried, too. I’d call them studs, but that would just be wrong.


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The Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter At The Hamburger Joint has landed…in the SCORE studio!

“What would you like, Dave?” said The Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter at The Hamburger Joint, using her best, “Can I take your order?” voice.

“I’d like for you to take your tits out,” I said.

At which point The Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter at The Hamburger Joint happily whipped out one big, round, juicy (I feel like I’m describing a hamburger) breast from her tight, cleavage-revealing top, then the other.

And, just like that, I was sitting in our studio staring at her tits, which were just a few feet away from me. Large, dark areolae. Thick, pointy nipples. Remember when I talked about seeing her outside the pet store and said “she was one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen in person”? But the thing is, you never know what a girl is going to look like when she takes off her clothes. I’ve had some unpleasant surprises like that. This was not one of them.

The Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter at The Hamburger Joint has one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen. She’s slim ‘n’ stacked with a little round handful of an ass and long, thin legs. On top of that, she has a great smile–I’ve never seen a girl in our studio smiling so much and so widely–and long, lush, dark hair surrounding her pretty face. Tony Rubino, one of our male studs who was in our studio to fuck another model, was salivating. I mean, he had just fucked a girl and he was ready to jump right into Mia.

Mia. That’s The Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter at The Hamburger Joint. Yes, she was in our studio Wednesday and shooting her first solo photos and video.

Yes, I got to see her naked tits, ass and pink pussy.

No, I do not need fries with that.

But you need pictures, don’t you?

All in due time. That means tomorrow.

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The busty babe who works behind the counter at the hamburger joint…we’re in the home stretch!

Posted by Dave on Aug 29, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, modeling jobs, The Life of an Editor

"Would you like some tits and pussy with your burger?"

“I got an email yesterday from Erica and I emailed her back. I’m so excited!”

So said the Busty Girl Who Works Behind The Counter At The Hamburger Joint when I saw her today. Erica is our recruiter. The email from Erica contained an offer to model for SCORE.

And, so, the adventure of The Busty Girl At The Hamburger Joint appears to be headed for a happy ending.

Perhaps a very happy ending?

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, click here for the first installment of this saga.

Long story short, on Wednesday, The Busty Girl At The Hamburger Joint dropped by the SCORE Studio for the grand tour and some test shots.

As the editor of SCORE, I got to see those test shots. My response: “Bring her in!”

By the way, I’d love to show you those test shots, but we always assure our prospective models that tests shots won’t be published. Besides, you’ll see her soon enough.

So, what began as a dream–seeing a stacked, curvy, sexy girl in a parking lot, realizing that she’s the same girl who’s been taking your order at the hamburger joint and figuring out a way to get her into SCORE–appears to be on the verge of becoming reality.

Very exciting.

But we still have to get her on the schedule. And she still has to show up for her big day. Or days.

I really can’t wait to interview this girl. After months of saying, “I’ll have a burger and fries,” I’ll be able to say, “Can you show me your tits?”

Today, she told me that she wants our entire lunch group to come into the studio and watch her model.

I told her that could be arranged. I wish I could invite all the Blog readers to come down, too. At least for a burger.

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Yes, Naughty Alysha really is going to insert those HUGE toys in her pussy. And she’s going to tell us about it.

Looks like Alysha is ready to play show 'n' tell.

Looks like Alysha is ready to play show 'n' tell.

I know this is supposed be a big-boob blog, but 1.) The woman I’m about to tell you about does have big boobs; and 2.) News like this I can’t keep to myself.

You know, I love all the girls who walk into our studio, but every once in a while, we get someone who makes my heart pound a little harder. I mean, I remember when I was 11 years old and met Tom Seaver, the Hall of Fame baseball pitcher, at an autograph signing. Exciting. Thrilling. These days, I get the same feeling from meeting big-boobed girls and porn stars, such as Elizabeth Starr, who visited our studio earlier this summer. And last week, I had another one of the moments.

Naughty Alysha came to visit us. Her full name is Alysha Morgan, but most people know her as Naughty Alysha, “Naughty” being a serious understatement. I’d go for filthy. Raunchy. Over-the-top slutty. Alysha is an amateur model from Tampa, Florida (land of swingers and nudists), and she’s known for cramming the biggest dildos and toys in the world inside her, remarkably, still-tight pussy (her husband verified that last part for me).

Alysha was just the girl-next-door when she debuted in 30Something magazine nine years ago. Now, she’s about as famous as an amateur can be, but she has remained remarkably down-to-Earth. And pleasant. And sexy. She’s a wife, a mother, the sexy MILF you might see at the supermarket, and you’d never guess what she does behind clothes doors.

Anyway, I’ve admired Alysha and her skills for a long time, and it was exciting to have her in our studio, shooting for 40SomethingMag.com. I interviewed her, which means I got to tell her which gigantic toys to insert in her pussy. And, damn, she inserted every last one of them with the greatest of ease. And the best part? Sitting about 10 feet away, I could hear her pussy squishing.

So, if you get the chance over the next few days, head over to 40SomethingMag.com and check out one of Alysha’s rare pro shoots. The photos went up on Friday. The video interview will be posted on Wednesday with the solo video posted this coming Friday. But this is not your average, everyday solo video. Alysha and her huge toys make it something special.

Oh, one more thing: Her tits are DD-cups.

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Is Bella a SCORE Girl? You decide!

Posted by Dave on Nov 20, 2009 in Behind the Scenes, The Life of an Editor
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This is Bella, she’s a 100% amateur from Michigan and she’s in our studio today shooting for Naughty Neighbors magazine. As you’re about to see, she has big, natural tits. Bigger than probably 90% of the women on the planet…and 99.9% of the women who are as slim as she is. But is she a SCORE Girl? Does she measure up where it counts? We have to make these tough decisions every day here at SCORELAND, and when we saw Bella’s test shots, our first reaction was, “She’s not quite big enough. Too borderline.” But then we saw her in person. Should we change our minds? Should we invite Bella into the hallowed pages of SCORE and onto SCORELAND? Watch the video. Vote in this weekend’s poll. Make your comments below. Her future is in your–ahem–hands.–Dave

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