Tats? What tats? All I see are Dors Feline’s tits

Squeeze those natural puppies, Dors!

The debate over tattoos goes on and on with seemingly no end in sight. But when I look at this picture of Dors Feline, I don’t think, “I could do without the tats.” I do think, “I don’t think I could do without those tits.” Now, granted, if you gave me the choice between tats or no tats, I’d pick no tats almost every time. I say almost because I like tats on tits and I also like tats on shaved pussy mounds. It gives a girl an extra-slutty look.

But when I look at this picture, I know from the reaction down below that the tats don’t matter. The tits do.

By the way, it seems as if former SCORE Girl Mia Khalifa (discovered by yours truly and friends, of course) is getting into cooking. This is a surprising move for a girl who came to our attention when she was working at a greasy spoon burger joint that served up barely edible food. Anyway, I hope things are going well with Mia (although things are not going well with her favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals).

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Is Renee Ross the greatest XL Girl ever? And if she isn’t, who is?

Posted by Dave on May 14, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Cummin Soon, print magazines

The great Renee Ross and her spectacular naturals.

I’m asking because we’re in the process of building the 15th anniversary issue of XL Girls magazine, and it will revolve around the greatest XL Girls ever. Now, you can pretty much guarantee that Renee, Samantha 38G, Sapphire, Micky Bells, Dors Feline, Ashley Sage Ellison, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden will be in this issue. But who else? Who’s on your no-brainer list of girls who undoubtedly should be in this issue? Have Jennica Lynn and Lavina Dream been around long enough? And who do you think is the greatest XL Girl ever. Is it Renee?

Of course, to qualify, the girl had to have appeared in XL Girls magazine at least once.


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How can Maserati’s straps possibly hold her boobs?

This 52-image pictorial of Maserati is off the charts. It posted today at SCORELAND. How can any bra or top made on Earth contain those whoppa-whoppas?

Also posted: Chapter 5 of Big Tit Skinny Dip with Lana Ivans, Terri Jane, Dors Feline and Valory Irene. Underwater boobs? Yes, they float.

Maserati's tits can make you see stars.

The aquatic boobs of Big Tit Skinny Dip.


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Tomorrow at SCORELAND: Sha Rizel and Big Tit Skinny Dip Chapter 4

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 27, 2013 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, Deep Inside Scoreland, DVD, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Sha Rizel wears a red tank dress over a sexy bra and panties. Life is good. And it gets better when Sha takes it all off and shows it all.

In the 4th chapter of the movie Big Tit Skinny Dip (first time on the web), Valory Irene performs an underwater T&A ballet while little hottie Lana Ivans serenely floats on the surface and does naughty things.

Double your pleasure on hump day at SCORELAND.

Valory Irene: aquatic ballerina stars in Big Tit Skinny Dip with Lana, Terri and Dors.

Sha Rizel has something to get off her chest.

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Big Tit Skinny Dip kicks off at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 8, 2013 in Cummin Soon, DVD, eBoobStore.com, New at Scoreland, swimsuits, Tit Tricks

Every Wednesday, SCORELAND will be showing a chapter from the DVD Big Tit Skinny Dip. Filmed in the Dominican Republic, this movie is packed with underwater photography, huge boobs, great girls and lots of tit and pussy play.

Valory Irene, Lana Ivans, Dors Feline and Terri Jane star and what mermaids they make.

Now showing: Valory trying on incredibly skimpy bikinis. Terri Jane oiling her massively huge knockers and jumping into a pool where our camera-wielding diver awaits her heavenly floaters.

Tune in every Wednesday to see this special bonus in addition to our regularly scheduled posting. It’s summertime and the floating is easy.

So who needs a floatation device?


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Boob stacking Sunday

Almost but nope, this is not boob stacking. Beverly and Catt.

I suppose I could blog about girls wearing bunny ears today (we’ve got some photos) but I’d rather skip the hopping and look at boob stacking.

