Nurse Demmy will see you now

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 22, 2017 in cosplay, Interviews, New at Scoreland

We don’t see Demmy Blaze doing cosplay fantasies. Seeing her as a nurse makes me think that maybe there is hope for a better healthcare program.

It’s very difficult to find girls stacked like Demmy. Her boobs are amazing. I finally chatted with her about her start and a lot of other topics. You know our point-of-view at SCORE: get to know the girl behind the pictures.

I asked Demmy, “How did you get into modeling? Did someone recommend you try it?”

Said Demmy, “That was such a long time ago. When I studied at university, one  SCORELAND model added me on a social media site and asked me if I would like to make shootings for SCORELAND, but I couldn’t imagine that I could do so well at modeling work. I didn’t stop to think about it. Finally, in 2016, I decided to try it, so I traveled to your photographers in the Czech Republic.”

Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Alexya inspire Demmy. They inspire me, too.

Demmy is an uplifting girl. She sure lifts me up.



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December 2015 SCORE magazine: The big-breast book bringing boob brothers a bodacious bounty of bra-busting babes

December '15 SCORE

SCORE Girls featured this issue:

Angel Wicky
Demmi Valentine
Lily Madison
Liza Biggs
Mischel Lee
Sandra Milka
Sandra Star
Tarise Taylor
Tigerr Benson
Valory Irene

Plus “Scorecard” readers’ letters (Score@ScoreGroup.com), DVD Pick of the Month, Boob Beat, a Valory Irene interview and a new Otis Sweat painting

There are no national boundaries when it comes to loving big tits. The December 2015 SCORE proves it yet again with a collection of big-boobed girls gathered from around the world. Dedicated to giving tit men the best big-bust magazine in the world for over 20 years. No C-cup models posed to look bustier. No 35 pages of sex ads. The highest quality printing and photos.

You can also download complete issues of SCORE in digital format with added video. Crystal-clear pages that are as reader-friendly as the print edition. Check out the video trailer for this issue.

Why subscribe to SCORE magazine? Save time and effort if you have no newsstands near you. Save off the cover price. As a subscriber, you’ll get it before the stores do, mailed in mint condition in a plain envelope to the address of your choice. Your name and mailing address are never sold, traded, bartered or given to any other company.




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Dolly Fox is “Foxy & Stacked” at SCORELAND today

Dolly would love to meet many SCORE Girls in person. Now she is a SCORE Girl.

“I’m a longtime fan myself of the SCORE Girls,” says Dolly Fox, a pretty newcomer with a super rack, in her second appearance.

“I like all big-bust models. Minka, Amy Anderssen, Kayla Kleevage and Lisa Lipps are just a few of the girls I have been inspired by and admire. I would love to meet many of them.”

We’re sure you will, Dolly.

Jean Marc from France wrote, “I think we are witnessing a renaissance of the slim-and-stacked models from the ’90s, and you are a great leader! Dolly, I was waiting for you to make it to SCORELAND for a long time.”

I also love Dolly’s accented English. I’m one of those voice-loving guys who enjoys listening to SCORE and V-mag Girls speaking in any kind of video, from interviews to boy-girl scenes. They could recite a grocery list and I’d listen. I tend to have a tough time falling asleep, so if any of these girls made those go-to-sleep recordings that are popular today, I’d play them.

SCORE: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Dolly: It would be a lot of fun to be invisible.

SCORE: If you could choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Dolly: SCORE. I want a SCORE tank top or T-shirt.

More inside…


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Sexy Cat is back to purr

Posted by Elliot James on May 15, 2014 in Interviews, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers, print magazines, Tits in Tight Tops

“I dress to emphasize my boobs,” says Cat Bangles, now one of Boston’s best bra-busters, someone I’m very happy to have in SCORE and V-mag. “I’ll wear push-up bras and tight shirts that show lots of cleavage. I like to wear wife-beaters with tiny shorts that are tight on my ass. Guys tell me I have a great ass as often as they tell me I have great boobs.”

My first impressions of Cat? Fantastic body. Beautiful face. Magnetic, larger-than-life sex-appeal. Boobs that burn into your little grey cells.

When Cat bounces, her tits go flying. It would be worth a black eye or two to get smashed in the face by them, especially if they wrapped around your boner after that.

Cat is back today at SCORELAND with a fresh photo spread and video plus a video interview. What is my dream XXX scene lately? Cat and Alana Lace in a threesome.

Cat has a helluva pair of healthy hangers

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It’s the Angel Wicky big-boob workout

Work-out your arm with Angel.

It’s an Angel Wicky workout session this weekend, and even though the back of her tight shorts warn that Angel’s trouble, it’s the kind of trouble that’s always welcome. I asked the ever-smiling, beautiful Angel about her own personal fitness routine.

