They say it’s their birthdays

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 2, 2013 in birthdays


Happy birthday, Diane.


A big birthday shout-out to Diane Poppos and Panther, both August 2. Kandi Kobain and Carmen Hayes on August 3. They have made dreams come true for many. May their own dreams come true too.

Happy Birthday, Panther.

Happy Birthday, Kandi.

Happy birthday, Carmen.

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SCORE and Voluptuous readers write the darndest things: Part deux

With the comment boards on our websites and on the SCORELAND Blog, you can send your thoughts about a set, a video or a model immediately. And that’s great except many of the comments are one or two sentences. Rarely do I see anything longer than a paragraph. It’s just the nature of the electronic times we live in. Communication today is in short bursts. Texts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and all the rest are the norm. If we ever got a letter handwritten in cursive, I’d fall out of my chair.

Before the alleged miracle of the Web and home computers and instantly transmitting our feedback, there were the old-school letters columns. “Scorecard” began in the premiere issue of SCORE (June ’92) and has been part of the magazine every month, with rare exceptions. Intended as a reader forum, “Scorecard” is a place where comments, suggestions, criticisms, ideas, requests and questions have always been welcomed.

Here are some memorable ‘Scorecard” letters. Email “Scorecard” at Score@ScoreGroup.com or write SCORE, 1629 NW 84th Ave, Miami, FL 33126 USA.

D-Cup Dating

“Scorecard” #209, Letter #1

I was looking at your models and started wishing I could meet them or someone like them (as many readers do). And I was thinking you guys should come up with a dating service for guys (or gals) looking to date busty women. It is hard for me to date because I am busy with school and other things and it is hard for me to find the right person, not to mention hoping she is busty.  I gave up my job and place to go back to school and pursue an M.D. degree and had to move back in with my parents and brother. This also makes it hard to date since almost all women are looking for guys that already have a good job and their own place. Anyways, it just seems that you find genuinely nice women who are not materialistic, besides being gorgeous and busty.  So, I just had an idea and thought I would write it in.

Thanks for the suggestion. We can sure relate to your goals, but it’s not what we do. (We also don’t believe in auctioning dates with models to the highest bidder.) Anyway, as soon as you become a doctor,  girls will be all over you.

If you're dating a busty beauty, make every day exciting and special.

Grocery Store Boobologist

“Scorecard” #487, Letter #5

The other day while grocery shopping, I encountered a girl who is my kind of people, so to speak. She was slim and rather pretty, although at first I hardly noticed that. And she was dressed rather conservatively except that the neckline of her blouse was cut about as low as it could be, legally speaking, to showcase a rack that was huge, quivering and even vascular to some extent. I mean with a blue vein or two showing on the creamy nakedness. Right on the verge of being gross, you know what I mean? This vascularity thing interests me as I have not really seen it too often on tits. I think I would notice it if it were there. Minka has it, for instance, although not real prominently. But with Minka, I figure it is only logical that such massive implants would increase the blood supply of the supporting structures. The grocery store lady, on the other hand, had tits so perfect, both as to size and quiver, that I figured they had to be naturals. My fantasy is that she got them that way and maintains them that way by simply milking them a lot or by having it done. Seems like that would be a better way to go than implants, and with the added advantage that the hormone changes, etc., might make for a lushified pussy, too.–C.H.

Renee Ross explains the veiny boob thing.

The Complete Guide to Lap Dancing

“Scorecard” #427, Letter #1

Dave Rosenbaum and Elliot James’ article on lap dancing, “The Complete Guide To Lap Dancing” [October '08 SCORE and archived at SCORELAND], was a hoot. I’m sure much of it was true, but I’ve found that strip clubs in North Carolina are dull compared to the clubs in Florida. The part of the article that interested me was the so-called SCORE/Voluptuous model with body odor. I love the natural odor of a woman during sex. Call me a freak and a pervert, but I get off on the smell of women. My girlfriend plays golf, and after 18 holes, she’s hot and sweaty. The first time we had sex was after her three-hour-plus round with her girlfriends. She wanted to shower first, but I was too horny. She worried about her smell. I told her I was turned on by her smell. We fucked all over the apartment for about 45 minutes. I enjoyed every whiff of her body. She knows I’m a freak and loves that I want to smell her pussy and asshole when I’m giving head. So if a girl has a little stink, go for it and enjoy!–B.H.

Carmen Hayes always seems to draw a crowd.


