The January ’16 SCORE featuring the best girls of 2015

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The digital version of the January ’16 issue of SCORE is on-sale now at eboobStore.com; the print version officially hits the racks Tuesday, but you may be able to find it already at your local newsstand or adult store. Apparently, some of you already have it because I’ve been receiving votes.

Long-time SCORE readers know that the January issue is always the contest issue, featuring the finalists for Newcomer of the Year, Model of the Year, XXX Performer of the Year and the Big-Boob Hall of Fame. The online voting booth will open at SCORELAND next month, and I don’t want to spoil all the fun by naming all the contestants. But I will tell you that the finalists for Newcomer of the Year are Desiree Vega, Jordan Pryce, Kate Marie, Katie Thornton, Larissa Linn, Liza Biggs (she didn’t make her first SCORE appearance until the 2015 publishing year), Mia Khalifa, Samantha Lily and Shelby Gibson.

Remember, what counts is the 2015 publishing year, not the 2015 calendar year. There’s a big difference, as long-time mag readers also know.

This category is a tough one. No single girl had as much impact on the porn world in 2015 as Mia Khalifa, but she probably doesn’t have the boob power to win. The rest of the field consists of a tantalizing mixture of naturally stacked girls and slim ‘n’ stacked babes in the SCORE tradition.

Who’s your girl?

Also in this issue, the mag debuts of Dolly Fox, Cathy Heaven, Claudia KeAloha and Alexya, plus XXX layouts of Harlow Nyx and Sandra Milka.

And, of course, the ballot. Don’t forget the ballot.

Big year. Big issue. Get your copy now in print or in digital with video.

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Guess the racks!

Four girls. Four natural racks. Eight huge tits. The sheer size of the tits on-display at SCORELAND and XLGirls.com boggles the mind but does not confound the cock. All of these girls can be seen in the members area of SCORELAND and XLGirls.

How many can you get right?

Rack 1: In-your-face rack.


In your face!

Rack 2: Hanging rack.

Rack 3: Typing rack.

Rack 4: Oiled-up rack.



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“I wasn’t into anal until I got into porn,” says Brook Ultra, making it big again in a new big boob sex encounter of the anal kind

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 22, 2014 in Awards, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers

"I wasn't into anal until I got into porn," says Miss Ultra.

“I like to dance,” says Brook Ultra, a slim and stacked, pretty and hot brunette. “I like to go to the beach. I like to hang out and do normal stuff. I’m boring.”

Don’t believe it. Brook is lying. She’s not boring. She could never be boring.

Up for 2014′s SCORE Newcomer of the Year, Brook connects with a cock provider in a new SCORELAND scene on Friday.

It’s Brook’s third boy-girl. We get to see that ultra-sexy body burning up the bedsheets. It’s a stiffening sight.

Brook can handle the long lenses.

What’s the plot of this scene? The theme? The storyline?

Just hot, raw fucking. Anal. Oral. Facial.

You want a story? Watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

“I wasn’t into anal until I got into porn,” says Brook. “I enjoy anal sex. I never did until I got into porn. I also like when guys cum all over my face. I think that’s so hot, and the thought of that, being fucked really hard and having cum all over my face, makes me so wet.”

This is a bonerfide go-to scene. Trust us.


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Tits to give you fits!

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 18, 2012 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Contest, Men's Products, newcomers, print magazines

Your favorite racks at your favorite magazine rack.

There’s no need for a reason to celebrate big boob teasin’ but it’s that time of the man-pleasin’ season. The annual Voluptuous contest issue is here! Pick the top models of 2012! Cast your votes for Model of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, Plumper of the Year, Ass of the Year, Pussy of the Year and XXX of the Year.

Now at your favorite magazine store or newsagent’s kiosk with a bonus DVD inside in most areas. Page after page of succulent voluptuousness. Girls you could scour the world for and be hard pressed to find. We do the searching for you and bring ‘em back to show you every beautiful inch. Our 18th year in finding the best chests and natural breasts! Can’t find V-mag at your favorite store? Demand it. Email us at Voluptuous@scoregroup.com and give us the details.

Follow SCORELAND on Twitter: Twitter.com/Scoreland

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Join the Voluptuous party and vote!

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 9, 2012 in Boob Watch, Contest, Deep Inside Scoreland, modeling jobs, newcomers, Point/Counterpoint

The voting results are tabulated with this high tech calculator guarded by Renee's cleavage 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the numbers are all in.

Our party symbol is not a party animal: an elephant or a donkey.

Our party symbol is an hourglass figure full of curves and dips.

Our party color is not red or blue.

