Celebrating 25 years of SCORE (and also one year in particular: last year)

Cover 1: Linsey Dawn McKenzie

The June 2017 issue of SCORE is available now in print and digital versions at eBoobStore.com (and very likely the print version wherever adult mags are sold).

Cover 2: Dolly Fox

It’s a special edition, a real labor of love, because it celebrates the 25th anniversary of SCORE (the first issue was June 1992) and the winners of the 2016 SCORE Awards for Newcomer of the Year, Model of the Year and Hardcore Performer of the Year and the newest inductee into the Big-Boob Hall of Fame.

I wish I could tell you how much time went into compiling the five special 25th anniversary pictorials, but I lost count. Actually, I was never counting. Going through 25 years of great photos of great girls is very enjoyable. The surprising part was discovering so many photos that had never been published in the magazine. How’s that possible? Easy. Mags have limited space, but amazing photos of girls like SaRenna Lee, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Tiffany Towers, Chloe Vevrier, etc., etc., etc., are unlimited.

This issue is special for another reason: It’s our first with two front covers. On one: Newcomer of the Year Dolly Fox. Katie Thornton is the Model of the Year. Tigerr Benson is Hardcore Performer of the Year. Lorna Morgan was voted into the Hall of Fame.

On the other: Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

If that LDM cover looks familiar, it should. But why? Which of you out there have great memories?

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Right now at SCORELAND, you could win the shirt off Kitana’s chest!

Chances are this shirt and cap won't look as good on you as they do on Kitana, but just think: If you win it, you could wear the same shirt that brushed up against her breasts.

The other day, SCORE head honcho John Fox dropped me and Elliot an email. It read, “Are you guys aware of these pix we shot for the Blog to promote the contest and the 20th Anniversary Special at SCORELAND? The shirt Kitana is wearing is actually one of the shirts being given away. When Dave said in a previous blog post that there were a very limited number, he wasn’t kidding. One lucky winner is going to get this shirt fresh off of Kitana’s chest!”

Indeed, starting today at SCORELAND, there are still 10 “20 for 20″ gift packs to be won, all of them include a SCORE 20th anniversary shirt and cap, and one of those 10 (there’s really no way of knowing which one) could be the shirt and cap that Kitana is wearing in the photo to the left.

Kitana shows off her prizes.

We asked Kitana to take off her shirt so we could show you the other prizes in the gift pack. No, not her tits. Don’t you wish? I’m talking about the free mag of your choice and free DVD of your choice. No, Kitana’s tan lines aren’t in the gift pack, either, but one of the DVDs Kitana has fucked in, such as SCORE Xtra #13 or Hard SCORE #3, could be if you so choose.

So, anyway, go to SCORELAND, click on the “20 for 20″ banner on the members home page, answer the three questions in the daily trivia contest, then hope your name is picked out of a hat. That’s all you have to do!

Of course, like I said the other day, the trivia contest has been a doozy so far. On Day Nine, nobody correctly answered all three questions, so we had to choose a winner from among those who got two out of three. As the late, great John Houseman might have said, you’re gonna have to win one of these gift packs the old-fashioned way. You’re gonna have to earn it.


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Question No. 1: Who is today’s “20 for 20″ girl at SCORELAND? Question No. 2: Can you correctly answer three SCORE trivia questions? Most people can’t!

Posted by Dave on Jun 8, 2012 in Boobs in the News, Contest, New at Scoreland, Poll, print magazines

These belong to the girl who placed No. 18 in our "20 for 20" voting. The action continues today at SCORELAND.

So the “20 for 20″ celebration continues today at SCORELAND with the announcement of our 18th-best SCORE Girl of all-time as voted by SCORELAND members, and I can tell you a few things about this girl:

1. Initials N.F.

2. Tits get bigger every time we hook up with her, which is impressive since she’s 100% natural.

3. She’s the first of several girls who didn’t make it into the Top 20 named by magazine readers but did make it into the Top 20 as voted by website members. What does that mean? Hey, you tell me!

Also continuing today (and tomorrow, too) is the daily gift-pack trivia contest in which members have a chance to win a limited-edition 20th anniversary cap and shirt, among other goodies, and let me tell you something: I’m surprised. When Elliot and I first thought up the questions, we wondered, “Are they too easy?” Well, the answer is a big, gigantic NO!

