Danni Lynne is the “36EEE Porn Store Salesgirl” at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 7, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Novelties, print magazines, Uncategorized

The hot chick working in a porn shop fantasy is alive and well and embodied by bodaciously stacked Danni Lynne in Friday’s hardcore scene.

Danni is the sales clerk in charge when JMac walks in looking for a “substitute” for his girlfriend, who’s going away.

He checks out the Fleshlight and other toys and asks about rubber boobs, but Danni turns out to be his living doll of choice when she invites him to feel her big, natural tits.

This Californian has a smokin’ hot body on her and huge, beautifully shaped hooters.

Stores like this with clerks like Danni are only located in a place called SCORELAND. Visit it today because a new scene with highly rated Alexya goes up at 4PM ET.

Danni Lynne could sell ice-making machines in Iceland.

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Drop your man-fat with the Splat Mat. Two new busty babes added!

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 15, 2014 in Men's Products

A few days ago, a reader named R.J. emailed me.

“I just got the January ’15 SCORE. I really love the Amy Anderssen pics. That Tigerr Benson is really hot ,too. I thought I would show you a couple of their poses that I would be happy if every girl did them.”

The Tigerr photo R.J. wrote about was in the table of contents. The Amy photo was on page 95. They were not hand-on-head glamour shots. Both were in-your-face, spread pussy, F-M poses, photos that inspire major wood.

Now the Splat Mat series has two new girls to whack over: Sheridan Love and Merilyn Sakova in their hottest and wide-spreading F-M positions.

This makes eight Splat Mats with more to come in 2015.

The high-quality 41-inch by 24-inch vinyl prints are perfect for your man-cave.

Click here to contact our in-house reps at eBoobStore.com. It’s the only store that sells these exclusive novelties.

Get yours from eBoobStore.com today.



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Visit the new eBoobStore.com. Same great big boobs. Same sexy girls.

Posted by Elliot James on May 1, 2014 in Digital Magazines, DVD, eBoobStore.com, New DVD Releases, print magazines

The new eBoobStore is ready for you to check out.

It’s more-streamlined, sleeker, user-friendly and still the same treasure trove of TSG magazines, DVDs and novelties. It’s the biggest store for big-boob stuff on the Web. Check it out and browse the descriptions and the video samples. If you get lost in the aisles, call for help. We’re here to assist you. Click here to enter.

Spend some time in the new eBoobStore.com.

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The one-stop shop for big boobs. Save big on DVDs, magazines and adult novelties.

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 13, 2013 in Digital Magazines, DVD, eBoobStore.com, New DVD Releases, print magazines

Krystal Swift in SCORE Threesomes. This pictorial appears in Nov. '13 SCORE magazine.

Hard drives crash. Files get corrupted. Clouds are not private.

Digital is great, but crisp DVDs on my shelf work for me and many other SCORE guys I’ve known for years.

The new DVD titles this week at eBoobStore: SCORE Threesomes 2, Breastacular, Busty Cock Worshippers 4 and Large Lovin’ 3.

On the print and digital mag racks: January ’14 SCORE and, on the way, January ’14 Voluptuous.

Visit eBoobStore today, check out the latest trailers and deals, download the PDF catalog, see before you buy and save.

Owned, operated and managed by The SCORE Group, not people 5,000 miles away.

When you speak to an eBoobStore customer service rep, you’re speaking to a person in the SCORE building and an expert in TSG products. Orders are shipped worldwide in 24 hours.

The Splat Mat. The only adult novelty of its kind.


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Big boob novelties for guys just got bigger with the Splat Mat from SCORE

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 3, 2013 in Men's Products, Other SCORE Group websites

Get your Splat Mat today!Printed on easy-to-rinse vinyl, Splat Mats are life-sized, high quality 41-inch by 24-inch photos of SCORE and Voluptuous Girls in the most-jackable, fuckable positions.

The Splat Mat also makes a great wall decoration for your man-cave.

Choose from Christy Marks, Kali West, Karina Hart, Michelle May and Venera.

