Stephanie Stalls is back, and she’s taking it in the rear!

Here’s a piece of big-tit trivia for you: The first time Stephanie Stalls modeled for SCORELAND and SCORE, back in 2009, she did three solo photo sets and videos.

That’s right, no hardcore. That wouldn’t come until nearly 15 months later, when Stephanie fucked on-camera for the first time. Her partner: Enzo Lorenzo.

What does this prove? It proves that every SCORE Girl has to start somewhere, and some need a little bit of time to warm up for hardcore. Some need less time than others. Some need more, even the ones who end up doing the raunchiest, wildest hardcore…anal and DPs. Stephanie is in the new movie DP MILFs which is her 14th SCORE DVD!

I’m thrilled to report that Stephanie, who’s always been one of my favorites, is back. We’ve seen her as a blonde and a brunette, and now she’s a redhead. And, yes, she is taking it up the ass in her return.

Big-tit trivia No. 2: Stephanie has done hardcore as a brunette and a redhead but never as a blonde.

What did Stephanie do in her return to our studio? Everything!

BTW, I’d love to see blonde Stephanie in a hardcore scene.

Stephanie Stalls never stalls when it comes to getting the pipe.

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Kelly Christiansen: The Jackumentary

Posted by Elliot James on May 30, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland

Kelly signed a bra won by SCORE reader B.B.

When Kelly met Melissa Manning.

“Before I walked into the studio the first time, I really, honestly did not think I could pose, and coming in and having such a good time and seeing the magazines, definitely, I couldn’t believe it. It was great.”

That’s a quote by the great Kelly Christiansen (Big Tit A-List 2, SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored and seven other DVDs plus 10 magazines).

2011 SCORE Model of the Year winner Kelly is back in civilian life after a popular run at SCORE over several years.

Will Kelly ever return to modeling? We always say “never say never,” but for now, Kelly has called it a day.

A Jackumentary that’s new at SCORELAND salutes this beautiful babe who brought so much to the Big Top.

What are your thoughts about an all-Kelly DVD with every video she ever made, including her SCOREtv scenes and blog videos? Would you order one? I’ve been thinking about pitching this idea to the DVD people.

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Holy Boobs, man! Dynamic duos are SCORELAND specialities

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 9, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland

I love pictorials and videos of the girls getting together. They don’t need to even do anything remotely sexual, although it’s nice if they do. Just seeing a couple of girls together in the same space is enough for me. They can just stand there. It could be candid shots or a regular photo shoot. It’s just exciting to see them actually together, either in hot outfits, swimsuits or birthday suits. I’m happy I feel this way after so many years of being a chest nut.

SCORELAND (since 1992) and XLGirls.com (more recently) have specialized in multiple model shoots, the ultimate being the SCORE Boob Cruises that got bigger and bigger every trip.

Here is a tiny sampling of the girl-girl duos at SCORELAND:

Brandy Talore and Angela White. What a pair. They met when we did Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling and Ultimate Cherry. This pictorial appeared in the November 2005 V-mag and is on DVD in Bosom Buddies 6. Brandy had just started doing boy-girls and Angela was six years away from it.

Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan, two natural-born, all-time greats. Dedicated and motivated. Like Linsey Dawn McKenzie, they quickly became role models to any girls starting out. They were roommates in a villa in Algarve for On Location Portugal.

Brandy & Angela.

Brandy & Angela

Lorna & Kerry Marie.

Lorna & Kerry Marie

Angelina Castro and Kerry Christiansen. This is on the set of SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. No girls are more fun and upbeat than these two. Have you ever heard a model use the word “work” in an interview? A lot of the California porn stars use that word. You won’t hear it from these two.

Leanne Crow and Michelle Bond. They really fill out those bikinis. I envy Englishmen. They get to live in the same country as these girls. This was shot during Leanne’s Stacked Summer.

Kali West and Stephanie Stalls. This is also on the set of SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. Kali and Stephanie couldn’t be more different in personality and looks…and that’s why I’d love to see them on stage riding the pole and then riding another pole together one day.

There are many more dynamic duos inside SCORELAND. Which are your favorites, past or present?

Leanne & Michelle

Leanne & Michelle

Kali & Stephanie

Kali & Stephanie

Angelina & Kelly.

Angelina & Kelly

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Horniest TV talk show ever: SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored

Here’s the TV show that Jimmy Kimmel would like to have on ABC but can’t.

I’ve blogged about SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored before. It’s one of my favorite SCORE DVDs of the last five years, a XXX spin-off of the fast and sexy SCOREtv series. It’s horny and it’s funny. There’s a saying around the SCORE office for lots of years that “there’s nothing funny about a hard-on” but I like the merger of hot, busty sex and comedy. I was never a fan of dark, moody, hardcore dramas.

I loved the entire format of five SCORE Girls sitting down to chat before, after and sometimes during sex. Kelly Christiansen was beautiful and picture perfect, just a little mussed up from riding the north pole in the “green room” right before going on stage. I don’t think this happens on the Jay Leno NBC set. Maybe at the Letterman show, from what I’ve read about him.

My favorite scene is when Dave and Angelina Castro, on the SCOREtv set, watch Angelina being boned in the culo and talk about it. How often is that done? We did that once before with Karen Fisher in 2006 and not enough in my opinion. There’s something extra-hot and horny about a model’s reactions and her spontaneous comments when she watches her own XXX video. Why is that? Because you rarely see it.

Exotic stripper Stephanie Stalls did her first anal and showed how flexible she is. (A SCORE regular the past two years, Stephanie’s dancing right now at Frank Day’s in South Dakota through December.) Kali West and Nadia Night made me proud to be a tit-man.

If you don’t have SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored on your big-boob movie shelf, you should.

By the way, it’s that time again. The most wonderful time of the year. The brand-new SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011 is on the way to SCORELAND this week. Keep abreast by checking into the Blog for news and scenes from this all-new boobapalooza. The countdown begins now.

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What you think happens backstage, does!

What you think happens backstage, does!

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