Stuff girls do with Codi Vore

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 4, 2017 in New at Scoreland, newcomers

It’s good to be Codi Vore. A girl of many talents, among them nipple self-sucking, Codi is a webcammin’, video-gamin’ knockout.

“I love singing, mathematics and public speaking,” said Codi. “I can also lick my elbow.”

We don’t know about fetishes, especially this vore stuff. The studio might film a girl wearing a dominatrix outfit now and then but big naked boobs are our beat. Codi has that in abundance. With her photogenic looks and naturally stacked body, I don’t think kink. I think a bikini girl on a sunny beach throwing a Frisbee and surfing.

“I really enjoy dealing with fetishes and finding out about different fetishes and where they come from,” said Codi. “That’s the kind of thing I’m really interested in, finding out what pushes people’s buttons and what turns them on and seeing if there’s something there for me.” Codi, an excellent writer, explained her fetish in an informative article that’s linked in her Twitter page.

Codi’s back at SCORELAND today.

Chesty chicks in bed. A longtime fetish at SCORE.

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What’s your perv?

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 18, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Letters and comments

Everyone has their thing. Their kink. Their fetish. Their letch. Their perv.

And that thing is different for everyone. Three different SCORE Guys described what snaps, crackles and pops for them in recent “Scorecard” letters.

As you know, we’re already niche people: Big boobs, MILFs, Teens, Booty, Legs and Amateurs. We don’t publish general men’s mags, DVDs or sites.

But their special interests are beyond niche. This is ultra-niche. This is ultra off-the-radar niche.

There are three basic kinds of fetishes: form, media and animate. They can blend and combine, too. Form is the shape of an object, like the shape of a tight corset. Media is material, like rubber or leather. Animate is a body part, like boobs, butts and legs. That’s us! Fetishes can also be scents, flavors and other sensory stimuli.

Letter 1 from S.O.: pool tables

“What’s got me all in a froth I hear you ask? Well, it’s Gya Roberts’ exquisite pool table pictorial, that’s what! I don’t know what precipitated it but for the longest time I’ve had a powerful fetish for girls posing and getting fucked on pool tables. I actively try to seek out movies, scenes, and photos showing this particular scenario but it’s surprisingly slim pickings out there. So when I saw this set of Gya, it was like my prayers had been answered.  I feel that I should point out that I’m not particularly big on the game of pool. I don’t even play it, except very occasionally. There’s just something sleazy about girls sprawling across the baize, playing with sticks and balls that makes me surprised it’s so under-represented in porn. I really wish you guys would do a movie centered on a pool tournament.”

Feature dancer Jada DeVille from December '04 SCORE.

Feature dancer Jada DeVille from December '04 SCORE. Jada is still active and lives in Las Vegas.

Letter 2 from T.P.: sneakers

“Seeing women in sexy athletic shoes has turned me on for decades. Kylee Nash has on a pair from New Balance for me to feast on while pulling my dick. There is no good reason for this. I have jerked off at the sight of babes wearing sneakers like these no matter what brand they are. It especially helps if she has short-shorts on, too. A special treat is to see a honey in a dress, black stockings and white sneakers. I can’t wait to add pictures of my girlfriends wearing New Balance shoes next to Kylee and her mammies, cunt and shoes, then jerk away and cum!”

Kylee keeps her sneaks on for a work-out. T.P. was moved.

Letter 3 from Steve: belly buttons

“I have been a SCORE fan for many, many years going back to before 2000. I remember several years ago, SCORELAND did a special publishing containing some of the models’ belly buttons. Being a belly button fetish enthusiast, I absolutely loved it. I don’t like when women pierce them; that is my anti-fetish. I was just wondering if this is something SCORELAND may try out again. I actually have a theory that all guys love women’s belly buttons, but they don’t admit it for whatever reason. I figured I would throw it out there. Thank you for the years of beautiful women.”

Jasmine Shiraz's belly button is easy to locate. Steve is a purist when it comes to navels. No jewelry.

What’s your perv?


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Big-boobed SCORE girls who speak in tongues

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 12, 2012 in Boob Bloopers, Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland

Venera has plenty of tongue.

Karina has a nice long one.

I’m not completely fixated and obsessed with nipples, areolae and boobs. I love a nice pair of legs and feet.

I also love tongue shots.

But not any ordinary photo or video of the model just sticking out the tip of her tongue or opening her mouth to show her tongue lolling around in there.

No, I mean a REAL tongue shot. When she’s sticking out her tongue like she is at the doctor and he is about to lay a tongue depressor on it to examine her tonsils and throat. Or when she’s sticking her tongue all the way out for other things.

Now, I know that sticking out a tongue at someone is sometimes considered rude or defiant, but when the right girl does it, it’s a beautiful thing, and I’m not being tongue-in-cheek about it.

This is what I mean, illustrated by some great tonguers like Karina Hart and Christy Marks.

Biologist call the tongue a “muscular hydrostat.” I can’t think of anything less sexy than a body part being called a muscular hydrostat. Which is why I never dated any biologists, although I knew a busty dentist years ago.

I haven’t even gotten to the tongue piercing thing (which I’m not a fan of personally), lollipop, cock, nipple or toy licking, or tricks that chicks do with their tongues, and I won’t in this blog.

I’ll just ask that the tongue shots keep coming as long as possible, emphasis on “long.” If any models reading this agree, please stick out your tongues and say “Ahhh.”

Christy has tongue talent.

Daphne and her action figure doll.

Dolly has a nice pink tongue.


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