I choose Jenna Valentine as “Miss Busty Coed”

Rack to school with Jenna.

No, this is not a “Miss Busty Coed” contest.

It’s just easy for me to envision Jenna Valentine as a stacked coed. She looks like a college girl. I’ve thought about a shoot like this since she first came to SCORELAND.

No need to mentally picture that visual. It’s here now in photos and a video.

Jenna Valentine isn’t a huge-boobed coed. She’s working as a huge-boobed make-up artist now.

And Jenna wasn’t the cheerleader or plaid-skirt coed type when she was in school.

Said Jenna back in 2009, “I was a creepy Gothic girl. I was spooky. The jocks would actually throw candy at me and make fun of me. But now they hit on me and they all want to fuck me and it’s super weird. They used to be super mean to me.”

Let this be a too-late lesson to these miscreants and haters.

In my breast-obsessed brain, the idea of a sexy coed shoot of Jenna was just right.

And even though it often seems that Jenna’s a rebel, not to mention angsty, seeing her as a busty policewoman would also be very hot. She did a sexy French maid set in Mexico in 2011 that’s one of my favorite cosplay shoots.

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The magic words today at SCORELAND are “Noelle Easton.” Say the magic words.

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 21, 2013 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Tits in Tight Tops

A mere 18 years old at the time of this filming, Noelle Easton is already a sex star.

Girls today! I tell ya, it’s another sexual revolution. Many of them jump on the pole as quickly as possible.

The first pole Noelle actually jumped on was a steel stripper’s pole. Noelle danced in a topless club for six months before she decided to go all-in and bonk on-camera.

She’s not only a male teacher’s fuck fantasy. She’s every guy’s fuck fantasy.

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Felicia Clover: Student body!

Wow! Now that's a student body!

Can’t get enough of Felicia Clover?

Her latest video at SCOREVideos.com is “Student Body.” The bustiest girl on campus, Felicia needs a study break from the books, and her booty call needs her boobs in his face. Fair trade? “I’m a good girl but not in the bedroom. I’m a bad girl there,” says Felicia. Give the girl an A, will ya?

And at SCORELAND, Siri is a new hire at the SCORE warehouse in “Triple Play.” (Now that’s a real fantasy!) Siri is going to show these two bozos that they’d better straighten out or she’ll straighten them out! And she’s got just the job skills to do it. If I knew these shenanigans were going on in the warehouse, I’d have sold tickets.

Siri goes for the Triple Play at SCORELAND! Booyah!

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SCORE Girls go Rack to School in the November issue

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 26, 2012 in Digital Magazines, Men's Products, newcomers, print magazines, Tits in Tight Tops

Get yours now.

It’s the time of the season that every boob man waits for.

Time for sexy and well-built coeds to go back to class.

Bouncing from class to class with their book bags.

Sitting in the front row to get their professor’s attention.

Time for teacher’s dirty looks.

Sucking milk through a straw during their lunch breaks.

Cheerleader practice.

Locker room showers.

Taking a few minutes to catch some sun.

Raising money with group car washes.

And other scholarly activities.

The theme of the November ’12 SCORE is the big-chested, great-looking coed.





Representing this semester’s student body:

Ivy Darmon
Christy Marks
Kali West
Karina Hart
Kaytee Carter
Valory Irene

Brandy Dean
Janne Hollan

Now at your favorite news rack or visit The SCORE Store at eBoobStore.com.

The digital version of this issue also has embedded videos of Valory, Siri, Minka and Janne.

Sharpen your pencils.


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The busty masseuse, the busty coed and Terri Jane. Bigger is better.

"Creampie The Busty Masseuse" starring Desiree.

"Creampie The Busty Masseuse" starring Desiree.

Desiree is a spa masseuse with an interesting technique. The oil massage has a double meaning (36 triple-D meaning, that is). Desiree means she’s going to get oiled! She strips off her top, oils up her huge naturals and uses her tits as massage rollers instead of her fingers. Now that’s creative and horny! Her client today gets very special treatment. On the menu: massage, blow job, tug job, tit job and fuck job, topped off with a cream pie. Now that’s a happy ending. At this massage parlor, full service is the name of the game. See it today at SCORELAND! Desiree, we salute you.

"School Of Big, Soft Knockers" starring Marilyn White.

"School Of Big, Soft Knockers" starring Marilyn White.

Today at XLGirls, up ‘n’ cumer Marilyn White returns as a curvy and heavy-hanging coed who can’t seem to focus on her studies. Those pesky hormones again.  She needs to free her 38H tits from the captivity of their fabric prison. A girl’s gotta diddle what a girl’s gotta do, so Marilyn takes things into her own hands. She’s got some vocabulary, too. Miss White must be writing a term paper about dirty talking because she sure talks the talk while her fingers play a tune on her nipples and pussy. Marilyn actually works at an adult store. “People are always asking me why I’m working up front and not in the back where there’s a strip club. Other than that, guys go right to my tits!”

