Brunch is on Mischel Lee

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 15, 2017 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Brunch is on Mischel Lee. Really on her.

How does Mischel Lee handle a hungry man?

Two hungry men?

We’ll see how she does that. This is not Kitchen Nightmare. This is Kitchen Wet Dream.

Mischel has served Steve and Max a fine meal. The busty and bushy brunette clears the table and returns with some pastries. Steve wants this piece of eye candy for dessert instead and gets his bro to join in.

Mischel isn’t the appetizer, the side order or the leftovers. She is the full main course.


Mischel is a tasty centerspread.


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Fruit…it’s good for you!

Posted by Maria on Jul 22, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland

Lately all anyone can talk about is how every one needs to eat organic and healthier. And according to the USDA, the average man and woman should get at least two cups of fruit a day.

Of course when I hear the term, “two cups” I automatically think of bras, but you know that’s just me because I am a perv and I love tits. Go figure.

So, I figured I would help you guys get a kick start on being healthy by suggesting some good servings of fruit that you would enjoy on a daily basis.

So check out the servings below and get your fruit on…because they are good for you.


You’re welcome!



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They say chocolate is better than sex…

Posted by Maria on Mar 1, 2011 in Boob Watch, Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, Tit Tricks

Sarah Mercury's food orgy set includes a lot of chocolate and berries!

But what the fuck do “they” know, anyway? ‘Round these parts, we like our chocolate during sex, hence why occasionally, we enjoy what I like to refer to as, THE ‘FUCK ME’ SUNDAE.

Crystal's chocolate-covered guns look like a mouthful!

Crystal's chocolate-covered guns look like a mouthful!

Chloe's looks like she needs a helping tongue.

Chloe's looks like she needs a helping tongue.

The fuck me sundae is like a dessert for your eyes, tummy and dick all at once. You see, it starts off with a hot chick and ends with her covered in sticky chocolate syrup. And there’s this helpful part of me that thinks, “Hey, that girl needs help. Someone should lick all that chocolate off of her. Hey! I can do that!” You know…’cause I’m helpful. lol

Over the years, we have shot a bunch of these kinds of photosets, but the top three, for me anyway, are Crystal Gunns, Sarah Mercury and Chloe. Maybe it’s because I would gladly help them get clean any day of the week and twice on Sundae? (I know, I know! I’m so punny!)

I know we’ve talked about whipped cream before, but what do you think about the chocolate situation? Some people might be put off by the messiness of it, but not me. I like chocolate and I like hot chicks, so it works for my perv side. But what about you guys? Chime in on chocolate!



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