She’s a Super Fox. Dolly Fox at SCORELAND Today

She’s a super fox. Dolly Fox (January 2016 SCORE) is a reader’s wife who was inspired to try modeling herself. She was an immediate hit with SCORE guys.

It was Dolly’s dream to be on the cover of SCORE, and she got it.

“I’m a longtime fan of the SCORE Girls,” Dolly says. “I like all big-bust models. Minka, Amy Anderssen, Kayla Kleevage and Lisa Lipps are just a few of the girls I have been inspired by. I would love to meet many of them.”

J.H. writes “Scorecard,” “I have been a SCORE fan for many years, since the L.A. Bust days. Dolly Fox reminds me of past SCORE Girls like Morgan Leigh, Danielle Derek, Puma, Alexia Moore and, more recently, Sandra Star, Katie Thornton and Tigerr Benson. Exactly the kind of bodies that I jack to.”

See the trailer video here!

Big tits on a sleek physique. How do tit-men get so lucky?

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The great big boob porn stars of SCORE: Daphne Rosen Jackumentary Part 2

Daphne Rosen: one of the great superstars of big-bust porn. Tomorrow at SCORELAND, part 2 of Daphne’s “Jackumentary.”

Highlights from several of Daphne’s boiling hot anal and girl-girl scenes. Never-before-seen footage of Daphne raising a ruckus at the SCORE building. Working in the customer service department of the eBoobStore. Bloopers! Candid video! Chats! Sports! We drop trou for Daphne.

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What do you call what’s between a girl’s legs, what ever happened to Morgan Leigh and the price for a (nearly) complete set of SCORE

Is this what a SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Famer looks like? I think so.

L.P. from Lansing, Michigan writes, “I want to discuss two terms: pussy and cunt. I have never liked the term ‘pussy’ when referring to female genitalia. I think ‘cunt’ is a better term because it seems like it goes better and sound better when used with the term ‘cock.’”

Agree? Disagree? I like both words. Pussy is nice, cunt is a little dirtier. You won’t run into a lot of girls who refer to their pussy as their “cunt.” How many times has a girl said to you, “Fuck my cunt!”? A handful of girls have used the word “cunt” when I’ve interviewed them, but they’re by far the exception. The only caveat: When you use the word “cunt,” make sure you’re referring to the body part, not the entire person.

M.C. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania writes, “What ever happened to Morgan Leigh? She hasn’t appeared in SCORE for several months now. Is she still a SCORE model? Has she given up being a SCORE model and decided to settle down and get married, or has she encountered some health problems? Hope neither of the aforementioned has happened, meaning the end of her modeling career at SCORE.”

The good news is that Morgan is doing fine. The bad news is that she has, indeed, retired. The good news for Morgan is that she’ll be a candidate for induction into the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame. The good news for the rest of us is that plenty of great photos and videos of the 2006 Newcomer of the Year are at SCORELAND.

N.G. from London, England writes, “In the November 2013 ‘Boob Beat,’ you mention that the November 1993 SCORE is worth $20-$40 if in mint condition. So how much is a virtually complete set of SCORE from the first issue to the present day worth? The only missing magazine is the second issue. I became a subscriber from the fourth issue and bought the preceding ones except No. 2. Are there people interested in buying up old collections of SCORE?”

N.G. didn’t mention whether he was interested in selling his collection or simply in what it’s worth. I’m guessing that a complete set of SCORE must be worth thousands of dollars, but I’m not setting the market. Blog readers, what do you think a complete set of SCORE is worth?

And, finally, because I love busty blondes, here’s a sneak peek at Nikky Wilder, who’ll be debuting at XLGirls.com the week after this. She’s part of a great month of newcomers.

Nikky Wilder is ready for her debut on September 16.


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The most-exclusive club ever for big-boobed girls

Posted by Dave on Jun 26, 2013 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland, print magazines

Roxi Red shows off her 20 Club credentials today at SCORELAND.

We call it The 20 Club, and it’s a very amazing place. Very exclusive, too. It’s for girls whose chest measurement is at least 20 inches larger than their waist. They’re the ultimate in slim ‘n’ stacked.

