SCORELAND has a new look. Because change is good.

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 5, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, New at Scoreland

Lily Madison: riding Britain's new wave.

After a year of planning and behind-the-scenes work, SCORELAND has a new look and a new design. It’s been updated and modernized but the mission statement remains as it was when the original print magazine was first published in 1992: Finding and photographing the best big-bust models, from slim-n-stacked to voluptuous. That’s our goal, our reason to exist, and that will never change. And none of it would have been possible over the last 22 years without the countless number of SCORE Men who buy the print or new digital magazine, buy the DVDs and join the website.

Check out the new SCORELAND. At its core, the same as the old SCORELAND.

Cindy & Summer: huge-titted girls holding their magazine covers remains a tradition.

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While you’re jacking, I’m busy counting votes for the 2013 SCORE Awards

Posted by Dave on Nov 29, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Contest, Deep Inside Scoreland, newcomers

Bella French…now that's a SCORE body!

The question I asked last week was, “Who will win the 2013 SCORE Awards?”

Right now, I don’t have an answer. The magazine readers are in the early stages of voting, and the SCORELAND ballot box hasn’t opened yet.

But I have some clues.

I am going to be shocked if Sha Rizel doesn’t win Newcomer of the Year, and the voting is certainly trending her way. But Bella French is getting a lot of action, as are Roxi Red and Rockell. I expect Sha to hold on, but who knows? Back in 2002, Crystal Gunns had a huge early lead for Newcomer of the Year, but Annie Swanson nearly caught her.

Lana's bigger rack makes her a contender.

Hitomi is trying to pull off the Newcomer of the Year/Model of the Year double, something that has been done several times before (can you name the models who have won SCORE Newcomer and Model in consecutive years?). But it looks like the competition is going to be stiffer than a SCORE Man jacking to Hitomi. Lana Ivans, who had a boob growth spurt last year, Melissa Manning, 2012 Model of the Year Valory Irene, Daylene Rio and perennial favorite Angela White are getting a lot of votes.

Siri is worth a fuck and many votes.

The voting for XXX Performer of the Year is always interesting because a lot of the magazine readers only saw the girls in XXX pictorials while most SCORELAND voters have seen the girls in video action. This one is too close to call. Who’s winning? Depends on the day you ask me. Today, Siri is winning. Yesterday, Minka was winning. The day before, Daylene Rio was winning. Krystal Swift has been near the top, too.

As for the Big-Boob Hall of Fame, I have to admit, I’m rooting for Crystal Gunns or Cindy Cupps to get in. This could be the year for one of them. But who’s right near the top? Colt 45, Dawn Stone and Julia Miles.

The voting continues. I’ll keep you updated.

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Who will score in the 2013 SCORE Awards?

Sha Rizel has the early lead for Newcomer of the Year.

Will this be a runaway year for SCORE Newcomer of the Year? Or will Sha Rizel have some competition?

Hitomi is trying to go rack-to-rack.

Can Hitomi become the next girl to win Model of the Year one year after she won Newcomer of the Year?

Will Crystal Gunns finally find her way into the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame? Or will Cindy Cupps (who discovered Crystal) or Julia Miles take her place?

Will Daylene Rio’s super-sized tits and ass earn her XXX Performer of the Year?

Side note: If Daylene wins, it might not be because her tits and ass are bigger. It might be because, very simply, she sucks and fucks a lot more lustfully than she used to.

Daylene Rio is bringing on the heat.

The voting is underway for the 2013 SCORE Awards. Magazine readers are already sending in their ballots. Website members will have their chance soon. Here are the finalists.

Cindy (left) and Crystal: There's only room for one.

Newcomer of the Year (for girls who debuted in the 2013 publishing year): Bella French, Gabrielle Love, Holly Brooks, Lolly Ink, Rockell, Roxi Red, Sha Rizel and Sirale.

Model of the Year (for non-newcomers who appeared in SCORE in 2013): Angela White, Daylene Rio, Hitomi, Joana, Kelly Christiansen, Lana Ivans, Leanne Crow, Maggie Green, Melissa Manning, Sabrina Linn, Siri and Valory Irene.

