Today at SCORELAND, Katie Thornton stops traffic

Posted by Dave on Aug 27, 2016 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Boobs rule.

Here’s Katie Thornton on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida. Lincoln Road is a pedestrian mall that’s closed to vehicle traffic (except for the cross streets). On most nights, especially during tourist season, it is one of the hootchie capitals of the world. The things women wear when they’re walking down Lincoln Road are unbelievable. Tits and ass are hanging out everywhere. The average heel height is six inches.

Notice how Katie is not dressed like a hootchie in this photo. She’s wearing a simple T-shirt and shorts, but her tits are so big, they’re impossible to ignore.

Katie’s tits are so big that her T-shirt appears to say, “LOND RULE.” The B, E and S are obliterated by chestal mass.

Photos and video of Katie in Miami today at SCORELAND, plus a new photo set and video of Katie washing windows. She uses her tits, of course.

And tomorrow at SCORELAND: New Hitomi!

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You’re walking down the street and see Micky Bells dressed like this. Do you…

Posted by Dave on Feb 5, 2016 in breast growth, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Micky's a traffic stopper in Prague.

1. Just stare.

2. Walk on past her while grabbing a sneak peek.

3. Create an excuse to ask her directions.

4. Man up, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation with her.

Or maybe something else?

Micky, pregnant and bustier than ever, returns to SCORELAND today.

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Behind the dressing room door with Cat Bangles…and we mean a dressing room in a real store in a real mall

Hey, a girl can’t fuck all the time (although if any girl could, it would be Cat). We spent a day at the mall with Cat Bangles and her DDD-cup puppies. Then we took her back home to see what she could cook up in the kitchen. See it all today at SCORELAND. Enjoy the preview below.

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This weekend at SCORELAND and an update on the busty girl who works at the hamburger joint

Amy Anderssen took her talents to South Beach.

Today at SCORELAND, GGG-cup Amy Anderssen busts onto Miami Beach with photos and videos of her around town. Plus, another photo set and video of Amy looking like some kind of Jessica Rabbit fantasy.

On Sunday, blonde Holly Brooks puts on a tit show, stuffs two fingers inside her tight pussy and licks the girly juices off her fingers.

Gaper alert! You just have to see the upcoming photos of Holly’s gaping asshole.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why is Holly’s asshole gaping?”

Good question.

And now for an update on the busty girl who works at the hamburger joint: As I said, we went there for lunch on Friday. She was there, working the register. Alas, the restaurant was super-busy, and she was training some kid who probably didn’t realize that the girl training him has the body of a SCORE Girl. Or at least I think she does.

Holly Brooks can't believe the size of her tits.

I know, I know. I saw what I saw on Tuesday. Big boobs and a tiny waist. But when a girl is as thin as this girl and is dressed in a fast-food uniform, you start questioning your judgment. Those things are bulky and unflattering.

But now that I think about it, I might be right. One of my co-workers noticed that the trainee was stealing glances at busty girl’s body.

Anyway, between her training this kid and the big crowd, we never got to pitch to her the idea of posing for SCORE. We did solve the mystery of her ethnicity. She’s Middle Eastern. And when she saw us walk in, she said to one of my co-workers, “Did he tell you he almost ran me over the other day?”

And my co-worker said, “No, but he told me about your big tits.”

No, he didn’t say that.

Anyway, we’ll try again next week. Sorry to disappoint you, but sometimes these things take time. Hey, I want to see her tits as much as you do.


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Journey deep inside the minds of big-boob lovers and you’ll find…thoughts about big tits!

Lori Pleasure, dressed for dinner at one of L.A.'s best.

A lot of people comment on the SCORELAND Blog, but I’ve found that some of the most-interesting feedback we get is from the polls. So let’s check out what Blog readers have been saying.

A few months ago, we asked, “You’re going out to dinner with your wife or girlfriend. She’s wearing fuck-me pumps, a short skirt and a top that her tits are pouring out of. What do you do?”

A. Ask her to put on something less-revealing.

B. Enjoy dinner, the view and the jealous stares of other men.

C. Stay home, order in and fuck all night.

My faith in mankind was truly reinvigorated by the results of this poll. The winner: “Stay home, order in and fuck all night” at 58%, followed by “Enjoy dinner, the view and the jealous stares of other men.” Ask her to put on something less-revealing” received almost no support, and I have to wonder, you guys who voted for “A”…what exactly were you thinking?

Dors Feline proves that plumpers look sexy in monokinis.

Then we asked: “SCORE‘s annual swimsuit issue has arrived. What kind of bathing suit do you want to see your favorite busty babe wearing?”

And the winner: string bikini, followed by monokini, followed by regular bikini, followed by regular one-piece. In other words, extremely revealing, followed by very revealing, followed by revealing, followed by not-so-revealing. Again, my faith in mankind has been reinvigorated. I think if one of the choices had been “nothing,” it would have received a lot of votes, too.

And these days, we’re asking, What do you like most about women’s bodies after big boobs?

Are feet "other"? Can you guess whose feet these are?

This one is surprising me. Pretty face is winning, followed by great ass and voluptuous figure tied for second, then slim waist, nice pussy, great legs, nice hair and other.

Other? What else is there? I’m not even sure why we included that choice.

I was pretty sure that most of you would go for “great ass” since, as we’ve discussed, there’s a school of psychology that says that men see tits as an ass substitute. But pretty face? Impressive. Although I’m not so sure about that. Quickly…name your favorite SCORE Girl. Now, without looking at a photo, tell me what color eyes she has.





Total Votes: 586



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Is the world’s greatest girlfriend also the world’s greatest fuck?

Posted by Dave on Mar 5, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, New DVD Releases
Bailey Santanna. I'd bang her.

Bailey Santanna. I'd bang her.

One of the things I liked best about the filming of the new DVD K-Jugs was having Bailey Santanna and her big tits around for a week. Now, normally I might have said about a girl that it was nice having her big tits around for a week, but in Bailey’s case, it was nice having her and her big tits around for a week. Bailey’s already told us (and we’ve gone over it several times) that she’s the world’s greatest girlfriend, and I believe her. But even before you get to the boyfriend/girlfriend thing with her, you gotta love her because:

1. She’s cute.

2. She’s sexy.

3. She’s naturally stacked.

4. She’s all these things, yet she’s incredibly down-to-Earth. If you walked up to her on the street and said hello, she wouldn’t give you an attitude. She’d talk to you. And if she liked you, she might even…well, I don’t know because I haven’t tried, but I can dream, right? I mean, when I see Bailey, I actually think, “I could fuck this girl.” I mean, without walking up to her and saying, “Hey, baby. I’m the editor of SCORE. Wanna be on the cover?”

Another reason to love Bailey: She really knows how to display her tits. She knows all about the shelving effect, which she demonstrated in a “Guess the tits” blog video.

Anyway, Bailey is one of the stars of the new DVD K-Jugs, which also features Renee Ross, Samantha, Jade Parker, Brandy Ryder and Reyna Mae. They all fuck, of course, but Bailey fucks first, and it’s memorable. Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage that shows Bailey being Bailey. Prepare to fall in love. And to jack, of course.

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