“Scorecard” #504, Letter #5

Give The Photographers Credit

I have a suggestion that actually comes from my cousin who is as thrilled with SCORE as I am. He is a professional photographer and he says that one of the reasons for SCORE‘s excellence, in addition to great models of course, is the quality of the photography. In many XXX spreads, the male model blocks the view of the girl, and it’s really the girls that men want. SCORE‘s photographers are better than most in getting the right angles and viewpoints. I am not a photographer myself, but after my cousin pointed out the obvious to me, I can appreciate the difference. My cousin likes to be recognized for his work and says that the photographers’ layouts are rarely given enough credit for their work. SCORE‘s professional camera artists are among the most highly skilled in the business. My cousin suggests, and I’m passing on the suggestion, that you give the photographer credit by name at the beginning of each girl’s layout.–R.N.

We appreciate your, and your cousin’s, interest in the photographers. These neglected men have a new pussy and a new pair of tits a foot away from their faces every day. Can you imagine telling girls you never met before, and may never see again, to spread their pussies and suck on their nipples, and the girls do it? The photographers wake up in the morning and that’s what they have to look forward to at the office. Sad. They’re so unhappy they don’t care about getting any credit. Depression hurts.

Hard at work. Because this kind of work gets them hard.


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A few words (and three photos) about busty strippers


Carmen Hayes, worthy of tips…and the entire shaft.

I'd like to get Alia Janine into the V.I.P. room.

Natalie Fiore looks great all slutted up.

Maybe (and I’m willing to admit this is a possibility) I’ve spent too much time in strip clubs. And I know that a lot of you guys love to think of the SCORE and V-Girls as girls-next-door, the kind of girls you might meet at a park or a diner or maybe at work. But me? I like to imagine the SCORE and V-Girls as strippers and hookers. I like the idea of girls getting nasty and sleazy and doing things good girls don’t do.

I’m saying this because a hardcore video of Carmen Hayes goes up today at SCOREVideos.com, and although it’s not her stripper hardcore scene (that’s at SCOREVideos.com, too), I can’t think about Carmen without thinking about that scene, in which she’s a stripper who fucks one of her customers.

Anyway, this seemed like a good time to show you some photos of SCORE Girls as strippers. Enjoy.

BTW, today in the SCORE Studio, I interviewed a new girl, a busty little blonde, who happens to be a stripper in L.A. I enjoyed every minute. More on that soon. Right now, she’s on the other side of the wall getting fucked.

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The champions of nipple self-sucking

Gya's an acrobatic self-sucker. She could probably self-suck upside down.

Seeing Sara Rae’s new videos and enjoying her self-sucking talents reminded me of this recent “Scorecard” letter from a new guy named K.F. Most people like to explore the girls at SCORELAND or XLGirls on their own. K.F. cut to the chase with this question.

“I just saw Gya Roberts for the first time and holy shit. Wow, she loves sucking her boobs. And she loves talking about her pussy. Awesome. So I’ve obviously missed a few really bad girls. I don’t suppose…check that…I bet you know exactly which girls love sucking their own boobs. Could you tell me who they are?”

So I gave K.F. a few names of the great nipple suckers. There have been many.

There’s Cassitty, Africa and Cherry Brady. There’s Carmen Hayes, Autumn-Jade and Brandy Talore.

Samantha Kay is forgotten today. She was active in 2004 and 2005. Samantha could, and probably still does, self-suckle with the best of them.

Samantha Kay had a Merit Badge in hands-free sucking.

It’s not an easy thing to do. Many can lift ‘em and lick ‘em, but getting the nipple in the mouth and sucking requires very pliable, very large boobs and advanced skills.

Hands-free self-sucking. Now we’re getting into the 10th Dan Black Belt levels of self-sucking.

Gya has one of those belts. I can picture her sitting on a mat in a temple in the mountains, meditating with one or more nipples in her mouth.

Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Christy Marks and Merilyn Sakova can easily lick and flick their nips, but seeing them in full-on, deep-suction self-sucking is rare.

A subcategory of self-sucking is self-sucking during sex. But that topic’s for another Blog.

Happy Birthday Kayla Kleevage (April 20th).




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Yoga boobs…fun to watch, but is it good for boob size?

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 30, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Life With Big Tits

Is yoga a threat to the big-boob community?

Yoga is considered to be a healthy activity for both mind and body.

I am not going to dispute this fact that’s been known for thousands of years.

Yet there is a lurking danger behind this seemingly innocent and beneficial practice.

Breasts are composed of fat and glands. When a girl gains or loses weight, her boobs usually follow in suit and often her breasts are the first to lose mass and weight when she loses weight.

Depending on the style of yoga, different numbers of calories are burned during yoga training.

Calorie burning leads to fat loss.

Fat loss leads to breast mass loss.

I might sound like an overreacting alarmist, but I worry about stuff like this.

A pound is 3,500 calories.

Yoga can burn 100 to 594 calories per hour depending on the style.

So, please, if you have big boobs and practice yoga, or you know someone who has big-boobs and practices yoga, please humor me, stay alert and watch your weight.


