Sheridan is waiting for Carlos to stick it all the way in

Sheridan is wondering when this guy is finally going to pull out his cock and fuck her.

A new Sheridan Love XXX scene goes live today at SCORELAND. Famine or feast, that’s all I can say about these girls who hold off on doing hardcore for years and then break out and can’t stop fucking. In this scene, Sheridan gets tied up, then she gets untied, then she sucks and fucks. She does it very well with big-dicked Carlos.

Will Sheridan win SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year? She hopes so. Commented Sheridan earlier this week, “It would be awesome to win Hardcore Performer after just starting to shoot that! Fingers crossed!”

Fingers crossed, dicks hard. Sheridan has a very good chance of winning.

Coming soon: the first all-Sheridan DVD, All The Way In.

Coming soon to SCORELAND:

Sunday: New Katie Marie photos and video.

Friday: New Tiggle Bitties photos and video.

Sunday the 24th: New Casey Deluxe photos and videos. What’s so special about that? Casey’s pregnant, and her tits are huge.

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Liza Biggs visits The Body Shop. Starts Thursday!

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 6, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Word to the wise. Do not get Lisa Biggs angry.

That’s what auto mechanic Carlos Rios learns when chesty beauty Liza comes marching into his repair shop with her bill. Liza is boiling over like a red-hot radiator.

One way or another, Liza will get that bill lowered as well as Carlos’ pants. She will definitely straighten things out.

Liza opens her cardigan so he can check under her hood. He’s a sucker for a big-titted honey. Ain’t we all?

Another incredibly horny show from Miss Biggs and her major mufflers.

Honk if you love hooters.

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Now showing at SCORELAND, “The Busty Realtor,” starring Liza Biggs

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 3, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, Life With Big Tits, New DVD Releases

Yes, those are very large windows.

Not many realtors can boast a JJJ-cup rating.

That’s why Liza Biggs is the top top-heavy realtor in the business.

Liza could sell heating pads to the Kuwatis. She’s that seductive.

Today, Liza is showing Carlos Rios a swanky house with lots of windows. She eyes him up and down like a chef eyeing a side of beef, not that we’re going into Hannibal territory here, even though Liza is a professional chef.

Carlos is more interested in Ms. Biggs’ swanky body and big, natural, swanky boobs than the house.┬áLiza shows him the large windows and then, with a big smile, suddenly whips off her blouse. She’s braless. This is a common realtor practice to demonstrate how much privacy a buyer can have in a house. When Liza does this, everything comes to a halt, and brain freeze and cock stiffness locks in.

Another sizzlin’ boy-girl scene from the great Liza, who is not only a top realtor but a top chef in the kitchen and now a top model. For a girl who’d never posed before, never danced as a stripper or even posted nude selfies on the net, Liza is truly a natural.

As a realtor, Liza drives a hard bargain. Carlos wanted to flip her at first sight.

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