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It’s hard-on attack time with Nurse Tigerr Benson

Posted by Dave on Aug 5, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

According to a recent study, the No. 1 cause of hospital-related heart attacks is busty nurses bending over their male patients and letting their tits pour out of their sexy, porn-like outfits.

Of course, this is not true. But it is true that Nurse Tigerr Benson fucks her patient today at SCORELAND. Fortunately, the lucky guy doesn’t have a heart attack. He does fuck her every which way.

I’ve never done an actual survey, but if I did, I’m sure I’d find out that “nurse” is the most-common occupation or former occupation of SCORE Girls. Why do so many nurses become adult models? I’ve often asked this question of the former nurses themselves. They usually explain that nurses are very comfortable with the naked body. Okay, sure, but I’ve never had a real nurse give me a hand job in the hospital. Have you? And I’ve never had a nurse as busty as Tigerr or Renee Ross, another great former nurse.

Fact: Nurses are the horniest women in the world.

We have no pity for this allegedly sick man. Not when he gets Head Nurse Tigerr Benson.


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Look who came back to hang with us!

Posted by Dave on Jun 11, 2015 in Other SCORE Group websites, swimsuits, XLGirls

Man, look at those hangers. Some of the greatest ever.

The great Renee Ross, star of Sex & The Titties, KJUGS and All The Way Renee, returns to XLGirls.com today. Renee’s return is certainly a major event in the big-boob world. May 13, 2015 marked the first time she’d walked through our studio doors in over five years. We thought she was a part of our past. Now she’s back with us.

Renee is still living in Virginia. She’s still a nurse. She still has huge tits. And she’s as personable and bubbly as ever. I’m not trying to play favorites here, but…well, I guess I am. Renee has always been one of my favorites and a real pleasure to interview. Speaking of which, today’s return  photo set and video is accompanied by a video interview.

And just in case you need a refresher, Renee’s credits include Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year, two-time V-mag Model of the Year, appeared in 23 magazines and nine DVDs.

Renee, it’s great to have you back.


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What happened to Sha Rizel’s tits? They got bigger, that’s what!

Sha's big tits are now overwhelming her chest. That wasn't the case a few years ago.

Sha Rizel‘s growth spurt was all-natural. No additives. No silicone. Look at the size of those puppies!

A new photo set of Sha went up just the other day at SCORELAND. Sha just missed completing the SCORE Newcomer of the Year/Model of the Year double (six girls have done it), but with her bigger tits, she just might pulled it off in 2015. Not to mention that Sha is just as slim and just as beautiful as ever.

This weekend at SCORELAND: Emilia Boshe fucks (Friday), Nadia Villanova fucks (Saturday) and Joana shows off her big rack (Sunday). I betcha you thought I was gonna say Joana fucks, too. No such luck for now. Maybe one day.

Next Thursday at XLGirls.com: The great Renee Ross returns!

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Is Renee Ross the greatest XL Girl ever? And if she isn’t, who is?

Posted by Dave on May 14, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Cummin Soon, print magazines

The great Renee Ross and her spectacular naturals.

I’m asking because we’re in the process of building the 15th anniversary issue of XL Girls magazine, and it will revolve around the greatest XL Girls ever. Now, you can pretty much guarantee that Renee, Samantha 38G, Sapphire, Micky Bells, Dors Feline, Ashley Sage Ellison, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden will be in this issue. But who else? Who’s on your no-brainer list of girls who undoubtedly should be in this issue? Have Jennica Lynn and Lavina Dream been around long enough? And who do you think is the greatest XL Girl ever. Is it Renee?

Of course, to qualify, the girl had to have appeared in XL Girls magazine at least once.


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A double-header today at XLGirls.com with newcomer Maggie

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 28, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Hardcore XXX, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, XLGirls

What’s going on at XLGirls.com?

I haven’t seen this many male-male-female threesomes in all of the years that it’s been in operation. In just the past few months, there was Nikky Wilder temporarily engaged to two woodsmen; Cameron Skye (dressed as a nurse) tending to a doctor and a patient; Marilyn White (back after more than a year) jumping into a threesome; Gina George getting varnished by two dudes; Kris Kelly getting tag-teamed last Friday, and today, newcomer Maggie getting chummy with two chaps. And the month is not over. There’s another threesome posting this Friday.

It’s not that they’re all Europeans who tend to be a lot sexually wilder on-camera than North Americans. Gina’s a Brit and Maggie is Hungarian. Everyone else I’ve mentioned is an American.

In recent years, there were such memorable XL M-F-F threesomes as Nikki Smith and Scarlet LaVey, Renee Ross and Samantha38G in K-JUGS and Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard. And Marilyn, Lisa Canon, Skye Sinn and Julia Juggs  each did threesomes with two stunt-peckers.

I wonder if this is a temporary trend, a blip on the sexual landscape, or if this is a sign of more to come in 2014.

The textbook "This is my good friend" routine.

The classic hands on both knees move.

Maggie's looked at cock from both sides now.


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Big boobs is not the right term to describe SCORELAND newcomer Marie’s bra-busters

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 24, 2013 in Deep Inside Scoreland, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers
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“Someone I met online introduced me to SCORE,” Marie Leone said in her sexy baby-doll voice.

This 19-year-old new arrival is smashing. She does boy-girl too. Anal. Seems like a wet dream yet Marie’s real. Incredibly real!

