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Big-Boob Finishing School: Eden Mor and Michelle Bond bump, grind and twerk

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 30, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, DVD, eBoobStore.com, girl-girls, New at Scoreland

Big Boob Finishing School headmistress Michelle Bond believes that pleasing men requires a great deal of study and training.

The British self-help guru, author and teacher includes lap dance instruction in her manual, “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men.”

But manuals can’t take the place of real practice.

Today at SCORELAND, Michelle is going to train Israeli sweater stretcher Eden Mor in the art of lap dancing.

“Perhaps you are wondering why you are dressed the way you are,” Michelle asks Eden. “You are dressed the way you are because all men love strippers, and nothing turns a man on more than having his girlfriend or wife dance for him.”

The training begins in today’s chapter, “The Art of the Lap Dance.” Plus a behind-the-scenes video with extras and bloopers.

Big-Boob Finishing School: The Art Of The Lap Dance

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Rubbing off at SCORE’s Big Boob Finishing School

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 23, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland

In today’s SCORELAND episode of Big Boob Finishing School, Headmistress Michelle Bond, the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men,” requests a volunteer to demonstrate what a girl should do when her man comes home from work beat-up and stressed. Valory Irene volunteers! One of those things she does is a nice, soothing massage to rub out the problems and stresses of the day.  Click here to see the trailer. And see what happens after-hours. Click here.

Valory gets rubbed down in Big Boob Finishing School.

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Starts Wednesday at SCORELAND: Big Boob Finishing School

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 30, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, DVD, eBoobStore.com, Men's Products, New at Scoreland


Students assemble at Big Boob Finishing School in Portugal.

First time at SCORELAND…When Arianna Sinn, Sophie Mae, Valory Irene, Lana Ivans and Eden Mor receive an invitation in the mail from the headmistress of the Big Boob Finishing School, Michelle Bond, they are intrigued.

They travel to Michelle’s historic villa to learn her secrets about attracting and holding on to a guy. A spectacular cast of international hotties star in this SCORE feature film shot completely on-location in scenic Portugal.

If you loved On Location Key Largo, On Location Costa Del Sol and other SCORE feature movies, you’ll love Big Boob Finishing School.

Lesson #1: How to dress for sex-cess.

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This kind of big-boob DVD happens once, say, every 16 years

Posted by Dave on Aug 18, 2012 in Boobs in the News, DVD, New DVD Releases, Other SCORE Group websites

The first two volumes of The Greatest Big-Bust Video Ever were huge sellers. Gigantic sellers. Among our best-selling DVDs and videos ever. Movies that passed the test of time.

So, when something is so popular, what do you do? You rush out a third volume, right? Well, in this case, wrong. Vol. 2 was released in 1996. That’s right, 1996. And, in all honesty, I never thought we’d see Vol. 3. But, now, finally, it’s here.

The Greatest Big-Bust DVD Ever, Vol. 3, truly reflects how much things have changed since 1996. For one, notice the name: “DVD” not “Video.” Second, the first two editions were packed with mega-slim ‘n’ stacked babes from the 1990s. This one is all-natural. That’s right. Not a drop of silicone to be found.

Of course, the lineup is spectacular. Take a deep breath: Hitomi, Karina Hart, Siri, Leanne Crow, Valory Irene, Elaina Gregory, Sophie Mae, Kali West, Jenna Valentine, Gya Roberts, Maggie Green, Michelle Bond, Eden Mor, Cherry Brady, Melissa Manning…okay, I’m going to stop listing them all. I’m just going to give you the numbers:

48 girls. Four discs. 14 hours.

$49.95 at eBoobStore.com. Don’t wait for Vol. 4. At this rate, it won’t be released until 2026.

See the trailer now.


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Candid Boob Camera

In stores next week: the Holiday ’11 SCORE starring Dolly Delight, Leanne Crow, Sheridan Love, Catt Green, Sandra Star, Chica, Alia Janine, Valory Irene, Eden Mor, Sophie Mae and a chance to win Maserati’s autographed bra in “Boob Beat.”

Check out the just-released Fall DVD catalog in PDF.

