Kali West: Secret Footage

Okay, so sometimes I do things I am not supposed to.

I can’t help it.

When the “they” in charge tell me, “Maria you can’t do this and that,” and, “Maria, you absolutely cannot post this and that,” all I hear is, “Maria, we are challenging you to break the rules,” and, “Maria, we triple-dog dare you to attempt to do this. DO IT! DO IT!”

I’m bad. I’m so, so bad. It’s an innate thing. I can’t change it.

That is why when a very-pregnant Kali West was in our studios and they told me, “You most-certainly CANNOT go in there and film her preggo and going at it for the blog,” that is exactly what I did.

I grabbed my video camera, walked into the studio and shot it.

Then I ran, ran like hell and threw this tape at Lester our video editor and told him this was our little secret.

He edited it, and I have sat on it for a few months, patiently waiting for the right time to post it. (You have to time your law-breaking the right way. If you jump the gun, chances are that gun will come back and shoot you in the ass!)

But I figured since Kali is now up on SCORELAND doing a Tits & Tugs scene, this would be the opportune time to give you guys this footage. Sorry it’s dark and grainy. I couldn’t exactly ask them to light it for me, now could I? And I was afraid that if I got closer, that I would have interrupted the shoot and then there would have been hell to pay.

Regardless, here are some interesting deets for you guys.

  • Kali was four months preggo when she shot Mamazon.
  • Kali was eight-months during this clam diddling video.
  • Kali is from Florida and has a 36DD rack.
  • Kali also stars in Chesty Preggos 2. (With Lorna Morgan, who really butters my biscuits, if ya know what I mean.)

You should, if you get a chance, check out Kali’s tug scene. But for now, enjoy this secret footage that’s not, so, um, secret anymore. lol Come what may, I am always glad to break the law for you guys. :)



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Why I like XXX knocked-up chicks with big tits

Posted by Dave on Dec 2, 2009 in New DVD Releases

big01Busty, pregnant women posing for naked pictures and videos and fucking on camera is hot.


Because they’re not supposed to get naked for photos and videos when they’re pregnant. Society says so. But they say, “Fuck society. I look sexier than ever. I’m pregnant and proud. My tits are huge.” They’re with-baby, but despite that, they’re showing off their tits, spreading their legs and fucking and sucking. The only thing hotter than a busty, pregnant woman fucking is a busty, pregnant woman fucking and smoking.

The new DVD Chesty Preggos 2 features three pregnant babes in XXX action: April McKenzie, Sunshine and Stefani (the links here are to their solo preggo sets on SCORELAND). It also features the great Lorna Morgan, looking very pregnant and bustier than I’ve ever seen her, in solo action. And eight-months-pregnant Kali West giving some lucky guy a hand job. I like the idea of Kali giving a guy a hand job while she’s pregnant because even though she sluts it up on video, she still seems like the girl next door.

I snuck up on Kali in the studio before she shot her scene. As you’ll see, I couldn’t decide what to focus on, her swollen tits or her swollen belly. So I compromised and focused on both. I wish I had been the one to knock her up.

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