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Desk sex P.O.V. with Katarina

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 5, 2017 in Behind the Scenes, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

There’s nothing wrong with bureaucratic red-tape if the bureaucrat looks like Katarina Dubrova and has great hooters like this hot dish. If you need some documents approved, you’ll need to pass her gauntlet to get them signed, and that kicks off this P.O.V. scene. And this kind of gauntlet is a pleasure.

You know, I thought Katarina was going to move on after she became a mommy two years ago. So when her new photos crossed our desks, I said “GO FOR IT.”

Katarina’s post-preggo mommy body is in perfect shape. She really hasn’t changed all that much over the past 10 years. Even though she’s's barely out of her 20s, I guess we could call her a MILF now, even though the word MILF conjures up an older woman.

We also have a bonus video, and it’s one of the rare times we get to hear Katarina speak. Her English is pretty good and she has a sexy voice. I think it’s the first on-camera chat we’ve ever had with her.

No-man-face P.O.V. with Katarina Dubrova. We'll sign up for that.


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The British creampie queen of porn Bambi Blacks gets her “Revenge Sex” today

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 21, 2016 in Hardcore XXX

Brit porn star and creampie specialist Bambi Blacks’ first SCORE hardcore scene is a corker of a wham-bam-ram-slam. Yep, there’s a creampie finish.

Bambi gets into a fight with her boyfriend Jamie in a park over a photo of a girl she’s found on his phone. (Don’t let this happen to you.) He won’t tell her who the girl is, so they have a blow-out and he tells her to go home. She does go home but makes a stop when she sees a guy she wants to fuck out of revenge.

Back at her place, Bambi does a number on Kristoff’s boner. She even takes a selfie with his dick in her mouth. She has a reason for taking that picture.

I’ve seen Bambi’s porn before, and she is just as nasty and slutty as she looks, so don’t expect any neck kissing. It’s pure porn, screaming and raunchy. Bambi looks at the camera a lot and talks or makes fuck moans as her pick-up pounds her pussy every which way, and that raises the temperature a lot. Anything he can throw at this bimbo, she catches. Models looking invitingly into the camera are usually in the photo sets but not in the videos. I haven’t seen a big-boobed British porn star this wild since Cathy Barry.

Starts today at SCORELAND.

Bambi is about to swallow the schlang.


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Tonight’s bride…and you’re the groom

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 31, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Cosplay at its horniest. We don’t shoot them often, but the bridal nights always get a stiff reaction.

Sheridan Love‘s dressed in wedding white, and her pussy is tight.

Her horny hooters are a sight that inspires a poet to write.

Tonight Sheridan will straighten you out right.

It’s a nice time for a Love wedding.

Filmed entirely in P.O.V. No room for the fuckin' face of the groom.

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It’s a big boob shake-up this week. Join in the action.

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 22, 2013 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

While most of the world concentrates on thin Hollywood actresses and fashion models, it’s a breast-festivus for the rest of us.

At SCORELAND, Kelly Christiansen, Brandy Dean, Rockell, Lana Ivans and Nancy Navarro are straightening things out big-time. I enjoyed seeing Lana wearing a tight outfit so much, I actually didn’t want her to get undressed. Crazy, right?

Over at SCOREVideos.com, Chantal Raye gets a grip and has the situation well in hand in a lengthy tits, tugs and throat P.O.V. video. The more I see newcomer Chantal, the more impressed I am by her pretty face, huge tits and deep-throating talents.

The big news this week at XLGirls.com is the long-awaited arrival of Sofia Rose. I’m talking 52-inch, 38JJ boobs. Sofia’s got it going with a solo as a sexy secretary and keeps the pace smoking hot in a XXX bed-shaking scene with regular XL Girls stud Tony.

If you have a busty neighbor, friend or acquaintance, tell her to check out SCOREModelsWanted.com. We might be just what she’s looking for.

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Breaking the fourth wall…so she can get at YOUR dick

Posted by Dave on May 29, 2011 in Boob Watch, New at Scoreland

Is Shyla realling saying, "I'm fucking him but thinking about you?"

This photo from today’s SCORELAND posting of Shyla Shy getting fucked by a big, black cock reminded me of an email we received from SCORELAND member M.S. He writes, “This is a response to the guy stating he doesn’t appreciate a girl looking into the camera during a boy-girl hardcore scene. Some seem to think it takes away from the fantasy of the viewer being the guy inside the film. That the chick is getting off on the guy, and we want to be that guy.

“Yes, there is a voyeuristic quality to the girl glancing at us, but more important is that when she’s glancing at us but getting off on the guy, it’s like she’s saying to the viewer, ‘Do you like what you see because I’d rather be fucking you than this guy in the video? I’m imagining it’s you and not him giving me pleasure, and the only reason he gets me off is because, unfortunately, you’re not here to do it for me.

“It’s very much like, both literally and figuratively, she is putting on a show just for you, and the other cock in the room is incidental. She’s not there to please that guy. She’s there to please you. It’s just that you happen to be on the other side of a screen and inaccessible to her. In film, it’s called breaking the fourth wall, and it engages the viewer on an extra level, making it seem like they’re directly interacting with the girl. Now, if we could only get less behind-the-balls POVs (does any man really want to see that?) and less men who are way too vocal during sex.”