Linsey joined the club in late 1999.

The 20 Club was introduced in the November ’99 issue of SCORE, and it had 20 members. Member 21 would come along a few issues later, when Linsey Dawn McKenzie revealed her boob growth spurt that put her at 46-26-36, right at the qualifying mark. She was the first natural in The Club. Since then, there have been two more.

Miosotis (50-28-36) is one.

Roxi Red, who returns to SCORELAND today, is the newest at 50-30-36.

It boggles the mind to think that slim ‘n’ stacked girls like Venera, Morgan Leigh and Merilyn Sakova, girls who are really slim and have really big tits, are not in The Club. Morgan misses by only an inch. That’s how exclusive The Club is.

Baseball has its Hall of Fame. Over 3,000 people have successfully summited Mount Everest. A total of 530 people have flown into outer space. Three hundred-ninety-nine people have won soccer’s World Cup. Only 31 girls are members of “The 20 Club.”

The November '99 SCORE cover.

Miosotis was the first natural to join The 20 Club in over 10 years.

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Life’s a beach when you spend your time doing nothing but looking at SCORE magazine

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve been working on a very special July 2013 issue of SCORE. I have to admit, it’s been consuming almost all of my time. Now, I’m not complaining. I’ve been spending my days with my head buried in binders full of back issue of SCORE, looking at every photo we’ve ever published on every page of every issue. Yeah, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

One thing I’ve confirmed is that we’ve published some great photos during the 21 years that SCORE has been in existence. I’ve also discovered that if we wanted to, we could easily publish entire magazines with nothing but photos of SaRenna Lee, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Morgan Leigh, Angelique, Christy Marks and this girl.

Yes, this girl. The one below. The photo was taken during Boob Cruise ’98. I think it’s spectacular, one of the greatest bikini photos ever taken. What do you think?

Casey on the beach.


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We’re working on something very special for SCORE. Wanna know what it is?

Posted by Dave on Jan 2, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Digital Magazines, The Life of an Editor

No, we are not devoting an entire issue to Morgan Leigh. But we could.

With girls like Morgan Leigh to look at, SCORELAND and SCORE will be the places to be in 2013.

Well, it’s the day after New Year’s Day, also known as the blahhiest day of the year. I don’t think “blahhiest” is a word, but it best describes this first post-holiday day when the celebrating and festiveness has ended and all we have to look forward to is two or three more months of winter (of course, down here in Miami, we don’t have to worry about that. But I’m just looking out for you. Feeling your pain, as a former president said).

Anyway, I’m kinda going to give you something to look forward to. I say “kinda” because I’m not going to give you all of the details. I’m just going to tell you a little something.

These days, I’ve been working very hard on a special issue of SCORE. It’ll be the July 2013 issue, which doesn’t hit the newsstands until early April. This is going to be a special issue, a real labor of love, 164 pages, which we don’t do too often (the last time was the 20th anniversary issue). It has a theme. The theme is…well, I’m not going to tell you what the theme is, but when we came up with it, we looked at each other and said, “How come we’ve never done this before?” Short answer: I don’t know.

Anyway. we’re doing it. And I’ve been going through every issue of SCORE ever published. Yes, every last one. And I’ve been looking for stuff. And here’s something I noticed:

Morgan Leigh does not take a bad picture. Now, maybe you’re one of those guys who prefers naturals, but take a good look at Morgan. Look at these photos, for example. You gotta admit: Morgan and the camera have something going.

No wonder she once won SCORE Newcomer of the Year.

Guaranteed, Morgan will be a part of this special issue. Bet you can’t wait to find out what it’s all about. Well, here’s the good news: Spring is just around the corner.


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Kissin’ Cousins 2

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 3, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

I was going over the new SCOREVideos.com posting of new model Sophia Jewel. Deja vu hit. Who did she remind me of? Not in body or boobs but in face?

Lacey Legends.

Sophia reminded me of big-boobed body-builder and lap dancer Lacey, now retired. (Sophia is a really hot piece of ass in her fuck scene, by the way. Just throwing that out there.)

