Has this ever happened to you?

Posted by Dave on Feb 4, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, SCORELAND Specials

Daphne's milking Carlos for another buck or two.

I’m sure most of you have gotten a blow job or a tug job in the front or back seat of your car.

What makes this different is that here, Daphne Rosen is a hooker. Carlos just picked her up. She got into his car. Then she took out his cock and sucked and jacked it.

We take a look at the highly jackable world of busty hookers today at SCORELAND. It’s nothing like Hookers At The Point, the HBO documentary series. That show turned the cameras away when the going got good. We move in closer for a better look.

Later in Daphne’s scene, she gets ass-fucked. That’s something most hookers don’t do. Anal sex, I mean. I’ve never even had a hooker offer me anal.

Not that I’ve ever had a conversation with a hooker.

Gotta go now. I just got struck by lightning.

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Readers’ letters: the end of the year wrap-up

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 30, 2015 in Letters and comments, print magazines

Being a lover of big-titted ladies, you definitely know how to find and shoot them in the sexiest ways possible. You said Chloe Rose is the girl-next-door, well, I would love to have her living next door to me. What a great set of tits! As the saying says, “Love Thy Neighbor,” and I would love the heck out of Chloe. Chloe also mentioned that she has a bucket list of things she wants to do, and I would love to be one of those things.  I love her tattoos. Especially the one on her backside. I think the tattoos show that she has a wild side–which is something I love about girls as cute as her. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Chloe is a great example of this with those huge, beautiful titties and that big, bright smile of hers. Thank you for sharing Chloe and the rest of these lovely big-titted ladies with us.–B.B.

I am a big fan of SCORE. If I don’t see SCORE at a newsstand or magazine shop, I won’t buy any other magazine. I have been down for the past months but when I purchase SCORE it makes me smile. I go to this one shop and flip through about 200+ magazines until I find SCORE. I buy it at full cost. The women are worth it. They are so beautiful. I, too, am very good looking and might be going to Florida this winter. I hope to visit your studio. About a week and a half ago in Montreal, I could have sworn that I saw Amy Anderssen, but I don’t believe it was her. This woman was smaller up top but almost a match facially. I even called out her name, “Amy!” It wasn’t her. Amy has more kissable lips and nicer eyes, but this girl was very hot, whoever she was.–J.W.

Is it possible to have a feature or a special edition on hot Orientals/ Asians? Sure, the Asian gals tend to be on the small side for SCORE, but from time to time, there are a few surprises. Is Jade Feng still around? Some of her old shoots would be nice to see. I was very much aware of Hitomi when she was still in Japan. I was blown away then and I’m still blown away when I see her in either SCORE or Voluptuous. Tigerr Benson too. Would it be possible to feature Kianna Dior and possibly Ava Devine? Might as well add Claudia KeAloha. Anyone who looks Asiatic ought to qualify. Ria Sakuragi should be in it, too. What a cutie she is. Oh, what the hell! There’s Kalila Kane. Get her in there, too. And don’t forget the magnificent one from Korea, Minka. Hers must be hardcore. One more suggestion: How about models going topless but keeping their panties on? I would love very much to see garter belts and stockings again. –L.S.

Juliana Simms and Lola are probably the only two girls I consider to be fantasy girls, so I will only comment on those two at this time. I’ll start with Juliana. She is already drawing comparisons to Joana, but I honestly think she is much better than Joana when Joana started. Of course, Joana has grown much sexier. This would be a challenge for Juliana. I’m not sure if she’s quite on Joana’s level yet, but I am certain that she is by far the best newcomer of 2015. Honestly, I would even place her ahead of the lovely Alaura Grey. Juliana is not only attractive, but she is exotic and has a shapely, well-proportioned figure. Juliana has a face pretty enough to be on television or in movies. You guys didn’t mention where she’s from, but I would guess Romania. If she is Romanian, I would say she is certainly the best to hail from there since Joana and Arianna Sinn. As for Lola, earlier I said she along with Juliana are fantasy girls, but I have to retract that. She could become a fantasy girl to me after viewing her a few more times, but I don’t think she is quite there yet. When she debuted, I wasn’t sure how much we would be seeing her since she said she could only model on weekends due to her school schedule. She’s a little braggadocios about her sex skills, but I’m not going to hate on her. She certainly does back it up. Though I said she isn’t quite a fantasy girl yet, maybe her next pictorial will get her there.–S.M.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Larissa Linn was a fashion model. She certainly has the beauty and she poses very naturally for a first-timer. I believe you mentioned that Larissa is natural in front of a camera, so if this is indeed her first time doing modeling of any sort, I would have to agree. Larissa also has a figure most women would kill for and any man would kill to have underneath them while pounding away on her pussy. She’s one of those girls whom I would prefer to not shoot hardcore scenes because the guy and his cock would get in the way of appreciating her perfect figure. Also, in my greatest fantasies, my cock is the only one in the room. So, I am hopeful that I’ll always be able to appreciate Larissa for the lovely angel that she is. I can’t wait to see her again.–R.D.




