Hooker with huge heavy hooters hit in the heinie hatch. Cat Bangles is being the big-boobed bad girl again.

Fresh out of the cathouse, Cat Bangles plays a busty anal hooker, a hooker with huge hooters in this fuck fantasy ripped from the pages of Voluptuous magazine. Catwoman loves playing a bad girl on-camera. It’s not Halloween yet, but that doesn’t stop Cat from cosplaying a big-chested streetwalker in thigh-high boots.

The Cat’s got a dirtier mind than a lot of guys, and she’s really taken to the adult world. She was voted Hardcore Performer of the Year for 2014 by V-mag readers.

“The best compliment I can get is when a stranger comes up to me and tells me I’m exotic and beautiful and have sex appeal,” says our Miss Bangles. “The worst is when people tell me my boobs are too big. But in my opinion, the bigger the better.” You tell ‘em, Cat. “I like to put on tight wife-beaters and see how guys react when they check me out.”

“I would like to see Cat in a sexy Bat Girl costume. Call her Bat Bangles. She can take it in the B hole again,” writes a guy who calls himself “Bones.”
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Hooked on Vanessa Y.

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 28, 2015 in New at Scoreland

This is not valet service.

It’s Vanessa Y. as we’ve never seen her before in a fantasy role-playing scene.

Vanessa’s been the good girl since she started posing for SCORE and Voluptuous.

Today she’s the “Pretty Woman” looking for “Pretty Woman” action.

Black streetwalker boots. Black miniskirt. Belly shirt that pushes her tits up until her cleavage almost touches her chin. Pink jeggings ripped to expose her bushy, thick-lipped pussy.

This could be the hottest cum-show she’s done to date. I think it is.

Vanessa’s boob and pussy play is as hot as a hardcore scene. She really gets into the moment.

Vanessa doesn’t do XXX scenes with guys. If she did, I’m convinced she’d be a wildcat.

Sometimes a good girl wants to be a bad girl. For a short time anyway.

Got any fantasy girl ideas for Vanessa? She has the video personality to be a sexy police officer and a Red Sonja-type warrior. She did a military-themed shoot in the Caribbean last year.

Come when Vanessa beckons.


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So you’re sitting at the bus stop. And a big-titted blonde who’s dressed like a hooker and obviously is a hooker sits down next to you. What do you do?

Posted by Dave on Jul 20, 2014 in Cummin Soon, Hardcore XXX

Hopefully, this guy is calling his bank to make sure he has enough in his account.

Or, perhaps I should ask, what have you done in the past when this has happened?

Candy Manson and Brandy Talore are well-fucked, well-paid big-titted hookers tomorrow at SCORELAND.

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These Boots Were Made For Walkin’…

Posted by Maria on Aug 27, 2011 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, The Life of an Editor
One of these days Elaina's gonna walk all over you. (Hopefully in this outfit.)

One of these days Elaina's gonna walk all over you. (Hopefully in this outfit.)

We often talk about models’ bras, their panties and their outfits here on the blog. We discuss whether we like certain colored bustiers, if a chick should wear slutty garb or sweaters and even if we like her in body-stockings. But what about her footwear? I am not talking about all footwear because who wants to talk about shoes? I am talking about boots.

To me, boots are–with the exception of fuck-me-pumps, of course–some of the sexiest things a chick can have on. I am not talking about those UGG things, either, because those are about as sexy as a pile of blankets. I am talking about high-heeled, mid-calf to thigh-high boots. The kind that hookers wear. (Well, the hookers in my imagination, at least. In my mind, all hookers wear boots. I blame this on my love of the Julia-Roberts-As-A-Hooker stereotype in Pretty Woman.) I enjoy a stacked chick in boots. I am not the only one, either. Our pal H.D. from Germany draws all of the busty babes of SCORELAND in boots.

Look at Elaina Gregory’s boots from her first SCORELAND posting. Oh, fine. Look at her magnificent tits first. Okay, now look at her boots. Those boots have presence. They give her a little bit of oomph, don’t you think? I see a babe in boots and I think to myself, “Man, that chick must be a hooker.” Oh, okay, maybe I don’t think that she is a hooker, but I totally think she is into sex. I also think that she is going to keep them on during sex, too. And that she is not going to be getting fucked, oh, no. I think that she is probably going to be doing the fucking. And hey, that’s cool with me because who doesn’t want to see a model on top, naked and wearing boots, riding a stiff one? I know I do. In fact I want to see it all the time.

Don’t you guys?

I mean, I am not talking about having a shoe fetish. I am talking about being into a chick in tall boots based solely on the “She Looks Extra Slutty” factor, which is always good.

What say you, boob lovers? Are you into the puss(y) in boots thing or once you see a girl’s tits, you forget she even has legs? lol Let me know because I, for one, would like to see more of these thigh high boots in future postings and in V-mag.

xoxo Maria

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Hookers vs. Strippers…you make the call!

Posted by Dave on Jul 1, 2010 in Boob Watch, Other SCORE Group websites, The Life of an Editor
A good stripper, like Carmen Hayes, doesn't even have to put out to make a living. All she has to do is show her goods.

A good stripper, like Carmen Hayes, doesn't even have to put out to make a living. All she has to do is show her goods.

Elliot James and I were having this discussion at lunch the other day, which is not surprising because we have discussions like this every time we have lunch. We were walking through the parking lot to the local burger joint when we saw a woman standing by her car wearing a dress shirt as a dress. Long legs, fuck-me pumps and, of course, big tits. I say big tits because otherwise, Elliot and I wouldn’t have noticed.

“She’s dressed like a hooker,” Elliot said.

A street hooker like Puma Swede will come right to your door. Of course, you'd better be on the lookout for the police.

A street hooker like Puma Swede will come right to your door. Now that's service with a smile.

“That’s a good thing,” I said.

“Of course.”

It is a known fact that men love hookers and strippers. But which one do we love more?

Strippers, of course, will show you the goods. And they ply their trade in a relatively secure environment. And what they’re doing is, mostly, legal. Lap dances are legal in most places, even if you bust your nut, and what’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about contracting an STD when a stripper is giving you the grind.

Hookers, of course, are dangerous but sexy. It’s no wonder that we have a website called BigTitHooker.com. Check it out. They provide curbside service. But, of course, hooking, especially street-hooking, is illegal in most of the world. And when you let a stranger get into your car, you never know what you’re getting into before you get into whatever you’re getting into. I think a lot of us just like seeing hookers, even if we’re not planning to partake of their services.

Anyway, hookers vs. strippers…you make the call!

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