What a waist! Gabrielle Love and her hourglass figure

Posted by Dave on Feb 27, 2013 in Boob Watch, Letters and comments, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Gabrielle Love and her hourglass figure, today at SCORELAND.

R.N. from New Jersey writes, “I had an experience with the April ’13 issue of V-mag that I have had only twice before in many years of reading your magazines. I wonder if other readers have ever had a similar experience. As usual, all of the girls from cover-to-cover are cock-stiffening. One model, however, is so exciting that even when I begin jacking over one of the other girls, I find myself returning to this one beauty every time for the exquisite moment of pleasure when I shoot my load. That’s what happens to me with Gabrielle Love. I have started masturbating over every girl in the issue, including three times over Siri having her way with two cocks, but I never fail to turn to Gabrielle when I cum. The pleasure Gabrielle gives me is so intense that my toes curl as I shoot. I hope you won’t laugh at me for admitting that, but it’s true.”

I mentioned this letter a few weeks ago, but I didn’t mention who R.N. was referring to. I’m mentioning it this time because Gabrielle has a new photo set, the one from the April ’13 Voluptuous, going up today at SCORELAND, and I’m glad to see that she’s getting the attention she deserves. Gabrielle has a true hourglass figure: 46-32-48. That’s impressive! You’re just not going to find many girls who have 48-inch butts and 32-inch waists. Yeah, I know, sub-30 is the magic number for waist size in this skin-and-bones obsessed society, but I want to know how many of those sub-30 girls have 46-inch chests and 48-inch hips. You don’t see a lot of girls, even V-Girls, with hourglass figures. Cherry Brady is one, and it’s no wonder she’s so popular.

By the way, the waist–a curvy waist, not a straight waist–is one of the most-underlooked parts of a woman’s body. What do most sexy girls have in common? Upper bodies that taper in and curve back out again.

Gabrielle told us, “I think that it’s great that I have what a lot of women pay lots of money to get: big tits and a big ass. I don’t mind when men look at me, either. It’s natural for men to see a woman they find attractive and react to her. I think guys should be honest and polite about it.”

Honest and polite, eh? But it’s alright if we think dirty thoughts, right? Right.



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New at the mag rack

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 4, 2013 in Digital Magazines, newcomers, print magazines

The big line-up for April '13 V-mag.

April ’13 Voluptuous magazine: now in stores or get it direct from the eBoobStore.

This edition’s sexy babes:

Anjii Ross
Charley J. Matthews
Gabrielle Love
Melissa Reed
Melissa Manning
Morgan Page
Nikki Smith

The digital edition for tablets and phones also includes five videos.

Get your copy today.

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The February 2013 issue of Voluptuous has hit the newsstands! MERRY TITMAS!

Posted by Maria on Dec 15, 2012 in Digital Magazines, eBoobStore.com, Men's Products, print magazines

The Feb. '13 issue of V-mag is full of boobs and boobs and more boobs. MERRY TITMAS!

For all of you who want your bells jingled and some busty babe to deck your balls,

the wait is OVER!

The February 2013 issue of V-mag has arrived and it is jam-packed with Christmas cheer!

And by Christmas cheer, I mean TITTIES!

And who doesn’t love those, right?

There are 18 pairs of perky ‘jiggle’ bells inside this issue and one of them belongs to cover girl and Southern Belle, Rockell. She’s quite the hottie, if you ask me.

Plus, get your first look at the newest V-mag DVD, V-Girls Next Door, featuring all of your favorite natural big titters!

And curvy sensations Gabrielle Love and Felicia Clover show off their big tits and fat asses,too!

You get Siri and Luxury Amore in XXX action and Kitana Flores takes on two cocks at once!

For those of you who really like a pair of knocked-up knockers, Shyla Shy returns to show off her preggo tatas.

Lola is back, taking a bath and putting on a pussy show for you, too.

And if you love the curvy ladies of Montego Babes, they are all back, naked by a pool. There’s nothing like three bra-busters in tiny bikinis!


Isn’t technology fucking awesome?

This issue has everything you need to stay warm during these winter months.

And by warm, I mean hard as a rock and strokin’.

Check it out now on the eBoobStore!

Merry TITMAS! May boobs bless us all, everyone!




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Why do waitresses with bigger tits get bigger tips?

Posted by Dave on Dec 10, 2012 in Boob Watch, New at Scoreland, newcomers, The Life of an Editor

Gabrielle Love could spill water all over my pants, keep me waiting for an hour, get my order wrong and give me the wrong check and I'd still give her a big tip.

So the other day, I was at a restaurant with my significant other. And I did something men aren’t supposed to do when they’re with a woman.

I gave the waitress a bigger tip because she had big tits. What was I thinking?

Clearly, I wasn’t trying to hit on this waitress or impress her. But she had really big tits and a small waist–I’m guessing 36G-26-34–and my larger-than-normal tip (for service that was no better than average) was basically me rewarding her for having big tits.

What was I thinking? I’ve done this many times before, you know…given a waitress a big tip just for having big tits without having any expectations (or hopes) of extra-curricular service. Fortunately, my S.O. didn’t notice how big the tip was because she would’ve been on to me right away. After all, when we sat down, I had said to her, “It looks like you have to have big boobs to work here.”

I was reminded of this because in today’s posting at SCORELAND, HH-cup newcomer Gabrielle Love has just come home from a tough night of waitressing. She is showing a lot of cleavage in her waitress uniform. If she were my waitress, I would’ve tipped her 100%, at least.

But why? Why do we big-boob lovers give busty waitresses bigger tips for no other reason than that they have big tits?

Or is that reason enough?

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Jiggle belles jiggling all the way in February ’13 SCORE

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 4, 2012 in Digital Magazines, DVD, eBoobStore.com, Men's Products, print magazines

Santa Claus' busty helper Anjii Ross. No wonder his hair is white.

Right on time to bust out that holiday cheer, the February ’13 SCORE magazine is now at your favorite store.

In this edition:

Covergirl Anjii Ross in her mag debut.

The debuts of Gabrielle Love and Kalila Kane.

Canada’s Stanley Cup television sensation Taylor Stevens.

Australian superstar Angela White.

British stunner Michelle Bond.

Harmony Bliss and a big Xmas toy.

Stephanie Stalls does a wild DP. Stephanie’s nastiest scene.

Daylene Rio’s couch dance gets out of hand.

The round-up of the best DVDs of 2012.

In “Boob Beat,” a chance to win Hitomi’s signed bra. Only one in existence!

The popular “Scorecard” readers’ forum.

Another must-own issue. A free DVD is included with the mag in most areas.

If your store doesn’t have SCORE, #1 in Big Boobs, mail their name and address to us at score@scoregroup.com and we’ll handle the rest.

Shop online? Get the February ’13 SCORE at eBoobStore. If you collect digital mags and like to read them on your phone or tablet, we’ve got that covered, too. The digital version of the mag also contains five embedded video clips of Daylene, Kalila, Stephanie, Gabrielle and Michelle. Check out the video samples.

Deck the halls with boobs and hooters. Nothing beats holiday highbeams!

Anjii unwrapped! Yeah, we know it's rushing things to open the present too early.

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