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Venera’s covered front and back. Or should we say uncovered?

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 5, 2011 in Men's Products, newcomers
December '11 SCORE now at your favorite rack.

Now at your favorite rack.

The back cover...naturally.

The back cover...naturally.

Venera’s stackitude is mindboggling. How can anyone so slim be so naturally busty? And yet, seeing is believing. I pondered the same question in 2005 when Merilyn Sakova exploded onto the scene. I realize there’s no definitive answer. It’s a miracle of nature in how body mass is distributed, and that’s the only answer I can come up with. And I’m grateful for this phenomenon. And to Venera for showing us what nature has bestowed upon her.

Venera’s debut in the December ’11 SCORE, now being stacked on newsstand racks all over the world, will have the same impact. There will be lots of rack studying going on in numerous countries from the States to Sweden to Australia.

Also starring in this edition: Maserati; Michelle Bond and Eden Mor; Angel Gee; Valory Irene; Brooke Tyler; Kaytee Carter; Kelly Christiansen & Karen Fisher XXX; and a DVD preview of Big Tit A-List 2.

Pick up a copy at your local store or get it with a few clicks at eBoobStore.com.

Either way, don’t miss it.

And get to know Venera on DVD. Available now and only from SCORE, Venera’s Busty Debut, filmed in Jamaica, is the first DVD to showcase the slim-n-stacked hottie. See the trailer at eBoobStore.com.

She's boobalicious!

She's boobalicious!

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Movies that tit-loving guys should own

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 31, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, DVD, Men's Products
Big Boob Finishing School. Where the elite meet.

Big Boob Finishing School. Where the elite meet.

If Big-Boob Finishing School did not exist, we would be forced to create it as a public service for girls who want to become better girlfriends.

At this critically acclaimed center for advancement in the science and art of man-pleasing, Michelle Bond is the knowledgeable head mistress.

In fact, Miss Bond wrote the best selling book, The Ultimate Guide For Pleasing Men, featured in this film.

Our camera crew traveled to Miss Bond’s posh estate in Portugal, where she allowed us to film her stacked students–Valory Irene, Arianna Sinn, Sophie Mae, Lana Ivans and Eden Mor–during actual classes as they learned the step-by-step techniques of making a guy feel like a king.

This is a DVD for every man with big boobs on his brain 24-7 and one he can even watch with his girlfriend, wife or friend with benefits.

The courses taught include:

1) How girls should dress to please a guy.

2) How a girl can be a porn star in her own bedroom.

3) The art of oily massage.

4) How to give the perfect lap dance.

5) How a guy should be woken up in the morning.

And much more plus lots of behind-the-scenes extras.

Check out the trailer and get your copy of Big-Boob Finishing School today at eBoobStore.com.

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Sheridan: A very Tweet girl

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 28, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, birthdays, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland, newcomers
Sheridan Love: pictorial and video now at SCORELAND.

Sheridan Love: pictorial and video now at SCORELAND.

The only uses I see for Twitter are finding models or burglarizing someone’s place when they Tweet that they’re out for dinner and a movie or on vacation. Since I’m a proper, law-abiding citizen, my sole interest is in possibly spotting new girls with the right-sized boobs for SCORE. And that’s where the lovely and talented Sheridan Love comes in.

Our studio staff saw her on Twitter, where Sheridan Tweets her heart out and they connected. You first saw Sheridan here at the Blog. See her first–her very first–pictorial and video right now at SCORELAND. She’s never posed naked before.

Eden Mor born June 28.

Eden Mor born June 28.

And that’s something to Tweet about. She wears a 34G bra, has pierced nipples, a finger-lickin’ good pussy (you’ll see), a beautiful face and bod and a girl-next-door personality that reminds me of Brianna Costello and Vixen LaMoore. Sheridan makes her SCORE mag debut in the Holiday ’11 issue (on the newsstands October 4th). Just in time to enter the 2011 Newcomer of the Year contest.

Better boob finding through technology. Hey, why not? I used to check out MySpace, but that place is like a ghost town now. The social media geography is loaded with failed, multi-million dollar debris–Friendster, Hi5, Bebo, Tagged. Will someone please create a social network for big-boobed girls only and the men who love them?