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Readers’ letters to Scorecard and V-mail

“Scorecard” (score@scoregroup.com)  is the readers’ letters section of SCORE.  “V-Mail” (voluptuous@scoregroup.com) is the readers’ letters section of Voluptuous.  Our postal mailing address for those who remain believers in the power of paper: The SCORE Group, 1629 NW 84 Ave., Miami, FL 33126.

“Oh, man, Sandra Star is back, and she’s a straight-haired blonde! Even better, she’s just as freshfaced and drop dead gorgeous as she was before. Ms. Star has it all: blond hair, big tits, long legs, tight pussy and a beautiful smile. All women should be like her. I am so glad she contacted SCORE. Please model some more, Sandra, as it would be a shame for us to wait that long ever again to see this beautiful goddess in action.”–T.G.

“Is it possible to have a feature or a special edition on hot Orientals/ Asians? Sure, the Asian gals tend to be on the small side for SCORE, but from time to time, there are a few surprises. Is Jade Feng still around? Some of her old shoots would be nice to see. I was very much aware of Hitomi when she was still in Japan. I was blown away then and I’m still blown away when I see her. Would it be possible to feature Kianna Dior and possibly Ava Devine? Might as well add Claudia KeAloha. Anyone who looks Asiatic ought to qualify. Ria Sakuragi should be in it, too. What a cutie she is. Oh, what the hell! There’s that Kalila Kane. Get her in there, too. And don’t forget the magnificent one from Korea, Minka. Hers must be hardcore.”–L.S.

“There is one girl who catches my eye more than any other girl does. That girl is Kamille Amora, and she consistently blows my mind with her body and tits. I particularly love her scene in the Heavy Hangers DVD , ‘Slippery Mirror Fun’ at XLGirls.com. Her scene represents womanhood in all of its glory. She was incredible. Kudos to your photographer and everyone else responsible for putting this together. The best part about Kamille’s scene is that she just let her tits hang rather than fondling them. I like to see breasts hanging naturally, and Kamille kept her hands off them. Fondling too much takes away from a scene and it makes me feel as if the girl isn’t on camera and is just enjoying being nude.”–J.P.

“Cat Bangles is the best. I really enjoy seeing this girl every time she is featured. Especially when she is in hardcore. Cat has tons of sex appeal, perky boobs and gives some of the best blowjobs I’ve ever seen. It’s no surprise she won the XXX Performer of the Year award in May ’15 Voluptuous. She has every sex skill a girl needs to get a man off, and you can tell she genuinely enjoys the naughty things she is doing. I can’t wait to see more of this babe in raunchy hardcore action. Congratulations, Cat!”–Tim

“Olivia Jackson is the stuff legends are made of. She is incredible! Beautiful, built and oh so sexy, Olivia is the ideal V-Girl. From start to finish, Olivia shows that she is all of that and a whole lot more. With her lovely face and great hair, Olivia is a real looker. This beauty’s cleavage fills out tight tops to the max, and that is very impressive. I would love to see her in more tight tops and maybe a string bikini. When you have as much to show off as Olivia, there is no better way to showcase it all than with a slow, sensual reveal. Each photo highlights her beauty and sexy curves, and when she’s done, we get to take in what perfection looks like. And I’m not even exaggerating when I call Olivia and her rack perfection. Olivia’s 34JJ naturals look magnificent in every photo and from every angle. I don’t even think it is too early to say that Olivia has one of the best racks ever featured in V-mag. And do you know what the best thing about Olivia is? It is the fact that she has an incredible ass, and I haven’t even mentioned it yet. Big, firm and shapely, Olivia’s booty is the best to ever appear in Voluptuous. Olivia has raised the bar and set a new standard. Please feature her often.”-P.S.