Marie actually works in a body shop. An auto body shop. Her sister introduced her to the car world and she’s been a fan ever since.

About Marie’s headlights. They are high beams. 42-inches and 34J-cups do not come with your standard models.

See Marie now in a fresh set and a video-chat at SCORELAND.

Marie Leone tries on tight tops today.

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Announcing the finalists for 2013 V-mag Plumper of the Year

Renee Ross

Arianna Sinn

Yes, it’s only late September, but in the publishing world, 2013 is just about over. The Holiday 2013 issue of Voluptuous isn’t officially scheduled to go on-sale until October 15, but judging by the emails I’ve been receiving, the issue is already in a lot of peoples’ hands. How does this happen? Lots of ways. Too many to explain.

And today, I received this email from M.W. Subject line: “My 2013 Awards Votes.”

That’s right. This year, we’re announcing the finalists for the 2013 V-mag awards in the Holiday 2013 issue, and rather than spill all of the beans at once, I’m going to announce the finalists one category at a time, little by little, blog by blog.

Let’s start with Plumper of the Year. The 10 finalists are Kendra Lee Ryan, Janne Hollan, Nikki Smith, Arianna Sinn, Micky Bells, Kristina Milan, Scarlet LaVey, Rene Love, Roxanne Miller and Renee Ross.

Kristina Milan

Micky Bells

There are four standout superstars in this category–Renee, Kristina, Micky and Arianna–to go along with four 2013 newcomers (Kendra Lee, Scarlet, Nikki and Rene Love). I would be a little shocked if one of the superstars didn’t win, although Nikki has done so much XXX this year that she might pull an upset, as might Scarlet. Kristina won two years ago and is a perennial favorite among V-men. But has the time come for Queen of Cleavage Micky Bells to become Queen of the Plumpers?

Who will get your vote?

Next week: the finalists for Ass of the Year.


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Chest in time for Oktoberbreast: December ’13 Voluptuous magazine

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 28, 2013 in Digital Magazines, eBoobStore.com, print magazines

Bottoms up!

Raise your steins and knocker back a few suds with December ’13 covergirl Renee Ross and her bosomy V-mates.

Oktoberfest has kicked off not just in Germany but around the world. (It ends October 6.)

Renee is wearing a dirndl, the traditional German/Bavarian/Austrian dress that the beer ladies wear for this event.

This cover shot reminds me of another hot jug slinger, Gya Roberts. Here’s tit in your eye!

Who else would make a great jug passer in this costume? I can think of a few!

Get yours at your favorite store or direct from the eBoobStore.com.

Those look heavy.

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“Renee Ross Jackumentary Part 2,” now showing at XLGirls.com

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 26, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, DVD, Other SCORE Group websites, XLGirls

The second part of our Jackumentary” tribute to Renee Ross is now posted at XLGirls.com.

Loaded with great footage of this readers’ super-favorite, Part 2 includes never-before-seen video of Renee posing for a swimming-pool photo shoot and demonstrating how she uses a bidet in the bathroom of the models’ dressing room. Renee boxes with Samantha 38G on the set during the making of K-JUGS The Movie and tells us more about her hot self in several candid chats. She talks about blow jobs, tit-fucking, her favorite positions and more.

There’s also hardcore thrustin’ and suckin’ that’s never been seen on the Web. This is not just a “Jackumentary.” It’s a labor of love.

Here’s to Renee Ross. Next Wednesday, September 4, K-JUGS will be shown for the first time on the Internet, beginning with Chapter One plus additional behind-the-scenes extras.

Renee with Bailey Santanna in the dressing room during the filming of K-JUGS.

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Netflix gives you “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black.” XLGirls.com gives you “Scarlet LaVey: Tattoo Exploration” and “Renee Ross: A Jackumentary”

Scarlet is a very colorful girl.

There’s a lot going on at XLGirls.com these days, and I’m not just talking about Lisa Canon getting DP’d  (that happened on July 12), Sarah Rae looking sensational (and sensationally stacked) in a sheer body stocking (that happened on April 19) and Marilyn Mayson busting out of a tight top and fingering her asshole (that happens today).

I’m talking about the kind of stuff you don’t usually find at an adult website. First, Scarlet LaVey in “Tattoo Exploration,” which went live Monday. In this special video, 20-year-old Scarlet takes you on a guided tour of the many tattoos that make her body a more-colorful place. Some people might think,”Oh, these girls just throw tattoos onto their bodies without giving it any thought.” But that’s not true, at least as far as Scarlet is concerned. In this video, you’ll learn a lot about Scarlet and her many tattoos. But you’ll also get sensual, closeup views of her voluptuous body like you’ve never seen before. If you like girls with tattoos, you’re going to love this video. If you don’t like girls with tattoos, give it a look anyway. Sweet Scarlet might change your mind.

Find out what makes Renee click. And suck.

And, tomorrow, “Renee Ross: A Jackumentary.” Our first XLGirls.com documentary, as the general public might call it. Informational and jackable. You learn something and you cum. What could be better?

Of course, what you’ll learn has everything to do with the two-time V-mag Model of the Year’s mouth, tits and pussy. But, hey, that’s educational, right?

I’d call it XLGirls Original Programming, but everything at XLGirls.com is original. This stuff is just more original.

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