The Office: SCORE style

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 23, 2016 in Confessions, Interviews, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland, Uncategorized

The high-pressure day of a businesswoman is stressful.

That pressure has to be released. Today at SCORELAND, Juliana Simms finds a way during a 20-minute break she has before another damn meeting.

I talked to Juliana after she left the office for the day.

SCORE: Juliana, what attracted you to nude modeling?

Juliana: I was told about The SCORE Group and I thought my body was just right for this kind of modeling.

SCORE: Is there anything we should know about you that we don’t know?

Juliana:  I think that you know all by this time.

SCORE: What clothing do you think you look sexiest in?

Juliana: I think I look sexiest in a dress. Maybe men have other ideas.

Who's really the boss?


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Stuff on a SCORE editor’s desk

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 2, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Confessions, Contest, Life With Big Tits, The Life of an Editor

We just mailed the bra signed by Jasmine Shiraz to the winner of her bra giveaway contest in the October ’12 SCORE magazine. The winner is a mag subscriber and lives in Canada. Mr. J.H. didn’t say what he would do with it. Jasmine’s bra cups are too big to be used as ear muffs during those Canadian winters.

Jasmine’s tit-sling is one of several dozen bras, signed magazines and DVDs we’ve shipped to random contest winners over the past five years. In June, we had that huge 20 For 20 20th Anniversary contest and gave away lots of goodies. That got me to thinking about a topic that evolved into this Blog.

We all collect things on the job over time.

Whatever you do, you probably collect some objects related to your job.

I do, too, but the things I collect are just a bit different from what an auto mechanic or a bartender might save.

This is some of what I have on or in my desk at the SCORE office.

20th Anniversary SCORE cap. The Mexican wrestling mask was used in a Minka and Kayla scene for the DVD SCORE Xtra 5.

SCORE windbreaker.

A figurine sculpted by artist The Great Razooly, a charter SCORE reader. He was profiled in the October '94 edition.


Another view of Tom Razooly's work. Artist, dance club owner and TV horror host in Blocksburg, California.

Boob Cruise 1997 T-shirt signed by all the models on the sailing. Never worn, of course.

A SCORE license plate. Girls with big boobs wave when they see this.

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