Elle Flynn’s bangin’ jug rub

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 13, 2017 in Hardcore XXX

“I always think it’s kind of weird when guys don’t like big boobs,” said Elle Flynn, who went from bartender to Voluptuous Girl to Love Ranch Girl in Crystal, Nevada. Many long-time models are nowhere near as adventurous and eager as Elle is to play the game of sex.

“I like to convert men like that,” Elle said. “Once they see my tits, they become boob men. Guys will say they like legs or ass the best and I will always say, ‘Well, you haven’t seen my tits.’”

A healthy, oily breast massage turns X-rated real quickly for Elle. The lusty, busty brunette gets her heavy naturals dicked, her pussy fucked and a big mouthful of nut-juice.

“People love my big boobs. That makes me feel so hot. I love big boobs. I love my boobs. I like the shape. I like the nipples. Everything about them is just perfectly put together. ”

Some things ya gotta do hands-on.

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It’s hands-on for Vanessa Y. in a new SCORELAND show

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 15, 2015 in New at Scoreland, Tit Tricks

Miss Vanessa Y. lies on the bed and says, “I want massage.”

It’s rub-a-dug-dug time for Vanessa as she gets a boob massage from disembodied hands working over her big, slick tits, fingers sinking into pliable breast flesh, turning Vanessa on so much that her own hands stray to her pussy. (No worries, she’s still got her furry muff that’s so popular, it deserves its own fan club.)

When the masseuse leaves after kneading those natural knockers, Vanessa takes her toy-friend and gives herself some TLC.

This is only the second time Vanessa has had someone else’s hands on her big whopping tits and statuesque body. The first was last year with Romanian royalty Joana, a woman who is Vanessa’s peer in many ways.

After that last show with Vanessa (“Hooked On Vanessa Y.”), there was some speculation about what the Polish top-popper would do the next time she returned. Now you know.

Get hands-on with Vanessa's natural tits.



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How many girls can tit-fuck a guy’s head?

Posted by Dave on May 30, 2015 in Boob Bloopers, Boob Watch, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Sergio has a lot of weight on his shoulders.

That’s not quite the question posed in Liza Biggs’ return to SCORELAND today, but it’s what crossed my mind when I saw this photo.

Two thoughts:

1. Liza easily tit-fucks Sergio’s head.

2. Liza’s areolae are bigger than Sergio’s cheeks.

Third thought: This would be the greatest way ever to get a massage. A girl doesn’t need hands when she has tits like Liza’s.


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Rubbing off at SCORE’s Big Boob Finishing School

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 23, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland

In today’s SCORELAND episode of Big Boob Finishing School, Headmistress Michelle Bond, the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men,” requests a volunteer to demonstrate what a girl should do when her man comes home from work beat-up and stressed. Valory Irene volunteers! One of those things she does is a nice, soothing massage to rub out the problems and stresses of the day.  Click here to see the trailer. And see what happens after-hours. Click here.

Valory gets rubbed down in Big Boob Finishing School.

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The busty masseuse, the busty coed and Terri Jane. Bigger is better.

"Creampie The Busty Masseuse" starring Desiree.

"Creampie The Busty Masseuse" starring Desiree.

Desiree is a spa masseuse with an interesting technique. The oil massage has a double meaning (36 triple-D meaning, that is). Desiree means she’s going to get oiled! She strips off her top, oils up her huge naturals and uses her tits as massage rollers instead of her fingers. Now that’s creative and horny! Her client today gets very special treatment. On the menu: massage, blow job, tug job, tit job and fuck job, topped off with a cream pie. Now that’s a happy ending. At this massage parlor, full service is the name of the game. See it today at SCORELAND! Desiree, we salute you.

"School Of Big, Soft Knockers" starring Marilyn White.

"School Of Big, Soft Knockers" starring Marilyn White.

Today at XLGirls, up ‘n’ cumer Marilyn White returns as a curvy and heavy-hanging coed who can’t seem to focus on her studies. Those pesky hormones again.  She needs to free her 38H tits from the captivity of their fabric prison. A girl’s gotta diddle what a girl’s gotta do, so Marilyn takes things into her own hands. She’s got some vocabulary, too. Miss White must be writing a term paper about dirty talking because she sure talks the talk while her fingers play a tune on her nipples and pussy. Marilyn actually works at an adult store. “People are always asking me why I’m working up front and not in the back where there’s a strip club. Other than that, guys go right to my tits!”

Terri Jane's SCORE pictorial "Hard To Hug."

Terri Jane's SCORE pictorial "Hard To Hug."

Back at SCORELAND on Saturday, Terri Jane returns in a pictorial from the November ’11 SCORE. If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of this English honey and girl-next-door. If only she lived next door to SCORE. Both guys and girls are fascinated by Terri’s magnificent breastesses. “I have had girls come up to me in the bathroom, asking me if they are real or if they are fake,” Terri says. “Girls come up to me all the time, feeling my boobs. I can’t stop them! They just walk up to me and grab them!” Sounds like a bodyguard would be helpful. Any applicants for the job? Terri is hard to hug. Not because she’s aloof. No one is more happy-go-lucky and friendly. It’s because it’s not easy to wrap your arms completely around her! You are blessed, Terri Jane!

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It’s all in Valory’s hands now. Don’t miss this!

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 23, 2011 in Boobs in the News, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Tit Tricks

Boners can only thrive and stiffen in the lovely hands and in the deep cleavage of such a stacked beauty. SCORELAND members, you have to see this. Janet Jade only did it a few times. Karina Hart did it once and only once. Crystal Gunns did it one time. Cindy Cupps did it once and never again. Morgan Leigh did it one time only on the beach. Merilyn did it (with a latex cock). Every girl has her own sweet style. Roll the video and see how Valory does a Tits & Tugs for the first, and possibly the last, time. I love that accent and how Valory says “Fuck my tits.”  What a girl! The video goes live tomorrow at SCORELAND.com. You can’t miss this!

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