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Big-boobed bartender Elle Flynn tells us about her threesome. And then she has one!

Elle told me that she was too shy to be a stripper, but she's not too shy to have sex on-camera.

Elle Flynn, a DDD-cup bartender from Utah, tells the story of her first threesome.

“This girl, a regular at the bar, was in with a friend of hers, and she said, ‘Do you want to go hang out after work?’ And I said, ‘Okay.’ So we go to his house to have some beers. They were talking about my tits. They couldn’t believe how big they were. She said, ‘I love your tits. Every time I come in, I stare at your tits.’ And the guy didn’t believe they were real and he was like, ‘Prove it.’

“So I took off my bra underneath my shirt, and my nipples were just poking out. My nipples are always hard, even if it’s warm. And he said, ‘Can I touch them?’ And I said, ‘No, but she can.’ And she came over and started touching my boobs, and she said, ‘They’re so soft.’ And that’s what people always say. ‘Your boobs are so soft.’ So one thing led to another. And clothes started coming off, people started getting fucked. It was a good time. He was fucking her from behind, and she was licking my tits and sucking my nipples and fingering me while I was playing with her pussy.”

Elle enjoys another threesome at SCORELAND. And the photo above is from her most-recent on-camera fucking.

“I love my cleavage so I often wear low-cut tops,” Ele said. “These tits are mine. I love them, and I want to spread the joy around. Boobs are for looking at. That’s my motto.”

Funny. That’s ours, too.



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Tomorrow at SCORELAND: Elle Flynn shaken. Not stirred.

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 19, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Elle Flynn. She’s a bartender who wanted to model for The SCORE Group.

This traffic-stopper has the goods and the moves to be an exotic dancer, and the proof is in tomorrow’s posting as Elle hits the stage of this cocktail lounge.

Pull up your happy seat and get a stage-side eyeful.

Elle’s heavy, natural tits in your face are just what the bartender suggests.

Plus, a bonus video in the bathroom.

Elle Flynn is a real bartender.

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This weekend, step into the booby trap

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 10, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, Uncategorized

Back for Tits, Tugs & Tongue.

Eye candy as far as you can see.

Playfully bodacious man-pleasers.

Pressure-raising vixens not satisfied with the routine life of the 9 to 5 grind, they reject society’s repression of their sexhibitonistic natures and bare their savory bods for the Boob Brotherhood with the single-minded goal of mutual satisfaction.

New at SCORELAND, nymphalicious titillator Daylene Rio, fresh from her bed-breaking brawl with Sara Jay in a thunderous three-way, applies her tender touch in a monkey-spanking-new Tits, Tugs & Tongue, powered even more by her fresh mouth and extensive dirty vocabulary. By the end, her chest is totally coated. And you thought only banks handled big deposits. By the way, notice anything different about Daylene?

On Sunday, recent arrival Alex Chance struts her stuff in a sexy peel-down from the pages of the March ’12 V-mag. A hot young chick who switched from cocktail shaking as a bartender to the shaking of her natural 36DDDs, Alex brings her GND coed looks to our campus of curvalicous cuties.

Chance favors the bold.

On the subject of curvy cleavage couriers, none are more drooled upon, literally and figuratively, than Angela White and Maggie Green, meeting for the first time in pair-adise. They speak in tongues, extremely wet tongues, and no holes are barred, just bared. Will they ever meet again? We don’t know. Just enjoy them while you have them. As James Bond once said, “I must be dreaming.” I may be a colonel of corn but it seems like only yesterday that Dave and I, slack-jawed and breastnotized, were watching Angela proudly show off her body-hugging Dicky dress in a 2003 interview. Angela was a cherubic 18-year-old coed fresh off the jet from Australia, and her dream was to be a SCORE and V-mag model. I still can’t believe it’s going to be nine years ago this June.

The colors of SCORE: White & Green

Look out for girls named Delilah

Over at XLGirls.com, today brings the long awaited arrival of Delilah Black, bringing her pettable pillows to the party and not dodging the splashback of her faceless human geyser in a P.O.V. dream hook-up that’ll be guaranteed to motivate tit-men to try to get a spot in Delilah’s date book. Wow, is she a hottie, and what a pretty face, too!

Plus at SCOREVideos.com, desirable debutante sex-kitten Reina Lee further hones her purr-suasive talents at male pattern nut-busting with a second steam-driven session of 100% pole-verizing jiggle-sex. The decision is in. The court of cum-extraction affirms Reina’s conviction at cock-worshiping and agrees with her oral argument. Hopefully, more visual evidence of exotic Reina’s corpus delicious will be presented to the judge’s bench in the near future. Court adjourned.


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Introducing Jasmine Shiraz and her big, natural hooters, today and tomorrow at SCORELAND!

Posted by Dave on Aug 30, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Interviews, newcomers, Tits in Tight Tops

Jasmine, who was born in Iran and lives in New Jersey, is another in the recent long line of big-boobed girls who have come to us via their SCORE-reading and SCORELAND-membering husbands or boyfriends (in Jasmine’s case, her boyfriend).

By the way, Alex Chance, another natural newcomer, also makes an appearance in this video. Alex is a bartender from Virginia, and she has DDD-cup tits. She’ll make her debut at SCOREVideos.com in a big way…by going all the way next week.

Alex and Jasmine were both in our studio last week, and when they weren’t modeling, they were keeping their eyes on Hurricane Irene, which at the time was headed for their parts of the U.S. Imagine, they’re in South Florida and worried about a hurricane somewhere else. Me? I was keeping my eyes on Alex and Jasmine.

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