XXX Performer of the Year (for girls who fucked in SCORE in 2013): Claudia Kealoha, Daylene Rio, Kelly Christiansen, Krystal Swift, Maggie Green, Maserati, Minka, Sabrina Linn, Siri and Stephanie Stalls.

Big-Boob Hall of Fame (for retired SCORE Girls): Busty Brianna, Cindy Cupps, Colt 45, Crystal Gunns, Dawn Stone, Julia Miles, Kelly Kay, Maxi Mounds and Morgan Leigh.

I’ll have a voting update next week.


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Brassieres. They hold the things we love so dear.

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 25, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, bras

Brassieres. They hold the boobs we love so dear.

This is the strange case of Otto Titzling and Philipe de Brassiere, two women’s garment designers who both claimed to be developers of what is now the modern bra. Or did they? I researched this tale for the truth.

The story that’s been floating around for some time now, especially on Internet web sites, is that a German-born engineer named Otto Titzling created that wonderful garment that is now known as the bra for his neighbor, a stacked and packed opera singer named Swanhilda Olafsen.

Both lived in the same New York City boarding house in 1912, and Otto’s design for Swanhilda’s over-the-shoulder boulder-holders led to him plunging deeper into the cleavage of women worldwide.

Among Otto’s subsequent creations were padded bras, the famous “falsies,” and the first front-fastening bra (we call them front loaders at SCORE). Unfortunately, Otto, despite his many credentials, neglected to patent his “bra,” although he did patent the later improvements he made on his first bra.

Then, in the early 1930’s, trouble started when a Frenchman named Phillipe de Brassiere began manufacturing his own line of bras supposedly based on Titzling’s original designs. Brasierre was a well-known and fashionable ladies clothing designer with a more polished demeanor than Titzling.

A brutal lawsuit began which lasted from 1934 until 1942 when Brassiere won the jury case. During the trial each man brought out real women to model their hooter holsters. Brassiere’s model was a beauty, earning her a lot of exposure. There was even a sexy photo of her in a popular magazine of the time, The Police Gazette, under the headline “I Did It All For The Bra.”

Otto did get a small jury settlement, but the strain of fighting the case for years crushed him. He died in ’42 from the strain of his financial losses and the emotional bruising. And that’s why the modern bra is often referred to as “The Brassiere” and not a “Tit-Sling.”

Sounds like a great story, right? Good for a PBS Masterpiece Theater series?

The only thing is, it was a historical hoax, and a widespread one, in the wake of a 1971 book by Wallace Rayburn called Bust-Up: The Uplifting Tale of Otto Titzling.

Rayburn previously had written a 1969 book about Englishman Thomas Crapper, crediting him with having created the flush toilet (he did not, although he was a sanitary engineer).

In another version of the story, Titzling invented his bra with the assistance of Hans Delving, designing it for a Swedish athlete named “Lois Lung.”

Over the past 42 years, the story of Titzling Vs. Brassiere has been accepted by countless newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as being debunked by other lingerie historians. Yet, their saga continues to carry on with a life of its own.


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Ten years ago at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on May 30, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland

10 years ago today at SCORELAND.

The August 2003 issue of SCORE was posted at SCORELAND on May 30th, 2003, ten years ago today. I was looking at the line-up of hot babes and the way-back machine in my brain began spinning its dials.

It was a big month for the C word. No, not that C word.

I mean names beginning with C, either first name or surname.

Ashley Evans

Casey James


Chesty Sweet

Cindy Cupps

Crystal Gunns

Hana Cekova.

Holly Halston

Josie Hernandez

Kiki Daire

Lorna Morgan

Mary Carey

Let’s do a head count on May 30th, 2013 and catch up.

Crystal and Cindy are retired. Don’t know what Chesty, Claudia, Cassitty, Ashley, Holly and Hana are up to these days. Josie Hernandez still models and is now known as Monica Mendez. (She also became a photographer herself.) Kiki Daire started modeling again just recently. Casey does web-cam shows on the net. Lorna is raising her three kids in Wales. Mary Carey has been doing the strip club circuit. She was dancing in south Florida recently.

