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A 10-page special about this issue’s covergirls taking over the Dominican Republic. A contest to win Sha Rizel’s signed bra. An interview with Shay Fox.

Angel Wicky and Karen Fisher in XXX bra-busting. The new DVD SCORE Xtra 14 is previewed.

Otis Sweat’s latest “SCORE Next Door” painting. Readers write “Scorecard” with suggestions, ideas and comments. And much more.

Embedded videos in the digital version, a free DVD in most retail store editions.

Get yours today!

In July 2014 SCORE magazine, now on-sale:

Angel Wicky
Christy Marks
Estelle Taylor
Holly Brooks
Karen Fisher
Marisa Carlo
Sha Rizel
Shay Fox
Valory Irene


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Posted by Elliot James on Mar 25, 2014 in DVD, New DVD Releases

A Breastacular DVD.

8 hours of 33 SCORE Girls on 3 DVDs.

For $39.95?

That’s Breastacular.

No guys. Just sexy covergirls and centerfold girls.

Breast and nipple pleasure, lip-spreading, top-stretching, toying, bra destroying, working-out, showering, stripping, oiling, jack encouragement, dirty talk and more.

Alia Janine, Angel Gee, Bella French, Beshine, Brooke Tyler, Cameron Skye, Cassandra Calogera, Charley J. Matthews, Christy Marks, Contessa Rose, Dominno, Estelle Taylor, Eva Notty, Isis Haze, Jessi Rhodes, Karen Fisher, Karina Hart, Katarina Dubrova, Kelly Christiansen, Kitana Flores, Kora Kyrk, Kristy Klenot, Kylee Nash, Lillian Faye, Mandy Pearl, Melissa Mandlikova, Merilyn Sakova, Morgan Page, Rockell, Sha Rizel, Sheridan Love, Stephanie Stalls and Taylor Stevens. Check out the trailer at eBoobStore.com.

Sheridan Love: One of the 33 Breastacular SCORE Girls in this 3-disc DVD.


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Big, big, big boobs are served this holiday weekend at SCORELAND!

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 28, 2013 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Holidays, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Angel Wicky: It’s Angel’s first hardcore scene at SCORELAND, and it’s starting not just with a bang but with a double penetration bang! (Even long-time SCORE Girls rarely do DP.) Photo set and video.

Daylene Rio: The one and only Daylene opens her suitcase and tries on some of the sexy dresses, tops and underwear she’s brought to SCORE. Photo set and two videos.

Roxanne Miller: Bright, bouncy and well-read, Roxanne is at the forefront of a new generation of busty, English-speaking Romanian girls who have discovered the world of hot modeling at SCORELAND. Photo set and video.

Patty Michova: Patty is in the kitchen this month. But the only thing Patty will be baking is your junk. Photo set and video.

And earlier in the week: Estelle Taylor, Sharon Pink, Rene Love,  Lorna Morgan, Gianna Rossi, Terry Nova,  Claudia Kealoha,  Lily Madison,  Marie Leone,  Joana and Elle Flynn’s wild hardcore debut.

Non-stop big boobs seven days a week.


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The girl with the bikini bod

Posted by Elliot James on May 5, 2013 in New at Scoreland, newcomers

Today is the third pictorial of Estelle Taylor, December ’12 SCORE covergirl. A matching video follows on Monday.

If any girl has the bod for a bikini, it’s Estelle. Bikini designers could use her figure as a template.

We were talking about Estelle at lunch last week. She has the slender yet shapely body and beautiful face that you see in Miss Universe-style beauty contests.

“Estelle Taylor’s first layout, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at that layout,” ED wrote “Scorecard.”

Now he has a new one to look at multiple times.

Estelle Taylor is back today and tomorrow.


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How the voting is shaping up for the 2012 SCORE Awards

Posted by Dave on Dec 7, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Contest, Poll

I would really like to know how the conversation went when Minka asked her teammates to vote for her for Hardcore Performer of the Year.

You have just 24 days remaining until the ballot box closes at SCORELAND for the 2012 SCORE Awards. We’ve been busy counting the votes (thousands of them have been pouring in at the website and also from SCORE readers), and here’s a look at how the races are shaping up.

For Newcomer of the Year, it’s looking like a two-way race between Hitomi and Siri, which doesn’t surprise me at all. I actually thought Hitomi would be an easy winner, but then Elliot said he thought Siri would win, so that led to a little lunch bet. Sabrina Linn, Melissa Manning and Estelle Taylor are in the running, too, but they have a lot of ground to make up between now and midnight on December 31.

