There are many possible headlines for this photo. Here are three. What’s yours?

1. Now we know why the boys never offered to carry Tiggle’s books for her.

2. What’s on Tiggle’s summer reading list?


This photo set (and video) of MM-cup natural Tiggle Bitties is already live at SCORELAND. There are so many great photos, I didn’t know where to start. So I started here.

Today at SCORELAND: Mischel Lee and her hairy pussy.

Friday: Sheridan Love in her first three-way. Yes, her first three-way.

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I guarantee nobody’s falling asleep in Natalie’s class

Natalie Fiore is teaching anatomy today at XLGirls.com.

Schools are back in session. I know that for a fact because driving to work, I end up slowing down through school zones every five minutes and stopping for school busses. And the traffic. Hellish!

Somebody asked me this morning why there’s so much additional traffic when schools are in session. School-age kids don’t drive, right? Yes, but their parents do, and who do you think is taking those kids on vacation, clearing up the roads during the delightfully traffic-free summer months?

Anyway, I’ve strayed far from the subject. Let’s wander back. School is in session. Have you ever had a busty preggo teacher like Natalie Fiore (no less one who shows off her super-huge tits and baby bump in public)?

I didn’t think so.

Busty girl who works the register at the burger joint update: I’m still hopeful. As far as I know, she hasn’t contacted our studio, but I saw her yesterday and she said she planned to. She was worried because she doesn’t have head shots. You know, professional modeling photos. I felt like telling her, “You don’t need head shots. You just need big tits.” Instead, I just ordered a chicken sandwich and encouraged her to call.

My fingers remain crossed.

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Back to school for Roxanne Miller!

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 17, 2013 in Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Well, it’s that time of year. Time for good girls to put away their bikinis and booty shorts and get back to campus for another semester of universi-titty.

Time for Roxanne Miller to go back to school, where her classmates and professors eagerly await her. They’ve been jacking to this thought all summer.

We can’t expect a girl as built as Roxanne to walk to class wearing saggy tops and baggy jeans. Fortunately, Roxanne knows how to dress her curves and her bumps for maximum male enhancement. Higher education doesn’t mean big-boobed beauties have to wear a potato sack and hunch over.

There is a direct correlation between smart girls and tight, cleavage-revealing tops. Roxanne proves this theory at SCORELAND. Click on the clip!

Check out those big books Roxanne is carrying.


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Big tits: the solution to all of the world’s problems

Posted by Dave on Oct 4, 2012 in Boobs in the News, New at Scoreland, The Life of an Editor

Today and tomorrow, Hitomi brings her rack back to SCORELAND. Video today, photos Friday. Study up.

Here in the United States, it’s election season, and that means that all of a sudden, politicians talk about education and how the youth of America is their highest priority. I’m think Mitt Romney or President Obama mentioned something about education last night during the debate, but I’m not sure. After about 15 minutes, my mind started clouding over. My eyelids became heavy. A part of me started wishing Mary Carey would resume her political career (remember, she once ran for governor of California) and spice things up a little. Do you know what the presidential debates need? Big tits!

Anyway, I have the cure for improving education. I say put Hitomi in every school.

Now, you’re probably saying, “There’s only one Hitomi. How is it possible to put her in every school.” You might also be thinking, “How would putting Hitomi in every school contribute to higher education.”

I say stop thinking. I bet you didn’t think that much when you were watching the debate last night.

You did watch the debate last night, didn’t you?

Please tell me you didn’t.

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SCORE Girls go Rack to School in the November issue

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 26, 2012 in Digital Magazines, Men's Products, newcomers, print magazines, Tits in Tight Tops

Get yours now.

It’s the time of the season that every boob man waits for.

Time for sexy and well-built coeds to go back to class.

Bouncing from class to class with their book bags.

Sitting in the front row to get their professor’s attention.

Time for teacher’s dirty looks.

Sucking milk through a straw during their lunch breaks.

Cheerleader practice.

Locker room showers.

Taking a few minutes to catch some sun.

Raising money with group car washes.

And other scholarly activities.

The theme of the November ’12 SCORE is the big-chested, great-looking coed.





Representing this semester’s student body:

Ivy Darmon
Christy Marks
Kali West
Karina Hart
Kaytee Carter
Valory Irene

Brandy Dean
Janne Hollan

Now at your favorite news rack or visit The SCORE Store at eBoobStore.com.

The digital version of this issue also has embedded videos of Valory, Siri, Minka and Janne.

Sharpen your pencils.


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