And a big birthday shout-out to Eden Mor (Big-Boob Finishing School) and Indianna Jaymes. Have a happy.

Indianna Jaymes born June 28.

Indianna Jaymes born June 28.

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Letters. We get letters. Some are better than others.

Posted by Dave on Jun 21, 2011 in Boob Watch, swimsuits
Does Angelique prove C.A.'s point?

Does Angelique prove C.A.'s point?

For example, there’s this letter from C.A. of West Midlands, United Kingdom. He writes, “I’m a lover of both natural and fake tits, but in my opinion, fake tits always win as far as bikinis go. Soft, natural tits can’t quite manage that, which is why fake tits will always look better in bikinis. Other great examples are Minka, Crystal Gunns, Donita Dunes and, of course, the ultimate bikini babe, Angelique.”

You know, C.A. might have a point, and I think I know why he could be right. But, on the other hand, is there anything better than a girl with big, natural tits running down the beach, her boobs bouncing out of her bikini?

You're looking at Eden's eyes right now, right?

You're looking at Eden's eyes right now, right?

Then there’s J.C. of Oklahoma City who writes, “The eyes have it! Eden has the loveliest eyes I have seen in a long time. I recall that Autumn-Jade had lovely eyes also. What do you think about a reader survey of the best eyes?”

Sure. I’m fine with a survey, although I think J.C. should act like a gentlemen and stop staring at girls’ eyes when he should be looking at their tits.

Karina's legs are very nice, but are they her best feature?

Karina's legs are very nice, but are they her best feature?

M.C. from Woodhaven, Michigan is looking in a different direction. He writes, “I just watched the DVD Karina Hart As You Wish. Holy shit, she is perfect! But I must say the part of her that turns me on the most is her legs. Sorry to be redundant, but perfect is the best word to describe them. The way they are shaped is just too much. They’re creamy white and so sexy that I just could not take my eyes off them. I would die to suck on her luscious thighs for just five minutes.”

In all three letters, the writers present interesting points of view (which is why I published them in “Scorecard” in the print edition of SCORE). Any comments, Blog Men and Women?

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Eden’s new look

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 4, 2011 in Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland, New DVD Releases
Eden Mor July '11 SCORE

Eden Mor July '11 SCORE

Voluptuous was the first men’s mag to photograph the chesty Israeli model Eden Mor. There are very few girls from Israel in the SCORE world. After that first time, Eden traveled to Spain, along with Kelly Kay, Joana Bliss, Crisa, Bozena and Florri in 2004. She and Bozena paired off in the breastfest DVD Knockin’ Nipples. After that, we lost touch until recently. Eden has changed.

Quite a collection here.

Quite a collection here.

After Taylor Stevens in Canada, Eden Mor is the second Voluptuous/XL Girl to have had a dramatic weight reduction during the past year. It doesn’t happen very often. For the most part, models tend to gain weight and boobage. Autumn-Jade is the perfect example.

This year, a slimmer, trimmer Eden joined Valory, Arianna Sinn, Michelle Bond, Lana Ivans, and Sophie Mae in Portugal for Big-Boob Finishing School. SCORELAND is showing Eden’s pictorial from the July ’11 SCORE mag today.

Natasha's July '11 SCORE pictorial.

Natasha's July '11 SCORE pictorial.

Opinions from the guys vary, but the majority of the comments about the new-look Eden have been good. Jeff wrote, “Eden, I’m one of your biggest fans. You have always been incredible and the slimmer version is absolutely smokin’ hot. Gorgeous face, incredible figure, and great personality. You have the best boobs on the planet (especially your nipples), plus I love your shaved pussy and incredible legs and ass. It’s heart attack time!” Alt commented: “Outstanding. I am fan of both versions of this grand lady and her magnificent hangers but this latest thinner version is simply stunning.” And RE wrote: “I much prefer her on the bigger side but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.” A true diplomat.

Tomorrow, Natasha Dulce from July ’11 SCORE. Fresh, hot, sexy, stacked and every other adjective you could think of.

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