“This is a big thanks to Elaina Gregory and Barbie Kelley and their husbands for their tremendous generosity. If ladies like those two didn’t have the full support of their husbands, the average gentleman would never get a chance to ever see them. Elaina, with her stunning Elizabeth Taylor beauty and fantastic personality, is absolutely wonderful. She is a total class act, and it is endearing to see her wedding ring in so many of her still shots and videos. Her husband has given many men an opportunity to see Elaina as she truly is. The same thanks must go out to the beautiful Barbie Kelley and her great husband for her photos and videos. Barbie is absolutely spectacular, and it is easy to see why her husband loves her so much. Barbie’s honest sensuality is truly amazing in her videos. Every boob man should send their warmest regards to Elaina Gregory, Barbie Kelley and their husbands for their tremendous generosity in allowing their busty and beautiful wives to pose for Voluptuous magazine and in movies. Without the support and encouragement of their husbands, none of this would ever happen. Perhaps these ladies and their husbands will help start a new tradition where married women can fully express their sexuality in print and videos. They are all class acts.”–Freddie


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Who’s the best busty cock swallower ever?

Posted by Dave on Sep 1, 2015 in Cummin Soon, Deep Inside Scoreland, Hardcore XXX, newcomers

Cathy won't be really happy until she has every inch down her throat.

This Saturday at SCORELAND, newcomer Cathy Heaven swallows Matt’s cock.

I could’ve said that Cathy sucks Matt’s cock, but that would be an understatement. She swallows it, all the way down to the balls. I actually think she’s the kind of girl who gets to the bottom of the cock and wishes there were more to suck.

The kind of girl? What kind of girl is that? Cathy. Mia Khalifa. Africa Sexxx. Kianna Dior. Cassitty Harmon. You know, the girls who look upon Linda Lovelace and Little Oral Annie as role models. The girls who don’t leave a millimeter of space between their lips and the balls.

Head-suckers? They spit on head-suckers. They see them as a disgrace to womankind.

So, of all the SCORE and V-Girls you’ve ever seen, who’s the best at giving head?






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Let’s get going, Canada. Show us your boobs

This is a personal appeal to the girls of Canada who have F-cups or bigger, natural or not natural.

I don’t understand why SCORE and Voluptuous magazines get so few model inquiries from the great nation of Canada. This has really bothered me for years so I try not to dwell on it.

SCORE and V-mag traditionally have good readerships in Canada. There are strip clubs in every city packed with girls. There have to be Canadians with big tits. It’s cold there.

Tiffany Towers, Lily Valentine, Taylor Stevens, Kianna Dior, Dawn, Taylor Steele, Bella French and Amy Anderssen hail from that sprawling country. Tiffany was the very first SCORE superstar from Toronto back in the early 1990s when the magazine was established.

Canadians. They’re just like us. Except they say “Eh?” more than we do.

So, my Canadian neighbors with really big tits, please contact us at model@scoregroup.com or visit BeASCOREModel.com. You can also phone 1-800-96-SCORE Extension 266 and ask to speak to a model representative.

Canadian girls need to show the world that Canada is no slouch when it comes to big boobs.

Don’t let the Europeans and the Americans dominate the big-tit scene. Please.

Lily Valentine. Busty Quebecoise.

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Busty Asians always hit a grand slam

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 22, 2013 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Other SCORE Group websites, Tits in Tight Tops

Kiko Lee: a big Pete Rose fan.

I watch a reality show on Monday night on The Learning Channel called Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs.

Yes, the same Learning Channel that produces Honey Boo Boo.

The show is about 71-year-old Pete and his 36 year-old Korean-American fiancée, Kiana Kim, a hot-looking model with a beautiful body and very big tits. A former flight attendant for Korean Airlines, she has two children from a previous relationship and wants Pete to tie the knot. She also complains a lot about the size of her boob job and wants to get a reduction. Maybe the title should be Tits and Mrs.

My mind is yelling “No, don’t do it! Leave them the way they are!” when Kiana talks about this. Of course, Pete is against the idea but in a very laid-back way. He seems content watching three baseball games at once on TV and eating Subway heros every day. I’m a little worried about this relationship.

