What are you giving thanks for this Thanksgiving? The guy who’s attached to that cock is giving thanks for Sheridan Love

Posted by Dave on Nov 26, 2015 in Behind the Scenes, Hardcore XXX, Holidays, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Sheridan Love prefers cock to turkey. I made that up.

I hope Sheridan Love doesn’t drool like that at the Thanksgiving table, although I’m sure she doesn’t. Sheridan is a nice, classy girl, and she knows saliva strings aren’t welcome at most holiday tables.

Today, I’m giving thanks that Sheridan decided to do her first boy-girl scenes in 2015 and did them with us.

Sheridan is giving thanks for all the big, hard porn cocks we gave her. She gets another one today at SCORELAND.

In the coming days, you’ll be giving thanks for Cathy Heaven in a sleazy DP scene and new photos of Katie Thornton and newcomer Danniella Levy.

And have I mentioned that Roxi Red returned to our studio a few weeks ago? I haven’t? Her boobs are bigger than ever. GINORMOUS. I’ll try to drop a photo on you this weekend.

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving.


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“My favorite part of Angela White’s first hardcore scene is when she [FILL IN THE BLANKS]“

Posted by Dave on Apr 11, 2011 in Confessions, New at Scoreland
Angela White is a greedy cocksucker. I now know that for a fact.

Angela White is a greedy cocksucker. I now know that for a fact.

Let’s be honest here: I’m sure that by this time, many of you have rubbed one out (or rubbed several out) to Angela White’s first all-the-way hardcore scene, which posted Friday on SCORELAND.

I already know my favorite part of her scene. It starts at 13:06, when Angela kneels on the floor, opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out as J-Mac poises himself over her. He then fills her mouth with dick meat and proceeds to fuck it. Angela expertly milks his cock, saliva strings everywhere, and eventually works her way down to his balls. He teases her with his cock, slapping it against her tongue a few times as she begs with her mouth, then fills her up again. Angela makes those nice puckering sounds when the cock withdraws from her greedy mouth (the true indicator of oral tightness), then she whips off her gloves to remove the final barrier between her hands and the hard-on. A few times, Angela jiggles her tits into the camera, and that’s a nice touch.

Anyway, that’s my favorite part of Angela’s scene. What’s yours?

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