A slave revolts in Barbara Angel’s dungeon of big tits. This you’ve got to see.

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 26, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers

What’s sweet-faced, cherubic and eternally happy girl-next-door Barbara Angel doing in a dungeon dressed in a tight leather domina costume? Or is that her evil twin?

When Barbara’s slave Neeo shows up late to her lair of punishment, she wants to whack him for his tardiness.

But Neeo is done with being her whipping boy.

It’s the revolt of the slave and Barbara is about to be toppled over in a dirty game that Neeo has planned for her. It’s the real deal.

No fuckless fetish play for him. He’s going to punish Barbara with his cock and do everything he can do to her mouth, big boobs and pussy as she stands, kneels and gets on all fours, gets on her side and gets on her back.

Newcomer Barbara is going to be manhandled in a way she has never experienced before. Disciplined, spanked, punished, restrained and fucked as hard as a man can fuck a woman. He pounds the kink out of her.

Starts tomorrow. Don’t miss it.


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Oh, the Chloe Rose of Texas is the newest girl to love, her boobs are even bigger than Texas skies above

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 23, 2015 in Behind the Scenes, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Chloe blocks the ladies' room door. You'll see why.

Some girls are too cool for school.

Others are too hot for school.

Tank-busting young coed Chloe Rose is too hot.

A Southwestern honey spinning more heads than a Texas tornado, Chloe wanted to take pictures and make videos naked and naughty.

She picked the right place to do it.

Chloe tried dancing in a topless bar for a couple of weeks.

One day, she had her best friend take three photos at home and emailed them to the SCORE studio.

“I was sure I wanted to try it, so if I was accepted, I was definitely going to go ahead and do it,” Chloe said.

The back-story of how Chloe came to SCORELAND is priceless. This is a new one for me and I think for Dave also as well as our studio staff.

Tomorrow, two sets and two videos. It’s a Chloe bonanza. Tits are big in Texas. Chloe is the living proof.

(My apologies to Elvis Presley for altering his version of “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”)

Texas tetas make us loco.


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Get yer kicks with new SCORELAND chicks like Harlow Nyx. Plus, Cassie’s dick-drunk for the first time.

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 17, 2015 in Behind the Scenes, Hardcore XXX, modeling jobs, newcomers

Kitten in a cage.

Comments JB: “Harlow Nyx is a knockout. I love everything about her: eyes, smile, tits, ass and personality. What an amazing find she is. Harlow is one of my top favorites. Please bring her back again and again.”

Cam girl Harlow was the big-titted bad girl in school that parents warned their daughters and  sons about. She probably also drove the vice-principal “Ferris Bueller-crazy” with that wild body.

“I was not the blow job girl,” Harlow says. “I was more the park-bench sex girl. Or the slide. Or the back seat of my car. You have to be really good to get a blow job from me. Back then, anyway.”

Lonly69 writes, “Thanks a real lot for showing us your fabulous body. Please keep up the good work and cum back often.”

Says Harlow, “I’m not just a little freaky. I’m a lot freaky. I love being watched. I’m a performer at heart. I feel like I go harder whenever I’m being watched. I’ll be sluttier if I know I’m being watched.”

Also this weekend, feisty Cassie from the Czech Republic czechs out Steve’s junk and takes it for a spin in her first XXX scene.  Cassie’s big, natural boobs are pliable and veiny, and her areolae are as big as pancakes.

Cassie likes to eye-bang the camera.

“I am new to this world,” says Cassie, an Aqua-gym trainer. “I did not know how many Czech girls have been photographed by SCORE until I looked at the website. There are so many girls, I was surprised.”

The Voluptuous rookie cookie has a horny light in her almond-shaped eyes that sends a message. A message that seemed to say that here’s a girl who would probably do a dirty dance her first time at modeling. A TSG photographer found her while on the search for new busty girls. Cassie was game, and while she was being interviewed, he asked if she’d like to show her moves in bed with a guy. Well, she did.

Tom comments, “Cassie is adorable. I love her facial expressions. She poses like a seasoned professional model. Czech women are so damned sexy.”

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Alaura Grey yesterday at XLGirls.com, Liza Biggs today at SCORELAND. Life is good.


Liza Biggs is now a SCORE Girl, too.

Liza Biggs visited the SCORELAND Studio for the first time in September. At the time, she was a V-Girl through and through.

Liza returned to the studio in December. Something had changed.

“You’ve lost weight,” I said to her.

“But I still have these,” Liza said, bunching up her JJJ-cup naturals.

Loses weight. Keeps the tits. Returns today at SCORELAND.

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Mia Khalifa has her own XXX DVD, and you can watch it right now at eBoobStore.com!

It only seems right that the No. 1 porn star in the world should have her own DVD.

