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Big boob Halloween art by SCORE fan Granamir

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 31, 2014 in Fan Art, Holidays

SCORE reader, science-fiction author (Días de Silencio) and artist Granamir sends a new batch of busty Halloween toons our way. Granamir’s one-panel toons always have huge-chested girls in some kind of wacky situation and tell a story. They could be short video skits. Thank you, Granamir.
Happy hooter Halloween!

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Fan art I was not going to publish on the Blog

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 7, 2012 in Confessions, Fan Art, The Life of an Editor

And I’ll tell you why.

This fantasmagorical rendition of Venera and Merilyn Sakova is the work of long-time SCORE fan, busty model supporter and talented artist Matt Mendoza.

Matt’s as dedicated and motivated a buxom gal artist as H.D., Pauly, Delmo and a list of others Team SCORE has been fortunate to have attracted over the years. But when I looked at the picture, the thought occurred to me that this imaginary teaming of Venera and Merilyn would inspire people to write and ask us to make it a reality rather than looking at this illustrated mirage on its own merit.

So I wasn’t sure about going there.

That’s because the logistics of putting together a team-up of Venera and Merilyn for a SCORE shoot would be very complicated, despite the fact that when it comes to bringing together models from all over the world, nobody does it better than SCORE. In point of actual fact, nobody does it at all, period.

Case in point: Big-Boob Finishing School, Busty Riding Academy, Big-Boob Paradise and the Boob Cruises.

So I put the picture to the side for a while.

The other night at home, I thought about it again, and I finally realized that while paintings like the Dream SCORE series by Otis Sweat did inspire some readers to ask us to make those scenes a reality and others to object to their favorite solo models depicted doing even imagined XXX, in the end, I shouldn’t have worried. In the long run, it’s all about the art itself.

So here’s Mr. Mendoza’s transcendental teaming of two of the slimmest-n-stacked SCORE Babes to have never met in the flesh. At least not yet.

Thank you, Matt

Venera and Merilyn by Matt Mendoza


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The Incredible Art of Otis Sweat

Posted by Maria on Mar 11, 2010 in Deep Inside Scoreland

Culture, culture, culture.

Here at SCORELAND, we’re not just big-boob connoisseurs.

We are also into fine art and loads of other fancy things. ;)

That’s why we have our own art gallery.

But let me not get ahead of myself. Let me explain.

When I first started working for SCORE, one of my favorite things to do was pull out books of issues past and check out Otis Sweat’s artwork in SCORE magazine. Being a comic-book nerd and fan of pinup photography, Otis’ artwork spoke to me. (And it didn’t hurt that the man would draw a mondo set of tatas on every single girl, either! ;) )

From his “Dream SCORE” series featuring beautiful models like Via Paxton and Sharday getting speared (both ladies never went on to do XXX) to his Bomber Girls series, Sweat’s artwork is instantly recognizable and ultimately unforgettable.

That’s why the SCORE Art Gallery is one of my favorite places to visit inside of SCORELAND. (Especially the Dream SCORE section because I love seeing Otis’ imagination at work. And, of course, I love to see his depiction of models like Devon Daniels and Nicole Peters getting banged. But that’s just the perv in me. lol)

Go and peruse the SCORE Art Gallery and experience the world of art…SCORE style. You’ll be glad you did.



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