So I went through SCORELAND and pulled a few others who reminded me of another SCORE or V-mag Girl. I did something similar in a Blog in November, 2009.

And this is who I came up with.

Dolly and Crystal Gunns (who sound alike, too)

Micky Bells and Kelly Kay

Aspen and Slone Ryder

Sabrina Linn and Morgan Leigh

Sophia Jewel

Lacey Legends

Sabrina Linn

Morgan Leigh

Slone Ryder


Kelly Kay

Micky Bells

Crystal Gunns


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SCORE babes talk about dancing

I don’t know how the Internet has affected the strip club scene as far as attendance numbers, but the clubs still seem to be going strong according to the people I know in that business. There are much less feature dancers these days in North America, especially in the big-bust league, and many more house dancers.

I don’t go to titty bars like I used to because most of the clubs in Florida  tend to hire skinny dancers with small chests, and that’s never been my speed. Back in the 1990s, I managed to see most of the big-bust superstar dancers, like Alyssa Alps, Busty Dusty, SaRenna Lee, Minka, Traci Topps and a lot of other big names, in clubs like Flashdancers and Boobie Bungalow.

There are still tons of clubs in South Florida, and friends I know who work in the club business in the mid-west tell me that there are still lots of clubs in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and other Mid-Western states. (The clubs and bars are more casual there than the expensive gentlemen’s clubs in large urban areas.)

Which leads me to quoting several SCORE Girls about their dancing days.

Gee, she's an angel.

Angel Gee: “I used to dance in a no-contact club, but if I liked somebody and they liked me and I was comfortable enough, I could inch my way a little bit closer, put my boobs up in their face and whatever.  And of course they’d say, ‘Can I touch?’ and I’d be like, ‘Hmmmm, maybe!’ I absolutely loved dancing, and it wasn’t even about the money, which is a sad thing ’cause I’m not your average stripper. I love my body. I’m comfortable in my skin, and I love to have guys wanting me. It’s a big turn-on to be the center of attention and all eyes are on me and it’s my show.”


A faceful of Colt 45.

Colt 45: “I’m not much of a dancer. I’m more of an entertainer. I don’t put on a big, glamorous show. I do more of a personal show, an audience participation kind of thing. I always ask the guys, ‘Do you want me to paint myself or do you want my boobs around your face?’ I’ll hang with guys and drink every chance I can get. I’ve never been one to stay in the dressing room and stare in a mirror like some girls. I’m more down-to-Earth, and I like to hang out with people. That always surprises people, that I’m down-to-Earth.”

Morgan danced in UK clubs for a few years.

Morgan Leigh: “American clubs have been around longer so they’re set up better. The clubs are usually bigger over here in the United States. And they’re more accepted. It’s more acceptable to go to a strip club or gentlemen’s club here than it is over in the UK. I’ll often be out with friends and we’ll decide to go to a gentlemen’s club. Guys in Britain are more budget-minded. They are more careful with what they do with their money. It’s still a fantasy thing, a relaxing thing, an enjoyable thing. I think most guys, wherever they are, get the same thrill out of it. In the clubs I danced in, in most of them I had to wear knickers. Of course, it didn’t matter because most of the men only cared about staring at my big boobs.”

Ohio sweetie Destiny.

Destiny Rose: “My club is off the highway so I get a lot of truck drivers who stop in for a bite to eat. On the weekends, it’s a younger crowd. It’s fun. I like dancing on the weekends. I like to squeeze my tits together and lick both my nipples at the same time. It feels good. I am sure that if I tried, I could probably stick both my nipples in my mouth at the same time and suck them and hold them there for a while. There is this one girl that I dance with at the club. She is busty and exotic looking and I love her. I swear that on any given night when I am not working, I will go into the club and I will give her half of my money just on getting lap dances alone! That’s the power of big boobies for you! I can’t resist!”

It's difficult to remove your face from Daylene.

Daylene Rio: “I can pretty much do full-on grind. I don’t have to be 20-feet away. They pop all the time. The dance isn’t over until the guy pops in his pants. I’ve had it happen in 30 seconds.  When guys come into the club, they’re not looking for romance. They’re looking to have fun. Sometimes guys will recognize me from SCORE. I love when that happens.”