I’d love to see Kiana pose for SCORE, but I wouldn’t bet on it and neither would Pete since his gambling days are over. 

In last night’s two episodes, Kiana wore tiny shorts and a sexy top while walking with Pete and the kids to the Baseball Hall of Fame (he is banned from the sport). In another episode, she poses for her own calendar in skimpy sports outfits designed for hot chicks. She definitely enjoys wearing sexy outfits and likes to be looked at. That’s why getting a breast reduction is the last thing she should do.

I’m happy for Pete, the all-time Major League leader in hits (4,256), although I’m not a fan. I am, however, a fan of his future wife, who’s the only reason I watch the show.  (I’m also a fan of Coco, Ice T’s busty wife and another reality TV celebrity.)

How come so many hot Asians are named Kiana? There’s Kiana Tom, the TV fitness personality, and, of course, Kianna Dior, one of the hottest-ever porn stars, plus a few other hot Asian models named Kiana or Kianna.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a dubious source of information, a “Kiana” is a hot girl with a great ass.

Kianna Dior stops traffic as usual.

Watching this show, I remembered an interview with Asian-American SCORE Girl Kiko Lee. A Kiko scene from SCORELAND was posted on SCORELAND2 yesterday. Kiko talked about Pete Rose in her interview.

“I was walking around Vegas shopping,” Kiko said. “He had his manager and one of his bodyguards come get me, and they said, ‘Pete Rose wants to meet you.’ I was looking at them like they were nuts, and it turned out that he did. So I figured, ‘Why not?’ even though he’s a lot older than me, so I met him and talked to him, and that night we went to dinner. Then we went back to his condo and had sex. He can do some things good. He can eat pussy well.”

Despite the age difference, Kiko found Pete attractive. “He’s a very smart businessman. He’s still making money now even though he’s considered the worst baseball player for gambling. He’s still a good businessman. You sit down and have a conversation with him and he’s got a great mind.”

Who’d have guessed that hot chicks would like older guys for their minds so much that they’d bang them on the first date?

I not only learned something from The Learning Channel; I learned something from Kiko Lee.

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The 12-plus babes of Xmas

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 24, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Deep Inside Scoreland

All SCORE and V-Men want for Christmas are jiggle belles with big boobs decorating their trees and dancing around them.

Twelve days? Let’s make it 14.

This is the reason for the season.

I don’t need another Swiss Army knife.

I will take cameltoe instead of mistletoe.

At this time of the year, I give thanks. Thanks that girls like these decided to show us what they’re made of.

Wishing every model, every contributor, every reader, every DVD collector, every website member, every store employee, every friend of The SCORE Group and everyone on our cool staff a Happy Holiday.

Some Xmas week birthday babes: Victoria Lane (Dec. 22), Mercedes Mounds (Dec. 23), Jeannine Oldfield (Dec. 25), Desiree (Dec. 24), Alanna Ackerman (Dec. 25), Goldie Blair (Dec. 26), Angel Eyes (Dec. 26), Ivy Dreams (Dec. 28), Lanea Love (Dec. 29), Melonie Max (Dec. 31) and Holly Halston (Dec. 31). Happy Birthday.

And here is the trailer of my all-time favorite SCORE Xmas video (not counting the SCOREtv Holiday Specials).



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It’s a big, buoyant, busty, bouncing birthday bash week

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 14, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, birthdays, Deep Inside Scoreland, newcomers

“The girls born with boobs they are meant to show will find their greatest happiness in showing them.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet and artist (1749-1832)

“All I have learned, I learned from boobs.”-Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

“Uncorseted, her friendly bust gives promise of pneumatic bliss.”-T.S. Elliot, poet (1888 –1965)

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These are a few of my favorite scenes

I’m not the type to watch a video, enjoy it a lot and then move on and totally forget it.

I have my favorite go-to videos.

It doesn’t matter when they were made or if the girl is still strutting her sweet stuff, is retired, has real boobs or has really big boobs.

I think a lot of guys are the same. At least that’s what I’ve read.

So here are a few of my favorite SCORE videos. If you’ve never seen these, check them out at SCORELAND or SCOREVideos.

If it’s also on DVD, the title will be in parenthesis.

