SCORELAND Girls on the loose

Lately when girls visit SCORELAND, our studio staff takes them out around the Miami area and shows them the sights, takes them to lunch and plays tour guide. It’s a change of pace away from the studio and lets everyone see how the girls look in everyday life, how you would see them at a beach, in stores or malls, at a park, at a restaurant and touring the area.

If the model is in Europe or on-location in the Caribbean, our photo teams there do the same kind of candid shoots. For example Arianna Sinn in Bucharest or Tigerr Benson in Prague. Sometimes the girls can flash nipples or pussy or both. It depends on where they are and who’s around. In 2010, Minka, the biggest-chested of them all, stopped traffic in Miami Beach without taking off her sweater.

This has also been a fun way to introduce new models such as Brook Ultra, Cat Bangles, Harlow Nyx and other cool babes as well as put regulars Daylene Rio, Maserati, Marie Leone and Sheridan Love in fresh settings.



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Fan Art: Some of the greatest models of all time!

Posted by Maria on Dec 2, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Fan Art

Merilyn Sakova, Bea Flora, Orsoyla, Ines Cudna...some of the greatest big-bust babes of all time!

I have amassed quite the treasure trove of drawings by German artist H.D. and I am always amazed at the way he manages to capture a model’s body and tits.
And since it’s Sunday and most people are busy reading the paper and checking out the funny pages, I thought these drawings were better than the comics!
These are some of the greatest big titters of all time. Enjoy them and then enjoy your Sunday!

Christy Marks is one stacked SCORELAND sweetie that always looks hot.

Sharday is one Hall of Famer who always delivers!

Joana Bliss' recent comeback is nothing short of heavenly.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is the top of the tops for most tit lovers.

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The top 10 most-exotic busty babes ever. It’s not my list, but it’s a good one.

S.M. of Baltimore, Maryland, one of the most-prolific writers to SCORE (made even more-impressive by the fact that he hand-writes and mails his letters using envelopes and postage stamps), sent along his list of the top 10 most-exotic SCORE Girls of all-time. I thought you might like to have a look at it on this Autumn Saturday.

My response to S.M.: Interesting list, but where’s Exotica?

1. Luma. The most exotically beautiful. Like Sharday, no penetration shots, boy-girl or videos, but still…

2. Bea Flora. Exotic in a mysterious way. Everything from facial expressions to her body language.

3. Sophie Mae. Her physique alone is exotic but also her air of mystery. Her eyes are also exotic-looking.

4. Shione Cooper. Shione is both facially exotic and sexually exotic in a teasing way.

5. Chloe Vevrier and Linsey Dawn McKenzie (tie). Chloe is the most-exotic German model. Linsey is the most-exotic British model.

6. Paola Rios. Paola’s subtle expressions show it also, but she also has one of the best exotic body frames, too.

7. Hitomi. Best exotic Asian model. Sorry Minka, Jade Feng and Lena Li.

8. Kiko Lee. Not surprise that Kiko is an exotic dancer. She’s exotically sophisticated.

9. Tiffany Towers. One of the most laid back in her approach but gives off an exotic vibe.

10. Cynthia Romero. Not only cute and pretty but her innocence and shyness have exotic appeal.

By the way, S.M., that’s 11, not 10. But thanks for sharing and keep writing.

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Smile and the whole world smiles with you. Don’t smile and, just maybe, the whole world jacks to you.

Kiko Lee isn't smiling, but believe me, she's happy. She's about to get some cock at SCORELAND.

Along with augmented vs. natural, and whether the models must show their pussies and do hardcore, one of the most common subjects among big-boob lovers regards models smiling (or not smiling) in their photos and videos. If I had a dime for every time a reader or website member complained about this model or that model not smiling, I’d be a millionaire. To these people, I could say, “Danni Ashe.” She never smiled (she pouted), yet she’s one of the most-popular big-boobed models ever. So there. And then these people would probably say to me, “Crystal Gunns.” She always smiled. Her smile was big and bright. She had a brick-shithouse of a body, but that smile made her seem like the girl-next-door.

Personally, for my own purposes, I don’t care whether a model is smiling (as long as she’s not giving me the finger or snarling), as long as she’s sexy and, preferably, posing in a very revealing, sexual manner. I do not expect a woman to smile while she has two fingers stuffed inside her pussy. I expect her to be overcome with lust and passion. To me, smiling does not equal lust and passion. A woman cannot smile and suck cock at the same time.

But, of course, SCORE and SCORELAND isn’t all about me and my own purposes. I have you guys to think about. And most of you like smiling.

S.M., a reader from Baltimore, Maryland, likes when the models smile, too, but he has an interesting, open-minded view of the other side of the debate. So I’ll turn the rest of this Blog over to him. Have at it, S.M.:

Here, I present proof that Ariana Angel does, indeed, smile.