And that’s how it was, ten years back.

Kooky Mary Carey.

Claudia, an Arizona dancer.

Casey James.


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A busty stripper turned me into a zombie

Posted by Elliot James on May 9, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, birthdays, Confessions, modeling jobs, The Life of an Editor

Yesterday’s Blog by Dave brought back many happy memories of sitting stage-side in strip clubs with glazed eyes and heightened expectations of who was going to take it off next.

And those expectations were the only I had. Never go to a strip club thinking you’re going to “get lucky” or meet a future girlfriend. Just take it for what it offers: a parade of naked, dancing tits and ass inches from your face and a fun way to hang out for a couple of hours.

Yes, I was a zombie and a happy one. Dancers turned me into a zombie and I enjoyed every second.

I’m no longer a strip club zombie. I’ve stopped going to strip clubs because it’s impossible to find big-boobed dancers anymore in South Florida.  In fact, the last one I actually saw was now-retired Cindy Cupps at the Booby Trap in Pompano Beach.

However, if you know of any, we want to know, so contact us at model@scoregroup.com or visit SCOREModelsWanted.com.

And now for a special dance by Daphne Rosen.

Get the latest Flash Player to see this player.

And happy birthday to:

Susie Wilden May 9

Toni Evans May 10

Nikki Smith May 10

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Girls holding their magazines: a regular feature?

This weekend’s Scorecard letter section has a letter from longtime reader K.S. who writes “I would like to see models posing with their magazine spreads become a regular feature. There’s something unbelievably arousing about it; after all, who hasn’t fantasized about being with a girl who pulls out a dirty mag in which she’s displaying her wares for your perusal as a prelude to fucking her hard up her tight ass? I bet models who are also wives and girlfriends do it all the time. It must send their men absolutely insane.”

I’m with K.S. on this. A digital file can’t exist without electricity and an instrument to play it. A magazine (or a DVD)  is a physical object. It has a feeling of permanence to it.

I always enjoy getting a photo from a model holding one of her mags, either by the cover or open to the layout. It doesn’t happen all that often. Most of the time, we’ll take the shot when she’s back on a return trip.

But why does K.S. like this kind of photo? Because whoever is in the magazine is proud of being in the magazine, and proud of her body, and she’s happy to show it in the photo. “This is me and I’m in this magazine.”

Cindy Cupps and Summer Sinn.


Destiny Rose.

Christy Marks.





















Here’s a few more from the collection. I like K.S.’s suggestion. More are welcome! Send ‘em to scorecard@Scoregroup.com or by mail to SCORE, 1629 NW 84th Ave, Miami, FL 33126 USA.

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How the voting is shaping up for the 2012 SCORE Awards

Posted by Dave on Dec 7, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Contest, Poll

I would really like to know how the conversation went when Minka asked her teammates to vote for her for Hardcore Performer of the Year.

You have just 24 days remaining until the ballot box closes at SCORELAND for the 2012 SCORE Awards. We’ve been busy counting the votes (thousands of them have been pouring in at the website and also from SCORE readers), and here’s a look at how the races are shaping up.

For Newcomer of the Year, it’s looking like a two-way race between Hitomi and Siri, which doesn’t surprise me at all. I actually thought Hitomi would be an easy winner, but then Elliot said he thought Siri would win, so that led to a little lunch bet. Sabrina Linn, Melissa Manning and Estelle Taylor are in the running, too, but they have a lot of ground to make up between now and midnight on December 31.

For Model of the Year, I’ve never seen a year in which the voting was so close, and if you asked me right now who I think is going to win, I’d say, “Who knows?” Valory Irene, Angela White, Venera, Leanne Crow, Beshine, Eva Notty…they’re all getting a lot of support, and who’s ahead depends on the day, even the hour.

For Hardcore Performer of the Year (the one award in which you really have to fuck your way to the top), another close race is brewing among Daylene Rio, Stephanie Stalls, Brittany O’Neil, Desiree, Kitana Flores and Minka. Speaking of Minka, I just received a package with about 15 ballots from members of Minka’s tennis team, all voting for their teammate for Hardcore Performer of the Year.

