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The Office: XL Girls style

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 24, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, Interviews, Tits in Tight Tops, XLGirls

“You’re hired.”

That’s what your XL Girls crew would say to Angel DeLuca if she ever wanted a job at the TSG office.

Now this human resources director has to ask Angel all these questions about qualifications.

Qualifications? You kidding me? Angel’s loaded with qualifications.

In this video, it’s never resolved whether or not Angel gets the job. The scene ends when he gives Angel a facial after a round of very hot boning. Excuse me for not adding “Spoiler alert!”

I asked Angel, a web cam girl, how many days she can abstain from sex or masturbation.

“Not too long,” Angel replied. “I usually become bitchy if I haven’t had it for more than a week.”

Starts today at XLGirls!

This human resources director is a real hands-on dude with interviewees.

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Let’s get going, Canada. Show us your boobs

This is a personal appeal to the girls of Canada who have F-cups or bigger, natural or not natural.

I don’t understand why SCORE and Voluptuous magazines get so few model inquiries from the great nation of Canada. This has really bothered me for years so I try not to dwell on it.

SCORE and V-mag traditionally have good readerships in Canada. There are strip clubs in every city packed with girls. There have to be Canadians with big tits. It’s cold there.

Tiffany Towers, Lily Valentine, Taylor Stevens, Kianna Dior, Dawn, Taylor Steele, Bella French and Amy Anderssen hail from that sprawling country. Tiffany was the very first SCORE superstar from Toronto back in the early 1990s when the magazine was established.

Canadians. They’re just like us. Except they say “Eh?” more than we do.

So, my Canadian neighbors with really big tits, please contact us at model@scoregroup.com or visit BeASCOREModel.com. You can also phone 1-800-96-SCORE Extension 266 and ask to speak to a model representative.

Canadian girls need to show the world that Canada is no slouch when it comes to big boobs.

Don’t let the Europeans and the Americans dominate the big-tit scene. Please.

Lily Valentine. Busty Quebecoise.

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Big boobs at work: Noelle Easton,Tool Time Girl

Posted by Elliot James on May 18, 2014 in Deep Inside Scoreland, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland

Noelle knows how to handle tools.

Noelle Easton knows her way around wood. She knows how to get a grip on big tools.

She knows all about hammering, drilling and nailing despite her tender. young age. That’s why Noelle is the perfect Tool Time Girl for SCORELAND, joining the labor force with other SCORE and V-mag Girls.

See the photo spread and video now!



Susie Wildin

Karina Hart


Janet Jade


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A SCORE Girl’s first job

Posted by Elliot James on May 6, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits

What did SCORE Girls do first in the wonderful world of labor before the call of the camera became too powerful to resist? We asked a few sweet things and here’s what they said.

Kaytee Carter: “I’m a country girl. I grew up on a farm with three-thousand acres of hops! I worked the fields and drove the truck. My father was a hops farmer, but we didn’t brew our own beer.”

Natasha Dulce: “I worked at McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida. But I was sent home because I wasn’t wearing my hat. My dad cussed out the store manager, and she fired me.”

Angela White: “I actually worked at Burger King. I used to work the drive-through which was supposed to be a great privilege. I caused a lot of trouble there…good trouble…the trouble where you end up in ice fights trying to get as much ice as we can down each other’s pants. I was a crazy teen…oh, wait…I’m still crazy! Modeling is more fun though!”

Angela: Also forced to wear stupid paper hat.

Natasha: Forced to wear stupid paper hat.

Kaytee: farmer's daughter. Yes. She was.


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