Another trip down mammary lane: Remembering Laura Bailey and Sarah Mercury

Laura Bailey

Sarah Mercury

Back in the early 2000′s, we had a couple of tried-and-true formulas for Voluptuous and XL Girls magazines.

If we wanted to turn an issue of Vmag into a guaranteed newsstand sellout, we put Sarah Mercury on the cover. Sarah was from Boston, Massachusetts, she only shot for us, she never shot hardcore and she was as sure a sure thing as there ever was for Vmag. Of course, we couldn’t put Sarah on the cover of every issue. That would’ve caused the formula to lose its effectiveness…at least we thought it would have. Maybe not.

For XL Girls, the go-to girl was the great British babe Laura Bailey. I’ll never forget the time Laura was planning to get married but called off the wedding when her groom-to-be asked her to lose weight. What a jerk. We told the story in the magazines, and never have we received more letters. Our readers were absolutely pillorying Laura’s ex-fiance. The line of guys ready to step up and marry Laura could’ve wound through all of England.

There are lots of photos and videos of Laura Bailey deep inside XLGirls.com and SCORELAND. Sarah, who visited our studio twice in 2000, never shot video, but she has plenty of photos at SCORELAND and XLGirls.com, too.

That guy made the biggest mistake of his life by not loving Laura for who she is. I hope he’s married to a skinny chick with no tits.

Isn’t there some famous guy who said a flat-chested girl can’t be a 10?

Okay, don’t get me started.


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Susie Wilden and Laura Bailey: Their tits are on our list

Posted by Dave on May 17, 2014 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, Other SCORE Group websites

Two of the greatest XL Girls ever? I think so. Laura Bailey is on top, mashing Susie Wilden.

Since we’re on the subject of XL Girls magazine and the greatest XL Girls ever, it’s easy to think of the new girls, but let’s not forget some of the great girls of the past. Here are two of them, both Brits: Laura Bailey (she’s on top) and Susie Wilden. Laura was a spectacular XL Girl, and if you’re judging a girl by her ability to make an issue fly off the newsstand shelves, she’s in the top 10, maybe even the top five. As for Susie, she was actually a very good SCORE Girl when she first came to us in 2000, but she developed into a great XL Girl (and even did anal in the movie Ultimate Susie Wilden, available at eBoobStore.com).

So don’t overlook those girls from 10 or 15 years ago. We won’t. Who’s on your list of XL Girls legends?


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Is Renee Ross the greatest XL Girl ever? And if she isn’t, who is?

Posted by Dave on May 14, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Cummin Soon, print magazines

The great Renee Ross and her spectacular naturals.

I’m asking because we’re in the process of building the 15th anniversary issue of XL Girls magazine, and it will revolve around the greatest XL Girls ever. Now, you can pretty much guarantee that Renee, Samantha 38G, Sapphire, Micky Bells, Dors Feline, Ashley Sage Ellison, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden will be in this issue. But who else? Who’s on your no-brainer list of girls who undoubtedly should be in this issue? Have Jennica Lynn and Lavina Dream been around long enough? And who do you think is the greatest XL Girl ever. Is it Renee?

Of course, to qualify, the girl had to have appeared in XL Girls magazine at least once.


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Bex Shiner lands at SCORELAND’s big boob house

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The world loves busty Brits.

Busty Brits bounce off the walls at SCORELAND. Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Dawn Phoenix, Lorna Morgan, Chaz, Kerry Marie, Denise Davies, Kelly Kay, Kirstyn Halborg, Kellie Garnett, Susie Wilden, Laura Bailey, Miss Emma, Jessica Turner, Emily Cartwright, Michelle Bond, Lisa Marie Greener…the list goes on.

In recent years, Terri Jane, Dors Feline, Karla James, Dolly Delight, Beti Phellasio, Charley Green and Leanne Crow have filled the cups.

A few weeks ago, you met Lily Madison. Now here’s Bex Shiner, a former Big Brother contestant who became a huge tabloid celebrity. Big Brother housemates can go topless on TV unlike repressed American Big Brother residents.

(Pop quiz: Name the SCORE Girl who lived in the Big Brother house in both Germany and the Philippines.)

When we met Bex, her British ways made instant fans of us. She’s funny, energetic and upbeat. And she has big baps.

“I was flat-chested until I turned 18 years old, and then I became the biggest-chested of my friends,” Bex said.