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Get your hands on the October ’12 SCORE and Voluptuous magazines

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 26, 2012 in Digital Magazines, DVD, Men's Products, New DVD Releases, print magazines

Now in stores. Get yours.

Now at your favorite emporium of fine men’s publications: the October ’12 SCORE magazine.

That’s the lovely Shione Cooper as this month’s covergirl. She’s the kind of  bouncing Czech everyone likes.

And featuring:
Angel Gee
Camille Morgan
Elizabeth Starr
Goldie Ray
Jasmine Shiraz
Krissy Rose
Maggie Green
Melissa Mandlikova
Paola Rios

The new DVD at eBoobStore.com.

Plus a six-page DVD Preview of SCORE Threesomes starring:

Amber Lynn Bach
Brittany O’Neil
Carmen Hayes
Christy Marks
Eva Notty
Daylene Rio
Karen Fisher
Kelly Christiansen
Sara Jay
Sarah Satori



Now at your favorite mag shop.

Have you picked up your copy of the October ’12 Voluptuous?

Another winner with Janne Hollan as this issue’s covergirl. That’s two bouncing Czechs this month alone! I fear America is losing the International Boobs Race to this small but top-heavy nation. And they make great beer, too.

This edition features:
Goldie Ray
Lady Spyce
Lexi Summers
Nancy Navarro
Natasha Dulce
Taylor Steele

You can also get your copy at eBoobStore.com, along with the highly coveted digital versions.

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New DVDs at eBoobStore get down and dirty!

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 14, 2012 in DVD, girl-girls, New DVD Releases

The erotic pleasures of cuddling and neck kissing.

The sensuous and intimate moments of the love between a man and a woman filmed through wine glasses.

You will see none of this garbage in the two new DVDs just added to SCORE‘s official on-line store.

So down, nasty and dirty, these DVDs were not released to the eBoobStore.

They escaped!

Two's company, three's a party.

SCORE Threesomes features that most universal of male fantasies: one man and two women.

It also has two scenes of big-boobed sex bombs in double-headers.

SCORE regular Brittany O’Neil and Florida MILF Amber Lynn Bach each wipe out two dudes.

Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen team up for action with a single guy dreaming about a fantasy fling.

Daylene Rio and Sara Jay give one man a hard time and a hard way to go with their raunchy bed skills.

Christy Marks and Carmen Hayes use their extreme flexibility to get in fucking positions the people who wrote the Kama Sutra didn’t know about.


Are you man enough to handle Daylene?

XXXtreme Daylene is dedicated to the one and only bad-ass busty angel from the city of angels, Daylene Rio.

“Guys have told me that they wished their women were like me,” Daylene said.

The four hour super-disc stars the busty Latina brunette in 12 XXX wall-to-wall fuck and tits ‘n’ tugs scenes. Plus, you’ll get to know Daylene in between-the-scenes interviews.

Story? Plot? Acting?

Watch Gone With The Wind for that.

See the two trailers at eBoobStore and watch in awe as these SCORE Girls flex their sex.

Then bring it on home.


Day Seven turned out to be the most-challenging by far so far in the “20 for 20″ gift-pack giveaway at SCORELAND. Only one person answered all three questions correctly. None of the questions turned out to be easy (although all of them could have been answered by doing a little research on SCORELAND).

Which of these SCORE Girls is not Canadian?

A) Taylor Steele
B) Platinum Peaks
C) Tiffany Towers
D) Candy Hall

Candy Hall was born in Florida.

Who was the first guest on the first episode of SCOREtv?
A) Minka
B) Africa Sexxx
C) Daylene Rio
D) Morgan Leigh

Morgan Leigh was the first person with boobs to grace the SCOREtv set in Episode One.

How many different locations has Natalie Fiore had SCORE shoots in?
A) 4
B) 6
C) 3
D None of the above

Natalie Fiore has done shoots in Nassau, Prague, Grand Bahama Island and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Thirteen gift packs, each containing a highly-coveted SCORE polo shirt and cap (and more), remain to be won. Study up, SCORE Men! We’re not just giving these things away! You’re going to have to earn them.


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Camille Morgan takes on two dudes and wins the double header

Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen: Blonde Nitro.

Sara Jay and Daylene Rio were a power team.

Cassandra Calogera and Christy Marks went all out.


Three’s not a crowd. Three’s company. A threesome doesn’t happen often and mostly with European SCORE Girls. Still, American SCORE Girls join in this male fantasy sometimes.

Sara Jay and Daylene were just here for one. Rachel Love took on two dudes in Mamazon. Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen wiped out one guy. Tera Cox almost destroyed a guy with Gianna.

