Let’s bowl with Alexya

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 6, 2016 in Contest, New at Scoreland

Alexya’s been bowling everyone over like ten pins since she debuted at SCORELAND. Here’s a girl who never throws a gutter ball.

A quiet girl on-camera, even in her video interviews, Alexya communicates with her eyes and Mona Lisa smile.

Voluptuous editor Dave wasn’t surprised that Alexya won that magazine’s Newcomer of the Year title (July ’16 edition).  “Alexya inspires outpourings of admiration,” Dave wrote in that issue.

Alexya doesn’t bowl (she dances and rides horses) but maybe this shoot will interest her in trying it one weekend. It begins today.

Alexya always laughs and giggles in her video interviews. I think all this attention amuses her. It’s like she’s unaware of the effect she has on guys.

Alexya bowls everyone over.

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From full-frontal nudity to spreading to pussy-fingering to anal sex in just two days? No, I don’t miss the ’90s

Posted by Dave on May 23, 2012 in Boob Watch, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Newcomer Chantal Raye, today at SCORELAND

Elliot and I were on our way back from lunch today when we started talking about the way things used to be in big-boob modeling. The way it used to work (and we’re talking about the ’90s and early 2000s), a girl would model for SCORE or Voluptuous for the first time. Maybe–and no more than maybe–there’d be full-frontal nudity. No spreading. No pussy. Just full-frontal. Then, a few months later, she’d return for another pictorial and maybe spread her legs. The next time, or the time after that, she’d show pink. Years could pass before that happened. And then, in very rare cases, she’d fuck on-camera. This whole process could take anywhere from two to five years (Angela White traveled the solo to hardcore trail for nine years).

Anyway, Elliot and I were discussing this because the girl who makes her debut today at SCORELAND, Chantal Raye, is doing more in one day than girls used to do in two years. She goes from fully clothed to full-frontal nudity to spreading her legs to showing pink to fingering her pussy in a matter of photos, not a matter of years.

Chantal Raye, tomorrow at SCORELAND

And tomorrow on SCORELAND, Chantal is sucking and fucking cock, and not just fucking but getting ass-fucked. Yep, in all of two days, Chantal Raye is covering the first five years of a model of yesteryear’s progression.

That’s special, isn’t it? Or are you one of those guys who enjoyed the tease, who enjoyed waiting? Who liked to get to know a girl before you saw her taking cock in her mouth, pussy and ass?

Well, I’ve got news for you: Those days are over. And for those of you who really felt that way (or still feel that way), I have a question for you: Have you ever turned down a girl who said to you on the first date (or second date), “Let’s fuck”? Have you ever responded, “I think we should wait and get to know each other better?”

I didn’t think so.

So, Chantal Raye walks into our studio. Turns out she discovered us at SCOREModelsWanted.com. She has huge, naturals tits and a blockbuster body. She says something along the lines of, “Where’s the cock?”

Are we supposed to say, “Sorry, Chantal, but you’re going to have to wait a few months for the cock”?

I didn’t think so.



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Jack talk, nipple self-sucking, jack talk, pussy fingering, jack talk and more with Gya Roberts

Posted by Dave on Sep 23, 2011 in Other SCORE Group websites, swimsuits
Dressed to fuck, Gya Roberts gets ready to slut things up.

Gya Roberts prepares ready to slut things up.

In her self-sucking, pussy-fingering, jack-talk-packed video extravaganza that went up today at XLGirls.com, Gya Roberts–one of my favorite girls in the whole, wide world–says:

“I’m such a slutty girl. I’ll put your cock right here. I’ll tease your cock so bad, baby!”

She’s wearing a tiny bikini that can’t possibly contain her HH-cup naturals and plump, plush body. She’s wearing fuck-me pumps that put her in the mood. She takes out a nipple, shoves it into the camera and asks, “Do you want to suck it? I know you want to suck it, you naughty boy.”

She keeps up a torrent of jack talk while sucking and biting her nipples, then exposing her pussy and asshole for your viewing pleasure. She says such helpful things as:

“I want you to fuck me on the floor like naughty, wild animals. I want all the neighbors to hear us, baby. I’m going to suck your cock so bad. I’m going to suck it with my mouth on it and then put it between my breasts.”

“I’m going to get my naughty pussy so wet for you. Oh, lick my clit, baby, and put your finger in and fuck me with your finger. Fuck me, yeah, like that! Then you have to rub the clit, baby.”

“I want all your cum, baby. I want to fuck you like a naughty girl.” [Note: While she's saying this, her boobs are swaying all over the fucking place.]

“Riding on your cock, harder and harder, baby. I’m going to push my pussy on your cock, feeling you all inside me. I’m going to push my titties in your face and make you suck them. Suck my titties. Suck it, baby! Bite them. Bite them now! Rub your cock faster and bite my titties.”

Ditto on the wildly swaying boobs. Meanwhile, she’s got her fingers buried in her cunt. I could call it her pussy, but in a situation like this, it’s a cunt. You understand.

“Naughty animal. Naughty boy. Your cock is so huge. I want to fuck it so bad, like a wild girl.”

That she is. The question is, are you man enough for her? I’m not sure I am, but fuck it. I jacked anyway.

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