We have a thing for Hitomi and Lily. They have a thing for each other.

Posted by Dave on Jun 28, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, Deep Inside Scoreland, girl-girls

"I want you to eat my pussy again," Lily tells Hitomi.

The first time Hitomi and Lily Madison hooked up at SCORELAND and Hitomi ate Lily’s unpixelated pussy, member larryirun2 said, “What a fantastic set! How great is it to see Hitomi pleasure Lily down below! I have never seen her do anything like that before! Thanks, SCORE, for a great session!”

Members asked for more, and they’ll get it on Thursday. The second encounter between the two former Newcomers of the Year is a lot hotter than the first, and that’s saying something. This time, Lily is in charge, but it’s Hitomi who jams Lily’s pussy with a dildo.

Big Pete wrote, “Love both of these girls but together? Amazing!!! God, I wish Hitomi would get out of this Japanese contract or whatever it is stopping her showing the world her pussy.”

Maybe someday. I’m pretty confident (and I’m not basing this on any inside information) that Hitomi will one day suck and fuck real, unpixelated cock on-camera. But it just goes to show you how great she is that she’s never shown her pussy on-camera and has won SCORE Model of the Year three years in a row. She’s one of the greats. So is Lily.


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This is our idea of a beautiful day in Miami, Florida

It's raining tits. Hallelujah!

Thunder clouds? What thunder clouds? It’s always sunny out when MM-cup natural Tiggle Bitties is baring her big tits, as she is here and in today’s photo and video postings at SCORELAND. Can you imagine looking up from your poolside lounger and seeing those?

Tomorrow at SCORELAND: Super-stacked natural Anastasia, photos and videos.

Meanwhile, this just in: Hitomi and Lily Madison in girl-girl action. Coming soon. (They already came.)

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Girls who love big tits and hot clits with Joana

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

The last time Joana and her girls Roxanne Diamond and Amorina got together for a “Big Tit Pussy Picnic” at SCORELAND, they were in a park where there was a good chance of accidental exposure or someone spying on them. This time, the three amigas  hold an indoor lipstick-lesbian love-in.

Hot and busty female bodies massaging, tickling, fondling and hugging. Nipples rubbing nipples, clits and ass cheeks. Juicy pussies being spanked and fingered. Breast rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking and bumping. Body licking and kissing. Tongue-to-tongue and lip-locking.  That’s what’s on the minds of boob-drunks Roxanne Diamond and Amorina under the guidance of their role model, Joana, one of SCORELAND‘s most popular naturals. See them have at each other now.

Roxanne and Amorina worship their goddess, Joana. It's the cult of the big-boobed lesbians!


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Joana’s big-tit pussy picnic

It's a punani picnic in the park for Joana, Amorina and Roxanne.

Joana knows Amorina and Roxanne Diamond. They’re close. Real close.

The two novices wanted to model naked at SCORE and Joana made the introductions to the SCORE Studio. That’s what friends are for. Both have debuted at SCORELAND.

Now it’s picnic time at the park for the giggling and happy bicycling babes and their ultimate role model and teacher: the great Joana, goddess of big boobs. She’ll make sure her bosom buds reach bliss.

They set up a blanket, but box lunch is not on the menu. The three girls are on the menu.

See it at SCORELAND.

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Molly Howard and Marilyn Mayson kissing, jiggling and lactating!

Posted by Maria on Jul 19, 2012 in Interviews, Tit Tricks

There are not a lot of things that throw me off my interview game. I mean, I have seen it all: Girls throwing themselves into splits, Renee Ross jumping rope topless, Michelle May doing a naked handstand and even naked yoga with Kaytee Carter.

But nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, prepared me for my blog interview with Molly Howard and Marilyn Mayson.

I had interviewed Molly Howard before for XLGirls.com, so we were already acquainted. In fact, she threw herself into a split on the floor for me then, too. But it was my first time meeting the lovely Marilyn Mayson, who is such a doll.