Better late than never, Bex, and that includes visiting the Colonies.

Bex’s first photo set and a meet-n-greet video tomorrow kick off her arrival in the USA.

Crikey! The Brits have invaded the Colonies again!

Bex, bra and baps. Rule, Britannia.

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What’s on your mind? Probably the same thing that’s on my mind: tits!

Posted by Dave on Apr 7, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Other SCORE Group websites, Poll

Susie Wilden (left) and Laura Bailey in one of the great boob-mashing moments of all time. For a big-tit lover, does it get any better than this?

Do you know what’s the best part about SCORELAND and the SCORELAND Blog? This is: It’s the only place where we can ask, “What’s your favorite part of a big-tit girl-girl scene?” and “boob mashing and sucking” comes in way ahead of “the girls eating each other’s pussies”  and “the girls fucking each other with strap-on?” It’s the only place where we can ask, “Given the choice, would you prefer the pop shot in a big-tit XXX scene to land on the model’s face or on her tits?” and the overwhelming answer is “on her tits.” The only place where we can ask, “Have you ever dated a girl solely because of her big tits?” and the No. 1 answer is, “Yes!” which could have easily been followed by, “Of course!”

When we launched the Blog more than two and a half years ago, we hoped to bring together a community of big-boob lovers, to create a place where like-minded people could hang out and enjoy their love of tits. A community of men (and women, too) who, if a busty woman was walking down the street wearing a cleavage-revealing top and absolutely nothing down below–no panties, no nothing–their eyes would go right to her tits and they wouldn’t even notice she was half-naked.
The results so far of the current poll really struck me as interesting. A gigantic percentage of the men who like girl-girl scenes in mainstream porn like them for the strap-on fucking and the pussy eating. We’ve never polled the rest of the world, but I’m sure of that. But SCORELAND Men? It’s all about the tit-mashing and sucking and squeezing for them. But nowhere else in the world. And I like it that way.
R.W. from Aurora, Illinois writes: “Being a long-time SCORE reader, I noticed that C.A. from the UK is a regular contributor to the ‘Scorecard’ forum. Is this someone who works for SCORE in the United Kingdom, or is it a fan who does not have anything better to do than write a letter every month? I think it is great that he can be featured each month, and he does have some good comments.”
Enjoy the weekend at SCORELAND.


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The week in birthdays

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 8, 2010 in Boobs in the News

A guy who met Gaynor wrote, “Pounds of beautiful milky white flesh to roll in one’s hands like a master baker!” Daphne heads the cast of Boob Science as a computer-created woman. Dixie Bubbles has retired but still has a strong following. Kaylee O’Toole was part of the SCORE team in a Battle of the Showgirls ’99 contest in Myrtle Beach.  Maria Moore once told Dave and me that people should have sex on the first date before anything else to see if they’re compatible. Interesting theory! Jessica Justice performed on Boob Cruise 2000 despite an injured leg. Laura Bailey said her perfect day would be “a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.” Gina LaMontana said “I was at Hooters by the SCORE building and a group of guys came up and they were taking pictures of me.”  When ya got it, ya got it. Happy B-day, ladies.

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“More To Love.” More what?

Posted by Dave on Aug 4, 2009 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News

FOX rolled out its new reality dating show. It’s called More To Love, and it’s about a guy who tries to find love with 20 plus-sized girls. So I tune in, figuring, “Big girls, big tits,” right?


In what might go down as the worst casting in the history of reality TV, the producers managed to find 20 big girls of which only one has big tits. And you’d better believe she was touting her advantage in a tight, low-cut dress, puppies bouncing all over the place. But the rest? Yipes!

At one point, some chick was going on and on about how she’d never had a date, and I’m screaming at the TV, “Honey, you weigh 300 pounds and only two of it’s tit!” I mean, take your pick: big tits, big ass, or pretty face. A girl’s gotta give your mind something to negotiate with your cock.

COCK: She’s a big girl.

MIND: But she’s very nice.

COCK: She’s a big girl.

MIND: She’s very nice, and she has big tits.

COCK: Sold.

That’s how it works in real life.

Obviously, the people who cast More To Love didn’t know what they were doing. They should’ve come to us. Here are five big girls for starters. They have more to love in all the right places.



Maria Moore

Maria Moore

Gemma Field

Gemma Field

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey



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