The doctor is in…Sheridan Love

Today at SCORELAND, Sheridan Love returns for a physical in “The Doctor Is In,” so it’s the perfect time to announce that Sheridan is the winner of SCORE‘s 2015 Hardcore Performer of the Year. The June 2016 issue is shipping to stores and subscribers now, and this edition has all of the details. Here are the basics: Hitomi has won Model of the Year for the third time, Katie Thornton took Newcomer of the Year and Merilyn Sakova was voted into the SCORE Hall of Fame.

I asked Sheridan about the contest and this scene with Doctor Carlos. (He tied up Sheridan in their first boy-girl.)

SCORE: Sheridan, congratulations. What did you think when you found out you won the Hardcore Performer award?

Sheridan: I honestly thought I would maybe get first or second runner-up, especially being it was my first year shooting hardcore. So excited to be able to say I’m SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year! Thank you so much! You guys had been begging for years to see me with a real cock and obviously you guys really liked it. More to cum!

SCORE: Tell us about this scene with Carlos.

Sheridan: Carlos is a great guy! This scene was wet and slippery. Something about a man in a white lab coat that really gets me hot!

SCORE: You squirted.

Sheridan: I squirted all over! It got super slippery.

SCORE: Would you like to try a nurse-patient scene?

Sheridan: I would love to! I promise to take good care of my patient. I think I would look pretty hot in a nurse’s outfit!

"Who could ask for a better doctor?" Sheridan said. "He did a thorough examination."

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Roxi Red. ‘Nuff said!

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 4, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland

Roxi Red goes to the doctor. He’s a fake doctor, of course. You can tell by the mail order medical degree on the wall.

What mail order degree, you ask?

What wall, you ask?

All you can see is Roxi and her gigantic gazongas.

Congratulations. There’s nothing wrong with you.

A patient who makes a doctor's day.


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Vacation boobs

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 7, 2015 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, breast growth, Life With Big Tits

New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe can give his patients InstaBreasts.

It’s his 15-minute procedure in which a saline solution is directly injected into the breasts. This plumps them up from a whole cup to a cup-and-a-half for 24 hours. No implant is involved.

“The saline gets absorbed by the body,” Dr. Rowe said. “It’s for the women who don’t have time for implants.”

Now he’s working on Vacation Breasts, which may last for two-to-three weeks if successful.

“Twenty-four hours is great,” said Dr. Rowe, “but it’s still just 24 hours.” Dr. Rowe hopes Vacation Breasts will be a go by 2016 if it gets FDA approval.

Vicky Soleil won’t need ‘em.

Vicky Soleil doesn't need InstaBreasts. She's packin'.

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Helloooo Nurse!

Posted by Maria on Jan 22, 2012 in Confessions, Life With Big Tits, Tits in Tight Tops

Renee Ross is built for some serious T.L.C.!

We have spoken to you guys about nurses before. (Trust me.) You can type NURSE in the search bar over there —> and you will see how many different nurse blogs we have written.

But this blog is about my favorite nurse…Renee Ross.

Renee is a special nurse for a few reasons.

The first is that she looks hot in a nurse’s uniform, and really, that should be, like, a requirement at nursing school.

The second is that she is really a nurse in real life, so she might actually take care of you in a hospital some day and her tits might actually be THISFUCKINGCLOSE to your face.

The last is that the nurse fantasy is what I like to call an oldie but goodie and in this layout of Renee from the Holiday 2011 issue of V-mag, she plays a “school” nurse.

Yes, the school nurse…the woman who was responsible for bandaging your ouchies and taking your temperature. (Although I am sure that the sight of Renee in this outfit could give anyone a fever.)

This shot got me to thinking about how many of you have nurse fantasies and then I wondered, “Have any of us actually fulfilled this fantasy?”

Well…have you?

I know that while I have harbored a few crushes on some of my doctors, I have never actually fucked one in the exam room of his private practice.

Nor have I ever had sex with a nurse in a supply closet of some hospital, either.

But I am thinking maybe someone out there has? And just that thought, that somewhere out there people are fucking nurses in closets and cumming all over their uniforms…well, that thought gives me hope.

So while I have yet to go the route of nurse fucking, if you have, I would like to hear about it…

because smut makes me happy. :) It makes everything all better.

Chime in!





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The hidden dangers of unhooking bras

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 3, 2011 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News
Bra hooks. Menace to society?

Bra hooks. Menace to society?

Doctors say that men run the risk of injuring themselves when they take off a woman’s bra. A British medical journal published the case of a 27 year-old patient who suffered major ligament damage and a fracture to one of his fingers while unhooking a bra, twisting the finger when it got caught between the double straps of his friend’s bra. The man ended up with his finger in a splint for three weeks. A surgeon was quoted as saying: “It was a very nasty injury to the second knuckle down the finger. It was the type of thing that is more commonly associated with sport, particularly rock climbing.” Surveys show that 40% of men in their ‘30s and ‘40s have problems removing bras and spend an average of 27 seconds taking a bra off using both hands. The British Journal of Plastic Surgery claimed that right-handed men using their left hand took an average of 58 seconds. (One subject took an unbelievable 20 minutes. Clearly a spazz who should stay away from power tools.) Guys, I urge all of you to take extreme caution when unhooking a bra. God forbid it snaps back and hits you in an eye. Wearing protective goggles will not make you less manly. You know how Scrooge-like the insurance companies are these days. They’ll do whatever they can to weasel out of a claim.

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The miracle of Scarlett Rouge’s dress

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 23, 2010 in New at Scoreland
Don't miss Scarlett medical exam today at SCORELAND.

Don't miss Scarlett's medical exam today at SCORELAND.

Scarlett Rouge visits the doctor today on SCORELAND, walking into his examination room wearing this skin-tight dress that made my jaw drop to the floor. Naturally, he’s one of those doctors who fucks his hot patients right then and there while his waiting room is filled with people reading two-year old copies of Field & Stream magazine. He gives 5’4″ Scarlett a complete physical using his cock as a tongue depressor while managing at the same time to avoid becoming the top story on the nightly news. You’ll like this pictorial, trust me.

“I like to wear skimpy little dresses or jeans and low-cut tops that show my boobs,” 44-inch, 38E-cupped Scarlett told Maria during a sit-down. “I love to show off my tits and get attention. One time I was out with my girlfriends and this guy walked up to me and told me that I was really beautiful, and when I said thanks, he dumped his drink all over my shirt. it was definitely on purpose. I was wearing this skimpy white top and when he did that, it became totally see-through.” We’ll have to recreate that moment the next time Scarlett visits.

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