However, when I sat down with these ladies (right around the time of the NBA Finals, when Marilyn’s hometown team, the Thunder, were playing our beloved Miami Heat), it was big titty pandemonium.

First of all, there was a plethora of titties everywhere. That is always awesome.

But then things went from 0-to-69 in about two seconds, I swear. One moment they were showing me their tits and the next, Marilyn was lactating milk all over Molly’s tits. And then they were kissing. And then I was on set with them after their first threesome scene and they were shaking their tits at me with cum still in their hair.

It was wild!

I would give you details about it, but sometimes a video is worth a thousand words.

So without further ado, check out these two wild ladies below and then head over to XLGirls.com and watch their hot and horny interracial threesome. It is NOT to be missed.



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Charlee Chase and Sheridan Love: Tale of the titties

In the corner to my left, we have Charlee Chase. Tall, blonde, busty MILF. Porn star of My Boob Heaven. A girl who recently had her cunt creamed at SCOREVideos.com and, several years back, had her way with Kitty Lynx’s cunt in the DVD Busty Snatch Club.

Hold that thought.

In the corner to my right, we have Sheridan Love. Short ‘n’ stacked newcomer. Recently introduced on the SCORELAND Blog. Made her SCORELAND debut earlier this week. A porn star in training, if you ask me. Loves pussy.

Hold that thought, too.

Today and tomorrow at SCORELAND, Charlee is going to help Sheridan break her on-camera (emphasis on on-camera) girl-girl cherry. And this little video is what happened moments before the action started.

As you’re about to see, in this video, the action actually starts.

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The Ultimate Rack Battle Royale: Karina Hart vs. Bea Flora

Posted by Maria on Nov 21, 2010 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, The Life of an Editor

It is no secret that I love lesbians. I mean, they are right up there with fireworks and pizza on the list of THINGS THAT ARE ALWAYS GOOD.

And sometimes when I am surfing around SCORELAND I lament because if I had it my way, there would be certain models that I would have paired together for some serious dyke-diddling…you know, for our viewing pleasure.

I know that I am not alone in these, “If only So-and-So would have done a girl-girl scene with So-and-So,” fantasies because I get A LOT of letters from V-mag readers asking me if there is anyway I can pull some strings and have their favorites pair up for a round of clit-lickery.(Believe me, if I had that kind of string-pulling clout, I would pair up all your fantasy lesbians and mine, too…maybe for a huge lezzie orgy! YES! But unfortunately, I don’t. Insert sad face here.)

Karina Hart looks like she would muff dive like a champion.

Karina Hart looks like she would muff dive like a champion.

Now, if I could, the first two busties I would throw together in the lesbian Thunderdome would totally be Karina Hart (From her SCORE December 2010 appearance.) and Bea Flora (From her Voluptuous Holiday 2005 appearance.).

Bea Flora is fucking sexy. She is a GREAT lesbian fantasy candidate.

Bea Flora is fucking sexy. She is a GREAT lesbian fantasy candidate.

I mean, seriously, look at all that T&A and imagine it all over each other. Maybe it’s because Bea is Polish and Karina is Czech and I imagine them finger-fucking each other furiously and screaming dirty things with their accents, but hot damn if in my imagination this isn’t the fucking sexiest match-up of all time. They both have killer bodies. They both have great tits. They both have nice asses. They’re both sexy brunettes. I mean, come on! They fit together like big-titted Legos.

(At least they do in my imagination. lol)

So, tell me what Lesbian match-ups do you fantasize about? Is it always girl-on-girl, or is it sometimes a lezzie threeway? (When it comes to lesbians, you can never add too many to the mix!) I would love to hear your pussy-to-pussy pairings.