Harmony Sweet (Big Tit Fuck Fest)

Harmony Sweet is a co-ed in need of counseling. She has sexual issues with her boyfriend. She goes to the college campus doctor who has a hypertensive personality and a fondness for ordering around busty blondes. The kind of doctor you often read about in the newspaper. Before long, Harmony is receiving his special kind of sexology training. Now she can leave his office confident in her new skills.

Kianna Dior (Hard SCORE 2)

One of my all-time favorite porn stars, Kianna Dior, did this scene in 2004. She’s still very active in porn and still looks the same. I love her Asian features, too, and her trim-and-stacked body. The raunch levels are off the meter as Kianna slobbers and drools a river over Rod Fontana’s horn and, in general, gets totally dirty-nasty, going all out like a hurricane of sex. And she’s still the same way today. Few play with cum or talk so dirty the way Kianna does.

Aspen (Big-Tit Rubdown)

Here’s one of my favorite V-mag models who made regular appearances and was really into it. This massage session and table-top topping by the masseur was tailor-made for Aspen’s erotic personality because she likes “lots of foreplay. I like to be really worked up to the point of begging to get fucked. It just seems to be so much more intense the longer it takes. I love a strong, dominant man who takes charge and fucks me flat on my back.”

Co-eds and Asians and big tits on sex kittens.

These are a few of my favorite things.


Maria and I just read that today is National No Bra Day. We never heard of this but obviously it’s not sponsored by Playtex or Maidenform.

This news just came out of nowhere with no advance notice that Maria and I knew about. There is nothing about it in the mainstream media.

Speaking for myself, I love how a pair looks in a bra that hangs ‘em high and makes rounded mounds.

I assume there are no parades being planned at this late date. I’ll check the 10 o’clock news tonight. If there was a parade, I hope it rained so their tops got nice and wet.

According to their official website, which was not operating when I checked it out, the organizers, who are probably male, announced:

“Ladies, free your breasts for 24 hours by removing those dreadful (but at times oh-so-helpful) bras. Our perkiness should not be hidden. It is time that the world see what we were blessed with. Your breasts might be colossal, adorable, miniature, full, jiggly, fancy, sensitive, glistening, bouncy, smooth, tender, still blossoming, rosy, plump, fun, silky, Jello-like, fierce, jolly, nice, naughty, cuddly… But the most used word to describe your breasts on July 9th should be FREE!

“Gentlemen, you can participate too! Your job will be to support us ladies by rocking something purple. It can be a purple tie, purple boxers, purple socks, the NNBD button or t-shirt.. If it is purple or with the NNBD logo, it supports us. (Your support means quite a lot to us…) If wearing a bra on this day is absolutely necessary, you can definitely show your support by wearing something purple.”

With this heat wave currently baking the streets, going braless and wearing something thin is probably not a bad idea.

If you see any bra-less women wearing purple today, let us know. And then tell her about SCOREModelsWanted.com.



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Moaners, screamers and dirty talkers

Posted by Elliot James on May 26, 2012 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Jayden Prescott walks the talk.

There’s more to a hardcore sex scene than the visuals. The sounds of sex are important, too. I don’t know how many of you reading this Blog think that hearing a girl talk dirty, yell and pump up the volume while she’s getting schtupped is important. Me, I think it’s real important. It adds a lot. I love to hear the sounds and nasty words coming out of their mouths. The more creative the fuck talk, the better. It kicks up the visual action by a huge degree.

Last September, we asked SCORELAND members about their listening habits when playing videos.

30% kept the volume at the same level they’d use for TV.

37% kept the volume low.

27% wore headphones.

A small percentage (5%) played videos without sound.

At home, I use a wireless headphone system, and I usually watch videos on my TV, not on my computer.

Some girls really have an above-average knack, a true talent, for extreme dirty talking, and I’m going to add a few links to some of the hottest mouths in action. Just click on the girl’s name.

Kianna Dior has few equals when it comes to a torrent of filthy fuck-me talk.

Elizabeth Starr has a well-deserved reputation for being a screamer and a squealer.

The words that come out of Danielle Derek‘s mouth could make an old longshoreman cover his ears.

Newcomer Goldie Ray is a screamer, a growler and a squealer with an extensive vocabulary. Very impressive! I didn’t see that coming, no pun intended.

Who walks the talk for you?


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