“We’ve read time after time about how readers don’t like to see a model looking too serious or not smiling. They tend to think they’re not happy doing what they’re doing or that the model has a nasty attitude. But that’s not necessarily the case. They could be, as you would say, making love to the camera, or it could be their mannerism due to their culture, or, okay, maybe she’s just having a rough day, or she could be nervous if it’s her debut, so instead of smiling, she shows the deer-in-the-headlights stare.

“But I’ve never had a problem when a model doesn’t smile a whole lot in their pictures. In fact, even with so-called happy-go-lucky models like Leanne Crow and Terri Jane, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more sophistication from them. But that may just be who they are: They just like smiling due to their lively personalities. Sophisticated expressions can be intriguing and sometimes make me think the model is hard to get.

“Kiko Lee is the most sophisticated SCORE model right now. I’ve never seen her posing with a smile, but she’s sexy, and her unsmiling face turns me on. Your other most-sophisticated models are Merilyn Sakova, Bea Flora, Kelly Kay and Ashley Sage Ellison. Ariana Angel is a model who’s shown good sophisticated poses in a sexy way. But these models are good enough to afford not smiling. In fact, most of the models I’ve named have won awards or been finalists, so being too serious must not be such a horrible thing.

“But don’t get me wrong. Like most readers, I do enjoy seeing smiles and enthusiasm as well. But just because she’s not smiling doesn’t mean she’s not having a nice time. She just has her own way of showing it. She’s just trying to be sexy and turn us on.”

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Women manhandling their titties! Yes, Womanhandling!

Posted by Maria on Jan 29, 2012 in Confessions, Life With Big Tits, Tit Tricks, Uncategorized

Leanne is womanhandling her tits with her fists...and I like it.

Eva Notty looks good with her tatas in that hold.

Lana Ivans...get a grip.

I love when I see a shot of a busty chick gripping her tits. Or kneading them. Or squeezing them. Or pulling them. Or smooshing them. Or palming them like one would a basketball.

I just like it when busty chicks touch their tits, I guess.

But I like it when they do it with a little bit of gusto like they really mean it. Maybe you would call it manhandling the tits. I call it womanhandling them. Because women…we know how to handle our tits. Sometimes when a guy handles your tits, or rather, manhandles them…it’s too much. Manhandling of the titties can go from OH YEAH! to OUCH! in an instant, my friends. So, when a woman handles her tits, she knows just how to touch them to make them feel good, even if it’s a little rough.

Bea Flora grabs her tits open-handed.

You've heard of tongue-twisters. Miosotis does the titty-twister.

That’s why I love those shots.

I see a chick handling her tits in a pictorial and my mind instantly equates what she is doing with what she looks like when she is having sex.

I see those tits smooshed and pulled and kneaded and I think, “Oh, when she is on top, riding a stiff dick, she probably touches her tits like that. She probably rides hard and grabs her own tits and grips them like that, ” and that thought makes me happy in my happy places.

Yes…I automatically think of women riding dicks when I see them womanhandling their tatas. I know, that’s impressive. It’s a gift, really. lol

My favorite is when they pull them out roughly, like Lana is doing to the right. Closely followed by what Eva is doing, which seems like she is offering them up for some suckling.

What say you, gentlemen: Do you like to see tits womanhandled? Or do you prefer to manhandle them yourselves? If so, how do you like to grab tittes? What’s your tit-nique?





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A very Notty girl is back at SCORE

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 19, 2012 in Contest, Cummin Soon, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland

Bring Nottty again, we see. What's a man to do?

If you have recovered from Eva Notty’s threesome with Sarah Satori and are craving another Eva fix, worry not, SCORE brothers.

SCORE‘s very lovely, stacked and talented 2010 Model of the Year recently paid a fresh visit to her favorite chest-nuts (that’d be us, your friendly, neighborhood SCORE people). This was an overdue return visit because as we all know, absence makes the hard-on grow…harder. Especially with Miss Notty. She did miss the fun and games of this season’s SCOREtv Holiday Edition, but there’s always next season.

The brunette stunner debuted at SCORELAND in a multi-part Eva Notty special during June, 2009, almost three years ago. Is it that long?

Which is what Eva says to Tony when she reaches into his trousers to pull out his junk and get the ball rolling in a brand-spankin’ new SCORE video and pictorial. Let the festivititties cum-mence.

Seeing Eva work the pole is always an uplifting experience. She really enjoys a cock sliding between her tits. They get into a super-heated, pounding-hot fuck, and Eva’s very inspirational as always, inspiring a huge load.

I’d love to find 10 or 15 more like Eva. But there’s only one. So I’m grateful for that.

Stay tuned for more Notty news, including a blog chat with Dave. Cummin’ soon. Just like Eva.

Upcoming SCORE & V-Girl birthdays:

Kylee Nash: a flexible doll.