“I prefer to relax at home, but I like running, swimming and exercising in fitness centers. Plus I get a lot of cardio during shooting, posing and making photos and movies. Healthy eating is also very important. I love lots of fruits, vegetables, home-made fresh juice, nuts and seeds, fish and quality proteins. And because I’m a woman, quality chocolate for sure. Most importantly, mix it with lots of sex.” If you’ve seen Angel’s videos and photo spreads at SCORELAND, you can tell she’s a foodie.

I was curious about Angel because her very first boy-girl was a double-penetration. Most porn stars ease into that and most SCORE Girls don’t do DP, if they do threesomes at all.

Annina, the German porn star, told me that she loved double penetration by two men best because she feels she is totally dominated by the men. What is Angel’s favorite thing about double penetration?

“I’m a bit different in that I prefer to be the dominant one. I feel better and I enjoy it more. I love about DP the feeling that I’m full of two big cocks and I can have and feel two guys. You know, as a present, two guys for me when I have a cock in my pussy and one cock or a dildo in my ass. It adds more excitement and feeling. So it’s a new, erotic feeling, and for movies and photos, it’s really sexy! I like to watch movies with DP.”


Angel sizes up the men folk in her first SCORE DP.

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Lillian Faye: The never-seen SCOREtv segment

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 18, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Deep Inside Scoreland

Lillian Faye: a rare interview.

This chat with Lillian Faye was filmed but never shown in any of the nine official episodes of the SCOREtv show.

“I’m not ashamed of my body,” girl-next-door Lillian tells SCOREtv host Dave. And we’re grateful for that!

Lillian has the kind of look and style that says girl-next-door. “I don’t live the fast life,” Lillian says.

Also today at SCORELAND: a photo set of a string bikini-clad Lillian. Click for the clip!

Posting today at SCORELAND.

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Ten years ago inside SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 20, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, DVD, Men's Products

Vixen LaMoore's cover issue hit newsstands.

Vixen LaMoore made her debut as the covergirl in the February ’03 SCORE. Kayla Kleevage drove a motorcycle and a shopping cart around Las Vegas and she invited our photographer into her house in the “At Home With” section.

Bad-ass biker chick Kayla Kleevage and her Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider.

Lisa Lipps was interviewed for a fresh spread. (“Lately, I’ve had this thing for young guys, about 20 to 25 years old. I like to pick them up, take them home, see if I can suck their cocks, maybe fuck ‘em,” Lisa said in her interview.)

Blondie and Jade Feng made their SCORE debuts. Blondie was a Hungarian bartender discovered by an English SCORE photographer. Jade was our first model born and raised in China.


Anne Marie was a real-ife married swinger.

Hannah Callow and Brandy Dean returned for strip action.

Chaz dangled her dazzlers in Key Largo. Sana Fey in one of her final sets.

Short ‘n’ stacked Kate had a date with a big dick. Melissa Carey did interracial hardcore and swinger Anne Marie did even harder hardcore with a guy, a sex swing, anal beads and a butt plug.

Otis Sweat’s Dream SCORE for February ’03 was a painting of one of the most popular teens in TSG history.

Chaz. Where has she gone off to?

Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Susie Wilden appeared together in girl-girl toy play in the February ’03 Voluptuous.

Howard Stern interviewed Linsey Dawn McKenzie on his radio and TV show.

Annie Swanson was interviewed.

 Busty Dildo Lovers 3 with SaRenna Lee, Mandi Melons and other babes playing with BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) was released.

“The Jack Report 6″ by Dan Ross looked at natural ways to strengthen your penis.

Daphne Rosen was a New Discovery.

And that’s the way it was 10 years ago in the month of January in the year 2003.

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Boobs or Butt? Get the bust of both worlds with Stephanie Stalls

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 29, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, DVD, Interviews, New at Scoreland

Tomorrow at SCORELAND, it’s super-busty sex star Stephanie Stalls in another wham-bammer of an anal knockerbocker!

Stephanie is not one to dawdle. When she wants action from a guy, she and her colossal 34F-caliber cannons are in his face. And that’s a good thing.

What Stephanie wants, she gets.

Are all the women in Kentucky this go-getting and dynamic?

Before things come to a boil in our dressing room, Stephanie talks to Dave on the SCOREtv set and once again demonstrates her extreme flexibility like a living pretzel, rivaling Christy Marks, Kylee Nash and Carmen Hayes for leggy looseness.

I call it must-see TV.