Our party color is all the colors a woman’s skin can be.

We promise no dirty tricks or break-ins…except in hardcore scenes.

Our T Party stands for TITS.

We endorse Voluptuous-care.

Join the Voluptuous Party and vote for the 2012 Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year, Model of the Year, Plumper of the Year, Ass of the Year, Pussy of the Year and XXX Model of the Year.

You can vote at SCORELAND if you’re a member (there are no lines) or you can vote using this ballot. Vote by email or mail your vote. Just vote and let your voice be heard. Those who do not vote cannot legitimately protest the outcome. You’ve got to be in it for your favorite to win it.

Renee Ross has won Model of the Year two years running. She’s great at winning erections. Who will win this year? Will Renee make it win #3?

Our candidates do not put their foot in their mouths. Just their nipples and fingers.

Our goals: to find the best, the sexiest and the biggest all-natural girls and photograph them.

That is the mission statement of the Voluptuous Party.

Join the Party!

I approve this message.

Read the rules, study the candidates carefully and vote!


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Your favorite racks on your favorite racks. January ’13 SCORE is hot off the presses

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 4, 2012 in Contest, Digital Magazines, Men's Products, print magazines

They have the right to bare arms. And breasts. And butts. And lady bits.

There are no excuses for not voting.

This week is the most-popular week of the month for newsstand and magazine shop managers and staff.

It’s when the trucks roll up and drop off the latest issue of SCORE magazine.

This month, it’s the January ’13 edition, and you veteran readers know what that means.

It’s election time! Time to vote for 2012 Newcomer of the Year, Model of the Year, Hardcore Performer of the Year and the Big-Boob Hall of Fame.

This year’s ballot is on page 19. Fill it out and mail it in or vote by email for all four awards.

Every voice counts, and I’m grateful that we all have the opportunity to vote for our faves. In some countries, the government picks the winning big-bust models.

Pick up your copy (with a free DVD inside) today at your favorite store or get it direct from eBoobStore. A digital version for tablets, phones and desktops is also available.

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Today at SCORELAND: Who is the greatest SCORE Girl ever?

If Minka is in, then Linsey is out.

If Linsey is in, Minka is out.

Commenting on the “20 for 20″ voting, SCORELAND member Jared writes, “As I post this, number one isn’t yet up, but if Karina, Christy, Chloe and Merilyn are two, three, four and five, Miss LDM sure as hell had better be number one. I’ve agreed with most of this list so far, so if Linsey’s number one, the top five will be spot on…and this comes from somebody whose been a fan of this magazine (and later on the site) since ’93. As much as I love the super-sized-silicone era, this last decade of mostly naturals has been amazing.”

Well, when you get right down to it, there shouldn’t be a lot of tension concerning today’s announcement of the No. 1 SCORE Girl ever, as voted by SCORELAND members. Linsey was nowhere to be seen in Nos. 2-20, there’s no way she can’t be somewhere in the “20 for 20,” and No. 1 is all that’s left.

Then again, if you had told me that Minka wouldn’t make the Top 20, I would have said you were crazy, too. And if you told me that SaRenna would come in at No. 20, I would’ve said, “Yeah, right, and John Roberts is going to uphold Obamacare.”

So, you never know.

Anyway, after four weeks and lots of voting, No. 1 in our “20 for 20″ will be unveiled today at SCORELAND. The magazine readers already voted Linsey No. 1. What will the SCORELAND members say?

By the way, something I haven’t mentioned about the “20 for 20″ celebration: the three-to-five minute highlight clips that accompany the daily announcements of the “20 for 20″ girls. They were put together by our video editor, Mike, and it was a true labor of love. The guy spent weeks going through videos (some of them rarely seen) of the girls (poor guy, right?), and the result is these 20 collector’s items. Yes, they’re downloadable, so they can be yours forever. Nice job, Mike.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to us! I hope you enjoyed the celebration (and maybe won something, too).

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An open book: the 20th anniversary contest questions

Dave mentioned in his June 16 Blog that “Elliot and I might have gone a bit nuts with the gift-pack giveaway trivia questions. Seems as if each day has been tougher than the previous one. ‘Which girl did not appear on Howard Stern’s TV and radio shows?’ Were we kidding? The answer (from among Kellei G, Casey James, Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Dawn Stone) was Dawn Stone, and I wish I had a dollar for everyone who guessed Kellei G.”

However, when Dave and I were coming up with questions and answers, I threw in that the answers were multiple choice, not a much harder fill-in form of answer, and that the answers were all inside SCORELAND. No one had to pour through 20 years of back-issue magazines that 90% or more didn’t even own or, if they did have, were probably stored away in boxes. The answers were clicks away.

