The Stripper: Big boobs, stage moves, hot sex and Alyssa Lynn

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 22, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, Tit Tricks, Tits in Tight Tops

It’s been over a year since exotic dancer Alyssa Lynn debuted at SCORELAND. “If I can, I’ll take this as far as I can,” Alyssa said at the time. “I didn’t get into this just to get into this. I’m in this for the long haul. And I enjoy it. I think you have to. If you don’t enjoy it, fans are gonna know.”

Alyssa finally shows off her stage moves at the strip club we built. Most clubs have cameras all over for security reasons. The SCORELAND club has cameras there for a different reason. The only customer in the place is JMac, who’s definitely appreciating Alyssa’s big tits. He was the first dude Alyssa bounced on last year.

Alyssa described her dancing to me. “It’s lots of eye contact! Smiles. Slow and sexy, tits in your face. I do some pole tricks, but I would rather interact with the crowd.”

Here’s interaction of the one-on-top-of-the-other kind and a different kind of pole dancing.

A front row seat to Alyssa's stage heat.

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Katie Thornton and her “Melons In The Sun” at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 25, 2015 in Life With Big Tits, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland

Katie'smelons brighten up any picnic.

We have joy. We have fun. We have Katie’s melons in the sun.

Katie Thornton heads outdoors for a snack, bringing along her picnic basket of watermelons.

On her blanket, Katie quickly sheds her clothes except for her go-go boots.

“I think my boobs are about a 32 double-G but they might be bigger because my bras don’t fit,” said Katie (Holiday ’15 SCORE).

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Hooker with huge heavy hooters hit in the heinie hatch. Cat Bangles is being the big-boobed bad girl again.

Fresh out of the cathouse, Cat Bangles plays a busty anal hooker, a hooker with huge hooters in this fuck fantasy ripped from the pages of Voluptuous magazine. Catwoman loves playing a bad girl on-camera. It’s not Halloween yet, but that doesn’t stop Cat from cosplaying a big-chested streetwalker in thigh-high boots.

The Cat’s got a dirtier mind than a lot of guys, and she’s really taken to the adult world. She was voted Hardcore Performer of the Year for 2014 by V-mag readers.

“The best compliment I can get is when a stranger comes up to me and tells me I’m exotic and beautiful and have sex appeal,” says our Miss Bangles. “The worst is when people tell me my boobs are too big. But in my opinion, the bigger the better.” You tell ‘em, Cat. “I like to put on tight wife-beaters and see how guys react when they check me out.”

“I would like to see Cat in a sexy Bat Girl costume. Call her Bat Bangles. She can take it in the B hole again,” writes a guy who calls himself “Bones.”
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Hooked on Vanessa Y.

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 28, 2015 in New at Scoreland

This is not valet service.

It’s Vanessa Y. as we’ve never seen her before in a fantasy role-playing scene.

Vanessa’s been the good girl since she started posing for SCORE and Voluptuous.

Today she’s the “Pretty Woman” looking for “Pretty Woman” action.

Black streetwalker boots. Black miniskirt. Belly shirt that pushes her tits up until her cleavage almost touches her chin. Pink jeggings ripped to expose her bushy, thick-lipped pussy.

This could be the hottest cum-show she’s done to date. I think it is.

Vanessa’s boob and pussy play is as hot as a hardcore scene. She really gets into the moment.

Vanessa doesn’t do XXX scenes with guys. If she did, I’m convinced she’d be a wildcat.

Sometimes a good girl wants to be a bad girl. For a short time anyway.

Got any fantasy girl ideas for Vanessa? She has the video personality to be a sexy police officer and a Red Sonja-type warrior. She did a military-themed shoot in the Caribbean last year.

Come when Vanessa beckons.


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These boots are made for gawking: Janne Hollan’s kinky boots.

Janne's kinky boots.

Look at those classic lines. The contours and curves that won’t end. That chassis. Those state-of-the-art bumpers. Those huge headlights. Who would not want to take chesty blonde Janne Hollan out for a test drive in the country?

The super-voluptuous covergirl of the October ’12 V-mag is a customer service rep for a car company in Prague. Yes, a part-time model with a full-time job. I love that.

Nicole's kinky boots.

I would bet a bunch of Euros that Miss Hollan can sell any car she wants to any customer she approaches. Who would have the will power to say no? Just sign.

Janne, her lush, creamy body and her kinky black boots are at SCORELAND today.

We don’t shoot many pictorials of models wearing boots like this. It reminds me of a lengthy letter a reader sent in once about Nicole Peters. He loved seeing the girls in thigh-high boots and raved about a shot of Nicole in long, black boots.



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Big-boobed fan art is oh, so good!

Posted by Maria on Oct 7, 2012 in Fan Art

Our friend from Germany, H.D., sent in a new round of fan art and I must say I am impressed. The man has a knack for capturing some of my favorite big titters in the best positions.

I especially enjoy the way he captures the ladies’ facial expressions every time.

Thanks for the artwork, H.D.!

If you would like to submit some art work for consideration, please email us at blog@scoreland.com!



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Big Tit Fan Art: Some of the greats look great in pencil!

Posted by Maria on Aug 6, 2012 in Fan Art, Uncategorized

Here is some more fan art from our German fan and friend, H.D.

It’s always amazing to see how he manages to capture these ladies in all of his sketches.

My favorite of this round of fan illustrations is Merilyn Sakova. A lot can be said about the way H.D. drew her splayed out on her knees. I am a fan of this pose because it shows off the model’s tits, legs and hips.

