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Two try to tame titillating Tigerr in a torrid tush-tapping threesome

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 23, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, Hardcore XXX, Interviews, New at Scoreland

Tigerr's slave-boys are in for it. She wants cocks in her pussy and butthole. That's the only use she has for them besides making tea.

Operative word “try.” But this kitty can’t be tamed in today’s scene at SCORELAND. A candidate in SCORE‘s Hardcore Performer of the Year contest, tit-heavy Tigerr has a taste for deep throat and DPs.

Tigerr was relaxing in Japan when I reached her to talk about this scene.

SCORELAND: Hi, Tigerr and Merry Christmas. Usually in your scenes, you are submissive. In this one, you are dominant. Off-camera, what do you lean to when having sex, dom or sub?

Tigerr: I am both. It depends on my mood and the guy. I love it when I pull the guy around and make him worship every part of my body. But equally when the guy grabs me by my hair and forces me onto him. Passion is the most important thing.

SCORELAND: You’ve said that you prefer DP scenes because it seems dirtier and makes you cum harder. What pushes your button harder during the DP, the physical part or what’s in your mind?

Tigerr: Everything in my mind in that situation becomes dirtier. Especially when the guys compliment me while they are enjoying me. I like the feeling of pleasing them both as well as being pleased in all my holes.

SCORELAND: Tell us about your plans for 2017.

Tigerr: I hope to shoot for SCORE much more and be your number one girl! I will be doing more travel and coming to the USA, too. I love traveling, meeting more fans and getting more cock!



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The busty baroness of beat-downs is called Dolly Fox

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 12, 2016 in cosplay, New at Scoreland, Uncategorized

Get ready to tumble, crumble and get humble.

She is the Mistress of Mayhem, the Princess of Punishment, the Sovereign of Sadism, and she’s happy to whack and smack your back on her rack.

Prepare, if you dare, to enter the lair of Dolly Fox.

“I enjoy this side because it’s nice to escape this sweet and always funny girl,” Dolly said. “Sometimes it’s nice to be tough. I don’t hide it. Sometimes I enjoy punishing men. I really enjoyed shooting this SM dominatrix video.”

Starts today!

Aka "The Punisher."

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The most-overlooked part of Vanessa Y.’s body…or have you not been overlooking it?

Posted by Dave on Oct 29, 2016 in Contest, cosplay, New at Scoreland

The girl's got booty.

There are several reasons Vanessa Y. is the reigning Voluptuous Model of the Year. She’s beautiful and has huge, natural tits. She’s an outstanding model who projects her sexuality and sensuality. But there’s more to it than that.

“Voluptuous” doesn’t just mean tits. It means curves, and curves means waist and hips, too. Ass. Vanessa Y. has a great ass. A lot of V-Girls have great asses (Karina Hart and Siri immediately come to mind). Vanessa’s is exceptional, too. It’s full and womanly. It’s fleshy. It’s the kind of ass we want to tap.

It’s on display today at SCORELAND in new photos and a video. This is a fetish set in which Vanessa wears a Latex dress and fishnet stockings and tries to act bad. But we know better. We know she’s very good.

Oh, her hairy pussy…did I forget that? I know you didn’t.

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Juliana Simms: too nice to crack a whip?

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 20, 2016 in New at Scoreland

That’s my opinion. This was a change of pace for Juliana Simms, a step out of her nice, bubbly nature. If Juliana ever decided to become a fetish mistress, she would be the nicest fetish mistress in the business. She could be “The Smiling S&M Mistress.”

Juliana wouldn’t whip you until you screamed in pain. She’d just tickle you with the whip until you laughed so hard, you couldn’t breathe. And then she would start crying, worried that she hurt you.

I once visited an SM/BD get-together in a commercial dungeon as an observer, not a participant. The people there, over a dozen men and women, were nice enough outside of their role-playing non-sexual games, but I couldn’t wait to get out of there. And the women looked nothing like Juliana.

I’d rather just play motorboat with Juliana than get a lashing. I think you’d agree with me.

Starts today at SCORELAND.

Next weekend, Vanessa Y. is a bondage mistress in a dungeon, and she gets her “dominatrix without mercy” face on, right in time for Halloween.