I long for the days when the big-boobed girls ruled the stages.



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An open book: the 20th anniversary contest questions

Dave mentioned in his June 16 Blog that “Elliot and I might have gone a bit nuts with the gift-pack giveaway trivia questions. Seems as if each day has been tougher than the previous one. ‘Which girl did not appear on Howard Stern’s TV and radio shows?’ Were we kidding? The answer (from among Kellei G, Casey James, Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Dawn Stone) was Dawn Stone, and I wish I had a dollar for everyone who guessed Kellei G.”

However, when Dave and I were coming up with questions and answers, I threw in that the answers were multiple choice, not a much harder fill-in form of answer, and that the answers were all inside SCORELAND. No one had to pour through 20 years of back-issue magazines that 90% or more didn’t even own or, if they did have, were probably stored away in boxes. The answers were clicks away.

For example, I thought everyone would get these two questions from No. 13 right:

Which girl who sailed on the 2000 Boob Cruise would later win SCORE Newcomer of the Year?
A) Morgan Leigh-correct answer
B) Lorna Morgan
C) Ariana
D) Adina

Going to Morgan’s interview, published in its entirety in the Interviews section of “Galleries,” the very first sentence is, “The 2006 SCORE Newcomer of the Year turned out to be a true Cinderella story: Morgan Leigh, who sailed as a passenger on the 2000 Boob Cruise and walked around admiring the big-titted superstars of SCORE magazine, is now, all these years later, a big-titted superstar of SCORE magazine.” The interview is also on video, plus it’s also mentioned in some of Morgan’s pictorials. Until 2006, I had no idea how influential the Boob Cruise was in Morgan’s life.

Can you spot the future Morgan Leigh in this group shot from Boob Cruise 2000?

Which girl did not appear on Howard Stern’s TV and radio shows?
A) Kellei G
B) Casey James
C) Linsey Dawn McKenzie
D) Dawn Stone-correct answer

There they were in a “Galleries” Mammary Lane story with Stern sidekick “Fred The Elephant Boy” and nine photos. The story was about Colt, Casey and Kellei G’s visit to New York City for the Howard Stern Show on E! TV in February, 1995. The girls were also given the thankless job of shaving Fred. His face, not his pubic hair…luckily for them.

Linsey appeared on Stern by herself, a show also shown on E! TV when they broadcast Stern. This show aired nationally on February 14, 2003. (I still have that show on VHS tape.) Stern got to see LDM’s boobs, even if  TV viewers couldn’t. Just Googling “Linsey Dawn McKenzie Howard Stern” would have brought up the answer.

Kellei G., Casey James and Colt 45 with Fred The Elephant Boy. Casey does not look happy.

And for a topic closer to the present day, there was the question from #9:

Which model never went to Mexico on a SCORE shoot?
A) Jenna Valentine
B) Lovette
C) Hitomi
D) Karla James-correct

Many chose Lovette although Puerto Vallarta is listed three times right on her model page of links, and going to the recent Puerto Vallarta special with Jenna Valentine, Hitomi, Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Leanne Crow, there’s no sign of Karla, who was actually invited but couldn’t make it.

Lovette, Via Paxton and Ariana went to Mexico in August 2000 shortly after the Boob Cruise. It’s one of the oldest On Location shoots archived on SCORELAND. Here she is behind the wheel of the Geo Metro that Peter, the photographer, rented to drive to a secluded area.

“I should have had Lovette drive back to the hotel just like that, but that’s asking for a ticket, I suppose,” said Peter, a man who has seen more tits and clits than a gynecologist.

I hope to see more of you take a shot at the questions for this wrap-up week, even if you just feel like guessing rather than looking it up.

You have to be in it to win it!

Lovette in Mexico--what, no seat belt?

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Do you have busty girl problems? Good.