For example, I thought everyone would get these two questions from No. 13 right:

Which girl who sailed on the 2000 Boob Cruise would later win SCORE Newcomer of the Year?
A) Morgan Leigh-correct answer
B) Lorna Morgan
C) Ariana
D) Adina

Going to Morgan’s interview, published in its entirety in the Interviews section of “Galleries,” the very first sentence is, “The 2006 SCORE Newcomer of the Year turned out to be a true Cinderella story: Morgan Leigh, who sailed as a passenger on the 2000 Boob Cruise and walked around admiring the big-titted superstars of SCORE magazine, is now, all these years later, a big-titted superstar of SCORE magazine.” The interview is also on video, plus it’s also mentioned in some of Morgan’s pictorials. Until 2006, I had no idea how influential the Boob Cruise was in Morgan’s life.

Can you spot the future Morgan Leigh in this group shot from Boob Cruise 2000?

Which girl did not appear on Howard Stern’s TV and radio shows?
A) Kellei G
B) Casey James
C) Linsey Dawn McKenzie
D) Dawn Stone-correct answer

There they were in a “Galleries” Mammary Lane story with Stern sidekick “Fred The Elephant Boy” and nine photos. The story was about Colt, Casey and Kellei G’s visit to New York City for the Howard Stern Show on E! TV in February, 1995. The girls were also given the thankless job of shaving Fred. His face, not his pubic hair…luckily for them.

Linsey appeared on Stern by herself, a show also shown on E! TV when they broadcast Stern. This show aired nationally on February 14, 2003. (I still have that show on VHS tape.) Stern got to see LDM’s boobs, even if  TV viewers couldn’t. Just Googling “Linsey Dawn McKenzie Howard Stern” would have brought up the answer.

Kellei G., Casey James and Colt 45 with Fred The Elephant Boy. Casey does not look happy.

And for a topic closer to the present day, there was the question from #9:

Which model never went to Mexico on a SCORE shoot?
A) Jenna Valentine
B) Lovette
C) Hitomi
D) Karla James-correct

Many chose Lovette although Puerto Vallarta is listed three times right on her model page of links, and going to the recent Puerto Vallarta special with Jenna Valentine, Hitomi, Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Leanne Crow, there’s no sign of Karla, who was actually invited but couldn’t make it.

Lovette, Via Paxton and Ariana went to Mexico in August 2000 shortly after the Boob Cruise. It’s one of the oldest On Location shoots archived on SCORELAND. Here she is behind the wheel of the Geo Metro that Peter, the photographer, rented to drive to a secluded area.

“I should have had Lovette drive back to the hotel just like that, but that’s asking for a ticket, I suppose,” said Peter, a man who has seen more tits and clits than a gynecologist.

I hope to see more of you take a shot at the questions for this wrap-up week, even if you just feel like guessing rather than looking it up.

You have to be in it to win it!

Lovette in Mexico--what, no seat belt?

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Nos. 6-20 have been announced. It’s time for the final countdown in SCORELAND‘s “20 for 20″

Posted by Dave on Jun 24, 2012 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Contest, New at Scoreland, Poll, Uncategorized

Linsey Dawn McKenzie was voted the greatest SCORE Girl of all-time by SCORE readers. Will SCORELAND members agree? Will the great LDM, #1 in big boobs since 1996, reign supreme?

Over the past three weeks, we’ve been unveiling, one-by-one, SCORELAND members’ choices in “20 for 20,” the 20 greatest SCORE Girls ever. Here’s what we have so far:

No. 20: SaRenna Lee

No. 19: Venera

No. 18: Natalie Fiore

No. 17: Danni Ashe

No. 16: Sharday

No. 15: Terry Nova

No. 14: Lorna Morgan

No. 13: Angela White

No. 12: Valory Irene

No. 11: Eva Notty

No. 10: Hitomi

No. 9: Leanne Crow

No. 8: Autumn-Jade

No. 7: Kerry Marie

No. 6: Nicole Peters

Starting Monday at approximately four p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, we’ll begin revealing the Top 5, culminating with No. 1 on Friday. That’s right, on Friday, we’ll announce SCORELAND members’ pick for the greatest SCORE Girl ever. Magazine readers have already said it’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Did the web guys agree?