Thanks for the sketches, H.D. And remember, if you would like to submit your artwork to be featured on the SCORELAND blog, you can email us at blog@scoregroup.com.




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Fan art inspired by fan art…things come full circle.

Posted by Maria on Mar 25, 2012 in Fan Art

Last week, Elliot showed you guys some fan art by Matt Mendoza featuring slim ‘n’ stacked babes Venera and Merilyn Sakova.

Well, it seems that Mr. Mendoza’s art inspired our other resident artist, H.D. to draw Venera and Merilyn in his style.

The result, in my opinion, is big-boob perfection.

Merilyn Sakova and Venera belong side-by-side. They just do.

I think H.D. nailed it. Seeing these two busty babes next to each other is one of the greatest things ever. In my imagination, they take turns spanking each other and mashing their tits together while making out. Oh, yeah!

They say that art is supposed to inspire you. Well, this drawing inspires me to want to be in the middle of this Venera and Merilyn sandwich.

But H.D. had something else in mind for me. He thinks I look better resting my head in Renee Ross’s bountiful bosom, and truth be told, I have laid my head on her bosom before, and it was so comfortable and warm that I wanted to take a nap.

This is one of H.D.’s many drawings of me, and I am flattered every time that he makes me look slutty in boots in pencil. Especially when he draws my head on really huge tits.

Thanks, H.D.! I am inspired to buy a pair of thigh-high white boots and become a professional tit-pillow tester. lol

Enjoy the art!



Being the editor of V-mag is a tough job, so sometimes I need to lay my head down and rest on a big pair of tits like Renee Ross's.

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Busty MILFS. Girls-next-door. Bad girls in gold boots. Mega-boobed showgirls. It’s a tit-hound’s paradise!

Poppos poppin' out.

The word desire is in her name.

Angel face. Devil girl body.

Here’s the checklist of destinations to visit until Monday rolls around. Why travel to the mountains when the mountains can come to you?

Destination XLGirls.com: Diane Poppos. The great one returns in a pictorial and video. It was depressing to think that Diane would never again unleash her sweatermounds for the TSG cameras. But the gray skies turned to blue with one phone call almost 10 years after her self-imposed retirement from modeling.

Destination SCORELAND: Desiree is the hooker in gold boots who makes house calls. This dude is looking for some action. He gets more than he bargained for when the redhaired, naturally busty super-vixen drops by to loosen his load. Now that’s service with a smile.

For someone who many would call the ultimate in girls-next-door, look no further than Kali West. No matter what Kali does, she just can’t escape that nice, innocent, sweet image. Hey, it’s a tough world out there.

Super-giant tits that strain her tops and bras to the breaking point. An ultra-slim body with a waist and an ass you could bounce a quarter off. The legs of a Vegas chorus girl. We’re talkin’ Elizabeth Starr.

Destination SCOREVideos.com: Hot wife Krissy Rose has 36F-cups, a pierced pussy and nipple rings.  The brunette soccer mom with a liberal husband satisfies her craving for chocolate and hooks up with a big, black man-pole in her eagerly awaited second video.

Top it all off with a fresh Eva Notty scene at SCORELAND and it’s a tit-hound’s paradise, my friends.

This Monday: German tit-an Beshine. It’s what’s upfront that counts.

Blowing out her sweater, hot wife Krissy is back to swallow more cum.

"I have whacked it to her many times," writes Titster about Starr.

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These Boots Were Made For Walkin’…

Posted by Maria on Aug 27, 2011 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, The Life of an Editor
One of these days Elaina's gonna walk all over you. (Hopefully in this outfit.)

One of these days Elaina's gonna walk all over you. (Hopefully in this outfit.)

We often talk about models’ bras, their panties and their outfits here on the blog. We discuss whether we like certain colored bustiers, if a chick should wear slutty garb or sweaters and even if we like her in body-stockings. But what about her footwear? I am not talking about all footwear because who wants to talk about shoes? I am talking about boots.

To me, boots are–with the exception of fuck-me-pumps, of course–some of the sexiest things a chick can have on. I am not talking about those UGG things, either, because those are about as sexy as a pile of blankets. I am talking about high-heeled, mid-calf to thigh-high boots. The kind that hookers wear. (Well, the hookers in my imagination, at least. In my mind, all hookers wear boots. I blame this on my love of the Julia-Roberts-As-A-Hooker stereotype in Pretty Woman.) I enjoy a stacked chick in boots. I am not the only one, either. Our pal H.D. from Germany draws all of the busty babes of SCORELAND in boots.

Look at Elaina Gregory’s boots from her first SCORELAND posting. Oh, fine. Look at her magnificent tits first. Okay, now look at her boots. Those boots have presence. They give her a little bit of oomph, don’t you think? I see a babe in boots and I think to myself, “Man, that chick must be a hooker.” Oh, okay, maybe I don’t think that she is a hooker, but I totally think she is into sex. I also think that she is going to keep them on during sex, too. And that she is not going to be getting fucked, oh, no. I think that she is probably going to be doing the fucking. And hey, that’s cool with me because who doesn’t want to see a model on top, naked and wearing boots, riding a stiff one? I know I do. In fact I want to see it all the time.

Don’t you guys?

I mean, I am not talking about having a shoe fetish. I am talking about being into a chick in tall boots based solely on the “She Looks Extra Slutty” factor, which is always good.

What say you, boob lovers? Are you into the puss(y) in boots thing or once you see a girl’s tits, you forget she even has legs? lol Let me know because I, for one, would like to see more of these thigh high boots in future postings and in V-mag.

xoxo Maria

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