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She said WHAT? The best interview quotes of all time

Posted by Maria on Sep 27, 2010 in Boob Bloopers, Interviews, Life With Big Tits, The Life of an Editor

Being the editor of a big-tit mag has its perks…pun intended. For one, I have ladies whipping out their ladies for me take a gander at all the time. (You can’t imagine what it’s like to introduce yourself to a woman and then BAM! her tits are in your face. It’s like being a rockstar, it really is.) For another, I get to spend time with these huge-knockered hotties and they tell me all their most-intimate secrets. (And they do it while their tits are in my face. Sigh. I live the life, kids.)

Sometimes they tell me some seriously freaky kinkiness that makes me blush. And sometimes they tell me things that make me laugh out loud. You never know what a V-girl is going to say, but whatever it is, it is always memorable. Join me as I take a look back at some of my favorite convos with the titters that make my world go round.

Destiny Rose: Cow Tipper.

Destiny Rose: Cow Tipper.

Destiny Rose, Feb. ’10 V-mag:

“Well, we do a lot of cow-tipping where I am from…you run up to them and shove them and they fall over and you run like crazy. But they don’t get hurt. They just get a bit spooked is all. A lot of times they don’t even fall over. They just sorta rock back and forth and wake right up.”-on what she does for fun in her hometown.

Melonie Max loves gangbangs.

Melonie Max loves gangbangs.

Melonie Max, May ’10 V-mag:

“Um, I wouldn’t say I really have one…oh, wait, you know what? Gangbangs. That’s what I watch when I watch porn. I watch gangbangs…I was like, ‘Wait a minute, what do I look at on the Net when I look at porn?’ and gangbangs was it. That and lesbians. I love to watch lesbian porn. They get down.”-on what her ultimate sexual fantasies are.

Jessica Taylor: Construction worker!

Jessica Taylor: Construction worker!

Jessica Taylor, Jan. ’10 V-mag:

“Well, actually, I am in charge of organizing contractors and making sure that they do what they have to do and get their jobs done. I work for a company that renovates repossessed houses. And if my guys give me a problem and tell me that they can’t do something to get a job done, then I go in there and show them that I can do it. Like, I’ll go in there and tear drywall off the walls with crowbars and get dirty, but I get it done.”-on working in construction.

Jenna Valentine: Titty-fucking is a gift.

Jenna Valentine: Titty-fucking is a gift.

Jenna Valentine, July ’10 V-mag:

“The titty fuck? Yeah, if it’s with the right person and they get off on it, then it, like, makes me happy. In certain situations…fine, I’m completely selfish. But if I feel like giving and they want to titty-fuck and it makes them really happy, then it like Hanukkah for them…then let’s go! I say Hanukkah because I am a Jew. Not Christmas, you guys, Hanukkah. I am like the Hanukkah Santa of titty-fucking. Eight days of titty-fucking!”-on using her tits during sex.

These ladies always say a mouthful and we don’t mind one bit because we would like a mouthful of their huge knockers. Stay tuned for more funny quotes from V-girl interviews and let me know what some of your favorite V-girl interviews have been.



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Lesbians…It’s what’s for dinner!

Posted by Maria on Aug 3, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, Confessions, The Life of an Editor
Annie Swanson and Ana makeout and then strap up for some friendly fucking!

Annie Swanson and Ana make out and then strap up for some friendly fucking!

There are two things that I could have a healthy helping of at any time and always have an appetite for: ice cream and lesbians.

And believe you me, just like little kids freak out for ice cream, I freak for hot dykes and lipstick lovelies.

Lesbians can do no wrong.

Mia Starr and Harmony Bliss are nipple nymphos and we likey!

Mia Starr and Harmony Bliss are nipple nymphos, and we likey!