And now she does. SCORE discovery Mia Khalifa, formerly known as Mia Callista, formerly known as The Busty Girl Behind The Counter At The Hamburger Joint, is the star of the new DVD Mia Khalifa. Pretty catchy, no?

And it’s on-sale at eBoobStore.com on DVD and Blu-ray. If you absolutely must have it right now, it’s  available for download. You could be watching it within minutes. Click here to see the trailer.

The downloadable version is just $14.95. Cheap.

The movie includes two hardcore scenes (her first-ever XXX scene and a brand-new one that’s never been seen), her first interview and lots more, including a blow job demonstration that’s a must-see for all the head-suckers out there who want to learn how to give a real blow job, Mia Khalifa-style. Guys, show this one to your girlfriends.

I asked Mia if she’d seen her first magazine, the March ’15 SCORE, and she said, “I actually have it hanging next to the newspaper from when Florida State won the championship last year. That’s how important it is to me.”

Well, Mia, now you have your own DVD.



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SCORELAND busty WILFS: Has their time cum?

Diane Poppos

In the beginning, there were few readers’ wives who modeled. Now-legendary Diane Poppos was one of the great pioneers in the late ’90s. Her husband took things a step further with his video camera. (His horny work is posted at DianePoppos.com.)

Cherry Brady was one of the earliest readers’ wives in 2003. Said Cherry on that first day at SCORELAND, “Voluptuous is the best magazine. My husband’s been a reader since it came out, and it’s by far the best mag for big-titted, natural women. I wouldn’t be in any other.” Her husband often had asked her to try-out for the magazine. “I just never got around to it. I just wasn’t ready for it, but now I’m ready.” Cherry became one of the most popular models. We still get letters asking for her return.

Other amazing big-titted wives include Deauxma, Holly Halston (“My Wife Your Meat” on DVD), Jayden Prescott, Dallas Dixon, Krissy Rose, Siri, Elaina Gregory and Kelly Christiansen.

Elaina Gregory

Barbie Kelley and Shelby Gibson are the two newest members of the Busty Wives Club. Will their appearances light a fire in other busty wives who’ve thought and fantasized about clothes-free modeling? We hope so.

Says Barbie: “I have never modeled or danced and I have shot exclusively with SCORE. I am college-educated and live a fairly normal life. I just have a naughty side and SCORE has helped quench that thirst.”

Barbie Kelley

Mr. Gibson said: “Shelby always wanted to pose for an adult site but didn’t think that she was hot enough. But I encouraged her and she finally agreed to let me send in some of her pics. She couldn’t believe it when SCORE was enthusiastically interested in her.”

And Shelby adds: “It’s been a blast showing off for you! I’m soooo glad I finally did it. I love all this attention. Such a fucking turn on. Can’t wait to show off again!!”

Shelby Gibson

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I got a girl I’d just met to suck cock on-camera just by asking. Of course, it wasn’t my cock she sucked.

Nadia Villanova prepares to suck a cock. It's not my cock.

It was JMac’s cock. Of course it was. Some guys have all the luck. The girl doing the sucking was Nadia Villanova, who returned for her first SCORELAND hardcore scene. There are two videos. In the first, I interview her and ask her to show off her blow job skills. She complies.

You know, I’ve always wondered what might happen if, just once, I asked the girl to suck my cock instead.

Seriously, I have to be the greatest wingman ever.


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Meet Juliana Simms. Big boobs and a hot body. It’s new discovery time today.

Stacked Juliana Simms was your holiday greeting girl, a Xmas surprise that’s the best of all surprises at SCORELAND.

Does anyone remember who the first Xmas “surprise gift girl” at SCORELAND was? Clue: it was in 2000.

Juliana is a florist by profession.

This pretty, sweater-bustin’ brunette was spotted by sheer chance and the guy doing the spotting is one of our model finders who noticed her big bouquets.

Fate does work in mysterious ways.

A video chat with Juliana is a Bonus extra with her pictorial and video scene.

Juliana was the "Xmas surprise girl" for 2014.

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Nadia Villanova: Slim, stacked & sexed-up

Nadia Villanova: man, has she got a rack.

It’s epic sex-time on Fucktastic Friday when slim and stacked Nadia Villanova (“Bodacious Buxotic”) nearly destroys the bed with JMac.

Nadia brings artistry to her blow job technique, proven by her cock sucking and boob-boning skills in this scene, her first at SCORELAND.

When it comes to fucking, Nadia likes it rough, deep and hard. Sex is an athletic event for these two.

This is pretty impressive.

Nadia says she loves modeling naked and being in porn.

“Before porn, I was used to guys with six-inches, seven-inches at most. And now, after fucking these porn star dudes, holy shit. It’s like a different world! It’s pretty awesome. And I just love it.”

There are four parts to this scene. There’s a video and a set of photos shot in the dressing room before the main event and there’s the video and pictorial of the scene.

A nice way to start the new year off with a bang.

Nadia gets carried away at times.

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