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Even Christy Marks can’t believe that her scene with Monster Cock is now at SCORELAND2

Posted by Dave on Jul 27, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Other SCORE Group websites

Yes, Christy, all of that cock is going into your mouth and pussy.

As Christy Marks prepared for her scene with Monster Cock, she said, “I hear it’s like Godzilla-cock big. I’m excited to see if I can do it. I’m scared, though. I don’t know if it’ll fit.”

Understandable apprehension from a girl who was, at the time, 19 years old, even though she was a very well-fucked 19.

Well, Christy took it and took it all in one of her greatest XXX scenes, if not her greatest.

Until now, this scene could only be watched at ChristyMarks.com or in the DVD Christy’s Big Bang.

But now, for a limited time, it’s at SCORELAND2. Only $9.99 for a month of the best of SCORELAND, XLGirls.com, SCOREVideos.com and many of our other sites, including ChristyMarks.com. We must be out of our minds. See it now. Because seeing is believing.

P.S.: None of the stuff at SCORELAND2 is brand-new, but it’s all damn good. Hey, whaddya expect for $9.99, the new stuff?



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Here Cums Christy! on DVD.

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 12, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, DVD, Men's Products, New DVD Releases

Now on DVD. Get yours today.

SCORELAND‘s Model of the Decade Christy Marks is the main event in Here Cums Christy, a just-released, 242-minute DVD compilation packed with tits, tits, tits and more from one of the greatest babes in SCORE‘s 20 years on the newsstands.

This is a two-disc set. Disc one features nine blistering tit-play and masturbation videos, every one of them brimming with Christy’s girl-next-door personality and vixenish sense of humor. Christy’s foxy innocence and down-home style always comes through on-camera whether she’s shoving her huge boobs at the screen and putting those toys in deep, riding tall in the man-saddle or just talking.

This is one of the keys to knowing Christy the girl. She said it in one of her interviews. From the very beginning, I’ve always thought that Christy the girl and Christy the SCORE model are one and the same.

“I know I look good and I know I have a nice body and I know my pictures turn out great, but I’m not like, ‘Oh, I’m so much better than you.’ I’m glad that people like the way I look and think I have a nice body. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here meeting all these people and going to all these nice places and having fun. But it’s not like I’m going around thinking I’m better than anyone else.”

Disc two contains six hardcore videos but the last video, is actually a two-parter so it’s really seven scenes.

As a bonus, Christy interviews Brandy Talore and Isis Haze in two separate videos, and there’s a behind-the-scenes look at Christy modeling for pictorials and videos. She does a fun interview.

Check out all the details and see the trailer at eBoobStore.com.

This is a fantastic addition to your Christy Marks collection.

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Webpass may be just what you’re looking for

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 24, 2012 in Men's Products, Other SCORE Group websites

There are easier, faster ways to join SCORELAND or SCOREVideos.com.

Thought about joining a website but always hold back because you don’t want a membership that turns over monthly?

Are you one of those in and out, love it and leave it guys?

No problem. Try our Webpass available at SCORE’s eBoobStore.com, just a short walk from my desk and manned by dedicated staffers who are not in India.

Join for a month and when the month is up, your membership automatically ends.  No muss, no fuss.

Makes a great gift, too.

Girls, buy your boob-lovin’ guy a membership to any one of 25 TSG websites and never worry about any recurring charges on your card once the membership ends.

Visit eBoobStore for details and easy instructions on how to get Webpass.

Easy to use.

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Christy Marks: A real girl-next-door

Once upon a time, I spent a lot of time with the busty girl-next-door Christy Marks. While you might hear the term “girl-next-door” a lot, I am here to tell you that Christy is the real deal. At the time, I was the new editor of V-mag, and Christy was a new model and in our studios shooting for her then-soon-to-be-launched website, ChristyMarks.com.

I developed a closeness with Christy because she had this innocence about her that was endearing. She’d always refer to me as “Miss Maria,” which was very Southern and sweet. She loved to laugh and had so many anecdotes about her hometown and her day-to-day activities that she kept me in stitches. And she loved animals. Every time that we would meet, she would show me pictures of her dogs, her snake and I believe she even had a tarantula at one point.

We traveled to Hungary together, and I will never forget meeting her in the airport. Whenever I would see her in our studio, she was always glammed up and beautiful, but when we met in a terminal in New York, she was in huge basketball shorts, sneakers and a tank-top and she looked almost Tom-boyish. And for some reason, it was hot. Maybe it was the androgyny? Maybe it was that her tits looked huge in her tiny tank-top, but I thought she looked phenomenal. And, I can’t begin to tell you the stares she got on the plane when, in her typical contortionist style, she bent herself into a compact pretzel and slept that way on the trans-Atlantic flight. (I am sure you would have stared, too, if you saw a big-boobed chick with her legs akimbo and contorted into a small airplane seat! lol)

Over time, Christy would go on to do hardcore and then, anal, and boy, oh, boy, was she an amazing XXX performer. But I will tell you this: Christy never changed from being a sweet girl-next-door. Despite her raunchy antics during sex, she was still the sweetest lump o’ sugar I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And this is the reason that no matter what, she will always hold a spot in my heart as a real girl-next-door.



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Happy Birthday, Christy Marks!

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 13, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, birthdays, Deep Inside Scoreland
Christy: 22 years-young today.

Christy: 22 years-young today.

On this day, October 13, Christy Marks celebrates her birthday. The world can keep its Paris Hiltons and its Lady Gagas. I’m good with Christy.

I remember the night I got the phone call at my desk. The date was Thursday, February 22, 2007. The call was from a guy I’d never talked to before. But he knew us. He was a SCORE reader. He said he could put us in touch with an 18-year-old girl with huge boobs who he thought was perfect for SCORE. We talked for a while, and I asked him to email me. The next day, I forwarded his email to the studio. The rest you know. Sometimes the magic works. Sometimes it doesn’t. This time, it worked.

Christy made the average teen look like an ironing board.

Christy made the average teen look like an ironing board.

Since then, Christy has starred in 13 DVDs, 33 magazines, the website ChristyMarks.com and many pictorials and vids on SCORELAND. She was SCORE Newcomer of the Year, SCORE Model of the Year, Voluptuous Model of the Year and SCORELAND Model of the Decade. (She and Karina Hart pretty much dominated the world in 2008.) With a schedule like that, Christy just didn’t have the time to solve America’s economic and health care mess, but I think she could have if it was on her to-do list.

Christy’s not shy about sex or about talking about sex very candidly and realistically, which makes an interview with her fun and exciting. Like this sound-bite from 2009:  ”I like fucking and playing with myself at the same time. I don’t do it all the time because some guys get really self-conscious like, ‘Am I not doing my job right? This chick is playing with herself.’ And I have to be like, ‘Yeah, you’re doing it right, keep going!’ And I like to dirty talk during sex, too. That gets me hot. But I don’t talk a lot because most guys are not into that. Most guys are really traditional where I am from.”

Happy Birthday, Christy Marks

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