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Shocking study reveals guys stare at boobs first

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 1, 2016 in Life With Big Tits

In startling news, scientists confirm that guys look at women’s bodies before they look at their faces, and so do other women.

In a study published in the journal Sex Roles, 29 women and 36 men were studied with an eye-tracking system that measures in milliseconds how long their eyes were fixed on certain body parts. They were shown photos of the same 10 women, each with three digitally altered body shapes (curvy, not so curvy and in-between). Only female bodies were shown.

Both groups looked at the models’ boobs and waists more than their faces. The models with bigger boobs, slimmer waists and bigger hips usually attracted the most eye time. Said one of the lead scientists, “We do have a slightly different pattern for men than women, but when we looked at their overall dwell times, how long they focused on each body part, we find the exact same effects for both groups. Women, we think, do it often for social comparison purposes.”

The study also found that even when men were asked to evaluate facial expressions and personalities, curvier women got more positive personality ratings.

Boob science marches on!

Obviously, you looked at Daria's tattoos first.

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Inverted Nipples: Let’s probe this topic.

Posted by Maria on Sep 22, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Confessions, The Life of an Editor, Tit Tricks

Siri has the best inverted nipples of all time...in my humble opinion.

Inverted nipples…I am currently obsessed with them.

I think my obsession started when Jenna Valentine, whom I love to talk to, told me she had a shy nipple. Up until that point, inverted nipples were a thing of mystery to me.

Ever since then, I am seeing them more and more often in our studio.

The best belong to the beautiful and very awesome Siri. Hers are a thing of beauty.

Maybe I am so fascinated by inverted nipples because I feel like they require more suction when they are in someone’s mouth in order to become hard and pop right out? Probably. I think that nipple play and lots of dug sucking is really hot.

But today when I was discussing inverted nipples with a friend, I realized that although I love them, I really am clueless about why inverted nipples are, well, inverted.

So, I put on my big-boob scientist’s lab coat and went to town on some research about these shy sucklers.

Here is what I found out.

For one thing, both men and women can be born with inverted nipples. I didn’t know that before today and now I want to meet a guy with inverted nipples because my curiosity is pretty serious.  lol

Secondly, about 10-20% of women have varying degrees of nipple inversion. There are actually three grades of inverted nipples.

Grade 1 are commonly referred to as “Shy Nipples.” These nipples can easily be pulled out by using finger pressure around the aureola. Women with Grade 1 nipples can usually breastfeed easily and only have shy nipples sometimes. Jenna Valentine has these kinds of nipples.

Grade 2 usually require more stimulation to come out and cannot be pushed out with finger pressure. These ladies might be able to breast feed depending on the amount of suction their nipples receive. I imagine that a breast pump would be handy for these gals. Siri has these nipples.

Grade 3 inverted nipples usually do not respond to suction or stimulation and these women need surgery to protract the nipple and allow it to be on the outside, rather than inverted. These ladies cannot breast feed.

(I have yet to meet a set of Grade 3 nipples, but I am sure that they exist somewhere out there in the universe of tits.)

Ladies with inverted nipples can be born that way or the inversion could be caused by breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss and a series of diseases and syndromes that I don’t want to talk about because they make me sad.

(I get sad when bad things happen to boobies. I do.)

But let’s get back to talking about stimulation.

I think my curiosity with inverted nipples is all about the stimulation. The way a person would want to rub a lamp so that a genie comes out is the same way that I want to suck on a pair of inverted nipples until they emerge, glorious and victorious.

Am I the only one who is fascinated by these innies?

I can’t be.

They’re fucking fascinating!

What say you, boob men? Chime in.

I want to hear all about your nipple fetishes because the next time we get a gal with inverted nipple in the studio, I want to do a blog video focused solely on them.

What do you think?




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