The way it works is, each day, we present three SCORE-related trivia questions. Answer all three correctly and you get entered into a random drawing for one of 20 gift packs. Well, so far, I’d say about 10% of contest entrants have answered all three questions correctly.

On Day One, the answer that tripped up most people was, “How many times did the Boob Cruise sail?” The correct answer was five, but almost everybody answered six. Surprisingly, most people correctly answered the one about the real-life farmer’s daughter who grew up working on a hops farm. The answer is Kaytee Carter, and when Elliot devised that question, I said to him, “Nobody’s going to get that right.” But almost everybody did.

On Day Two, almost everybody knew that Lorna Morgan poured heavy cream over her body in Key Largo, Florida, but a lot of people thought Chloe Vevrier’s first SCORE shoot was in London, England (it was actually in Eleuthera, the Bahamas), and not a lot of people knew that Lisa Lipps had brought her own stud to a SCORE hardcore shoot.

Well, I’m glad the questions haven’t been too easy. That makes it more fun. I’m not sure which of today’s questions will stump readers. There’s one about whose first XXX scene was a threesome, then there’s one about Autumn-Jade’s growth spurt and another about Tawny Peaks.

All I can say is that those gift-packs are going to be well-earned, and if you happen to win one, wear that cap and shirt proudly. In my opinion, you’re the big-boob world equal of any Jeopardy champion.

The Day 2 winner was A.E.W. of Silver Spring, Maryland. Congratulations!

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Why are these girls smiling? Because it’s SCORE’s 20th anniversary. And they got a hat!

Posted by Dave on Jun 6, 2012 in Boobs in the News, New at Scoreland, Poll, The Life of an Editor

I betcha you're staring at Siri's 20th anniversary cap and wondering how you can get one.

Twenty years ago this month, L.A. Bust touched her nips on the cover of SCORE, and a new era in big-boob magazines blasted off.

Newcomer Goldie Ray got a limited-edition 20th anniversary cap because she has big tits and a nice smile.

Today at SCORELAND, we celebrate 20 years of No. 1 in Big Boobs with the launch of our “20 for 20″ celebration. In early May, we asked SCORELAND members to choose the 20 greatest SCORE Girls of all time. They responded in large numbers. And today, we’re starting the countdown to No. 1 with the girl voted the 20th greatest SCORE Girl ever. And she is…

Well, I’m not saying. I mean, really, there’s a party going on right now in the members area of SCORELAND, a celebration to last throughout the month, and if you want to be part of it, go to it! That’s right: Don’t just sit outside and try to sneak a peek in the window. Go inside! Join the fun!

A tip of the 20th anniversary cap to you, too, Brandy Dean!

Of course, if there’s an anniversary celebration going on, there has to be gifts, and we’re bringing the gifts to our own party: a daily gift-pack giveaway. The gift pack includes a limited-edition SCORE 20th anniversary cap and shirt, a free DVD of your choice, a free magazine of your choice and a one-month pass to any one of our websites.

Rachel Love is thinking, "I wonder what happened to my 20th anniversary shirt?"

And about that cap and shirt: By limited edition, I mean very limited edition. There aren’t a lot of them. In fact, other than the ones we made for SCORE Girls to model and the ones some SCORE staffers own, there are, right now, exactly 20 special “20th anniversary” hats and 20 special “20th anniversary” shirts out there for the taking, and we’re going to give away all of them, one each day that a “20 for 20″ girl is announced.

You can not buy them. They are not for sale. You can’t have one of the ones that SCORE staffers received. They’re ours. If you want a 20th anniversary hat and shirt, you’re going to have to get lucky.

By the way…the “20 for 20″ results? I don’t agree with them. I have as much of a beef with these results as I did with the “Best of the Decade” voting. I think the voters got some of them right and some of them wrong. Most of them right. But a few key ones wrong. I think that the girl who finished at No. 20 should have been in the top three, top five at worst. But, like everyone else out there, I had one only vote.

Of course, unlike everyone else out there, I have a hat and a shirt.


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