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Lily Madison’s domination of Hitomi at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 30, 2016 in girl-girls, New at Scoreland

Today in the House of Big-Busted and Bad Babes, Lily Madison takes control of her new friend Hitomi in their second meeting of the mams.

This one’s a little different from their first play date, as Dave wrote.

It’s a game of dominate and be dominated. Lily has Hitomi on an orange leash and wields her punisher, a orange cat o’ nine tails, to make Hitomi submit to her will. You know how chicks are. Everything’s gotta match.

Lily’s one of the more subtle, feminine dominatixes we’ve seen, ordering a very compliant Hitomi in whispery tones to suck her nipples and toy-bang her, and mind-fucking Hitomi throughout. Click here.

Lily holds the whip hand today in this one of a kind party with Hitomi.



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Liza Biggs: roped-in beauty

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 18, 2015 in Life With Big Tits, modeling jobs, Tit Tricks

Who likes to see busty girls tied up?

Last seen in SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 2, Liza Biggs says she has no fetishes, but she was willing to try being roped to a chair, like a modern-day Bettie Page.

Don’t worry. Liza escapes easily and busts out. No one can tie up Liza for long.

Seth writes, “It’s official, I’m Liza drunk…hard not to be with all that gorgeousness. She always has the goods and never lets us down.”

The pictorial also includes photos of Liza on the famous glass table.

Through the glass.

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Learn the ropes this Friday the 13th with Larissa Linn

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 13, 2015 in Life With Big Tits, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Tits in Tight Tops

Larissa Linn wants to show us her secret place. “My dirty, secret place,” says Larissa. “This is my playroom.”

This is quite a playpen Larissa spends time in on Friday the 13th. Any guy would be happy to while away the evening there with her. I’m not so sure about any torturing, but sharing a normal happy seat with Larissa would be great. She could really teach a guy the ropes.

Says Larissa, “Modeling is like being in a fantasy land. I enjoy the process and the final results. It is like nothing I have ever done in my life. I am lucky that I have such talented people to help me.”

I’m glad Larissa chose SCORELAND.

Larissa is a little tied up right now.


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Demmi Valentine drops her bra and panties for the first time at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 3, 2014 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

This is Demmi Valentine’s first time at SCORELAND. She did a New Discovery pictorial and video plus a bonus set of pictures and a bonus video.

Demmi wears 34 triple-D bras and says she rubs one out every night before she goes to sleep.

She likes it when a guy teases, tickles and spanks her before the main event.

Demmi jogs, dances, reads mystery novels, paints and watches Tampa Bay Rays baseball games. She’s well-rounded in all the right places.

She also has a furry fantasy. What’s that? Don’t cheat and go to a search engine. She talks about it in her New Discovery video.

Check out Demmi’s first videos and photos tomorrow at SCORELAND.

UPDATE FROM DAVE: Sorry for hijacking this Blog entry, Elliot, but I thought the readers might like an update on the busty girl who works behind the counter at the hamburger joint. I’m happy to report that she’s on the schedule and, in fact, has already shot her first solo set in the SCORELAND studio. This girl is even more interesting than I thought. And her body…very impressive. More tomorrow.


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Ultra Girl debuts

Posted by Elliot James on May 27, 2014 in Confessions, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Meet Brook Ultra, a sexy, slim-and-stacked beautiful brunette built to impress. This is Brook’s first time at SCORELAND, and she’s only just begun to show her moves.

Brook likes to box, write poetry and train at the gym. Her body is slim, fit and tight.

Brook’s voice is sexy and seductive when she talks about her sex fantasies.

She likes being restrained and hog-tied and talks about those bondage and disciplinary hobbies in her video chat.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Brook Ultra in the weeks to come.


Prepare to meet Brook Ultra.


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Scarlet LaVey Meets Angel DeLuca at SCORE

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 3, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland

It’s a titty-fest of monumental natural dimensions when Angel meets Scarlet in the SCORE models’ dressing room. Seeing their tits out side-by-side is something to write home about.

When Angel is asked if she has any personal fetishes and kinks, she says she likes panty stuffing.

Panty stuffing?

Even Scarlet never heard of it. But now she’ll see it in action. And so will you. Click here for a preview.

Plus a second video with Scarlet and a full photo set.

If that dress was any smaller, it would be a blouse.


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