I have to admit, I’ve been thinking about things like this for a long time, and it never occurred to me that when a girl is looking at me while fucking someone else, she’s actually saying, “It’s YOU I want to be fucking.”

Is M.S. alone in this idea? I kinda thought there was something else going on, but maybe I’m wrong.

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The eyes have it

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 20, 2010 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Point/Counterpoint
Tatiana Blair's eye contact establishes the connection.

Tatiana Blair's eye contact establishes the connection.

Rachel Love: 100% P.O.V.

Rachel Love: 100% P.O.V.

Back in “Scorecard” #284 on SCORELAND, we published an email about the topic of girls looking at the camera during a XXX scene with a guy. L.D.R.’s basic gripe was, “Your women have the stuff that dream dates are made of. The first photos of your pictorials are tops. The seduction, if you will. Then you blow it. When every shot has the girl looking into the camera while the stud has his way with her, it makes us feel like losers. That stud represents us. When the girl looks at the stud, she is looking at us, and for that moment in time, she becomes our girlfriend, and that is what makes us want to return to The SCORE Group! Take this as you wish.”

L.D.R.’s letter didn’t generate much response, either point or counterpoint. In plays or movies, when someone looks at the unseen viewer, acknowledging his presence, it’s called breaking “the fourth wall.” The imaginary boundary between play and audience is broken. Woody Allen has done this many times in his movies, like in Annie Hall. Michael Caine did it throughout his movie Alfie. It’s more common on stage than in films, where it’s never been that popular.

We’ve been running a poll about this subject on SCORELAND, and the majority of respondents didn’t agree with L.D.R. We asked, “Do you like it when a model looks at the camera instead of the guy in a hardcore photo shoot?” A big 63% said yes, only 16% answered no and 21% didn’t have a preference either way.

A girl looking at the camera in a hardcore scene can work in different ways. Naturally, in a point-of-view shoot when the camera takes the place of the guy, the model looking into the camera is the most important part of the fantasy logic. A second situation–both guy and girl are shot in third person but she turns her head or her eyes to look directly at the camera, with different types of facial expressions, such as smiling or sexually turned on, extra-excited by someone else looking at her fucking and sucking her partner–is what L.D.R. objected to. He feels that he’s on the outside looking in, “a look but don’t touch” effect. There’s also a third: when the viewer is a peeping Tom spying on a couple and the girl might shoot knowing glances in the direction of the peeper while the guy is unaware.

Harmony Bliss maintains eye contact with her cum-comrade.

Harmony Bliss maintains eye contact with her cum-comrade.

Most of this applies to still photos. In most third-person hardcore videos, the girls rarely turn to look at and acknowledge the camera.

Personally, I’m a P.O.V. fan. They really pull you into the action. But this doesn’t work all the time. A lot of positions must be seen third-person unless mirrors are used. That’s why mirrored rooms are so big at hot-sheet hotels.

The same question is currently up on the Blog poll. What are your thoughts?

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Today at SCORELAND, Taylor Steele shows us what love is

Posted by Dave on Apr 16, 2010 in New at Scoreland
Today at SCORELAND, Taylor Steele places that cock between her tits. She would have tit-fucked all of us, but that was logistically impossible.

Today at SCORELAND, Taylor Steele places that cock between her tits. She would have tit-fucked all of us, but that was logistically impossible.

Today at SCORELAND in the second day of On Location Grand Bahama, 21-year-old Taylor Steele tit-fucks and jacks a cock on camera for the first time. Emphasis on the phrase “on camera.” By the way, congratulations to all of you who correctly guessed Taylor in Monday’s blog. You win the right to see the pictures and watch the video (as long as you have a membership).

I just finished watching the video, and I have to say, it took me three times to get through the entire thing. Not because it was boring. No. Because it took me three times to get through the whole thing.

So, from the home office in Mypants, here are the Top 10 things I love about today’s Taylor Steele video.

10. The interview in which she says she likes modeling because “I get to show everybody my pussy and my boobs.”

9. Her heavy red and blue eye makeup that makes her look like a slut. The red, dangling earrings are a nice slut touch, too.

8. The part where she says, “Anyone who loves my pussy can sleep with me.” Anyone?

7. The part where she says, “I wanna put a big cock in between my tits and jerk it off.”

6. The way she shoves her tits in the dude’s face so he can suck them.

5. Taylor, while rubbing her G-cups up and down the guy’s chest, saying, “I like being a little whore.” And a bit later, she upgrades it to, “I love being a whore.”

4. Taylor spitting on the cock while it’s between her tits. Also, Taylor taking a bottle of lube and squirting it on the cock. This girl is not shy.

3. The way Taylor drags her tits along the guy’s chest with her nipples trailing the rest of her breasts by about a half-inch. Only natural tits can do that.

2. Taylor turning around so we can see her big ass, then jacking his cock on her big ass.

1. The tit-fucking itself: Taylor squeezing his cock with her tits, making it disappear, then rubbing his cum into them.

Okay, 11 things. I like that the video is P.O.V. I normally don’t like P.O.V., but this time I do.

And a private note to Taylor: As much as I enjoyed your rendition of “I Want To Know What Love Is” on YouTube, I enjoyed this much more. I now know what love is. You showed me.

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