Think they’re going to kiss? Think again! This is porn!

Posted by Dave on Dec 8, 2015 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Hardcore XXX, Letters and comments

He's not moving in to kiss Sandra. He's moving in to feel her big tits.

Not a lot of kissing goes on in hardcore videos. The guy’s lips will touch the girl’s tits and pussy. The girl’s lips will touch the guy’s cock. But lip-to-lip action? It’s rare.

So, Sandra Star is not going to kiss her man in the action that follows this photo. But she is going to suck his cock.

A member recently wrote to 40SomethingMag.com, “My wife, who is 60, and her friends all agree that if you included much more necking, foreplay, and sweaty bodies pressed against each other instead of arranging models in typical porn positions, (e.g. doggy, cowgirl reverse cowgirl etc.), you’d raise the heat and passion of the scene significantly.  Some of the male models actually turn away from the females like they don’t want to kiss them. What’s up with that?”

I don’t know what’s up with that. I do know that we don’t get many requests for kissing in boy-girl scenes. And notice that it’s the guy’s wife, not the guy, who wants to see more kissing.

Where do you stand on the matter? Do you want to see the guy and girl kissing in hardcore scenes?



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Two Busty Girls: Sheridan Love & Holly Brooks

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 21, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, girl-girls, New at Scoreland

Enhancing their visual pleasures.

The timing was perfect.

Sheridan Love was visiting SCORE.

Holly Brooks was visiting SCORE.

They were eager to get it on after meeting each other in the girls’ dressing room.

Today, every girl has a smart phone. Every girl is on-line, Tweeting, shooting selfies, taking photos of friends and posting on social sites.

Sheridan Love and Holly Brooks don’t take a back seat to anyone in this. They love being photographed and snapping smart phone photos.

Why not have Holly and Sheridan take smart phone selfies of each other kissing, licking, sucking, fingering and playing tongue-hockey while our cameras rolled too?

Two busty girls having horny fun. See it now.

Sheridan and Holly, thanks for being so horny.

That phone is really smart.

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It’s Erection Day! Jack early, jack often!

Newcomer Charley J. Matthews gets my vote.

Today is that day. You know what day I’m talking about, especially if you’re from the United States. It’s that day you’ve been hearing about for the past four months and don’t even want to think about. That’s why you came to SCORELAND, not to read more about that day but to avoid that day.

So I’m going to help you. I’m going to provide a respite from the noise. I’m going to tell you that no matter what happens tonight, there’s always tomorrow. And in these parts, yesterday, today and tomorrow always mean big tits.

Tahnee plans to celebrate Erection Day by inviting an erection into her ass!

Yesterday, newcomer Charley J. Matthews debuted at SCORELAND. Charley is from Wisconsin, and I could tell you what’s going on in Wisconsin today but…hey, like I said, I’m not going there. The Green Bay Packers are from Wisconsin. Cheese is from Wisconsin. Charley is from Wisconsin. Paul Ry…nope, I’m not going there.

Kelly and Lana ask, "Can't we all just get along?"

Today, Tahnee Taylor, a 40something divorcee with big naturals, is new at XLGirls.com. Tomorrow, Tahnee gets fucked in her ass. Tahnee told me, “I’m a shy girl, but I love getting fucked in my ass.” You know, these days, with all the political ads on TV and all the promises, a voter can feel like he’s getting fucked in the…oooops, sorry. I promised I wouldn’t go there.

And tomorrow at SCOREVideos.com, a classic girl-girl scene featuring bosom buddies Lana Lotts and Kelly Madison. There’s nothing more American than two hot, busty chicks getting it on with each other. Lana is a blonde. Kelly is a brunette. And if a blonde and a brunette can get along and even kiss and suck each others’ tits, even people of different political persuasions can…fuck! I almost went there again!

Happy Erection Day. Oh, by the way, voting for the SCORE and Voluptuous awards is going on now at SCORELAND. So far, there have been no reports of voter suppression.

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Charlee Chase and Sheridan Love: Tale of the titties

In the corner to my left, we have Charlee Chase. Tall, blonde, busty MILF. Porn star of My Boob Heaven. A girl who recently had her cunt creamed at SCOREVideos.com and, several years back, had her way with Kitty Lynx’s cunt in the DVD Busty Snatch Club.

Hold that thought.