Miosotis and Arianna Sinn shared one shaft. Summer Sinn and Claudia Kealoha matched up well. Kayla Kleevage and Minka beat up “Blue Balls.” Brittany O’Neil left her two sex-mates punchy. Of course, there’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s famous three-way with Czechmate Veronika.

Then there’s Christy Marks and Carmen Hayes, the most flexible team of them all. Then Christy and Cassandra Calogera. Then Christy and Holly Halston.

Pounding The Pledges.

Pounding The Pledges has an awesome threeway.

"Blue Balls" had his hands full with Minka and Kayla.

Claudia Kealoha and Summer Sinn almost broke the bed.



Now it’s Camille Morgan’s turn, hooking up twice in “Camille Morgan’s Double Header” at SCORELAND.

Chesty Camille Morgan busts two nuts doublehandedly.

A couple of years, I asked Camille if she was interested in trying a boy-girl scene for SCORE. At that time, Camille had modeled alone with toys. Her answer to my question was, “Well, it depends on what the shoot consists of. If there is penetration by his penis, the answer is no. But if it is us simulating different things, sure.” So that was that. No penis.  But you can’t blame an editor for trying. That’s the name of the game. No pain, no gain.

I don’t know who coined the phrase, “It’s a women’s prerogative to change her mind,” but I’m glad it’s a universal truth.

Because Camille just did change her mind recently, and now she’s doubled up on that decision, playing hide the sausage with two guys in a hot and wild scene. I never would have predicted it.

I love that about girls. They always give a man hope and reasonable expectations. They’re full of surprises, and nothing is ever written in permanent ink. For which I am grateful!

By the way, if you haven’t taken the SCORELAND tour hosted by Maggie Green, give it a ride. Tour guides don’t come any bustier.



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Measuring Up…

Posted by Maria on Sep 11, 2011 in Life With Big Tits, Poll, The Life of an Editor

I want to talk about boob size with all of you boob lovin’ dudes out there. Boob size, to me, is an interesting thing. Before I came to The SCORE Group, I was a mild-mannered reporter at a newspaper here in Miami. The most I ever thought about tits was that mine were bigger than most chicks. I was at the time a DD-cup and that was, at the time, the colossus of all tit sizes. (Mostly because Victoria Secrets only sold up to a DD-cup, so I had no concept of anything bigger.)

Then I came to work for SCORE and my whole concept of of big tits was completely turned around. I mean, I was STUNNED that huge tits like these existed. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Then, after being here for a few months, I would see D-cups and I would think, “Oh, those aren’t big.” lol

Now, I think I’ve become some sort of big-boob elitist. Unless a lady is packin’ F-cups or bigger, I am not really impressed.

Do you find that this happens to you? Or, do you just appreciate all big tits, even the ones closer to the D-cup range? Is there such a thing as boobs that are TOO BIG?

Chime in. I want to hear what your criteria is and how you set the bar for big boobs. How do tits measure up to you?



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It’s their birthdays and we’re the happier for it

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 26, 2011 in birthdays, Interviews, Men's Products

Shyla Shy (Mamazon): “If we went out shopping, my [ex] boyfriend would always insist that I wear something tight and low-cut. He said it was because he liked to look at them, but I think he wanted to show me off. You know, like, ‘Look at the tits on my girlfriend!’ That was nice in a strange sort of way. He was very proud of me.”

Voluptuous Model of the Year Renee Ross (K-JUGS): “If I am going out for like dinner or something like that, I like to wear fitted tops and show my boobs off.  I like to show them off. I like my boobs. I like to wear things that call attention to them. Nice bras and low cut shirts are a good way to do that.”

Scarlett Rouge (Sex In The Titties): “Sometimes I like to dress up as a schoolgirl or whatever for the guy I am fucking. I like it when they spank me and all that. It’s the role-playing. I have a sailor costume that I have men put on for me when we are going to have sex.”

Diane Poppos (The Diane Poppos Collection): “When I was younger, before my breasts got so big, I did go to modeling school, but it was a different kind of modeling, and I didn’t enjoy it. But the first time I started doing this, I really enjoyed it.”

Carmen Hayes (Hard SCORE 3): “I like everybody as long as you like me back. I only bite if you bite. But I do have a little domination in me. People say bossy. I guess it’s that Leo tendency in me. And I like to be in control of everything.”

Maggie Green (Leanne’s Stacked Summer): “I used to come to Florida during spring break during college. I paid for one of my whole spring-break trips to Fort Lauderdale doing wet T-shirt contests. I just started doing all the wet T-shirt contests, and I won all the money that I spent on the trip. I always won.”

Carol Brown (Best of Voluptuous): “I have always loved sex but as I got older my orgasms became more intense.”

Happy birthday, ladies! And many happy returns…because you really don’t need that breadmaker.

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