I cannot describe exactly what it is about two women going at it that does it for me. It’s, like, a combination of things. For starters, I like watching women kiss. When men kiss women, it’s hot and more…brutal? It’s harder and aggressive. But when two women kiss, it’s softer and sexy. They don’t devour each other. They take small tastes of each others’ mouths, and I find that mother’effin HOT. It gets me goin’…knowwhaddamean? And I like watching chicks explore and touch each other, too. It’s not hurried like watching a man feel up a woman. (Not that I have anything against watching a man be, well, a man. I like watching a guy attack a pair of titties.) When women touch each other, it’s languid. (I love that word…it sounds dirty!) It’s like drinking a cold mint julep on a hot day here in the South and hearing the ice clink and seeing the beads of condensed sweat on the glass. It’s steamy. It’s erotic. It’s delicious.

I have quite a few faves when it comes to lesbians on SCORELAND. I am a big fan of any lezzie scene with Gianna Rossi. (I hope Gianna reads this and sets her lezzie sites on me. Hi, Gianna! I wanna be on you!) I dig her army-girl inspired shoot with Terry Nova shot in the Bahamas.  I also like anything involving wetness and lesbians like Christy Marks vs. Angela White and Harmony Bliss vs. Mia Starr, because twats and tits should be dripping wet. It’s glorious! I am also into lesbians who are thick like Marille and Angelina. To me, thick women scissoring and grinding pussies while their titties swing is oh, so good. And when girls strap it on, like Annie Swanson and Ana, I can get into it. (Especially if they talk dirty while piping one another…fuck yes!)

But, the NUMBER ONE lesbian scene of all time, for me, has to be when Dominno and Katarina Dubrova played a little game of Masturbation With A Friend in

Hooter Hotel: Where Dominno and Katarina lez-out French maid style. YUM!

Hooter Hotel: Where Dominno and Katarina lez-out French maid style. YUM!

the epic movie Hooter Hotel. Why? Well, it’s not the most fucktastic lezzie scene of all time, but there is something incredible about two very sexy women dressed up in French maid outfits and makin’ out. And maybe I am biased because I was actually on location in Hungary when this scene was being filmed, and actually in the room when these two women started licking and sucking each other’s nipples…but to me, these lesbians are A+. It was all I could do to contain myself from lying on the bed with them and declaring, “I’ve been dirty. I need you maids to rub me down.” lol (My porno fantasies are epic!) If you haven’t seen Dominno and Katarina together, you are missing out big time.

Whew. All this lezzie lusting has made me hungry. I could go for a bowl of ice cream and some lesbians right now, actually. lol

Hope you guys chime in with your favorite lesbian scenes of all time. I always like to hear your opinions!



Gianna and Terry oil up for slippery rub-a-dub.

Gianna and Terry oil up for slippery rub-a-dub.

Christy Marks and Angela White get wet and get wet.

Christy Marks and Angela White get wet and get wet.

Marille and Angelina go tit to tit, like a lesbian sandwich.

Marille and Angelina go tit to tit, like a lesbian sandwich.

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Chicks I would bang and other fun facts

Posted by Maria on May 3, 2010 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, The Life of an Editor

Sometimes models come in and I immediately know that:

1) We are going to be BFFs. (That’s Breast Friends Forever, just FYI!)

2) Said model is going to be hilarious.

3) I would bang said model. A lot.

This was the way of it when I met wonderful and oh-so-funny Renee Ross. This was the way of it when I first laughed it up with my lesbian crush Jenna Valentine. (Hi, boo!) This is the way of it when I met Bunny De La Cruz.

Well…except I never met her.


But I know in my horny heart of hearts that if I had met Bunny, face-to-face, womano-a-womano and had some accidental (not-so-accidental) tit-to-hand brushing…well, I would have wanted to clam-ram her in a hot minute.

Bunny is my kind of gal.

Hot, pinup-esque, curvy and muy caliente in the pants! Oh, yeah!

So.…maybe one day she will find her way to our studio, and on that day, she will meet me and say, “Hey, Maria. Wanna sleep over and do each other’s hair?” or some other cheesy, slumber-party porno dialogue…and then Bunny and I will bump funnies.

Or we just meet and do a video for the blog or something. lol Whatever is fine by me.

Sigh. Bunny…hop on down the boobie trail and see us real soon.



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