Boob stacking is when a girl places her pair on top of another girl’s pair to make a boob shelf. It’s not the kind of shelf building you’ll see in home improvement TV shows.

I always encourage the photographers to get a boob stacking shot when they’ve got at least two models on their hands (figuratively speaking).
This is not about the girls compressing their tits nipple-to-nipple which is great too. This is not about a model laying on top of another model, their nipples touching. That’s a popular position also. This is about stacking.

Micky and Natalie Fiore double stack attack Hitomi.


Some photographers will have a model stack her boobs on another model’s ass cheeks. That’s okay if the girl is leaning over to spread the other girl’s pussy and butthole but I’d still call that ass stacking. I prefer boob stacking.

Camelia Davis and Haydee Rodriguez.

Samantha and Renee Ross.

Dors and Terri Jane.













There are so many tricks that tits can do. Boob stacking is one of them.

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Tattoos: What’s the big deal?

Posted by Maria on Dec 21, 2012 in Life With Big Tits, The Life of an Editor

I like Dors Feline's tatas AND tattoos.

There’s always a debate going on at SCORELAND. Sometimes it’s about fake tits vs real tits. Sometimes it’s about hairy pussies. Sometimes it’s about preggos. And recently it’s been about tattoos.

Now, I want to come out and say that I am an advocate for everything I just mentioned AND tattoos, too.

I mean, I don’t personally LOVE furry pussies, but if a chick wants to keep her slit furry, that’s cool with me.

I am not into preggos per say, but if a hot preggo wants to show me her tits, I am game.

And I like all tits, fake, real, big, small, hangers or perkies. I love them all.

I just like naked women.

That’s it.

So when I hear all this debate about tattoos, I just don’t get it.

I mean, do I have tattoos? Yes. I have a lot of them.

Terri Jane's inked up and I like her just fine.

But do I have an opinion about them on chicks? Yeah, I like them.

Sabrina Linn may have a lot of tats, but all I see is TITS!

Tattooed chicks are kinda fucking hot. I mean, that’s just my opinion, but it’s true.

However, do I get all bent out of shape when a chick DOESN’T have tattoos? No way, man!

Because I think all women are beautiful in their own way and really, if a hot chick takes all her clothes off in front of me, the LAST THING I am thinking about is what she has or doesn’t have on her skin. I mean, really…you put a nice pair of juicy tits in my face and I probably don’t even know the model in front of me has skin.

So I don’t understand the debate about tattoos. I mean, I get it, some people don’t like them, but does it matter when it comes to busty babes?

I don’t think so. If I were to discriminate against tattooed chicks, I would have never fallen for Dors Feline or Sabrina Linn.

I would have never given hottie Terri Jane a second glance.

The same goes for newcomer Scarlet LaVey, too.

Thank goodness I didn’t even really notice their ink, though!

I was too busy checking out their more interesting parts.

And really, that’s how it should be.

I know that this post will spark up a debate between tattoo lovers and tattoo haters, but what I am really asking is DOES IT MATTER IF A CHICK HAS AMAZING TITS?

I don’t think so.

Tattoos…what’s the big deal?



Scarlet LaVey has tattoos and that's cool with me!


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New Tits! Hey, hey, hey…Scarlet LaVey!

Posted by Maria on Nov 27, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, Tits in Tight Tops

Scarlet is a real girl-next-door...if the girl next door was hot and liked threesomes!

I love when I get to hang out with a new model in the SCORELAND studio.

You know, just two chicks talkin’ about boobs and sex and all the other things that come up in conversation when I chit-chat with newbs.

Scarlet has tattoos and two sexy H-cup tits.

Today I got to hang out with busty newcomer Scarlet LaVey and she is HOT. I am talking about very hot. And tattooed. And HOT. And she has great, big titties. H-cup tits, in fact.

And of course I wouldn’t tell you she is hot and then not tell you why, so allow me to Wow! you with some titillating facts about Ms. LaVey.

1) She is hot. (But you already knew that.) She also reminds me of one of my faves, Dors Feline.