Kylee Nash Jan. 20
Mandy Michelle Melons Jan. 22
Ava Divine Jan. 22
Kerra Dawson Jan. 22
Harmony Bliss Jan. 23
Ines Cudna Jan. 25
Heidi Hooters Jan. 25
Deauxma Jan. 25
Rachel Rocketts Jan. 29
Bethany Bustin Jan. 29
Anne Marie Jan. 29
Anna Yota Jan. 29
Gabriella Michaels Jan. 29
Bea Flora Jan. 30
Sakura Sena Jan. 31
Taylor Hill Jan. 31




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The most-photogenic SCORE naturals ever? How about all of them!

Aileen Ghettman did not make S.M.'s list of the most-photogenic SCORE Girls, but she could have. Says who? Says me. This photo is part of a very nice set of Aileen that can be viewed at SCORELAND and XLGirls.com.

Aileen Ghettman did not make S.M.'s list of the most-photogenic SCORE Girls, but she could have. Says who? Says me. This photo is part of a very nice set of Aileen that can be viewed at SCORELAND and XLGirls.com.

S.M., a regular contributor to “Scorecard,” from Baltimore, Maryland, writes: “Here’s my Top 25 of your most-photogenic naturals ever. 1. Linsey Dawn McKenzie; 2. Merilyn Sakova; 3. Sharday; 4. Ashley Sage Ellison; 5. Karina Hart; 6. Nicole Peters; 7. Bea Flora; 8. Brianna Costello; 9. Kelly Kay; 10. Natalie Fiore; 11. Taylor Steele; 12. Arianna Sinn; 13. Kerry Marie; 14. Shione Cooper; 15. Sophie Mae; 16. Terry Nova; 17. Chloe Vevrier; 18. Anna Song; 19. Luma; 20. Rhonda Baxter; 21. Via Paxton; 22. Kaytee Carter; 23. Miosotis; 24. Carrie Lynn; and 25. Dawn Stone.”

Got that?

S.M. continues, “Let’s start with the definition of photogenic, according to the dictionary: ‘attractive as a subject for photography.’ I’d say the women above would fit that description, wouldn’t you? Linsey came in at No. 1, which should not be a shocker. She was a borderline celebrity. She was the porn version of Judy Garland, the brunette Marilyn Monroe, the British Jenna Jameson… you name it! I have selected the models for various reasons, some for being very personable, for sensuality, for attractiveness and, most importantly, for smoldering sexuality. Smoldering sexuality lets me know that the model might actually be aroused, which means she’s into what she’s doing or is at least acting like she is, so it’s the thought that counts. Terry Nova, Shione Cooper, Natalie Fiore and Chloe Vevrier specialize in this category.”

“Karina, Brianna and Taylor are the most personable models. They never stop smiling!”

“The most-sensuous models consist of Kelly Kay, Nicole Peters, Ashley Sage Ellison, Arianna Sinn, Merilyn Sakova, Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Dawn Stone. And then you have your hardcore vixens such as Christy Marks and Shione Cooper, who are photogenic when solo.”

Thanks for the list, S.M. But, to tell you the truth, I thought all of our models were photogenic.

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Lana Ivans: A Busty Fantasy

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Stacked Romanian cutie Lana Ivans, on location for our movie Big-Boob Finishing School, plays tell and show for the SCORELAND Blog videocam. Her Romanian is much better than our Romanian. Today on SCOREVideos, Lana is “A Busty Fantasy” for one snoozin’ dude in a hardscore hooterama. This is Lana’s second full-sex scene and it disproves the myth that snoozin’ leads to losin’. Yes, little Lana is a myth-buster. Mulţumesc, Miss Ivans.

Lana claims that corn is responsible for her boob size. She says she eats a lot of it. But keep that intel to yourself or the price of corn futures will skyrocket. Pick up a copy of Big-Boob Finishing School today. Your pocket pal will thank you. More about this tit-corn connection in a future Blog.

A big birthday shout to Rachel Rocketts (Jan. 29), Bethany Bustin (Jan. 29), Anne Marie (Jan. 29), Anna Jota (Jan. 29), Gabriella Michaels (Jan. 30), Bea Flora (Jan. 30), Sakura Sena (Jan. 31), Taylor Hill (Jan. 31) and Corina Curves (Feb 1).

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SCORE’s 20 Greatest Naturals: The voting booths are open!

Posted by Dave on Jan 26, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Contest

No surprise that our "Model of the Decade" is in the Top 5.

No surprise that our "Model of the Decade" is in the Top 5.

Karina is getting a lot of support. Her big, firm tits don't need much support.

Karina is getting a lot of support. Her big, firm tits don't need much support.

