Where have all the big-boobed exotic dancers gone?

Julia Juggs. A lap dance must be heaven.

I repeat: where have all the busty strippers gone?

Many of our newer models come from the web-cam community. Anjii Ross, Harmony White, Felicia Clover, Sabrina Linn, Brandi Sparks, Nikki Smith, Melissa Manning, Marilyn Mayson and more are web-cam girls. They play with themselves in their bedrooms with a camera running while guys at home watch by the minute on their computers.

I grew up going to strip clubs and I still go, although big-boobed Florida strippers are extremely rare. A local photographer who visits all the clubs here agrees with me. (He discovered Jezhabelle.)

Are big-titty girls no longer taking jobs in strip clubs? What’s going on? Strip clubs used to be great places to find SCORE and Voluptuous models.

When I started at SCORE, EVERY model was an exotic dancer or a showgirl. And now only a handful of new models are strippers.

Alura Jenson. The image of Crystal Gunns looks on.

Alura Jenson is a recent arrival. She strips at the all-nude, liquor-serving Palomino Club in North Las Vegas. I lived in Vegas in the ’90s and know the place. They used to have an old-school comic named Artie Brooks bringing on the girls.

Claudia Kealoha is a dancer in Fort Lauderdale, last I knew. She reads books by the famous Czech author Milan Kundera, by the way.  He’d probably like knowing Claudia’s a fan.

Julia Juggs (Julia Sands) is a dancer and shakes it at Foxy’s, also in Las Vegas. That’s why she was perfect for the XL Girls movie Big Girl Strip Club.

Kalila Kane was a stripper, but now she’s a building contractor. Personally, I’d rather see her stripping on stage than writing up estimates.

Natasha Dulce dances in Tampa, a popular city for bars that bare titty. She was fired from McDonalds, became a stripper and found her way here.

Claudia Kealoha. I can't get the Hawaii 5-0 theme out of my head.

And last I knew, Daylene Rio was dancing at the Hawaii Theater in the City of Industry, California. Stephanie Stalls travels from club to club in North America, like Frank Day’s in South Dakota.

But this is just a fraction of the models compared to the big days of big-boobed stripper/models in our mags.

I have to wonder why busty girls don’t dance in strip clubs anymore. Am I missing some obvious reason? Is it easier for them to just turn on a computer and not have to drive to a club?

How come Sheridan Love, Maggie Green, Maserati, Melissa Manning, Kitana Flores and others are not dancing in strip clubs, if not full-time, then part-time?

Where have all the big-boobed exotic dancers gone? Anyone know?


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Lexi Summers and Sadie Berry hooterize March ’11 V-mag

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 17, 2011 in birthdays, New at Scoreland, Other SCORE Group websites
No, not shy.

No, not shy.

Today, Lexi Summers shows how much she enjoys having a hard time, and tomorrow, Sadie Berry does the same, giving her dude a hard way to go.  Both pictorials are from the March ’11 V-mag on SCORELAND.

“I am one of those girls who really loves to give head,” Lexi said. “I enjoy it. I hear stories about guys who have to beg their girlfriends to suck their dicks. Not me.”

Sadie Berry, an accountant by profession, has numbers that really add up, like 42J.

“A man should be the aggressor,” says Sadie, who does an interracial pole dance in Big Girl Strip Club. ” I like to have sex six or seven times a week.” Sadie found us through BeASCOREModel.com.

A motorboat that needs no water.

A motorboat that needs no water.

On Sunday, two XL Girls celebrate their B-Days. Have fun and party hearty, Jade Parker (K-JUGS) and Karlee Adams (Plump Desires).

A true rear-view mirror.

A true rear-view mirror.

Karlee measures 42DDD.

Karlee measures 42DDD.

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Big Girl Strip Club…full of FUCK YES!

Posted by Maria on Oct 30, 2010 in New DVD Releases
Big girls stripping at the club. That sounds like a good time to me.

Big girls stripping at the club. That sounds like a good time to me.

I just finished watching the skinematic masturbatepiece, Big Girl Strip Club at my desk and I have to give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

(Yes, I get to sit at my desk and watch porno at work. This is my job. Be jealous. No, really…be jealous.)

I highly recommend this movie for a few reasons:

  • There are thick and curvy, big-titted and horny women in this movie. They are dancing around and ripping their clothes off. It’s entertaining for your eyes, but mostly, for your penis.
  • There are thick and curvy, big-titted and horny women in this movie. They fuck and suck a bunch of dudes in the Champagne Room of a strip club. So this movie is based on REALITY.
  • There are thick and curvy, big-titted and horny women in this movie. Some of them get fucked in the ass and they like it. We think women should be more into anal. This is proof that some are.
  • There are thick and curvy, big-titted and horny women in this movie. Yes. There are thick and curvy, big-titted and horny women in this movie.

The movie stars five thick and juicy ladies; Charlie Cooper, Daniella Gey, Julia Juggs, Sadie Berry and Alix Lakehurst. They dance. They grind on cocks during crazy lapdances. They suck and fuck said cocks. And they manage to makeout with one another and roll around in baby oil, too.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love the strip club. Everything that goes down at the strip club is full of FUCK YES! It’s like Disney, but for horny people and hey, there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

While we were filming this cockbuster of a film, our resident pervert, eh, editor, Dave, went into the dressing room and chatted up the five stars while they changed in and out of wardrobe and got ready for their scenes. (Just like Dave…always where the naked tits are!) You can check out his video of it below and when you are done, head on over to the eBoobStore and check out a preview of this flick. You will be happy you did.



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