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The Office: XL Girls style

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 24, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, Interviews, Tits in Tight Tops, XLGirls

“You’re hired.”

That’s what your XL Girls crew would say to Angel DeLuca if she ever wanted a job at the TSG office.

Now this human resources director has to ask Angel all these questions about qualifications.

Qualifications? You kidding me? Angel’s loaded with qualifications.

In this video, it’s never resolved whether or not Angel gets the job. The scene ends when he gives Angel a facial after a round of very hot boning. Excuse me for not adding “Spoiler alert!”

I asked Angel, a web cam girl, how many days she can abstain from sex or masturbation.

“Not too long,” Angel replied. “I usually become bitchy if I haven’t had it for more than a week.”

Starts today at XLGirls!

This human resources director is a real hands-on dude with interviewees.

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Busty, bouncing babes celebrating birthdays

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 18, 2014 in birthdays, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits

The birthday girls are Beverly Paige, Colt 45, Hitomi and Scarlet LaVey, all born on July 18; Claudia KeAloha, July 20; Angel DeLuca, July 21; Sabrina Linn and Amy Anderssen, both born on July 23.

A very happy birthday to them!

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Angel DeLuca sticks her big boobs in your face in “Angel Face”

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 21, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Life With Big Tits, Other SCORE Group websites

Angel DeLuca is one of those girls with tremendous natural sex appeal. That hit me the first time I saw her. Angel could just stand around in a skimpy outfit and that would satisfy me. I swear it. But that wouldn’t be nearly enough for Angel, who’s got enough wild oats in her to supply a cereal factory.

The world is lucky Angel decided to bare all. Angel is a hottie and expresses her hotness to the highest degree. Hopefully she’ll model for a long, long time.

Last year, Angel graduated from masturbation to XXX at XLGirls.com. Today, she’s back in “Angel Face,” getting fucked by hard cock. It’s a very horny scene. Prepare for lots of hot tit-fucking and blow jobs. It’s tent pitching time!

“It’s actually only very recently that my nipples started getting hard,” Angel said in her new interview. “Before, they would never get hard. It has only been in the past year or two where if I touch them, they instantly get hard.”

It was actually another girl’s sucking and touching that did the trick. “My nipples are very sensitive now. The slightest touch makes them hard.”

Angel’s nipples have awakened, and her sex life will never be the same.

If Angel DeLuca doesn't turn you on, see your urologist.

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Scarlet LaVey Meets Angel DeLuca at SCORE

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 3, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland

It’s a titty-fest of monumental natural dimensions when Angel meets Scarlet in the SCORE models’ dressing room. Seeing their tits out side-by-side is something to write home about.

When Angel is asked if she has any personal fetishes and kinks, she says she likes panty stuffing.

Panty stuffing?

Even Scarlet never heard of it. But now she’ll see it in action. And so will you. Click here for a preview.

Plus a second video with Scarlet and a full photo set.

If that dress was any smaller, it would be a blouse.


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My afternoon with Angel DeLuca

Angel is the kind of girl we should all look up to.

Every day is great at The SCORE Group, but yesterday was better than most.

Because yesterday, I walked into the studio and was greeted by Angel DeLuca and Scarlet LaVey.

Two things: One, both girls are super busty, and naturally so. Two, both girls are super sweet (and I’m assuming naturally so, too).

Angel and Scarlet want to fuck a guy together. We’re going to do everything we can to make that happen.

After I said hello to the girls, I interviewed Angel on-camera. You’ll be seeing that interview soon. But in the meanwhile, there are a few things you might like to know.

1. Angel’s tits have gotten bigger. She used to be a G-cup. Now she says she’s a J-cup.

2. Angel likes women and men. I knew that. What I didn’t know is that she can get off just by riding a girl’s pussy. That’s right. If she’s riding a girl clit-to-clit, she gets off.

3. Angel lives in California. She’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I don’t understand that.

4. Angel is a dominatrix. She likes to tie men to her bed post, tease them with her tits, blindfold them, get them hard and leave them lying there. For how long? A few minutes. An hour. Maybe two.

Worth the wait? That’s your call. Me? I don’t like being tied up. But for Angel, I might make an exception.

See more of Angel at XLGirls.com. And new stuff is coming soon.

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Beti Phellasio in September ’13 XLGirls. Grab it!

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 29, 2013 in Men's Products, modeling jobs, newcomers, print magazines, XLGirls

Now on sale: September '13 XL Girls magazine.

Mag readers are getting their first look at Beti Phellasio, a new British babe who comes prepared to blow you away with her girl-next-door face and 38G hooters in the September ’13 XL Girls (SP253), now on sale at your favorite rack or directly through the SCORE Store.

