Domo arigato, Hitomi! The SCORELAND special “Hitomi Loves Miami” ends today.

Hitomi's on the last leg of her trip to America.

We hope to see Hitomi again one day. So we won't say sayonara.

Hitomi’s had a hectic time during SCORELAND‘s “Hitomi Loves Miami” special event.

She’s been to the Everglades.

She’s toured legendary Stiltsville.

She’s been transformed into a living canvas.

She was the epicenter of a milking fantasy.

She’s posed for pictorials.

Today is the final leg of her trip.

What’s in store for the girl from Japan?

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“Hitomi Loves Miami” starts Thursday at SCORELAND

Hitomi rides an airboat in the Everglades.

Hitomi passed through Miami last year on her way home to Tokyo from the Dominican Republic (SCORE On Location). She stayed overnight and checked out late-night Miami with Dave and other SCORE staffers.

It will look like a real dress by the time they're done.

This time, Hitomi came to Miami after the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas and was here much longer.

That’s what the SCORELAND special “Hitomi Loves Miami” is all about.

Every Thursday in April, there’ll be a different chapter as Hitomi explores south Florida and visits the SCORE studio.

This Thursday, Hitomi visits the Everglades and gets body painted by a master artist for the cover of the September 2015 SCORE, the annual all-naturals edition. You are there.

Hello, Hitomi!

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It’s Valory Irene Day in “SCORELAND On Location”

Today is Valory Irene Day in the third chapter of our super-special, “SCORELAND On Location.”

Valory is a veteran of  TSG’s international group location shoots. She’s traveled the world with SCORE, and now she returns to the place that was the scene of her first on-location photo shoot, the Dominican Republic. Check out the place they lived in.

This trip unites Valory with fellow Ukrainian Sha Rizel, Romania’s Joana and Japan’s Hitomi for the first time. It’s a United Nations of big-boobed beauties. No one goes to lengths like this to shoot these girls except SCORE.

You’ll see a photo set and a video of Valory plus a photo set and a video of Valory, Sha and Hitomi oiling.

Valory enjoys the tropical pleasures of the Caribbean.

They lived here for a week. Everything covered except them.

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SCORELAND On Location” begins today


Valory Irene.


Sha Rizel.

You know ‘em, you love ‘em. For the next four Fridays, we bring you “SCORELAND On Location” direct from the Dominican Republic. Every week a different super-babe. Their Valentine’s Day gift to you, SCORE Man.

Today, Hitomi in her candy swimsuit. The action starts off at the airport as Hitomi arrives from Japan and heads off to the Caribbean.

Two photo sets. Two videos. Candid behind-the-scenes action.

The on-location shoots are what we’re known for. Nobody else does stuff like this. Our staff travels the world, but the Caribbean is SCORE‘s special stomping ground since the Boob Cruises.

Don’t miss it.

The inventor of the bikini never foresaw this. He would be proud.

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Reformatted Busty Ladies Of Oil Wrestling kicks off tomorrow @SCORELAND

The Busty Ladies Of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) was SCORE‘s only nosedive into the wild world of catfighting. Our femme combat specialists for this special were the very best of an unbeatable Voluptuous line-up: Angela White, Annie Swanson, Brandy Talore and Cherry Brady. They made this movie what it is with their high-energy, motivation and personalities, not to mention their awesome bods and mashable, huge tits and well-cushioned asses.

Dave and I were involved in the shoot as ringside color man and referee since we had extensive prior experience in being assaulted by female wrestlers, and a former SCORE staff member was the girls’  fitness trainer. I remember this event very well, both for the great, naked and oiled-up quartet and because hurricane Frances was getting closer to Miami and we had to speed up the fighting. And I got smashed into the mat by four V-Mag covergirls at the end. My spine never recovered fully, and my right kidney still bears the imprint of Annie’s knee.

Since then, the DVD release remains a good seller and still a popular title at video stores. There is really nothing like it with girls as built as this wild bunch. It has a timeless feel to it and will always be one of my biggies.

We never did another wrestling special after B.L.O.W. I don’t know why. Maybe we shot our load and a follow-up would not have been as good. Maybe other projects, like foreign-location shoots, became the focus. If we were to do another B.L.O.W., I don’t know who could be the new fantastic four, but I have some ideas.

When B.L.O.W. was originally uploaded to SCORELAND, web-video technology was still in its early years. Looking at it recently, I wasn’t happy with the video quality so I had it remastered and reformatted. The experience of watching it is much better now. It’s too good to have left it in the old format.

Tomorrow, the first part kicks off at SCORELAND, to be continued on Tuesday.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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A very Notty girl is back at SCORE

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 19, 2012 in Contest, Cummin Soon, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland

Bring Nottty again, we see. What's a man to do?

If you have recovered from Eva Notty’s threesome with Sarah Satori and are craving another Eva fix, worry not, SCORE brothers.

SCORE‘s very lovely, stacked and talented 2010 Model of the Year recently paid a fresh visit to her favorite chest-nuts (that’d be us, your friendly, neighborhood SCORE people). This was an overdue return visit because as we all know, absence makes the hard-on grow…harder. Especially with Miss Notty. She did miss the fun and games of this season’s SCOREtv Holiday Edition, but there’s always next season.

The brunette stunner debuted at SCORELAND in a multi-part Eva Notty special during June, 2009, almost three years ago. Is it that long?

