SCORELAND gets all kinds of mail…and the delivery is always special

When Diane Poppos returned to these Happy Halls of Hooters last spring, Maria ran a contest in November ’11 Voluptuous to give away a magazine signed by Diane. This envelope contained one of the entries.

An entry for Diane Poppos' autographed magazine giveaway.

This gentleman really wanted that rare souvenir badly!

I admired his motivation and interest. He could have just addressed the envelope.

When SCORE magazine had a Summer Sinn bra giveaway in the May ’08 edition, Belgian reader D.L. mailed a large envelope containing a huge, accordion-style fold-out that spelled I WANT TO WIN SUMMER SINN’S BRA, with one letter per page and below the letter, a photo of Summer wearing her ultra-rare, custom-made bra. This is one long sheet of paper!

D.L.'s 23-page Summer Sinn bra giveaway entry.

D.L. didn’t win, but I still have his memorable entry. (I save all bra entries from every bra contest. This one’s never been topped.)

D.L. is still a SCORELAND member, for which we thank him.

The folks from the post office always bring something interesting in their mail bags from interesting people.

And we thank them for that.

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Yeah, it was a magazine-only contest, but we’ll take any excuse to show pictures of Beshine

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 7, 2011 in Contest, New at Scoreland, New DVD Releases, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Germany’s Beshine has the biggest tits in all of Europe as far as I know, measuring over a whopping 59 inches or 150 centimeters at last count. That’s pretty much five feet around! Along with Beshine’s first appearance in May ’11 SCORE, she autographed one of the enormous bras she wears in her pictorial and interview for a magazine-only giveaway contest. This contest drew the most mail since we started the bra giveaways in March ’07′s issue with Denise Derringer. Beshine’s ultra-rare item is a one-of-a-kind collectors’ piece. It’s a 40K Tango 2 made by Panache. (Sounds like a nuclear missile.)

The winner was T.A. from Tennessee, and these shots of Beshine signing the bra he now owns show why you might want to grab a copy of the magazine once in a while (in addition to your SCORELAND membership, of course). Because you gotta be in it to win it! T.A., a SCORE reader since 1995, said he was “really stoked by the news. I entered the contest on a lark. Just a fan of women like Beshine. The more you could put girls like Beshine in the magazine, the better!” We’re stoked by Beshine.

To veteran readers and members like Mr. T.A., Beshine is a reminder of the big 1990s except she goes way beyond the extremes of breast expansion. Beshine is an Otis Sweat fantasy girl painting come to life.

Other SCORE guys say “This is the type of woman that made me a SCORE man in the 90′s and will keep me a SCORE man in the future.” “Please: Beshine and Minka scene and photo set!” “Amazing woman. Bold decision to go that big. Keep Beshine coming back!”

Beshine appears in The Tit-ans, her only DVD to date.

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