Back in October, I told you about the “20 Greatest Naturals” voting going on in SCORE magazine, in which we’re asking readers to choose their favorite naturals of the SCORE years. To recap, in the September 2001 issue of SCORE, we celebrated our “20 Greatest Naturals.” Now, with the 10th anniversary of that issue fast approaching with the September 2011 issue, we’re going to celebrate the “20 Greatest Naturals” once again, this time including every natural who has appeared in SCORE since 1992.

There were 43 models on the official ballot, which was published in the March and April issues. In alphabetical order: Alexis Love, Angela White, Anna Song, Ashley Sage Ellison, Arianna Sinn, Autumn-Jade, Bea Flora, Brandy Talore, Carrie Lynn, Cassandra, Chloe Vevrier, Christy Marks, Danni Ashe, Devon Daniels, Diane Poppos, Faith, Ines Cudna, Inesse, Janet Jade, Joana, Jeannine Oldfield, Jessica Turner, Karina Hart, Karla James, Kaytee Carter, Kelly Kay, Kerry Marie, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lisa Phillips, Lorna Morgan, Maggie Green, Melissa Mandlikova, Merilyn Sakova, Miosotis, Nadine Jansen, Natalie Fiore, Nicole Peters, Sammie Black, Sharday, Sophie Mae, Terry Nova, Valory Irene and Via Paxton.

I wonder if Linsey Dawn McKenzie would have won "Model of the Decade" for 1990-1999?

I wonder if Linsey Dawn McKenzie would have won "Model of the Decade" for 1990-1999?

We haven't seen Chloe Vevrier for a long time, but she remains super-popular.

We haven't seen Chloe Vevrier for a long time, but she remains super-popular.

Now, before you start complaining that your favorite isn’t on the ballot, you should know that write-in votes were permitted and encouraged.

Anyway, the ballots have been pouring in (which pleasantly surprises me because filling out a ballot with 20 names, including write-ins, takes some time, effort and knowledge). And, so far, a few things stand out:

1. Counting these ballots is interesting, but it’s a pain in the ass.

2. One model has been named on every ballot except one. EVERY BALLOT. Guess who?

3. Danni Ashe, whose tits definitely are not among the largest naturals ever, is getting a lot of support.

4. The top five vote-getters are (in no particular order) Chloe Vevrier, Christy Marks, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Merilyn Sakova and Karina Hart.

5. Judging from some of the write-in votes, some guys can’t tell a natural from an augmented pair of tits.

5. Of the 65 girls who have received votes, only 19 have had full sex on camera.

6. The battle for spots 11-20 in the new “20 Greatest Naturals” is going to be very close.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this for now. Gotta go back to counting votes. And if you feel like commenting with your “Top 20,” go right ahead. I’m interested in hearing what you have to say. Just one thing: the girl had to have appeared in SCORE at least once to be eligible. And if you’re wondering about that, check the “Model Directory” in SCORELAND.

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The Ultimate Rack Battle Royale: Karina Hart vs. Bea Flora

Posted by Maria on Nov 21, 2010 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, The Life of an Editor

It is no secret that I love lesbians. I mean, they are right up there with fireworks and pizza on the list of THINGS THAT ARE ALWAYS GOOD.

And sometimes when I am surfing around SCORELAND I lament because if I had it my way, there would be certain models that I would have paired together for some serious dyke-diddling…you know, for our viewing pleasure.

I know that I am not alone in these, “If only So-and-So would have done a girl-girl scene with So-and-So,” fantasies because I get A LOT of letters from V-mag readers asking me if there is anyway I can pull some strings and have their favorites pair up for a round of clit-lickery.(Believe me, if I had that kind of string-pulling clout, I would pair up all your fantasy lesbians and mine, too…maybe for a huge lezzie orgy! YES! But unfortunately, I don’t. Insert sad face here.)

Karina Hart looks like she would muff dive like a champion.

Karina Hart looks like she would muff dive like a champion.

Now, if I could, the first two busties I would throw together in the lesbian Thunderdome would totally be Karina Hart (From her SCORE December 2010 appearance.) and Bea Flora (From her Voluptuous Holiday 2005 appearance.).

Bea Flora is fucking sexy. She is a GREAT lesbian fantasy candidate.

Bea Flora is fucking sexy. She is a GREAT lesbian fantasy candidate.

I mean, seriously, look at all that T&A and imagine it all over each other. Maybe it’s because Bea is Polish and Karina is Czech and I imagine them finger-fucking each other furiously and screaming dirty things with their accents, but hot damn if in my imagination this isn’t the fucking sexiest match-up of all time. They both have killer bodies. They both have great tits. They both have nice asses. They’re both sexy brunettes. I mean, come on! They fit together like big-titted Legos.

(At least they do in my imagination. lol)

So, tell me what Lesbian match-ups do you fantasize about? Is it always girl-on-girl, or is it sometimes a lezzie threeway? (When it comes to lesbians, you can never add too many to the mix!) I would love to hear your pussy-to-pussy pairings.




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