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Boob Bloopers of the Big ’90s

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 25, 2016 in Boob Bloopers

Maybe it's the hay affecting Busty Dusty in a never-seen photo from one of her most well-known photo shoots.


The photographer said "Give me sexy" to Minka and that's what he got.


Lisa Lipps showed why she was nicknamed "The Lipster."

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A salute to Romania, land of chesty charmers

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 17, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Life With Big Tits, newcomers

The 9th largest nation in the European Union bordered by Hungary, Serbia, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

A country with a rich, complex history.

And a place where many fine-looking, big-boobed ladies live.

We know because we photograph them; sometimes there, sometimes elsewhere, because they take their clothes off.

When getting ready to publish Roxanne Miller’s latest pictures and video the other day, I thought about Romania and what it means to me.

Had I known about their natural resources, I’d have moved there years ago.

Not oil. I mean Lana Ivans, Joana and others.

Here’s our salute to this great nation.

I need more of them for SCORELAND. And I love their accents.

They get a Gold Medal for contributing so many awesome dolls.

Just tell me who to mail it to.


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Anjii Ross is coming

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 5, 2012 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers, The Life of an Editor

Prepare to pitch a tent for Anjii Ross.

Anjii Ross found me.

Then I found Anjii Ross.

Long story short, the important thing is that Anjii Ross was invited to SCORE and she accepted.

A webcam model, Anjii measures 45-32-38. In my book, those are the kind of numbers that really add up.

Anjii is 5’10″. A towering Amazon and even more towering when she puts the big heels on.

Just watching her walk into the studio was better than any Olympic moment I’ve seen on television all week.

See Anjii today at SCORELAND.

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Fan Poems…Um, Say What?

Micky's bells inspire two things: CUM and Poetry.

Micky's bells inspire two things: CUM and Poetry.

From time to time I get letters and emails from super fans who want me to tell their favorite models all sorts of sordid and wild things. And you know what? I get it. I get the “want to do all sorts of raunchy as fuck” things to the girls who give you wood, man. I get it.

From time to time I get letters asking for things like pictures, signed posters, panties, bras, hair, pubes, shoes, pantyhose…all sorts of items that might smell, have been touched by or belonged to a model. And you know what? I get it, too. Sometimes you want to be closer to the models who make your balls ache and your cum fly, man. I get it.

And then there is fan poetry.

And sometimes even my vast dialect and grasp of the English language is tested by these odes of love and sonnets of sexual desire.

Like this poem about Micky Bells by her super fan K.H.S. who sent in this um, mutant Haiku, in an email:

“Micky, your kitty tastes like WIN.
I so dearly want you from behind.
Building up my nut ‘till what I  really want most,
is for you to wrap your breast around my moist, wet cock,
still covered with the cream from when you came.
I made you shiver and then I made you scream.
So soft your flesh, I can no longer contest,
as I release my whipped cream.
I’m living the real dream with you, Micky.
Between your titties I do swell.
I’m not done yet, rub it in.
Use my lotion, now let me slide down.
I need to be wrapped inside your creamy thighs.
I am mesmerized by the lust in your eyes.
Lips so sweet the taste a treat.
R. Kelly’s playing,
It’s time for us to pump and grind.”

I will admit that when I read this, I had a real double rainbow moment…(WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!)

And while I don’t know what this poem is implying, I know this: That dude up there, he loves Micky Bells. I mean, he loves her. And I think that is commendable and sweet…in a creamy, bump and grinding kind of way. lol

So, congratulations, K.H.S., your devotion has earned you honorable mention and a photo. Here is a Bonus Boner Pic, or a B.B.P., for you, buddy.

Because you are a poet and you know it.



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