Posted by Maria on Jun 9, 2012 in Boob Bloopers, Confessions, Life With Big Tits, Tits in Tight Tops

Christy Marks is not wearing her seat belt and that's because she probably knows that it will be all over her tits and on her neck if she does. Even the guy in the back seat looks like he is wondering about how she is going to put it on over that rack.

There are some blogs that only I can write. Not to say that Elliot and Dave aren’t entertaining, I am just saying that they are not, er, equipped to write about certain things.

Things like busty girl problems.

Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh are hanging out and you know what Morgan is looking at? Summer's tits busting out of her button-up top, that's what.

What are busty girl problems? They are a series of things that we stacked ladies suffer from day to day because we have big tits. These things don’t happen to our smaller-chested (read: Tiny-titted) friends. Oh, no. They only happen to us. And busty girls everywhere go through these situations and moments. It’s things like this that sort of serve as an initiation to life with big tits.

I used to think that these problems were bad until I started working for a big-tit mag and websites and I realized that guys dig them. For example, I used to think that losing something down my bra like an earring or sandwich crumbs and having to fish them out in public was awful. Now I understand that guys might like to see me with my hand down my shirt, searching through my cleavage. lol

The following are a list of busty girl problems that ladies with big tits encounter.

5) Seat belts: Seat belts are designed with flat-chested people in mind. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a busty crash test dummy. The answer to that question is NEVER. When girls with big tits try to employ some safety when they drive, what happens is the seat belt ends up lying off to the side of our breasts or choking us. But hey, when a cop pulls us over, our tits are on display in a big way…often with a belt underneath them hoisting them further into our chin area. Busty girl problem Yes. Big-tit lover win? Definitely.

Angela White is washing dishes and when she is done, her tits will be wet, I promise.

4) Tits on the table: Manners dictate that one should never rest their elbows on the table during a meal, however, what about your tits? Because sometimes I will sit at a high table and when I try to scoot up to eat or drink, my breasts crash into the table, squishing me and making my cleavage a net for everything and anything that can and will fall down there during the course of the meal. The solution to this is to rest most of my breasts on the table. I call this the tit platter because essentially my entire rack is on the table. This is a serious busty girl problem. But guys seem to like it. It’s like a big tit buffet. A rack of lamb, minus the lamb.

3) Button-up tops: Every big-breasted woman will tell you about her various attempts at fitting into something with buttons on the front and the epic number of times that it has not worked out in her favor. The truth is that button-up shirts and sweaters are not our friends. They will never fit. They will never drape the right away. Never. If you see a chesty chick with a button-up that looks like it fits properly, chances are that inside her top there are brave, mighty safety pins holding her tits hostage in there.  Every busty woman with a button-up top on will always be one deep breath away from busting her shirt open for all the world to witness her giant knockers. A busty girl problem for sure. A problem for guys who love big tits? Not so much.

2) Wet tits in the kitchen: Inevitably, whenever a lady with big knockers does dishes, her tits are going to get wet.  This is because her tits serve as a buffer between the water and, well, pretty much everything else. There has never been a time when, while doing dishes, I have finished and been dry. What usually happens is that I end up looking like I am in involved in some sort of wet T-shirt contest in my kitchen. This is a problem for me. However, my dinner guests usually enjoy my drippy, see-through top.

1) Uncontrollable Jiggling: Jiggling…it happens. No matter what busty gals do (running, walking, sitting on a plane with turbulence, riding on a roller coaster, going over speed bumps in a car, going up the stairs, etc.), our jugs are going to jiggle. It is gravity. It is inevitable. It is a busty girl problem. Even when we consciously try to avoid jiggling, it cannot be helped. Sure, we wear bras to strap these puppies down, but the jiggling still happens. Sometimes, we jiggle just because we giggle. Yep, a healthy case of LOLs can bring about a breast earthquake that sets our tatas undulating. We try to keep our tits in check, but most men will agree that seeing a busty babe jiggling in their direction is a good thing. Heck, it’s a GREAT thing.

Hence, (I love saying that because it makes my findings sound more scientific.) busty girl problems are only problems to busty girls. Most men will agree that they are actually pluses and not problems. Perks of having a big set of perkies, if you will.

What do you think?




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