Terri Jane's SCORE pictorial "Hard To Hug."

Terri Jane's SCORE pictorial "Hard To Hug."

Back at SCORELAND on Saturday, Terri Jane returns in a pictorial from the November ’11 SCORE. If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of this English honey and girl-next-door. If only she lived next door to SCORE. Both guys and girls are fascinated by Terri’s magnificent breastesses. “I have had girls come up to me in the bathroom, asking me if they are real or if they are fake,” Terri says. “Girls come up to me all the time, feeling my boobs. I can’t stop them! They just walk up to me and grab them!” Sounds like a bodyguard would be helpful. Any applicants for the job? Terri is hard to hug. Not because she’s aloof. No one is more happy-go-lucky and friendly. It’s because it’s not easy to wrap your arms completely around her! You are blessed, Terri Jane!

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Hot in Germany

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 4, 2011 in Contest, New at Scoreland, newcomers
A star is shorn...of her clothes.
A star is shorn…of her clothes.

Annina, German porn superstar.

Annina, German porn superstar.

Sandra Star‘s pictorial from May 2011 SCORE is now posted on SCORELAND. Sandra is a stacked uni-student working on a business admin degree. She loves big tits and wants to be a porn star. I’m glad to see she’s not wasting her time by playing video games and texting all day. Sandra was discovered when she entered the Miss Hot SCORE contest in Berlin, Germany and won.

Sandra earned extra props from one of the Hot SCORE judges, German celebrititty and SCORE covergirl Annina. “I first noticed her beautiful smile!” Annina said. “She has charisma and a great, curvy body. She is the whole package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hot SCORE 2010!”

Sandra has two XXX anal videos, her first sex scenes, posted on SCORELAND and SCOREVideos.com. Pretty wild for a newcomer. I’d love to see Sandra and Annina going at it in a threeway. Maybe one day that can happen.

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One in four lapdancers have a college degree

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 13, 2010 in Boobs in the News
A dollar? What a cheap cocksucker.

A dollar? What a cheap cocksucker.

Lapdancing in the United Kingdom is relatively new, at least compared to the USA. A recent study by Dr. Teela Sanders and Kate Hardy from the University of Leeds found that one in four British dancers have a college degree while 14% are using strip clubs to finance their undergraduate education. I love these studies. They uncover so much pure data.

Hardy and Sanders say the 300 dancers they quizzed reported high levels of job satisfaction, the majority listing flexibility as the main attraction of working in a strip club. Dr. Sanders cites the “endless supply of women” becoming strippers. “These women are incredibly body confident. I think there is something of a generational cultural difference. These young women do not buy the line that they are being exploited because they are the ones making the money out of a three-minute dance and a bit of a chat.”

Hardy and Sanders did call for better government regulation to improve dancers’ safety, like banning private rooms to reduce the danger to dancers from shady customers. Unemployed college graduates who couldn’t find jobs with their degrees in the lousy economy made up a large percentage of the dancers they surveyed. (I don’t think the recession has increased the ranks of big-boobed girls in modeling.)

So support higher education. Buy a lap dance this week. Because a behind is a terrible thing to waste.

And if you see a SCORE-sized pair of knockers on a dancer, please tell her about the BeASCOREModel scholarship program.

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Huge tits. My head. Life is GOOD.

I have a pretty stellar gig. I come in, I look at boobs. I talk to girls with big boobs. I ask them to show me their big boobs. (They always say YES!) I ask them to do all sorts of fun boob tricks for me. (They always do.) And then, sometimes, I am talking to their boobs, er, to them, and then Dave comes into the studio and interrupts and says, “Hey! Put your boobs on Maria’s head!” And you know what? THEY DO. It’s pretty fuckin’ magical on a lot of levels.

So here is the situation: Cassidi Jai is a 24-year-old mocha mamma with ginormous HHH-tits. She is in college (YES! She’s a smart cookie with incredible sweater puppies!), and she is a freak. When I say she is a freak, I mean it in the MOST depraved way possible. I mean, she has done things that made ME blush. She loves trucks (Dodge Rams.), oil wrestling and has had threesomes, foursomes, lezzie-love and likes anal. Oh, and she lost her virginity only two years ago at the ripe age of 22. (Apparently she’s done a lot of making up for lost time in the last two years! lol)

Cassidi and I were enjoy a nice chat in the studio when Dave came in and shot this video which culminated in Cassidi putting her tit on my head (It was heavy!) and then wrapping her tits around my noggin, too. It was glorious! Check out the video below! (And coincidentally, don’t look for my boobs to make an appearance in this video. Sure, you will catch glimpses of them here and there, but Dave, ever the gentlemen, chose to video the greater of two evils, or rather, the greater and larger of two pairs of boobs. Smart man that he is! lol)

Cassidi will be making her V-Mag and SCORELAND debut very soon. For now, enjoy this newbie!



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