Which is what Eva says to Tony when she reaches into his trousers to pull out his junk and get the ball rolling in a brand-spankin’ new SCORE video and pictorial. Let the festivititties cum-mence.

Seeing Eva work the pole is always an uplifting experience. She really enjoys a cock sliding between her tits. They get into a super-heated, pounding-hot fuck, and Eva’s very inspirational as always, inspiring a huge load.

I’d love to find 10 or 15 more like Eva. But there’s only one. So I’m grateful for that.

Stay tuned for more Notty news, including a blog chat with Dave. Cummin’ soon. Just like Eva.

Upcoming SCORE & V-Girl birthdays:

Kylee Nash: a flexible doll.

Kylee Nash Jan. 20
Mandy Michelle Melons Jan. 22
Ava Divine Jan. 22
Kerra Dawson Jan. 22
Harmony Bliss Jan. 23
Ines Cudna Jan. 25
Heidi Hooters Jan. 25
Deauxma Jan. 25
Rachel Rocketts Jan. 29
Bethany Bustin Jan. 29
Anne Marie Jan. 29
Anna Yota Jan. 29
Gabriella Michaels Jan. 29
Bea Flora Jan. 30
Sakura Sena Jan. 31
Taylor Hill Jan. 31




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Happy Hooterdays from The SCORE Group. Celebrate with SCOREtv Holiday Edition. All new!

Happy holidays from your friends at The SCORE Group and what better way to celebrate than a fresh SCOREtv Holiday Edition. This is a labor of love by the staff of SCORE and we hope you’ll enjoy every minute of this one-hour and six minute long SCORELAND Special. Xmas comes early this year.

I was flipping out when I saw who we had lined up this season. Kelly Christiansen is back from 2010′s SCOREtv holiday show and she’s the kind of gift that Santa should give to every boob man. We have Maserati, Samantha 38G, Minka, Beverly Paige, Karen Fisher, Desiree, Destiny Rose, and newcomers Jasmine Shiraz,  Nancy Navarro and Melissa Manning as Santa’s helpers. Plus special guest appearances by Venera and Micky Bells! What a cast! They are sensational. Jiggle belles, all the way.

It’s the most boobieful time of the year and SCOREtv proves it. This is the show Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman would like to have but can’t.

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ALL NEW! ‘Tits the season for SCOREtv Holiday Edition, coming Thursday!

Melissa Manning (left) and Kelly Christiansen are very excited about the 2011 SCOREtv Holiday Edition. The show debuts tomorrow on SCORELAND.

Melissa Manning (left) and Kelly Christiansen are very excited about the 2011 SCOREtv Holiday Edition. The show debuts tomorrow on SCORELAND.

A lot of entertaining things have been happening around here recently.

Santa Lucas gave Kelly Christiansen a spanking.

Minka stretched a collection of Christmas sweaters with her KK-cup boobs. Those sweaters are totally ruined.

Maserati and Beverly Paige went caroling.

Melissa Manning licked and sucked a candy cane or two. Or three.

And Frosty had a night out he’ll never forget…unless he has a meltdown.

And me? Well, despite X.D. and J.D. telling me to keep my dirty mitts (actually, my voice) away from the models, I’ve been interviewing one girl after another for the 2011 SCOREtv Holiday Edition, which goes live tomorrow at SCORELAND. The girls: Kelly, Maserati, Minka, Destiny Rose, Melissa Manning, Desiree and Samantha 38G. Plus special guest appearances by Venera, Micky Bells, Beverly Paige, Jasmine Shiraz, Karen Fisher and Nancy Navarro.

I’m really in the holiday spirit this year. Check out the show and you’ll see why.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has someone to Crow about

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 26, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, New at Scoreland, newcomers, swimsuits, Tits in Tight Tops
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It's great to be Karina Hart!

It's great to be Karina Hart!

Break out the binoculars! Brit supergirl Leanne Crow bikini ups and bikini downs at the infinity pool today in the wrap-up to “Puerto Vallarta Vacation” at SCORELAND. Join in!

It’s hot in Mexico, and it got hotter when Leanne removes her top and gets her huge naturals soaking wet. It’s a tough job, but Leanne has all the right qualifications. Mexico definitely agreed with Leanne.

I wonder if the neighbors knew there was a naked senorita outside their windows. Probably not. The mariachis would have shown up the moment she took off her bikini. They always do when a girls shows her boobs or butt.

Click the candid clip above for a Leanne sneak peek.

And happy birthday today to Karina Hart, born August 26th!

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Micky rings our bells

Micky plays "Catch The Limes"

Micky plays "Catch The Limes."

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Today in SCORELAND‘s Puerto Vallarta Vacation, the spotlight falls on the awesome Micky Bells. This is Micky’s second international trip with SCORE. The first was to Jamaica for Montego Babes at XLGirls.com and now out on DVD. Above, Micky tries her skills at a popular Mexican sport, catching limes with her deep cleavage. Now that’s natural talent. You won’t see this on The X Factor.

While Micky is catching margarita ingredients, you can catch her November ’11 Voluptuous magazine debut at your favorite newsstand. But don’t wait. V-Mag doesn’t last long on the racks. If you get beat out, then get it fast from us. Great cover, ain’t it?

Micky Bells. Pretty as a picture.

Micky Bells. Pretty as a picture.

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