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Nancy Navarro: Gazongas Against Glass


Big, heavy boobs pressed against glass is one of my favorite tit tricks. We used to have a specially constructed table made out of super-thick glass that we photographed some of the girls on. They could stand on it, too, so the photographer could shoot straight up. (Not that we believe in the glass ceiling.)

Tits-against-glass shoots are also done with glass shower doors and car windshields. They work really well with car wash sets and videos.

For the boob-squishing shots in Nancy Navarro’s strip and oil pictorial, the photographer had Nancy press a sheet of glass against her boobs. I think this picture from Nancy’s set would make a pretty nice desktop background. For your home PC, that is. I’m not sure about it on your office computer if you use one at work.


Here are the answers to the “20 for 20″ SCORE anniversary contests for Days 3 and 4:

Day 3

1) Whose first SCORE hardcore scene was a threesome? Chloe Vevrier

Chloe did her first hardcore BGG scene in London with “Russian” Kathy and Kathy’s boyfriend at the time, a regular dude named Matt who boffed them both. Lucky guy. Chloe plays a masseuse who comes to rub Kathy, and rub they did.

2) In 2002, Autumn-Jade returned to SCORELAND following a growth spurt that saw her bra size go from a DDD-cup to an…I-cup

3) Which redheaded SCORE Girl once interviewed Tawny Peaks for SCORE? Montana

This was a tough one and might be the most difficult question of the entire “20 for 20″ anniversary. Montana, a curly-haired redhead who feature-danced, interviewed Tawny for the July ’93 SCORE.

Day 4

1) Which SCORE Girl has inverted nipples? Terry Nova

2) Which two naturals went head-to-head and tit-to-tit in the one and only “Big-Tit Challenge” at SCORELANDCassitty Harmon and Africa Sexxx

3) Which model did not celebrate her 18th birthday with a SCORE pictorial? Jessica Turner

Linsey and Dawn Phoenix in London and Sharday in America all celebrated their 18th birthdays with photo shoots. Jessica Turner celebrated her 21st birthday on Boob Cruise 2000.

Today is Day 5. Good luck!


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Brandy Talore: Once she started, she just couldn’t stop

December 4, 2003: Brandy Talore fucks on-camera for the first time.

Sometimes when people ask, “When is [INSERT MODEL'S NAME HERE] going to fuck on-camera?” I feel like saying, “What are you talking about? She hasn’t even taken off her panties, and you’re asking when she’s going to do hardcore? The answer is N-E-V-E-R!”

But then I have to stop myself, and there’s one reason for that:

Brandy Talore.

Now, according to unofficial counts, Brandy has done about a gazillion hardcore scenes. Her pretty face and bald pussy and giant, natural tits have been fucked so many times, I’m sure even she has lost count. One time in a SCORE interview conducted by Christy Marks, Brandy said one of the things she wanted most was a cum facial because so many guys have shot their loads on her tits.

But, back in 2002…well, I’ll tell you what happened back in late 2002. I’ll never forget it. I was standing outside the SCORE building with Brandy, trying to get to know her a little better (and staring down her blouse), and we were talking about the first time she had seen Voluptuous magazine (in an adult store in Bowling Green, Ohio) when I got around to asking her where her modeling career might go. And that’s when Brandy said, “I’ll never do hardcore.”

Never lasted less than a year.

“You have to remember that I was really young when I first came here,” Brandy said. She was 21, in fact. “The idea of even showing my boobs and pussy was kind of scary. But after I did several shoots and videos, I was feeling much more comfortable and confident in front of the cameras, so I changed my mind. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted.”

Elliot used to have a photo of Brandy pinned up by his desk. It showed Brandy with her mouth stuffed with cock, and every time I passed Elliot’s desk (which was several times a day), I’d stop and look. I couldn’t believe it: Brandy Talore’s mouth stuffed with cock, her cheek bulging. Who woulda thunk it? Not me, and definitely not Brandy.

Anyway, all this is my way of saying, “You never know” and “Never say never.” If Brandy Talore can do a gazillion XXX scenes, anyone can. The very first one she ever shot–EVER–goes up today in a remastered version at SCOREVideos.com. It was shot on December 4, 2003, which is now an historic day in the history of big-tit hardcore.

The amazing thing about Brandy is that even though she’s absolutely, genuinely a big-time porn star, to me, she’s still the girl-next-door. I don’t know how she’s managed to pull that off, but she has. Another Brandy (Brandy Dean, who returns to SCORELAND Thursday), who’s also from the midwestern United States, has managed to pull that off, too, although Brandy D. has not done nearly as many scenes as Brandy T.

Anyway, if you can, get over to SCOREVideos.com today and check out Brandy’s historic scene. And if you’re wondering when so and so is going to do hardcore…well, maybe not never.




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