In the corner to my right, we have Sheridan Love. Short ‘n’ stacked newcomer. Recently introduced on the SCORELAND Blog. Made her SCORELAND debut earlier this week. A porn star in training, if you ask me. Loves pussy.

Hold that thought, too.

Today and tomorrow at SCORELAND, Charlee is going to help Sheridan break her on-camera (emphasis on on-camera) girl-girl cherry. And this little video is what happened moments before the action started.

As you’re about to see, in this video, the action actually starts.

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What are Angela White and Maggie Green doing in their XXX 3-way today? Glad you asked.

Posted by Dave on Apr 15, 2011 in New at Scoreland
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Some of you have been wondering what you can expect from today’s Angela White/Maggie XXX three-way at SCORELAND. Let me see if I can help.

1. Opening Scene: Angela and Maggie in St. Maarten, poolside in skimpy bikinis that their big, natural tits are pouring out of. Maggie’s bikini barely covers her nipples. Angela massages Maggie’s tits. Lots of giggling and checking out the guy who’s lying on a lounge chair nearby. Angela jiggles her breasts. Maggie plays with them. Maggie says, “I’m all sticky” and invites Angela inside for a shower.

2. Scene Two:  Angela and Maggie in the shower. Getting wet, of course. Angela and Maggie rub each other down, fixated on each others’ tits. Body lotion enters the equation. Boob rubbing. No more giggling. Just moaning. Ass-slapping ensues.

3. Scene Three: Angela and Maggie retire to the bedroom, now totally naked. Angela rubs Maggie’s pussy then fingers it, first with one finger, then with two. Angela comments that Maggie’s pussy is “nice and tight” before going down to lick her clit. “Your fucking tongue is amazing,” Maggie says. [I love when Maggie says, "fucking tongue."] Maggie slaps Angela’s ass again. Angela lies down and Maggie drools on her pussy, then fingers and eats it. Angela comments on Maggie’s good tongue and hopes for cock. She sees the guy from the pool watching at the door and says, “Come over here and give me that big, hard cock.”

4. Scene Four: The dude eats Angela’s pussy while Maggie plays with Angela’s tits. Maggie asks, “Does his tongue feel good all over that clit?” Angela is now having her pussy eaten and tits sucked at the same time and comments, “That’s so fuckin’ good.”

5. Scene Five: Angela goes down to suck the dude’s cock and balls, getting about 80% of his dick and 100% of his balls into her mouth while Maggie gets her tits sucked. Angela tit-fucks the cock then goes down for another mouthful of cock and balls. “Suck that fuckin’ cock,” Maggie orders.

I’d like to point out that at this point, we’re not even halfway through the scene.

6. Scene Six: Maggie kneels over the cock and tit-fucks it while Angela encourages her. Angela spits on the cock that’s tit-fucking Maggie, goes down for a suck, then returns it to Maggie’s cleavage. More Angela sucking, more Angela spitting on the cock, more Maggie tit-fucking.

7. Scene Seven: Angela gives the cock one more suck, then hops on top reverse-cowgirl. Maggie guides the cock into Angela’s pussy and sucks her tits and rubs her clit. Maggie asks Angela if she likes “that big cock.” Angela says, “Give me that fuckin’ cock.” Pool guy obliges.

8. Scene Eight: Angela gets fucked side-saddle while sucking on Maggie’s tits, which are smothering her face. Maggie drapes her tits over the dude’s face for a sucking. Then Maggie drops her tits into Angela’s mouth for a sucking. Lots of puckering sounds. Angela and Maggie deep girlie kiss while Angela has a cock in her cunt. Angela sucks some more tit.

9. Scene Nine: Angela gets fucked from behind while eating Maggie’s pussy. Angela and Maggie are both cumming. The dude has his cock deep in Angela’s pussy. Angela has her tongue deep in Maggie’s cunt.

10. Scene 10: Maggie lies back for a tit-fucking, which we watch from above. Maggie and Angela kiss again. Angela spits on the cock again. Angela and Maggie team-jack the guy. “I want that fuckin’ cum,” Angela says as he spills his load all over her face and Maggie’s tits. Angela licks Maggie clean, eating and enjoying cum (and also licking and sucking cum off Maggie’s finger).

This scene lasts a little over 29 minutes. I’m betting you won’t get through 15 without blowing your load.

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