Beti lists deep-throating as one of her talents.  ”I’m an exhibitionist,” she said. “I eat up attention. I love attention. I dress to show off my body.” I’m telling you, Beti has big things ahead of her.

Also starring in this issue packed with superstars and popular names:

Angel DeLuca in XXX hardcore.

Anorei Collins in XXX hardcore.

Charlotte from Germany.

Krissy Dawson from the Czech Republic.

Marilyn Mayson pictorial and interview.

Marilyn White.

Molly Howard.

Sofia Rose.

XL Legends: a special about the stars of our earliest editions.

Get your copy today.

The flip side.



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Who’s back tomorrow? And has huge boobs? And busting bad?

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 17, 2013 in birthdays, Cummin Soon, Deep Inside Scoreland, XLGirls


Angel DeLuca in Fucks Like An Angel at XLGirls.com. (Angel's birthday is Sunday, July 21, by the way.)


Roxi Red in Hot Time In The Tittie at SCORELAND.


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Angel of heat

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 6, 2013 in modeling jobs, XLGirls

Angel DeLuca debuted at XLGirls.com a little over a year ago. Angel’s a California cam model who saw our ad for models at SCOREModelsWanted.com and applied. She says she is a blend of Irish, Italian, Japanese and German.

I was very impressed with Angel’s sexy bod and girl-next-door vibe. I was also impressed by the positions and wide-spread pink poses she did. Her naked splits and leg-extensions were, for me, the equivalent of those liquid energy shots. She’s truly great at nipple-licking and fingering, too. I’d rather see a variety of naked spreads and hot poses than a lot of striptease photos. Angel satisfies that need.

Angel has a pretty girl-next-door face (she reminds me of Melissa Manning from some angles). She has big, shapely boobs, very attractive legs and a really nice, curvy ass, the kind of rounded tush that ass artists look for. (Anyone remember the underground comic artist and ass specialist Robert Crumb?) Nature was generous to Angel.

I asked our studio to ask Angel about trying a boy-girl scene. It took a while–like a year–for her to say yes, but patience is sometimes rewarded.

That’s what’s happening tomorrow: Angel DeLuca’s first hardcore scene at XLGirls.com.

Angel was worth the wait. But I wasn’t surprised. I thought Angel would set the bed on fire. I was right. I hope she models for a long time.


Angel DeLuca's first XXX scene. Don't miss her.


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Voluptuous exposes a cover up of Natalie Fiore & Micky Bells

Posted by Elliot James on May 13, 2012 in Digital Magazines, Men's Products, print magazines

July '12 Voluptuous magazine: get it in print or in digital.

Here is a pairing of two future legends in the new July ’12 issue of Voluptuous magazine.

I think of the great V-mag duos over the years such as:

Linsey and Chloe
Jessica Turner and Lorna Morgan
Kerry Marie and Cassandra
Cherry Brady and Brandy Talore
Autumn-Jade and Sierra
Annie Swanson and Lilith
Sammy Black and Jenny Hill
Kelly Kay and Bozena

This one-on-one of Natalie and Micky belongs in that league of all-stars.

And featured in this edition:
Anastasia Blake
Angel DeLuca
Ashley Sage Ellison
Elaina Gregory
Melonie Max
Nancy Navarro
Reina Lee
Sonja Haze

Get it in print or get it in digital. Just get it and have a blast.

Is that a boobtastic cover of Micky and Natalie or not?

Can’t find V-mag at your local newsstand? Let us know and we’ll check it out.

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Where do SCORE and XL Girls come from? Just look around you! Meet Angel DeLuca.

Posted by Dave on Dec 27, 2011 in Boob Watch, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

This is Angel DeLuca. She’s from California. She’s 24 years old. If you saw her out in public, maybe in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, she might be dressed like this.


You see, Angel is the girl-next-door, and she looks so sweet, so innocent. Her hobbies are playing outside with her dogs and playing video games. She’s a big football fan. “I watch my Philadelphia Eagles and yell at the screen when they don’t do so well,” she said.

But you might be surprised to find out that Angel has a sexy, secret life. You see, Angel is a dominatrix, and she has an unusual fetish. She loves having ice stuffed inside her pussy. “It feels good,” she says. And there’s another aspect to her private life. She recently sent her photos to BeASCOREModel.com, and wouldn’t you know it, Angel was invited to our studio, and she did this.


And this.


And lots more. Which just goes to show you that you just never know about the people you see during the course of the day. That girl you saw recently? The one with the big tits and the broad butt? The one you were dying to see naked but never thought you ever would because nice girls don’t do that kind of thing? Well, right now, you might find her at XLGirls.com and again in video tomorrow.

You just never know.

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