For Model of the Year, I’ve never seen a year in which the voting was so close, and if you asked me right now who I think is going to win, I’d say, “Who knows?” Valory Irene, Angela White, Venera, Leanne Crow, Beshine, Eva Notty…they’re all getting a lot of support, and who’s ahead depends on the day, even the hour.

For Hardcore Performer of the Year (the one award in which you really have to fuck your way to the top), another close race is brewing among Daylene Rio, Stephanie Stalls, Brittany O’Neil, Desiree, Kitana Flores and Minka. Speaking of Minka, I just received a package with about 15 ballots from members of Minka’s tennis team, all voting for their teammate for Hardcore Performer of the Year.

Finally, the Hall of Fame: I have high hopes that Alyssa Alps is finally going to get admitted, but don’t look now because Cindy Cupps, Sammie, Crystal Gunns and Colt 45 are breathing right down her bra straps.

As I said, the ballot box closes at midnight on December 31. Winners will be announced in the May 2013 issue of SCORE…unless I decide to leak the results before then.


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Here comes the boom boom

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 19, 2012 in Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Joana Bliss

It’s a busy, busty weekend at SCORELAND, XLGirls and SCOREVideos.com.

Discovered in Romania back in 2004 when we first visited that great nation, Joana Bliss is back at SCORELAND in a brand-new photo set and video, and she’s looking better than ever. Joana hasn’t been seen in SCORE since the March 2007 issue and in the December 2006 Voluptuous. Many glorious babes have come from Romania in recent years (Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans, Jasmine Black, and most recently Roxanne Miller and Estelle Taylor, to name a few ). I know there are still more new discoveries to find in Romania. The Force is strong there. I can feel it.

Post-pregnant Shyla Shy lactates.

If you are lactose intolerant, please be aware that there’s going to be a lot of milking going on at SCORELAND. Your monitor may need a windshield wiper. We photographed Shyla Shy when she was seven months knocked-up, doing what led to her getting knocked-up in the first place. We photographed Shyla at over eight-months pregnant and sporting a massive belly bump. We’re happy to report that Shyla has delivered her bundle of joy safe and sound and is back for more sport-sex again like the voluptuous MILF she is. Shyla was also happy to share some knocker-nectar with her boff-buddy Carlos.

Milk. It's what's for breastfest.

And rounding and mounding out the weekend is the amazing colossal woman Roxi Red, the big hit of SCORELAND. Roxi Red is already in the user-created Top 20 models page along with such superstars as Renee Ross, Christy Marks and Kelly Christiansen. There was even a comment  from SCORE reader’s wife Barbie Kelly’s husband: “This is Mr. Kelley, husband of SCOREmodel Barbie Kelley. We were in Miami doing Barbie’s photo shoot and just caught a glimpse of this beautiful lady as the elevator closed. Holy cow, this is one sexy lady…never have I hated so bad to see an elevator door close.” One of the bustiest naturals, Roxi’s boobs might even generate their own gravitational fields. Our photographer of “Size Matters” felt his camera being pulled from his hands when Miss Red popped and dropped her top.

Roxi Red reveals.

Speaking of big, bigger, and bigness, bra-wrecker Maserati is back, front and center again, and her first stop is SCOREVideos.com in the new video “Breastfest In Bed.” Maserati is a walking busty wet dream when she appears in the bedroom to awaken a male pipe-fitter. In her hands, a tray loaded with bananas, whipped cream, strawberries. It’s a breakfast and a breastfest of champions. If Maserati looks bustier than ever, it’s because she is and we have an upcoming Blog video that proves it so stay tuned. Maserati doesn’t wake him up with a song (She has a nice singing voice. Check out SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011.) but she does give him a nice hummer. Welcome back, Maserati.

Tits-a-poppin' Maserati.

And over at XLGirls.com, Delilah Black spins “That Young Black Magic” on an eager dude. Her birthday is October 31, Halloween, and she’s a Scorpio, the sexiest sign of the Zodiac. Like the Delilah of old, this Delilah drains the strength out of men but with her tits, lips and hips, not with haircuts. “I figure the Gods blessed me with this body so to hide it would be blasphemous,” admits the big-boob goddess as another horny disciple worships at the altar of her cleavage and curves. Got that right!

Delilah's ready to get tapped.

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Tits…IN YOUR FACE! Pt. 2

Posted by Maria on Aug 22, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits

A while ago I told you guys how much I love one of our signature shots…

the one where a model’s tits appear to be right in your face.

I appropriately called that blog, Tits…IN YOUR FACE!

Well, since then, I have been collecting my favorite in your face shots.

I want to state here that there is nothing better than tits in your face. I mean, you can try and come up with something better. I will give you a moment to digest what I just said.