Five days to go…which means you only have five more chances to win one of the “20 for 20″ gift packs (they include a limited-edition SCORE shirt, a limited-edition SCORE cap, a DVD of your choice, a magazine of your choice and a month of website membership of your choice). They’re literally prized possessions. S.G., one of the winners, wrote to Elliot:

“The prize pack arrived today and as usual, I was blown away by all of it. Amazing stuff of the highest quality..I can’t thank you enough. You all really put together a STELLAR product, whether it be print, online or product. It is so obvious that you and your colleagues work your fucking asses off, evidenced by the everyday at SCORELAND and even more so when you all put on a contest such as this.”

Thanks for the kind words, S.G.

Who do you think will land in the Top 5?


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There’s a party going on at SCORELAND. So far, there haven’t been any party poopers

Posted by Dave on Jun 20, 2012 in Boob Watch, Letters and comments, New at Scoreland, Poll

Leanne Crow measures up among the Top 20 SCORE Girls ever.

Among the things I’ve enjoyed most so far in the “20 for 20″ celebration at SCORELAND are the comments members have been posting regarding the day-by-day unveiling of the Top 20 SCORE Girls of all-time. The comments have been interesting and at the same time civil (in most cases). It’s nice when you guys find a way to compliment a model without criticizing another model (or find a way to say something not-so-positive about a girl without sounding quite-so-negative). The good stuff started on the first day with the unveiling of SaRenna Lee at No. 20. Wrote Jorga, “Really people?? SaRenna should’ve at least made the top 5.” Added SB, “I agree- top three- could even peg her as #1.” But I also liked crajosto’s comment: “This is very sad – she is worthy of the top 3 – most recent popular girls in SCORE should really be Voluptuous models – there should be a cut off at 27 inch waist.”

Okay, that’s a biting criticism. But notice how crajosto didn’t name names. He stated his opinion in a very diplomatic manner.

Some people were surprised that Venera finished 19th. Some people might be surprised that there could actually be 18 girls better than her.

When Venera landed at No. 19, babyblue eyes said what a lot of us were thinking: “Why should it be such a surprise that a newcomer would rate this high? Combine this with yesterday’s gnashing of teeth that SaRenna Lee was only No. 20, and what you can surmise is that there isn’t a lot of historical context among SCORELAND members. Those of us who have been around long enough to have bought SCORE and Voluptuous when they were first issued on the newsstand have an appreciation for the ‘legends’ of the industry, but the number of online votes placed by those early readers are no doubt overwhelmed by those who grew up in the Internet era and might not have sufficient recollection of the likes of Chloe Vevrier or Danni Ashe. But that’s true in any all-time rankings done by popular vote: what’s been published most recently is most recent in the reader’s thoughts.”

My thoughts exactly. But then again…if it’s really true that SCORELAND members lack historical perspective…well, I don’t want to give away the rest of the results, but I will tell you that there’s a lot of historical perspective in the top four, which will be revealed next week. So I’m not sure history has anything to do with it. Of course, that’s a subject for debate.

Members have been reminiscing, which is one of the things a celebration like this is all about. They’ve been telling us who they had in their top five. They’ve been talking about girls who didn’t make the list (so far, that is). They’ve been taking about their love affair with big boobs. There has been a lot of spirited back and forth.

Hitomi is great, but is she too new to be considered among the greatest ever?

Another example of respectful criticism came when Hitomi was unveiled at No. 10. Carney22 wrote, “Not to take anything away from Hitomi; she’s quite lovely, and her breasts are stupendous. But this is just another model whose career began far too recently to be rated this high. This is supposed to be a 20th anniversary series, not a best-of-the-last three years feature. But that’s what you get when you let the readers do the rankings online.”

Okay. Fair enough. But, like I said, get ready for the top four. And remember: SaRenna, Danni, Lorna and Kerry didn’t exactly make their debuts yesterday. They all debuted in the 1990s.

Of course, sometimes, people can’t help but show their fangs, which happened yesterday when Leanne Crow came in at No. 8. Wrote Chuck, “In my humble opinion, to have a model who has never shown pink and never done a b/g scene and is put number 9 in the all time models of SCORE for the last 20 years says one thing…RIGGED! And don’t go talkin about how beautiful she is cause several models placed after her are better looking and definitely show a whole lot more. I’d be willing to bet a Yankee dollar that Ashley Sage Ellison will wind up in the top 5. Gotta take care of them English models, right?”

Well, Chuck, as for Ashley Sage Ellison, you owe us a Yankee dollar. Ashley wasn’t on the “20 for 20″ ballot.

As for your accusation that the whole thing was rigged…well, Chuck, if it was rigged, SaRenna Lee would’ve been in the top three.

Anyway, gentlemen and ladies, keep commenting like gentlemen and ladies. This party has been a blast, and we still have eight days to go!




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