Finally, the Hall of Fame: I have high hopes that Alyssa Alps is finally going to get admitted, but don’t look now because Cindy Cupps, Sammie, Crystal Gunns and Colt 45 are breathing right down her bra straps.

As I said, the ballot box closes at midnight on December 31. Winners will be announced in the May 2013 issue of SCORE…unless I decide to leak the results before then.


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They just need maple syrup

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 25, 2012 in Boob Watch, Life With Big Tits

Cindy Cupps

I’m talkin’ about areolae, friends.

That area of the breast that encircles the nipple and varies in size like crazy from girl to girl.

Some scientists say that the areola has a different color than the nipple so the nipple area can be more visible to a sucking baby.

Some areolae are circular. Some are oval. Some are pale. Some are dark. Pregnancy often kicks off a change to a darker hue.

The average diameter is 1.5 inches or 38 mm.

But there are girls with areolae as wide as teacup saucers. Like silver-dollar pancakes.

They’re hard to find, and when you do, it’s a reason to celebrate.

National Areolae Day has a nice ring to it.

Seein’s believin’, so here we have a selection of fantastically huge areolae from SCORELAND to feed your need. Pass the syrup. To be continued…

Victoria Lane

Maria Moore



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Why this might be a very good week to check out SCORELAND2

Gianna and Lorna have that look in their eyes.

I haven’t written about SCORELAND2 in a while, mostly because there has been so much going on at SCORELAND and XLGirls.com that I haven’t gotten around to it. But that doesn’t mean SCORELAND2 has been forgotten. Not by a longshot. In fact, Elliot and I devote considerable time to SCORELAND2, partly because it’s a new project and partly because we take the site so personally. Elliot and I hand-pick the scenes one-by-one, and then when it’s time for a scene to go up, one of us writes the accompanying copy and adds a personal touch. That’s why I was pleased when the review website AdultReviews.com said, “Every update in the library had a pretty long write-up to go along with it. This is a well written piece about the model and the shoot, usually. It’s a glimpse behind the scenes and most of these short stories offered some interesting information about the model, the shoot, or both.”

Good. I’m glad they noticed. And I hope that’s part of the reason SCORELAND2 has exceeded our expectations.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m writing about SCORELAND2 because this has been (and will continue to be) a very interesting week at our newest website.

Monday: Short ‘n’ stacked natural Rachel Love got fucked by two guys in her scene from the DVD Mamazon.

If Amazon.com sold Lori Pleasure, I'd pay for expedited shipping

Tuesday: Gianna Rossi and Lorna Morgan tit-to-tit in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, a highly unusual matchup of a full-fledged porn star and a girl who has never so much as inserted a dildo in her pussy on-camera. I watched this scene again yesterday, and I was again amazed by the level of heat. I wrote, “At a few points, it looks as if Gianna was tempted to go down on Lorna’s pussy. She doesn’t, but you know what? I’m not sure Lorna would have stopped her. She was that into it.”

As I suspected, club managers get all the good pussy.

Wednesday: Lori Pleasure as a sex-bot who comes to life and gets ass-fucked. In her personal life, Lori loves to dress like a slut, and I still have fond memories of the time when she told me about how she would wear ultra-short skirts in public and the look on people’s faces when they realized that the jewelry dangling from below her hem had to be attached to her pussy. For some reason, that’s hot.

Cindy and Crystal checking out the sights on South Beach.

Thursday: 50plus Persia Monir as a stripper who fucks the club manager to get a job. Big-titted Persia is one of the hottest women on Earth.

Friday: A great week wraps up with bosom buddies Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns in their only tit-to-tit scene. This is one I’d been waiting for a long time, and you know what? Some of my favorite shots are the ones of Cindy and Crystal in and around South Beach wearing super-cleavage tops.

That’s a heckuva five days, and when you consider the bottom line ($9.99 a month for membership), it’s incredible. Okay, yeah, I’m a little biased. So is Elliot. But we’re tit-men, just like you, and we’re picking these scenes with our very own hands and…well, I know this is the political season, and you’ve heard this before. But trust us. You won’t be disappointed.


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