2) She is an ex-ballerina and very flexible. (But more on that in an upcoming post, I promise.)

3) She likes rough tit-play.

4) She likes threesomes.

5) Her fantasy is to have sex with 20 tattooed guys at once.

6) She likes it when men check out her tits.

7) She loves latex.

8) She can also tap dance. (So can I, which led to a lot of talk about tap dancing topless.)

9) She is a very good artist.

10) She is only 20-years-old.

There are more things that I can tell you about this sexy lady, but you will have to stay tuned to find out.

I promise you…you will love getting to know Scarlet. She ranks high on the Hubba-Hubba Scale.






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I give thanks to those who give us their T&A

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 26, 2012 in DVD, Men's Products, New DVD Releases

The new DVD Ready For Stuffing. Yes, they are.

Thanksgiving may be over for another year, but for me, it’s something I celebrate every day because I give thanks every single day for huge-boobed ladies, especially the ones who toss off their bras and panties here.

It kind of goes boob-in-bra-cup with the holiday I singlehandedly created in another Blog, National Areolae Day. When I am elected president, this holiday will become a federal one.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, the title of this new DVD at eBoobStore is a phrase you may have heard at the Thanksgiving table last week: Ready For Stuffing.

It’s right hours on four discs and stars 30 models! The complete list of girls is in the eBoobStore description.

The gal on the cover is the California goddess Michelle May, one of the many primo babes selected for this collection.

Assuming you watch one scene a day, it’ll take you a month to watch this DVD.  I call that a deal a tit-man can’t refuse.



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What voters are saying about the 2012 SCORE and Voluptuous Awards

The SCORE and Voluptuous contests at SCORELAND have been open for about three weeks. The January ’13 SCORE with its contest ballot has been on news racks for two weeks, and the January ’13 Voluptuous with its ballot just hit stores a few days ago.

A sample ballot for SCORE is here.

A sample ballot for Voluptuous is here.

There’s no excuse to not vote.

Aside from making their decisions, what do some voters have to say? Here’s a selection of opinions in this difficult election year. Man, everyone has different ideas and choices. Different strokes for different folks. And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo bee…

“This year it was extremely hard to pick the models for the awards. They are all so HOT! For SCORE Newcomer of the Year, I chose Siri. From head to toe, she is smoking! Model of the Year was hard for me because I have always picked my favorite, Karina Hart, but since she was not in the running this year, I chose my second favorite all- time SCORE model, Angela White. Hall of Fame: Lacey Legends. Hardcore Performer of the Year: Stephanie Stalls. Her scene in Busty Anal Sluts is fantastic!-L.H.”

“Africa Sexxx has now performed hardcore in SCORE videos three or four times. I like her incredible build, big, natural boobs, small waist, big butt/hips and she seems to have a great attitude/charisma. Twice now she has done anal. I had to write her in because she was one of the reasons I decided to purchase Cocoa Nut Busters. I don’t purchase many DVDs each year. I picked Venera for Model of the Year because she is such a good and rare discovery; such a petite frame with big, natural boobs and a great ass, yet it was close with Valory Irene, who has appeared in the magazines and videos much more. Estelle may have been such a rare find; she exceeds all others in this category as far as looks and figure. You’ve got to get her back. Julia Miles is a long-time favorite of mine: big, beautiful tits and a hardcore performer as well.–E.S.”

J.S.T. from Barcelona, Spain explains his voting in the V-mag contest:

“2012 Newcomer of the Year: Siri. She has an innocent face and nice body.
2012 Plumper of the Year: Dors Feline. I like her tattoos.
2012 Model of the Year: Gya Roberts. The hottest girl on the Net.
2012 Ass of the Year: Karina Hart. She is juicy and hot.
2012 Pussy of the Year: Gya Roberts. I like her pussy lips.
2012 XXX Model of the Year: Maserati. She knows how to fuck.”

So make your voice heard. Vote!

I approve this message.


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