This does it for me. Does it do it for you?

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This is wild and nasty and I love it.

Wednesday at SCORELAND, Nathalie Cherry fucks while pregnant.

Why do I find that so hot? Because it’s so forbidden? Why is pregnant porn so much wilder than regular porn? Why does my mind go into overdrive when I see a photo like the one above?

Does it work that way for you, too?

As Elliot explains in the copy accompanying Nathalie’s photos and video, “Nathaly Cherie is a Czech porn star. She started when she was 20 years old. Blonde, pretty, nubile, sexually talented, Nathaly had small, pretty titties. But then nature transformed her boobs after she was impregnated. Her breasts became engorged with fat, her nipples pointier and her areolae became wider and darker.”

She got hornier. She was already horny, but she got hornier. The look on her face in this photo says, “I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m enjoying it.”

There is no shame in fucking while pregnant.

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Natalie Fiore approves this message

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And now for a very important announcement from Natalie Fiore.

See Natalie’s latest photo set and video at XLGirls.com.

More on the way!

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Yes, it’s hard to believe, but Natalie Fiore’s tits have grown again!

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The weekend is almost over, and for most people, that means a new work week starts tomorrow. Booooo!

But this is one of those Sundays when you might end up looking forward to Monday.

Because on Monday, new photos and video of Natalie Fiore go live at XLGirls.com. And Natalie’s big naturals have gotten bigger.

I didn’t think it was possible. I mean, every time we see her, Natalie is bustier. This has been the case every time we’ve photographed her from that first time in Nassau, the Bahamas in 2006. I figured at some point, this trend would have to stop. A girl can’t keep getting bustier forever, right?

Wrong. Natalie is bustier.

Okay, I’ve said enough. Seeing is believing. See Natalie Monday at XLGirls.com.

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It’s Memorial Day, but for Shyla Shy, it just might be Labor Day

Usually, interviewing a girl for the Blog is a one-person show. The Blog video camera is small. We don’t need any special lighting. Basically, we just wing it and see how things go.

But when I walked into the studio to do this Blog video with Shyla Shy, I asked Elliot to come along, and it wasn’t because I was being nice. This wasn’t one of those, “Hey, Elliot, come into the studio with me and check out the model’s tits” situations. Not at all. The truth is, I was afraid. Very afraid. I was afraid that at some point during the interview, Shyla Shy would go into labor. And if that happened, I wasn’t planning on delivering the baby by myself.

The good news: Shyla didn’t. But I gotta tell you, we’ve had some very pregnant girls in our studio (Lorna Morgan and April McKenzie come to mind), but no girl has ever looked as ready to pop as Shyla. She was eight-months pregnant when this video was shot on May 3, and she told us her due date is June 9. Well, I was pretty convinced her due date was going to end up being May 3.

“She can come any time,” Shyla said.

So enjoy this Blog video, and enjoy Shyla’s new photos and videos today and tomorrow at XLGirls.com. And I’m just wondering: Can you imagine Shyla walking around Wet ‘n’ Wild in Orlando, Florida wearing a tiny bikini while she’s this pregnant? I’m not into theme parks, but when the theme is “naturally huge-titted pregnant girls in bikinis,” I’m there.

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