Sure, some of you are going to say pussy. Okay, sure, pussy is awesome and having one in your face might be great, but if some random woman came up to you and put her pussy in your face, it wouldn’t be that awesome. It might not be the kind of pussy you like. It might be a furry pussy when you prefer your box bald. There are a lot of factors that make pussy, random pussy, in your face not as palatable as tits. Now, if a random, stacked woman walked up to you on the street and said, “Hey! How are you doing, cowboy?” and then she proceeded to whip her jugs out and put them in your face…well, I don’t care what kind of tits you like, in that moment those tits in your face would be the best thing ever.

There is no way that tits in your face would ever be un-awesome. It just doesn’t compute. Plus, if you ask me, these tits in your face showcase the fine details of these hotties’ tits that make each of them unique like snowflakes. In the tits in your face shots, you get to see the veins, the outline of the areolae, the way a nipple puckers up when it’s hard. All of those details are what make being that close to a woman’s tits amazing.

So take a moment to click on each pic above and let it get nice and big on your screen and then revel in the fact that here at SCORELAND, we put tits in your face all the time.

We know…you love us for it. It’s all in a day’s work!





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A salute to Romania, land of chesty charmers

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 17, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Life With Big Tits, newcomers

The 9th largest nation in the European Union bordered by Hungary, Serbia, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

A country with a rich, complex history.

And a place where many fine-looking, big-boobed ladies live.

We know because we photograph them; sometimes there, sometimes elsewhere, because they take their clothes off.

When getting ready to publish Roxanne Miller’s latest pictures and video the other day, I thought about Romania and what it means to me.

Had I known about their natural resources, I’d have moved there years ago.

Not oil. I mean Lana Ivans, Joana and others.

Here’s our salute to this great nation.

I need more of them for SCORELAND. And I love their accents.

They get a Gold Medal for contributing so many awesome dolls.

Just tell me who to mail it to.


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Kitana’s first threesome, the perfect starfish and the hottest, bustiest ballerina you’ve ever seen!

Tits hanging, ass up. Kitana Flores is truly an inspiration.

Seems like yesterday, but it was less than two weeks ago that Maria blogged with Kitana Flores about her new scenes. Both are historic. Kitana’s first anal is already live at SCORELAND. This is a major event because when I think about girls who I want to see getting ass-fucked, Kitana is high on my list. I think there are two criteria for a girl to make that list: 1.) She has to have a nice ass. 2.) She has to have a nice asshole. Kitana scores on both counts.

Quick aside: If you want to see one of the nicest asses and possibly the nicest asshole ever, check out Raquel Sieb at 50PlusMILFs.com. What’s amazing about Raquel (who has big tits, by the way) is that her asshole has been fucked a lot (and it gets fucked again here), yet it has survived the ravages of big cock and continues to be a perfect starfish. Truly a thing of beauty. Poetry has been written about Raquel’s asshole. Well, not really, but it should be.

You owe it to yourself to see Raquel Sieb's tits, ass and asshole at 50PlusMILFs.com. Yes, she does anal.

Anyway, back to Kitana. Ass-fucked. And, now, live at SCOREVideos.com, Kitana is having her first threesome. Kitana told Maria that she isn’t into threesomes in her personal life but was looking forward to this one because, “I’m going to feel like a queen. I’m going to get so much attention.”

Attention? Yes. Plenty of it. The two dudes can’t keep their mitts off her tits, her ass, her pussy. Everything. But queen? I’m not so sure about that. I don’t know about you, but when I think about queens (the Queen Elizabeth type), I don’t think, “Glazed, cum-coated face. Cum dripping off her chin and down to her tits.” Because that’s how Kitana looks at the end of this scene.

I know it's hard to believe, but Estelle is a ballerina.

Back to that anal thing for a second: Which SCORE Girls would you like to see get ass-fucked? I have my list, and I think I’m going to be able to scratch a girl off it next week. I hope, that is. You know what they say…the opera isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Well, in this case, the SCORE Girl hasn’t been ass-fucked until she moans, “Oh, I love that big cock in my ass!” So keep your fingers crossed this weekend. If it all works out, I’ll let you in on the details on Thursday. And if it doesn’t, I won’t.

Now you’re trying to guess, aren’t you?

Also this weekend at SCORELAND: Romanian newcomer Estelle Taylor, the bustiest ballerina you’ve ever seen. A true hottie. I’d love to see her get ass-fucked, but let’s take this one step at a time. Step One this Sunday and Monday.

Enjoy the weekend. Invite some friends over for a BBQ. Make it a threesome.




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