Order yours now exclusively at eBoobStore.com. Supplies are limited!


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How to jerk off using the Tenga 3D Spiral…written by someone without a dick.

Posted by Maria on May 19, 2012 in Men's Products, The Life of an Editor

I am going to start this post off by saying that I don’t have a dick. I know this because I was born a woman. Also, because I checked just now, and nope, I am sans penis.

But today I am going to have a serious discussion with you about jerking off.

I will give you a moment to process that.

Okay, now your next thought should naturally be, “Why is Maria, the notoriously busty, obviously female editor of V-mag, going to talk to ME about cocking the gun? About choking the chicken? About firing the Surgeon General? About the rise and fall of  Peter the Great? About one-man tug of war? About the five-digit disco? Why is Maria talking to me about saying hello to my little friend?”

Well, the answer is simple and yet, not really so simple. You see, I am going to talk to you about punching the munchkin because upon seeing the new Tenga 3D Spirals in our warehouse, I stopped and said, “How the fuck do you use one of those things?”

Here is the thing, fellas…I am a chick. We have all sorts of toys and gadgetry aimed at helping us achieve the big “O”, and even better, achieving our “O” face. For us, toys are a commonplace thing. You open our bedside table drawers and you will find things that buzz, plug a variety of holes and, more than likely, a lube we enjoy. It’s all in there. We buy this shit, I promise you.

But guys, well, you guys have long been reduced to using just your hand.

Think about that.

You, the owners of tools for every job under the sun, have no tools for your, um, tools.

Why is that?

Guys love gadgets and gizmos. They love technology and all that comes with it. So why are you guys still jacking off like cavemen?

And before you say, “My hand works just fine…” let me just say, “Hi, I have hands, too. And fingers. Nice to meet you.”

Because we chicks could use our hands to rub one out, too. And we do, in a pinch when our vibrators are not around or out of batteries. But women will tell you…our toys take us to the promised land every time and much faster and more intensely than just double-clicking our own mouse with our fingers. I promise you. If you put two women side-by-side and asked them to masturbate until they came…like a bust-a-nut race if you will…the lady with the toy would win every time. She would probably have a bunch of orgasms before the lady and her hand even got warmed up.


Because toys are designed for us to cum harder and faster than we do when we just use our hands.  And now, through the miracle of modern fucking science, you can cum harder and faster than you do by just using your hands.

No, it’s true. I can’t even make this shit up.

But I figured since you are men and you need proof and visual aids and stuff that I would grab a Tenga off the shelf and acquaint myself with the art of jacking off with one. And that’s exactly what I did and documented with the help of one of our helpful photogs in the SCORELAND studio.

First off, the Tenga is fucking cool looking. It comes in a case that makes it look like something you would buy at one of those cool, “I’m a man and I love gadgets” stores.  You can leave this thing on your nightstand and it won’t scream LOOK AT ME! I’M A TOY FOR YOUR DICK! And it feels awesome, too. I mean, the minute I held it, I thought, “Wow, if I had a dick, I would totally want to put it in this thing.”

And then…I used the Tenga 3D Spiral.

What transpired will go down in “Chick using a guy’s jack aid” history.

But don’t take my word for it because seeing is believing.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to jerk off with a Tenga 3D Spiral, written and directed by someone without a penis. I think that because I don’t have a dick, I am the perfect candidate to tell you how to jerk off with one of these. Mostly because I have tits and also because I am very thorough. :)

So check it out, and then, if you are so inclined, click HERE and check out how to get your hands on (and your dick in) a Tenga 3D Spiral.

They are priced pretty well. Trust me. I payed almost $200 for a toy once. And it needed batteries. This thing doesn’t need any batteries. It runs on man power. That’s good for the environment. That makes you a hero. :)

And the cleanup is pretty easy, too. They even give you a stand for it to dry on.

Clearly, whoever designed this HAS a penis.

I’m just the gal who is going to show you how to use it on your penis.

It’s 2012…you have gadgets and technology for every room in your house, your car and your life. Isn’t it time to upgrade your jack game, too?


Welcome to the future.




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